Chapter 6: Character

    Book 4 Chapter 6: Character

    "One's physical strength shouldn't affect the process of one's internal energy transforming into Innate True Origin at all." Teng Qingshan pondered a long while before shaking his head. He wasn't the type to relentlessly chase an unsolvable mystery. "Ok, today is the 27th day of the ninth month. That means tomorrow will be the day that I fight Zang Feng! In these next two days, I'll continue to try and cultivate. If that still doesn't work... then I will find master after the fight!"

    If he ran out methods to break through, then he could only ask Zhuge Yuanhong for help!

    Teng Qingshan raised his head and looked at the sky-

    As sunlight seeped through the cracks of the branches mottley tree, he guessed that it was almost 2 hours from lunch.

    "I haven't been paying attention to Xiao Yu's cultivation these days! Alright, it's decided then, I shall go to the core disciple area." Teng Qingshan stood up. As he stood up, his muscles  suddenly vibrated with such intensity that a gust of wind was generated from within his body, causing the dust on his clothes to fly off. Subsequently, he walked out of his residence and transversed Longgang before heading towards the core disciple cultivation area.

    "I remember Xiao Yu saying that her master's name was 'Wang Qinglan'."

    As Teng Qingshan walked along a small path composed of limestones, he saw three disciples cultivating sword arts in the distance. Walking towards them, he saw sword rays flashing brilliantly off of their swords as they practiced. The movements of the three disciples were extremely quick, and it was quite obvious that they were formidable experts. They immediately stopped their training after spotting Teng Qingshan walking over..

    "It's Teng Qingshan!"

    In the main hall, Zhuge Yuanhong had accepted Teng Qingshan as his disciple, and had even given him the position of First Commander. Thus, the core disciples of Gui Yuan Sect naturally recognized Teng Qingshan.

    "Lord Commander!" The three people immediately bowed.

    "Do you know where master Wang Qinglan teaches her disciples?" Teng Qingshan inquired.

    "Ah, Master Wang Qinglan is over in the southeast end of Ya Garden. Master's disciples are all in the garden as well," directed one of the core disciples, as they pointed in a certain direction. Teng Qingshan nodded his head in thanks, and walked in the Ya Garden's direction.

    Ya Garden!

    Running water calmly flowed under the bridge, portraying an elegant scene. The east side of the small river was an empty grass field, upon which a group of female disciples were learning sword arts. To the side of the bridge sat a beautiful woman wearing a light red robe, who was guiding these female disciples as they trained.

    On the west side of the small river was another group of female disciples who were taking a rest.

    "It seems that Teng Qingyu's sword arts aren't that good after all! Hmph, with her strength, she should only be a 28th generation disciple! However, she was unexpectedly recruited under our master's tutelage with my generation." A young woman wearing green clothing let out a harumph. To her side was a skinny, round faced female youth who said, "There's nothing we can do. Who told her to have a good relationship with the Sovereign's daughter and to have a formidable older brother?"

    The green robed girl giggled, "Isn't that the same as having a patron? Amongst us martial sisters, Teng Qingyu's strength is the weakest!"

    "Okay, second martial sister, stop talking about this." To her side was an oval faced young woman who said, "Qingyu has only trained in the sword arts for a few months. We, on the other hand, have trained since we were young and possess a lot more experience. It isn't Qingyu's fault that she's weaker than us!"

    "Hmmm, seventh martial sister, I heard that the day before yesterday, you went for a walk with Teng Qingyu and bullied her. Why are you suddenly supporting her?" The green robed girl mystifyingly said.

    The oval shape faced young girl's expression couldn't help but change as she sneered, "That's right, junior sister Qingyu is very simple, so I enjoy being with her. What's the matter? The night before yesterday wasn't only comprised of us few martial sisters. Even young sovereign accompanied us! It's a pity that a certain someone can only daydream about the young sovereign accompanying her!"

    "You..." The green robed girl was absolutely livid.

    The oval faced girl turned her head and walked off to the side where she sat down, not paying the slightest attention to the green robed youth.

    "Everyone is only crowding around Teng Qingyu because she has some silver taels to spend," The green robed lady let out a soft harumph, "A few months ago, Teng Qingyu was still very poor. It was only after Teng Qingshan returned that she got some money! All she has is a formidable brother! Even master is prejudiced!"

