Chapter 70: Innate Master!

    Book 3 Chapter 70 Innate Master!



    Teng Qingshan chased behind at great speeds, his gaze locked onto the figure in the distance. "Old man, your abilities really are alarming; however, I am determined to get the Black Fire Spirit Root. You can take your time to escape, but once we reach a place where there are no witnesses, I will settle this once and for all!" Teng Qingshan was well aware of his own abilities.

    If he were to hold back, it would be hard to kill this silver-haired old man!

    It would be best to not reveal his explosive trump card in front of other people!

    The speeds of the two men were not far off from each other, with one leading in front, while the other was in hot pursuit.

    "Hmph, chap, if I truly wanted to escape, how would you ever be able to catch up to me?" The silver-haired old man, 'Wang Yun', threw a glance at the man chasing behind him. "If I was not so concerned with the crazy Wei Wuya, and if I were able to give up the identity 'Wang Yun', I would have long since killed you. Carry on chasing. Once we reach outside, I will kill you!"

    To maintain the identity 'Wang Yun', the silver-haired old man could not display abilities that were too overwhelming.

    He had only displayed strange, nimble movements when he was chasing after the Black Fire Spirit Fruit earlier. In terms of speed, it was not too exaggerated. It was still within the boundaries of the warriors' acceptance.


    Regardless if it was Teng Qingshan or Wang Yun, they both had the same thought!

    They had to hide their abilities!

    They had to wait until they reached a place with no other people! Only then could they expose their hidden strength and get rid of the other party, which both of them had absolute confidence in!


    They followed the underground tunnel and continued forward. After running uphill for some time, Teng Qingshan saw with his own eyes that the silver-haired old man had slipped into the water. Without any hesitation, Teng Qingshan slipped into the water as well. After swimming underwater for some time, there was no more way in front, and the only way was to head up!

    Teng Qingshan scuttled upwards, and it didn't take long for him to exit the deep lake.

    "This deep lake is shallower compared to the Frost Jade Pool back in my hometown." As if he were a fish, Teng Qingshan slipped out of the surface of the water and landed on the ground.

    From a distance, amidst the forest and the weeds, a blurred figure was scampering away.

    "Hmph, you think you can escape?" Teng Qingshan immediately gave chase.

    In the Blazing Mountain, the two experts each was escaping and chasing respectively. The silver-haired old man threaded through the forest and continued to run for a while, but Teng Qingshan followed right behind. "Now we are at least ten over Li away from the deep lake. Furthermore, an ordinary warrior would not reach this godforsaken place if he were to follow the normal path downhill!"

    "I can get rid of him now!"

    Teng Qingshan raised his speed once again!


    A group of people consecutively floated up to the surface of the deep lake, each of them heading towards land. They were Guan Lu and the thirty elites from the Black Armored Army she was leading.

    "Hmm?" Guan Lu scanned the surroundings but was not able to see anyone. She was not sure which direction she should be headed to.

    "Commander, what shall we do now?" The elites of the Black Armored Army were all waiting for Guan Lu's instructions. Guan Lu frowned and looked at the two paths in front of them. She then noticed a mountain peak a distance away and coldly said, "We will head to the peak of that mountain in front. After we reach the peak, we will observe carefully to see if we can find Lieutenant Teng and the silver-haired old man.

    "As you command!"

    They would be able to see far from a high vantage point. In addition, she had given this order because she forbidden from splitting up the elites of the Black Armored Army. The group of people immediately headed for the distant mountain peak.

    "Hua hua~~" Water flowed steadily in the lush bamboo forest.

    A piece of desolate land laid beside the bamboo forest, and behind it was a very steep rock face.The silver-haired old man floated in like a gust of wind and stopped after he landed on the desolate land. Within the span of a single breath, a black light flashed passed and was replaced by a young man in a black suit.

    "Teng Qingshan!" The silvered haired old man looked at Teng Qingshan with a spurious smile. "I had long heard of your famous name. It seems like amidst the warriors in the Postliminary Realm, your Qing Gong is definitely in the top ten."

