Chapter 71: The Strongest!

    Book 3 Chapter 71 The Strongest!

    After seeing the might of the Qi blade, Teng Qingshan was clear that it alone was not enough to harm his body.

    In his previous life, he relied on internal energy to resist bullets with his body.

    In this life, his body was way stronger than his previous life's. When it came to pure defensive ability, Teng Qingshan's body was able to compare to some unique metal alloys! When it came to defensive capabilities, Teng Qingshan was extremely similar to the pre-evolution Red Scaled Beast. As for strength, Teng Qingshan was much stronger than a adolecent Red Scaled Beast!

    He could be considered a human-form monster!

    "Hmph, apparently you are an Innate Master." The silver haired old man licked his lips; his eyes were serenely cold as he said, "You are the second seventeen year old Innate Master the Nine Prefectures has seen in 1000 years!"

    Just as he finished speaking.

    The cold and detached Teng Qingshan gave a sneer and stamped his foot. A "Hong" sound rang out and the earth shook. Teng Qingshan's body transformed into a black flash of light as it flew forwards. Simultaneously, the Reincarnation Spear in his hands made an ear-piercing shrill whistle as it streaked across a few tens of zhang in a flash and stabbed at the silver haired old man.

    The human was like rumbling thunder while the spear was like flashing lightning!

    When the spear flew out, the shrill whistling sound caused people's ears to hurt. Teng Qingshan narrowed his eyes and locked onto his opponent.

    Spear art Pursuing Shadow - 180,000 Jin of strength!

    The silver haired old man's expression slightly changed. He tapped his foot on the ground and retreated. Simultaneously, the battle saber in his hand gracefully slashed forwards, creating a cold ray of light.


    An intense explosion of internal energy occurred and the ground gave way to a large hole, causing the surrounding sand and stones to be violently sucked in. Teng Qingshan's spear was blocked, but it immediately pulled back before lashing out again. Once again, it formed the extremely fierce Pursuing Shadow!

    The spear art was like its name: As quick as a shadow! As ferocious as thunder!


    Three consecutive thrusts!

    The spear was extremely relentless and exceptionally powerful. The surrounding stones and sand flew away; even successive holes were made in the adjacent mountain wall. While the pieces of sand and rock flew away, in the midst of the howling gale, Teng Qingshan unceasingly advanced and the silver haired man continuously retreated.

    It was extremely clear that the silver haired old man was completely disadvantaged.

    "What ferocious and fierce spear arts! This Teng Qingshan unexpectedly is able to completely control Innate True Origin to a point of perfection. He surprisingly has already consolidated his Innate Master Emptiness Dan." The silver haired old man was shocked, "Moreover, even though my speed is quick, with every thrust, I am unable to leave the radius of his spear arts!"

    Pursuing Shadow spear arts was continuous and multiplied without end. Once one was locked onto by the spear arts, it was hard to escape.


    The tip of the spear continued to search for the silver haired old man's head. The silver haired old man desperately attempted to save his own life by continuously blocking with his saber. He did not dare not defend because his saber was shorter than Teng Qingshan's spear, so he would be dead before killing Teng Qingshan. (TL: ie, he'll be dead because of shorter range)


    A clear sound resonated and the battle saber exploded. The fragments of saber flew everywhere and the battle saber disintegrated in a matter of seconds. The silver haired old man ground his teeth, his face darkened, and his eyes turned red. His legs blurred, and with incredible speed, he managed to escape Teng Qingshan's chase-to-kill spear art.

    The howling gale stopped and the sand and rocks fell onto the ground.

    It became calm.

    Teng Qingshan felt that it seemed like every cell in his body had been excited. Last time, when he killed Meng Tian, he had only used 180,000 Jin of strength, but he hadn't even used Vigor of the Reckless Bull. Furthermore, he had won in one strike. That couldn't even be considered a warmup. As for this fight...

    Teng Qingshan felt the long silent blood in his body stir.

    "Teng Qingshan! Don't think that you've won just because you've shatter my saber." The nearby silver haired old man's face turned ugly, "That saber, truthfully, is Wang Yun's weapon! Regarding saber arts, I can't be considered proficient. Right now, I'll show you Ghost Fox, Sima Qing's, true strength!"

    As he said this, the silver haired old man's put two translucent gloves onto his hands.

