Chapter 25: No Longer There?

    Book 4 Chapter 25 No Longer There?

    In the pitch black eerie mountain forests of the Boorish Desolate.


    An afterimage dashed through and faced occasional attacks from venomous vipers and ferocious beasts. Despite of their ferocity, however, all of the beasts were slain.

    After hearing the infuriated bellow "Heavenly Hawk Sect's Sovereign, I must shred you into pieces!" from far away, Teng Qingshan snorted. "Heavenly Hawk Sect's Sovereign? Go look for a Heavenly Hawk Sect across the land of the Nine Prefectures first if you're able to." The 'Heavenly Hawk Sect' had been fabricated by Teng Qingshan.

    As for whether there was really one, he did not know. At least, he had not heard of it before.

    If there really was one and Tie Yi Hall had went to look for them, then it could only be said that they had a bad streak of luck.

    "It is no wonder that this 'State of Self-Actualization' is the best battle state that can allow one to tap on the full potential of the space and one's abilities. In the battle earlier, the opponent had held on to the upper hand the entire time! Thankfully I escaped while running in a straight line, and it wasn't related to the state." Recalling the battle earlier, Teng Qingshan, was exclaimed in admiration.

    The different levels of the realms.

    For the innate Emptiness Dan, it was usually the Realm of Minute Subtlety.

    For the innate True Dan, it was the 'Realm of Self-Actualization' or the 'Realm of Enlightenment'.

    For the innate Golden Dan, it would be the Realm of Simplicity!

    If the 'Realm of Self-Actualization' and the 'Realm of Enlightenment' were said to be the strongest battle consciousness...

    Then the 'Realm of Simplicity' comparatively would have an additional trait - to be able to remove all forms of resistance such as air resistance!

    Take for example, the crumbling of mountain rocks caused when innate masters raised their limbs, and the air resistance when their thrust their swords. The faster the speed, the higher the air resistance! Even when in the 'Realm of Self-Actualization' and 'Realm of Enlightenment', there was no way to remove air resistance.

    But innate Golden Dan experts could!

    With the same sword, the same Innate True Origin, one's speed could increase two to three times once there was no air resistance. What happened when the speed was increased by two to three times? Death by a single blow!

    Each skill and technique of the innate Golden Dan experts did not result in the explosive sound of Qi, nor did they create roaring strong waves and such, seemingly very ordinary. Therefore, it was known as the 'Realm of Simplicity'! Back when Zhuge Yuanhong had took in Teng Qingshan as his disciple, the technique he had applied was a technique of this 'Realm of Simplicity'!

    Teng Qingshan had only known about this after reading the 'Dark Moon Spear Art'.

    "According to the 'Dark Moon Spear Art', one's spirit will only evolve with the leveling of the realm. The evolved 'spirit', when incorporated with the Innate True Origin, will allow the Innate True Origin to evolve! I now need to comprehend the 'State of Enlightenment'." Teng Qingshan did not want to cultivate the 'State of Self-Actualization'. Once self-actualization was attained, he would cease to care about inflicting serious injuries when battling.

    Moreover, when one cultivated Self-Actualization, it would be hard to attain innate Golden Dan in the future. Actually, a lot of strong warriors did not wish to cultivate the 'Realm of Self-Actualization' either, but it was just that the 'State of Enlightenment' was too hard. Therefore, they could only give in and went for the second best option, to cultivate the 'Realm of Self-Actualization' which had a lower difficulty.


    Teng Qingshan did not rest that night but hurried on his way, killing countless ferocious beasts and venomous snakes. He only rested on the second night, and he reached the borders of the Boorish Desolate on the afternoon of the third day.

    Teng Qingshan threw away his tattered clothes and washed himself in the river at the side before changing into a set of new clothes.

    "Crack~~" Teng Qingshan's muscles and bones let out a very soft sound as his thick arms shrunk a little. His height increased a little, and he removed the human-skin mask on his face. In an instant, the tough and sturdy scarred man turned into a delicate young man.

    He placed the 'Heavenly Hawk Claws' in his bag and carried the Blood Sucking Saber, took up his bag and set off once again.

    In a short moment, Teng Qingshan left the Boorish Desolate.