    Teng Qingshan smiled. "You, you old gramps, have also hidden your skills extremely well. I reckon your abilities would probably be able to put you in the top ten of the Earth Ranking." At the very beginning he had not chased at a very fast speed, but towards the end, Teng Qingshan used the first level of Crossing Worlds, allowing him to immediately reach an amazing speed.

    "You dare to chase despite being aware of this?" The silver-haired old man sneered. "Seems like you are quite confident."

    Teng Qingshan's face turned sullen. "Old man, I do not have time to waste. Hand over the Black Fire Spirit Root, and I will spare your life."

    "Black Fire Spirit Root, hmph." The silver-haired old man smiled coldly. "This time around, I did not expect that Red Scaled Beast would actually hide itslef in the lava. Otherwise, what would I want this Black Fire Spirit Root for? But......Even without the Black Fire Spirit Fruit, with the Black Fire Spirit Root, my trip would not be wasted."

    Teng Qingshan frowned.


    Holding onto the spear with one hand, Teng Qingshan said coldly, "Seems like you are not planning on handing it over. You are truly courting death!"

    "Courting death?"

    The silver-haired old man laugh as if he had heard the world's biggest joke. He face then turned sullen, and, as if he were an eagle, he stared at Teng Qingshan with a sharp gaze, "A seventeen years old with the ability to be ranked in the top twenty of the Earth Ranking. It's really a shame. With your talent, you would be able to step into the innate state in the future. But today, you will be dying by my hands."

    Teng Qingshan shook the spear in his hand.


    Like an arrow shot from a bow, the spear pierced towards the silver-haired old man with a swift and forceful impact.

    "Die!" The silver-haired old man bellowed, and the saber in his hand now came with a simple but hard smash!


    The shrilling sound of sliding a knife across glass cut through the air.

    "Hmm?" Teng Qingshan's face paled, and as he quickly shook the Reincarnation Spear in his hands, the spearhead became like a nimble venomous snake, biting towards the saber.


    The chaotic internal strength spread towards the surroundings, crushing the gravel ground into dust that flew all over the place! Such a terrifying power from a single clash of internal strength!


    Teng Qingshan took three steps backwards, and his right hand turned numb.

    "How...how could this old man be so strong?" Teng Qingshan was astonished. "Amongst the warriors in the Postliminary Realm, the top warrior from the Earthly Ranking would probably not be able to push me back three steps, specially when I used my spear skills under a situation I was prepared for!" Teng Qingshan observed the silver-haired old man closely.

    Was this old man truly a warrior in the Postliminary Realm?

    Could it be that there were warriors who were as strong as him in the Postliminary Realm? He had depended on his Grandmaster training to reach the strong limits of his physique. What about this old man?

    "Haha, your abilities are not bad at all. Too bad you'll have to die today." The silver-haired old man laughed out loud as he once again slashed towards Teng Qingshan.


    A grey colored light from a blade swiftly cut across the sky and arrived in front of Teng Qingshan.

    "This is -" Teng Qingshan gawked. A grey of blade light flew over, but the silver-haired old man was still three Zhang away and holding on to his saber. "Blade of light shooting from the body? How could he have made a long range attack?" Teng Qingshan immediately waved the Reincarnation Spear in his hands and smashed against the grey blade of light.


    Cracked, the grey blade of light lost some of its force, but it still continue to pierce towards him.

    Teng Qingshan quickly dodged, but he was nonetheless slashed on the chest by the cracked blade of light.


    Teng Qingshan's clothes were sliced open, and the cracked blade light slashed on the Coldsteel inner armor he was wearing.


    Teng Qingshan stared at the silver-haired old man and said in a cold voice, "You are not a warrior in the Postliminary Realm!"

    "Haha......" The silver-haired old man laughed out loud. "Yes, I'm not a warrior in the Postliminary Realm. I have already stepped into the innate state. Boy......no matter how talented you are, you are doomed to die by my hands today. It is far too easy for an innate master to kill a warrior in the Postliminary Real. A few strokes of Qi blade would be sufficient to kill you!"