    To her side, someone said, "Second martial sister, that Teng Qingshan is the Sovereign's personal disciple and also is the First Commander! It's no wonder that those martial sisters treat Teng Qingyu so well. I reckon that each one of them wants to marry Teng Qingshan in order climb onto a branch and become a phoenix!" (TL: to use one's status for oneself, thereby raising his/her own status)

    Within the group of female disciples, there were a few who had a good relationship with Teng Qingyu; however, there were also a few female disciples who still disliked Teng Qingyu.

    Her strength was quite lacking! However, she had a backing! Zhuge Yun and Zhuge Qing's relationship with Teng Qingyu was also quite good...

    These reasons were enough cause for others to dislike Teng Qingyu.

    One must know that within a female disciple's heart existed the dream to marry a formidable male disciple. For instance: Zhuge Yun, Teng Qingshan, Zang Feng, and the others had high statuses and incredible strength, and had therefore already been a hot topic for the female disciples. Moreover, there were a few average female disciples with mediocre looks who knew they had no chance; therefore, they were instead even more jealous.

    "Become a phoenix? Hmph, we'll see. Don't think too highly of Teng Qingshan's current splendor! Yesterday, he issued a fight with martial brother Zang Feng! I don't believe that Teng Qingshan is good enough to be martial brother Zang Feng's opponent." The green robed girl let out a harrumph.

    "Martial brother Zang Feng has been a Commander for quite some time, while Teng Qingshan is only 17 years old! Although he may be quite strong, I just don't think that he's a match for martial brother Zang Feng." The round faced girl echoed the other lady's thoughts.

    "That's right! When Teng Qingshan loses, he will no longer be able to retain the position of First Commander, and will be suppressed by Zang Feng! Then we'll see if Teng QIngyu is still complacent as she's constantly blathering about her brother." The green robed girl giggled, "I've heard that she's from the countryside. It's no wonder that she's an uncultured swine!"

    "Second martial sister, what are you so proud of? Do you believe that you can compare with junior sister Qingyu? Do you believe that you can chase after the young sovereign?" The oval faced girl promptly said.

    The green robed lady's face flushed red, "I, I... that Teng Qingyu is a back country bumpkin and even more unsuited for the young sovereign! Her brother is too! Look... tomorrow, Teng Qingshan will definitely be defeated by martial brother Zang Feng so badly that he won't even be able to retaliate!"

    Just at this time--

    "Lord Commander!" Two female disciples saw the visitor and their eyes lit up. They proceeded to deferentially yell out.

    The group of girls that was previously gossiping gasped in surprise as they turned their bodies to look.

    The green robed girl looked over and saw Teng Qingshan walking over. His gaze was as sharp as a knife as it slowly swept over her body. She only felt the depths of her heart quake in fear, and it felt as if she had sunken into an icehouse, her forehead riddled with sweat. Teng Qingshan's gaze only passed over, simultaneously smiling as he looked at the oval faced girl.

    He then walked over to the small bridge.

    "When Commander Teng walked over just now, I didn't even dare to breathe," A few female disciples excitedly exclaimed.

    "Just now, Commander Teng smiled at me," The oval faced girl was extremely giddy.

    As for the green robed girl, her face was a bit pale as she frightenedly stared at Teng Qingshan's from behind.

    One expression was enough to cause her heart to shudder in fear!


    Teng Qingshan let out a silent sigh, "This sort of character truly is complex. Although Qingyu treats people very well, and is a very simple person, she has been unexpectedly labeled a country bumpkin! However, it's still fine... at least amongst the female disciples, there are many who have a decent relation with Qingyu." Teng Qingshan had actually already foreseen that people would be jealous of Qingyu.

    "Qingyu!" Teng Qingshan laughed as he called out.

    "Brother!" Qingyu was in the midst of training the sword when she turned her head and immediately ran over excitedly.

    "Brother, why have you come?" Qingyu was very pleasantly surprised. This was the first time Teng Qingshan had come to find her in these past few days when she was training the sword.

    "I've come to see you," Teng Qingshan laughed and rubbed Qingyu's head.