    "The outside is still more comfortable!" Walking out of the Boorish Desolate, the warm afternoon sunlight landed on him, and the slight breeze was even more comfortable. "The air is much fresher too, unlike how it was in the Boorish Desolate. There's always a stench of rotting wild beasts around." Teng Qingshan was in a good mood.

    This time around, he had been in the Boorish Desolate for close to ten days and he had a battle with that Deng Geng!

    In that battle, the odds were definitely not in Teng Qingshan's favor, but that was because he had not used his spear!

    After all, in this life, Teng Qingshan had spent all his efforts on improving his spear arts. One inch longer, one inch stronger. If he were to utilize his Reincarnation Spear, although he would not be comparable to his opponent in terms of the realms they reached, Teng Qingshan's spear art were more formidable. If the two of them were to fight to their death, with the sharpness of Teng Qingshan's spear art, his winning rate would be no lesser than 50%!

    It was just that...there were too few experts in spear arts, and many people had known that Teng Qingshan had many spear arts. Once he used the spear arts, he must fight to the death. If Deng Geng was not killed, his own identity might be exposed.

    But if he were to use fist techniques, even if he did not kill Deng Geng, his identity would not be exposed!

    "Nonetheless, my goal was to disrupt their plan! So long as the effect is there, then it's fine." Whether Deng Geng was killed or not, Teng Qingshan did not care much. "This trip to the Boorish Desolate was quite fruitful."

    He ate the Scarlet Fruit, attained the innate realm, and even got items such as the Heavenly Hawk Claws.

    "The most important thing is this!" Teng Qingshan touched the small black cauldron on his chest before putting it inside his clothes. Teng Qingshan did not bother to care about the connection between the small black cauldron and the treasure map. In his heart...the memorial significance of the small cauldron was more important.

    Wu An County.

    "Da, da, da."

    Teng Qingshan led his Cyan Bristled Horse and walked amongst the streets of Wu An County. Back then, Teng Qingshan had helped 'Li Jun' to settle down here, and he had also promised to help her seek revenge.

    "I wonder how that young lady's doing right now." As Teng Qingshan walked, he noticed in astonishment, "Hmm, why is it so lively in Liuhu Street?" The mansions lining up next to Liuhu Street were something that only wealthy merchants and those influential characters would be able to afford.

    Usually, it would be very peaceful in Liuhu Street.

    There were many beautiful and large boats on the lake next to the Liuhu Street. Teng Qingshan recognized them the moment he laid his eyes on them. They were boats that carried prostitutes! Usually, at night, the lake would be filled with a large number of such boats, attracting some of the wealthy merchants on the banks to enjoy themselves.

    "It's daytime right now. Why would there be so many boats housing prostitutes?" Teng Qingshan was a bit surprised.

    There were many of these boats, closely anchored next to each other. Amongst them, the biggest boat was even at the bank. And at the grassland on the bank, a large group of people had gathered. At one glance, there were over a thousand people, and the mass of people reached tens of Zhang away from the banks.

    Teng Qingshan led his horse and headed to where Fatty Wang was as he looked at the excitement. He heard a crisp shout, "The next one coming out is the top of the Four Fragrance of our Heavenly Fragrance Court, Lady 'Chunxiang'." Instantly, all the closely packed thousand-plus people began to cheer.

    "Lady Chunxiang, tonight, you are mine."

    "Haha, I'm here to show you some support."

    The laughter was non-stop.


    Only when Teng Qingshan got nearer did he discover...

    There were rugs laid out on the banks of the grassland, with fifty tables set up. Many lavishly dressed wealthy merchants and influential characters were seated at the tables while their guards and servants were standing at the side. The wealthy merchants casually drank wine and ate fruits, enjoying the performance on the boats.

    And surrounding the fifty tables, there were even more people gathered around to enjoy the excitement. Those poor things...everyone was squeezing around.

    "Old Wang." Teng Qingshan took a quick scan of the surroundings and soon spotted Fatty Wang, who was eating grapes.

    Fatty Wang was wearing a golden gown, with two guards beside him. Since he was also considered someone with status, he hogged a table by himself.

