Chapter 68: The Eruption of the Red Scaled Beast

    Book 3 Chapter 68 The Eruption of the Red Scaled Beast

    "That old man is actually reputable in our Xuyang County." A fellow on the side said, "He is Wang Yun! He's an expert from our Fanwu City and has some power and influence. However......He is only one of the top in our Fanwu City, but up until now, he had unexpectedly hid his strength. He is so powerful that he could even fight on par with experts of the 《Earth Ranking》!"

    "Only one of the top within Fanwu City? However, he is on equal terms in ability as Commander Ji Hong and the elder Qi Yan from Qingzhou. This could be regarded as being close to those of the 《Earth Ranking》."

    Hearing this, the other warriors could only lament in amazement.

    A warrior who couldn't even be considered as the strongest in a small town, his strength could be easily guessed. Logically, he could only be a First Rated Warrior at most.

    "He hid his strength remarkably well!"

    Many people secretly memorized the name 'Wang Yun'; henceforth, his name would quickly spread throughout the land.

    The two Black and White elders fought together to deal with Teng Qingshan. Ji Hong, the silver haired old man 'Wang Yun', as well as that cold woman "Qi Yan" continued to fight each other.


    Everyone present didn't take note at the magma lake.


    Occasionally, bubbles would emerge and disperse hot air, a very common occurrence. At the depths of the magma lake, a huge entity was lurking at bottom. The lava's slow stream and frightening heat didn't affect this colossus at all.

    With the height of two Zhang, its body was five Zhang long with a fearful two Zhang-long tail.

    The Red Scaled Beast!

    The Red Scaled Beast was a monster with a fire affinity, so its body boiled with the power of flames! Once it swallowed the "Red Fire Spirit Fruit", it would transform once more. When the time came, it could spit flames out of his mouth, and their temperature would be more fearful than this magma. It could easily melt iron and gold; even innate masters would fear this kind of opponent.

    The Red Scaled Beast regarded this blazing environment, full of magma, as its favourite environment.

    Being born and living in this blazing environment since its birth, this sort of burning was like taking a warm bath. The heat didn't affect it at all.

    It could even open its eyes at the bottom of the lava flow!

    The transparent membrane covering its pupils could easily withstand such  high temperatures.

    Human eyes weren't comparable to its own eyes. Not only could its eyes adapt to the high temperatures, they could also see in the dark as if it were daytime.

    It kept lurking!

    As a magical beast, its hearing was also fearfully strong, allowing it to clearly hear the impact noises made by the warriors' weapons. Based on the sounds, it could also distinguish everyone's position.


    Nobody knew that the Red Scaled Beast was lurking at the bottom of the magma lake. Teng Qingshan and the others were still trying to kill each other.

    "This Teng Qingshan's spear art is truly formidable. Even with working with Old White, we don't have a way to deal with him." The Black and White elders made eye contact. They couldn't conceal their shock from each other even though they were placed 69th and 70th on the 《Earth Ranking》 respectively.

    They were at the end of their wits.

    After all, both of them were experts of the 《Earth Ranking》 fighting in a confined space.

    "My identity can't be exposed!" The silver-haired old man 'Wang Yun' avoided a slash from Qi Yan. "I have spent almost an entire year's worth of effort training in the habits of 'Wang Yun'." He had completely replaced his identity and livelihood! "Once my identity as 'Wang Yun ' is exposed, Wei Wuya will definitely try to kill me when the time comes! I can only play with this group of kids for a little longer."

    Wang Yun handled the long saber with large swing full of power.

    Just when the six masters fought each other--

    "Bang!" The quiet lava, that had been steadily flowing, suddenly exploded with ferocity!

    The magma continually scattered everywhere as the experts next the lava lake shouted in alarm while trying to avoid being burned. A small amount of magma splashed onto them and instantly ignited their clothes as well as burned their skins. The pitiful warriors screamed from pain.

    "Ahhh!" "Chi-"

    The smell of burnt meat quickly filled the air; however they were fortunate and only received some minor wounds.

    The six people on the black boulder were in a crisis!

    "What's going on?!" The six were extremely surprised.

    Facing the splashing magma, all the six masters quickly dodged. However, they immediately saw a gigantic head breaching from surface of the magma lake. Its head alone was eight chi (2m) long. This terrifying head's large size could be compared to a tall adult man.

    "Red Scaled Beast!" Teng Qingshan's complexion changed.

    Screams could be heard in the distance since no one had expected that the Red Scaled Beast would be hiding in the depths of the magma.

    When this huge Red Scaled Beast's head emerged, its red, lantern-like large eyes seemed to stare at these six people, then its giant mouth opened--


    A wide beam of burning lava suddenly shot towards the six people on the black boulder.

    "How unexpected! This Red Scaled Beast can swallow lava and spit it out?"Teng Qingshan was shocked. The Red Scaled Beast was already so familiar with the high temperatures that its frail eyeballs were resistant to it, let alone its throat. The lava erupted from its mouth and sprayed on the entire black boulder.

    The six masters simultaneously jumped away.


    The Red Scaled Beast's huge body completely emerged from the magma. Two Zhang high and four to five Zhang long, it resembled a small mountain. Seeing this, the warriors in the distance screamed out in alarm.

    The Red Scaled Beast opened its frightening mouth and suddenly faced Qingzhou's expert, the only woman among the six experts, "Yan". Fear appeared on Qi Yan's face, which became distorted from panic. With a thunderous roar, the curved blade in her hand swung towards the Red Scaled Beast.

    The Red Scaled Beast slightly dodged.