    Saying this, the silver-haired old man consecutively waved his saber.

    "Hu!" "Hu!" "Hu!"

    A series of three rays of blade light flew off from the saber and headed towards Teng Qingshan.

    "Hmph." Teng Qingshan immediately used 'Crossing Worlds' as he dodged like a gust of green smoke. Out of the three blade lights, two of them flew into the far distance and sliced off a large bamboo thicket. As the bamboo fell and threw up dust, a crashing sound was heart.

    The third ray of blade of light brushed past Teng Qingshan's body and embedded itself into the cliff.


    Crushed stones were sent flying, and a huge crater about five to six chi long appeared, with cracks appearing on the side. Calming himself, Teng Qingshan turned his head to take a look. "It was as I expected. This Qi blade should be the accumulated Qi from Innate True Origin Vitrum. The power of the Qi used for a long range attack would naturally be weaker than the Qi that was contained within the blade for close range attacks!"

    If a warrior with internal strength sent his internal strength outwards, the impact would be mediocre.

    But if it was contained within the palm, each strike could cause rocks to split.

    The same went for innate masters!

    The power of weapon attacks would definitely be strong if Qi blade is stored within the weapon. But if the Qi blade is sent out, the power would surely be weakened. However......with the power to easily blast a large crate in the rock wall, if it had landed on the body of a warrior in the Postliminary Realm, it would be able to kill him easily.

    That was because the bodies of most warriors in the Postliminary Realm were mediocre and thus would be easily killed by the pressure from the blade!

    "You dodged pretty fast!" The silver-haired old man smiled coldly as he spoke these words.

    "But I don't have much time to waste with you. Teng Qingshan, you should be honored to die by my hands." The silver-haired old man charged towards Teng Qingshan and concurrently waved the savers in his hand.

    "Hu!" "Hu!" "Hu! ......"

    A consecutive series of over ten blade of lights came from all directions. In a moment, these rays of light formed a semicircle around Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan wanted to dodge, but he was encircled within after he had barely moved a single Zhang.

    "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"

    A series of explosions sounded.

    "Haha, what a pity. A young talent with a glorious future has died just like that." The corners of the silver-haired old man's mouth curled up. His smile was eerie to behold.

    "You are smiling too soon!" A cold voice rang out.

    The silver-haired old man gawked. "How could it be......? He...he is not dead?" At that moment, the black suit on Teng Qingshan was in shreds. But even though his arms and faces were not protected, they had not suffered from a single injury. Facing the attacks from the blade of lights, to think that there was not even a single injury!

    "No, it is not possible!" The eyes of the silver-haired old man spelled of disbelief. "A warrior in the Postliminary Realm would not be able to block against so much Qi blade. He is wearing inner armor, but his face is not protected. How could there be no injuries on his face? Could it be...could it be......"

    The reason that innate masters could easily defeat warriors in the Postliminary Realm...

    The most important reason was that, the 'Innate True Origin' of an innate master was extremely strong. Easily detachable, it contained strong attacking powers that could easily kill a warrior in the Postliminary Realm. Even the strongest warrior in the Postliminary Realm would not be able to block it.

    "Only an innate master would be able to deflect the attacks from my Qi blade that easily."

    "Could it be that you...you are also an innate master?!" The silver-haired old man shook his head furiously. "It's not possible. How could a seventeen year-old be an innate master!"

    He could not believe this, but the truth was forcing him to accept it.

    "Teng Qingshan, you have also stepped into the innate state?" The silver-haired old man stared at Teng Qingshan.

    "Innate?" Teng Qingshan smiled. "Wouldn't you know after experiencing it for yourself?" After saying this, as if wrapped by metal wires, green veins that seemed as thick as venomous snakes popped up around Teng Qingshan's arms and legs.

    His arms and legs grew much thicker. He had transformed from a delicate-looking character to a terrifying demon!

    "This......" The silver-haired old man stared with his eyes wide open.

    "You are the first human to see my full strength!" Teng Qingshan smiled.
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