    "Ghost Fox Sima Qing?" Teng Qingshan's eyebrows creased. He himself had never heard of this name before.

    Honestly, regarding Innate Masters, Teng Qingshan's knowledge was very limited.

    "Ghost Fox" Sima Qing actually had a substantial reputation amongst the circle of Sovereigns of various large sects. Although "Ghost Fox" Sima Qing was only at the Innate Master Emptiness Dan realm, he was able to easily alter his facial appearance, voice and other features; this enabled him to turn into other people.

    Sima Qing was crafty, treacherous and was proficient in changing his facial features and voice. He was also an expert at Qing Gong. Despite having many enemies, it was very hard to kill him.

    "Haha... it turns out that the battle saber was not your weapon. No wonder it was so weak! You weren't even able to receive a few of my spear moves!" Teng Qingshan grew even more excited, "Come Sima Qing. Where is your weapon?"

    "This is my weapon."

    Sima Qing let out a devilish laugh and his body successively blurred nine times like a ghost before a mirage appeared. In a brief moment, he had travelled over ten Zhang and in an elegant arc, approached Teng Qingshan. Facing Sima Qing's approach, Teng Qingshan's spear ruthlessly stabbed forwards!


    It was like a flash of silver lightning!

    "Hua!" Sima Qing's right hand was like a ghost claw and its exterior brought about a grey flash of light. It unexpectedly slapped Teng Qingshan's spear pole.

    "You're courting death." Teng Qingshan used Inflamed Passion.

    The tip of the Reincarnation Spear immediately intensely ricocheted and fiercely smashed towards Sima Qing's right hand.

    "What profound spear arts. Even his use of Innate True Origin has entered the 'Minute Subtlety' Realm. His future is limitless, however, he will die in my hands!" Sima Qing gave a word of praise as his right hand mysteriously turned from a slap to a grab. His fingers moved articulately, like he was playing a zither, and caressed the spear pole.

    Teng Qingshan only felt a burst of weird internal energy on his Reincarnation Spear, causing his attack power to decrease.

    "Not good!" Teng Qingshan's face slightly changed.

    When Sima Qing stopped the spear, his entire body instantly approached Teng Qingshan. An Innate Master such as Sima Qing who was able to possess the nickname "Ghost Fox," would naturally have incredible speed and agility when his entire strength was used. There was not enough time for Teng Qingshan to recover his spear before the opponent arrived right in front of him and brought the silver flash of light towards his head.

    At this crucial moment!

    Teng Qingshan's left hand moved. The iron fist contained a shocking strength and resembled an arrow leaving the bowstring as it suddenly smashed forwards!

    Retreating Smashing Fist!

    "Peng!" A terrifying fist smashed into Sima Qing's palm. Sima Qing's face changed, "What a powerful close combat boxing art!" A normal expert who used weapons, and specifically a long spear user, would normally be very miserable when it came to close combat fighting. However, Sima Qing didn't know... Teng Qingshan had been a Xing Yi Martial Arts Grandmaster!

    What he was most proficient in was boxing arts!

    When his right hand was obstructed, Sima Qing's face darkened and his empty right hand slapped towards Teng Qingshan's stomach.

    "Go die!" Teng Qingshan suddenly roared, but didn't defend against the palm; instead, he kicked forwards. Legs were much brawnier than arms, and the instantaneous release of energy by the legs was shocking.


    His leg was like lightning as it kicked out, bringing about an extremely terrifying energy.

    Sima Qing felt the situation was awry, and hastily slapped both his hands towards Teng Qingshan's leg.


    Sima Qing felt both his hands go numb.


    Sima Qing was blown away by the force of impact: "My hands! My hands!!!!" In mid air, he hastily controlled his Innate True Origin so that it flowed into his already numb hands. When he fell on the ground, both his hands had already regained feeling. His heart was full of fear as he thought, "Teng Qingshan... how is the strength of one of his legs this much stronger than my hands?"

    Normally, when using Innate True Origin to attack, no matter whether it was used on one's legs or fists, the strength of Innate True Origin emitted should be the same.

    However, this was Teng Qingshan's muscle and bone strength.

    The legs were naturally superior to arms in terms of strength, and the leg bones were much thicker than arm bones! The muscles were also much sturdier; thus, instantaneous burst power would be greater. Of course, when it came to controlling weapons, the arms and hands held the advantage, compared to legs.