    The curved sword chopped down on the Red Scaled Beast's forehead, but it only left a white mark on its dense scales. Using this opportunity, the Red Scaled Beast bit towards "Qi Yan".


    Its serrated sharp teeth immediately bit Qi Yan and sliced her in half. One half instantly fell into the magma and turned into ashes, while the other half was swallowed by the Red Scaled Beast, landing in its stomach. Almost all the warriors were dead frightened after witnessing this scene!

    In an instant, Qi Yan's body was gone!


    Moreover, Teng Qingshan and the others who leapt away were preparing to land at this moment.  As they fell, they were unable to borrow their strength to push themselves away.

    "Hu!" The Red Scaled Beast huge body plunged towards the five warriors!

    The entire black stone surface was only one Zhang wide, while the Red Scaled Beast was actually two Zhang high and had a body four to five Zhang long. With such a leap, it put enormous pressure on Teng Qingshan and the others who stood on the small rock. Furthermore, the Red Scaled Beast used its sharp claw to slash towards them!

    However, it didn't dare to aim at Teng Qingshan!

    In its eyes, among all the humans present, Teng Qingshan was the most threatening one!

    Its claws, which were as sharp as blades, turned its paws into four sabers that closed in on Commander Ji Hong and that White Elder.

    "Clang!" "Clang!"

    The Red Scaled Beast thrashed, sending all five masters through the air. Among them, Commander Ji Hong and the White Elder had been attacked by the claws and thus were in the worst situation. The long saber that Ji Hong held was sent flying, his right arm smashed to pieces. Blood splattered everywhere as the White Elder's left leg was cut off.

    "Get lost!" "Get lost!"

    The other three people all unleashed powerful attacks while it was distracted. When that elder was thrown in the air, he also took the opportunity to smash a powerful swing against its scales! Unfortunately, their attacks didn't leave a single scratch on the beast.

    Teng Qingshan and that silver-haired old 'Wang Yun' also executed powerful attacks!

    "Boom!" Teng Qingshan's Reincarnation Spear made howling noises before smashing on the Red Scaled Beast. Just before its impact, its power instantly surged!


    The silver-haired old man Wang Yun's sword split the Heavens and fiercely cut against the body of the Red Scaled Beast.


    The Red Scaled Beast issued a painful howl as its beaten up body tumbled.

    The attacks of both Teng Qingshan and the silver-haired old man 'Wang Yun' had injured it.

    "What a strong kid." The silver-haired old man shot a look at Teng Qingshan. The other warriors were far away, allowing Teng Qingshan to burst out with his full power at the last moment.

    It was an extremely brief moment, and the people in the distance couldn't see it, nor did they have the eyesight to judge how powerful his swing was. However, this silver-haired old man was able to determine its true might.

    "Of all the powerhouses at the Postliminary Realm under Heaven, this Teng Qingshan is at least among the top 20." The silver-haired old man thought to himself.

    The Red Scaled Beast was sent tumbling down by these two people.

    Not only was the Red Scaled Beast affected, the strong impact sent both Teng Qingshan and the silver haired old man flying towards the lakeshore.

    Among those five who were sent flying, Teng Qingshan, the silver haired old man, and the Black Elder were all prepared. Taking advantage of the forward momentum, they could definitely fly and reach the lakeshore. However the White Elder and Ji Hong were in a predicament because of their severe injuries. While trying to reach the shore, they only flew a mere distance before falling down.

    "Old White!" The Black Elder shouted mournful, but he could only helplessly watch the one-legged White Elder as he powerlessly struggled before finally falling into the magma, consumed by the flames!

    "Lord Commander!" On the lakeshore, Guan Lu and a group of people shouted out.

    "Commander!" Teng Qingshan's complexion also changed.

    The White Elder died miserably, but Ji Hong's situation was just as perilous!

    "I am going die like this?" Ji Hong flew backwards while continuously falling through the air. Feeling the terrifying heat transmitted from below, he didn't have any tricks that could save him from falling into the lava.

    "Commander!"A loud shout resounded through Ji Hong's ears.

    Ji Hong turned his head to look and only saw a spear's shadow flying towards him. Like a sandbag, Ji Hong's abdomen was shoved by the spear.


    Ji Hong's entire body was pushed back into air and flew over the magma, until he reached the lakeshore in the distant. The moment he fell, Ji Hong felt the slightest joy and looked with a face full of shock at Teng Qingshan, who was still flying above the magma.


    "Qingshan!" Guan Lu was also shocked.

    On the lakeshore, everyone stared at Teng Qingshan. Some were shocked, others were admiring him, and there were also those who were pleased by his actions......

    As Teng Qingshan pushed Ji Hong away; his whole body received the recoil and started to fly in the opposite direction, back towards the black boulder.

    It was obvious that the momentum was not enough for Teng Qingshan. When he was still three Zhang away from the black boulder, he started to fall downwards towards the magma!

    "Qingshan!" Teng Qinghu shouted anxiously.

    "Lieutenant Teng!"

    Full of anxiety, the soldiers of the Black Armored Army shouted as well.

    With a fierce turn, Teng Qingshan aimed directly at the black boulder and immediately swung his Reincarnation Spear with a smile, pounding towards the rock below!


    The Reincarnation Spear smashed on the diamond shaped rock, giving Teng Qingshan's body a powerful push. Imitating an eagle, Teng Qingshan flew once again towards the black boulder in the center of the magma lake.

    Next to the black boulder, the gigantic head of the Red Scaled Beast appeared from the lava lake once again. Its pair of ice-cold red eyes swept over Teng Qingshan's approaching figure.
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