    Upon hearing this voice, Fatty Wang turned his head harshly and immediately ran to where Teng Qingshan was, saying respectfully, "Commander, you are back. Congratulations."

    "Old Wang, you really know how to enjoy yourself." Teng Qingshan smiled and chided.

    "Hehe, I usually don't have much to do, so I look around for small entertainment." Fatty Wang smiled and hollered at the two guards who had followed him, "What are you standing there for? Quickly take the horse from Commander."

    Teng Qingshan passed over the reins. "Old Wang, I got you to help look after Lady Little Jun. Is that young lady alright?"

    "Lady Little Jun?" Fatty Wang shook his head and said, "Commander, two days after you left, this Lady Little Jun suddenly got herself a master! She told me that she would be leaving with her master...Before she left, she handed me a letter to pass to you. Right, that Lady Little Jun also asked you not to take revenge for her. This revenge, she will seek for it with her master."

    Teng Qingshan frowned in suspicion, "Master?"

    "Mmm." Fatty Wang nodded. "It was a lady who appeared to be about thirty to forty years old. But..This lady had a horrifying gaze. With just one look from, my back was already covered in sweat. She should be an extremely formidable character. Even so, that lady seemed to like Lady Little Jun a lot."

    Teng Qingshan was well aware that there were too much impurities in Little Jun's meridian channels and that she would not be able to channel internal strength. How would she have a master?

    "Old Wang is also a warrior in the Postliminary Realm. To be able to instil so much terror in him, the lady is likely to be a powerful expert. The fact that she was willing to take in Little Jun as her disciple shows that she probably has the means to solve the problems of Little Jun's meridian channels." Teng Qingshan also heaved a sigh of relief. "Old Wang, bring that letter here. I'll be here taking a rest and have my lunch."

    Fatty Wang immediately replied, "Commander, come sit at my table." After that, he immediately instructed for people to bring food.


    On the banks, a light breeze blew.

    Enjoying delicacies while watching the performances of the beautiful ladies on the deck of the boats was truly not bad.

    "Top Courtesan Contest?" A short moment after Teng Qingshan sat down, he overheard the conversations from others around and understood what was happening. This was Wu An County's 'Top Courtesan Contest', which happened once every four years. Those who had participated were all popular courtesans. Teng Qingshan had originally thought that the ladies from brothels were all degenerate.

    But the ten ladies who were vying to be the top courtesan all had different disposition. Regardless if it was their beauty, disposition and such, they were all no worse off than Zhuge Qing.

    They each also had their areas of excellence in the four arts of music, chess, calligraphy and painting.

    "They were just unlucky and fell into prostitution." Looking at these ladies, Teng Qingshan could not help but shake his head. In this chaotic world, the prettier the girls from families that weren't well off, the worse the plight they would be in.

    "Mmm?" Teng Qingshan could not help but turn his head.

    Two men in green suit walked over, and one of the hollered, "There's a table in the corner at the back, you go over there! Our Qing Hu Island will be taking this table. And you guys, that table over there, our Qing Hu Island will be taking it as well." The two fellows spoke in a tyrannical tone.

    "Qing Hu Island? No wonder they are tyrannical." Teng Qingshan realized.

    In Yangzhou, Qing Hu Island was the emperor!

    "Mmm, didn't you hear what I said?" The face of the man in green suit sank as he stared towards Teng Qingshan.

    "Oh, Commander Teng, haha, such a coincidence!" A laughter rang. Teng Qingshan turned his head and saw a youth in a silvery white long gown with a young girl dressed in purple walking beside him. Behind them were five young males and females.

    "Gu Shiyou!" Teng Qingshan recognised him in a glance. He was Qing Hu Island's Young Master, 'Gu Shiyou'.

    "Young Sovereign." Teng Qingshan smiled and greeted.

    "Tie Fan, step down." Gu Shiyou instructed the man in green suit. "This is Gui Yuan Sect's First Commander, Teng Qingshan! In the newly published Earth Ranking released in the second half of the year, Commander Teng was ranked number forty-six. Commander Teng, I hope you don't mind that my Martial Sister and myself join your table?"

    "Please." Teng Qingshan replied with a nod, feeling puzzled at the same time.

    Number forty-six of the Earth Ranking?
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