    "This Teng Qingshan's martial arts are also terrifying. It seems that in order to kill him, I have to rely on my flexibility while simultaneously performing the 18 Ghost Hands!" Sima Qing instantly calmed down. He discovered that in terms of pure running speed, he was not faster than Teng Qingshan; nevertheless, when it came to nimbly moving about, he clearly held the advantage.

    He would rely on flexibility to kill Teng Qingshan!

    "Hu!" Teng Qingshan stamped his foot on the ground and a fissure appeared in the earth. Like a meteorite, he instantaneously travelled over ten Zhang.

    "Xiu!" The spear was like a roaming dragon as it directly pierced at his opponent!

    Sima Qing smiled again before his body flashed once again. He simultaneously used his five right hand fingers to grab Teng Qingshan's Reincarnation Spear, performing the same move again; however, this time, the second Sima Qing released his strength on Teng Qingshan's spear, Teng Qingshan's next thrust arrived!


    A continuous stream of spear silhouettes, one after the other, wildly stabbed at Sima Qing. The spears were like flashes of lightning and brought about terrifying explosion sounds in the air; the surrounding sand and rocks were engulfed in a howling gale. Encompassing Teng Qingshan and Sima Qing was a layer of darkness. Teng Qingshan violently thrust spear after spear.

    "This, why can I not get closer?!" Sima Qing felt his 10 fingers begin to faintly ache.

    "Last time, I was negligent and altered Pursuing Shadow into Inflamed Passion, ending the continuous realm of concept. It gave you an advantage. Right now, my spear art is growing without end and the speed of my spear is over ten times faster than your movement." Teng Qingshan wielded his spear extremely fiercely.

    Sima Qing was impetious, but couldn't get close.

    "Run!" Sima Qing silently said.

    "Haha..." Faced with the opponent's thought of fleeing, Teng Qingshan let out a big laugh, "Die!"

    Another Pursuing Shadow Spear Art!

    Only this time, the spear art's might had unexpectedly increased!

    180,000 Jin of strength and the 60,000 Jin of internal energy burst of the ninth layer of Vigor of the Reckless Bull.

    An instant increase of 60,000 jin of strength!

    "Peng!" Sima Qing hastily jumped onto the nearby mountain rampart and he easily thrust his fingers into the rampart; simultaneously, he quickly climbed up the wall.

    "Thinking of fleeing?!"

    Teng Qingshan also leaped and the weapon, comparable to a god's, in his hands pierced the mountain rock. He abruptly used the momentum to jump another ten Zhang. By doing this, Teng Qingshan's speed of climbing the mountain was clearly faster than Sima Qing's since one leap would bring him further. In only three jumps, he had arrived at the middle of the mountain and had caught up to Sima Qing.


    The Reincarnation Spear suddenly thrust out!

    "Not good!" In a shock, Sima Qing leaped up.


    240,000 Jin of body strength including the full expulsion of Internal Energy! This spear was even more formidable than an artillery shell. The entire mountain rampart resonated with a loud rumble; pieces of shatter rock flew everywhere and a dust layer proliferated. An enormous hole at least 10 meters wide and long, and three to four meters deep appeared.

    The might of one spear unexpectedly reached such a terrifying stage!

    A great number of large rocks flew everywhere. Each piece contained a frightful force of impact and a few pieces of large rock smashed into Sima Qing's body. He had nowhere from which to borrow strength and consequently fell from that great height.

    "Hmph!" Teng Qingshan stood at the middle of the mountain. He was like a spider as his two legs moved and he descended the mountain after Sima Qing dropped like an artillery shell. Teng Qingshan's descending speed was much faster than Sima Qing's.

    "No!" In mid air, Sima Qing had nowhere to dodge.

    Teng Qingshan swooped towards Sima Qing and his body strength from his waist upwards erupted. In an instant, he had transferred the spear to his right hand and the Reincarnation Spear momentarily transformed into a silver flash of lightning! The thrusting Reincarnation brought about an explosive sound that was comparable to thunder!

    Silver lightning!

    Ripping the vast sky!

    "No!" Sima Qing's pupil dilated and he could only throw his two hands in front of his body in a last ditch effort.


    Fresh blood splashed everywhere!

    Five Elemental Spears- Toxic Dragon Drill!
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