    At this time, a beautiful woman wearing a light red long robe walked over while smiling, "Lord Commander!"

    "Master, calling me Qingshan is fine," Teng Qingshan laughed. According to his position, a Black Armored Army Commander was on the same level as a Gui Yuan Sect Elder. Although this Wang Qinglan was part of the 26th generation, the Gui Yuan Sect harbored a large amount of 26th generation disciples. Thus, even if one was older, it didn't necessarily mean that his or her ranking was just as high.

    After all, in the Gui Yuan Sect, there were others who were three to four generations older than Sovereign Zhuge Yuanhong!

    "How has my sister been doing under master's tutelage?" Teng Qingshan said.

    "Qingshan." The beautiful woman let out a faint laugh, "Qingyu, this child, has fairly good talent and great comprehension towards sword arts! Only, the time she's spent training has been fairly short, and her internal energy is quite lacking... she still requires assiduous training."

    Teng Qingshan nodded his head, "Then I will have to trouble master."

    "Of course!" The beautiful woman affirmed the statement.

    People like Wang Qinglan had been in Gui Yuan Sect for a very long time, and clearly knew that it would be very difficult to guage the future accomplishments of someone like Teng Qingshan, who was the First Commander and the Sovereign's personal disciple at such a young age. There was a high chance that he could be Gui Yuan Sect's new Sovereign in the future.

    If they were to form a good relationship now, then there would only be benefits.

    Teng Qingshan looked at the happy Qingyu, and understood in his heart why those female disciples were envious of her and why they held her in contempt, but didn't look down on Lady Qing! This was because Lady Qing was the Sovereign's daughter, while Qingyu was only his [Teng Qingshan's] sister! His own strength had yet to be formally recognized! If he were to be officially known as the strongest person in his generation, then at the very least, he had to become an Innate Master.

    Even if those girls were full of envy, they would probably not dare to speak it aloud!

    "I must completely win my fight with Zang Feng!" Teng Qingshan silently said.


    The weather was gloomy on the 28th day of the ninth month!

    In the morning, the Black Armored Army military training ground was covered by a vast expanse of people. No matter whether it was soldiers from the Black Armored Army or Gui Yuan Sect core disciples, all of them were gathered here. The Elders, the Law Enforcing Elders, and even the Sovereign was gathered here to watch this great fight! The importance of this fight was obvious!

    There was a huge crowd of people!

    In the center of the training ground was an elevated stage ten Zhang wide. Currently, it was empty. The dense crowds of people surrounding the stage all watched the elevated stage.

    "Commander Teng will definitely win; after all, he is an Earthly Ranking expert!"

    "He's only 17 years old! Commander Zang Feng has been hiding his cultivation, so I'm afraid that Commander Teng cannot beat Commander Zang Feng!"


    All together, the Black Armored Army soldiers and the Gui Yuan Sect disciples added up to around ten thousand people; thus, it was bustling with activity and clamoring with noise. Everyone was discussing with each other!

    Of the two fighters, one was once officially recognized by Gui Yuan Sect as the strongest person of his generation, Zang Feng. The other was someone who, although not a member of the Gui Yuan Sect for even a year, had gained fame at an alarming rate. He was only 17, but he was an Earthly Ranking expert. He was Teng Qingshan.

    The two of them were both Commanders of the Black Armored Army.

    Who would win?

    This fight would ultimately decide who was the strongest person among Gui Yuan Sect's youth.

    Perhaps, the next generation Sovereign of Gui Yuan Sect would be the winner of today's fight.

    "Hu!" A tall and large black silhouette leaped onto the disciples heads and arrived on the elevated stage. This person had a tough a stocky build, and was at least 2.25 meters tall! His face had a metallic shine to it, almost like a metallic alloy. This person was the Sovereign's disciples and the Black Armored Army's Second Commander, Pang Shan!

    When Pang Shan arrived on the elevated stage, immediately, the ten thousand people hastily quieted down.

    Pang Shan's gaze swept over the multitudes of people as he roared, "This fight is Commander Zang Feng challenging Commander Teng Qingshan! The winner will be Black Armored Army's First Commander! Now... can Commander Teng Qingshan and Commander Zang Feng please get onto the stage!" The voice was like thunder and it reverberated around the entire military training field.
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