Chapter 27: In Gui Yuan Sect

    Book 4 Chapter 27 In Gui Yuan Sect

    Immediately, the thousand plus people began to clamor.

    Challenge Teng Qingshan, the highest ranked person of the 《Hidden Dragon Ranking》?

    Teng Qingshan narrowed his eyes and glanced at the tanned man coldly as he replied, "If you want to challenge me, you should at least introduce yourself first!"

    "My name is Tie Ta!" The tanned man said with a deep voice.

    "Commander Teng, this idiot wants to challenge you! You better not lose in such an easy fight." Gu Shiyou smiled and said. From these words, it was obvious that he despised Tie Ta. Well, it couldn't be helped. The words of Pei San, the master of that tanned man, had caused Gu Shiyou to feel very uncomfortable and angry.

    If it was an ordinary hedonistic son of a wealthy family, Gu Shiyou would have ordered men to have him killed.

    However, Gu Shiyou was no ordinary man. He did not want to offend this mysterious Pei San now.

    "Lose in such an easy fight?" The man dressed in purple, Pei San, laughed and said, "I heard that you, Gu Shiyou, suffered defeat at the hands of Hua Chizhu on the Blazing Mountain.

    Gu Shiyou glared at Pei San as killing intent emerged from the depths of his heart.

    "This guard of mine is the teacher of Hua Chizhu!" The man dressed in purple said.

    "Teacher of Hua Chizhu!"

    An uproar sounded!

    Teng Qingshan was also shocked. He had met Hua Chizhu, that person had defeated Gu Shiyou with a long stick at the foot of Scorching Flame Mountain. He did not expect that the tanned man that stood before him was the teacher of Hua Chizhu.

    "Is he Hua Chizhu's teacher just because you say so?" Gu Shiyou humphed.

    "Whether you believe it or not is your business. However, the disciple could defeat you, so Tie Ta would decimate you." Pei San said with a faint smile. Coldness flashed through Gu Shiyou's eyes and the murderous intent in his heart grew greater as he thought to himself, "This Pei San! I must kill him with my own hands!"

    That Tie Ta pulled out a pair of black iron maces from his back and said, "Teng Qingshan, please!"

    "Chi Chi!"

    Teng Qingshan took out his two pieces of the Reincarnation Spear from his bag and connected the pieces together. He then held it in his hands and ordered the guard beside him, "Watch my bag." "Yes, Lord." The guard replied respectfully.

    "Please!" Teng Qingshan stood there, straight like a javelin.

    There were three tables between the two.

    "Hmph!" The tanned man held the iron maces in each of his hands and leapt up forcefully, jumping past the three tables like a huge black bear pouncing towards Teng Qingshan. The two iron maces in his hands instantly transformed into two black dragons crashing towards Teng Qingshan, whipping up a ferocious gust of wind. The people in the surrounding immediately went far away.

    "Too arrogant!"

    Teng Qingshan yelled and forcefully thrust the Reincarnation Spear in his hand.

    "Clang!" The spearhead and the iron mace clashed.

    "Such a strong force! Must be eighty to ninety thousand Jin!" Feeling surprised, Teng Qingshan humphed furiously!

    With this, Teng Qingshan struck with the use of 'Inflamed Passion' and the powerful rebound provided by the head of the Reincarnation Spear knocked the tanned man, who was high up in the air and unable to borrow any force, towards the lake.

    The tanned man stepped off the water's surface and leaped up to the top of the flower boat.

    "Haha......Teng Qingshan. I have underestimated you." The tanned man laughed and said. Usually, in combat between two people, even if one pounced towards the other, they would usually remain near the ground. This is because......once you jump too high, you won't be able to change direction and it would be easy for the enemy to attack.

    Unless you are very confident, otherwise, not many people would choose to attack from such a high point.

    "Your ability is not bad too." Teng Qingshan stepped on the ground once and shot towards the top of the flower boat like a flying arrow.

    His long spear was like a swimming silver dragon, piercing straightly towards Tie Ta's throat.


    The two clashed again and the roof of the boat below Tie Ta broke apart due to the vibration and Tie Ta flew to the back. As for Teng Qingshan, he stared at Tie Ta like an owl staring at its prey and jumped lightly, pouncing towards the tanned man. His Reincarnation Spear transformed into numerous spear shadows and seemed like arrows shooting directly towards Tie Ta's vital organs.

    Pursuing Shadow!

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Teng Qingshan and the tanned man actually stepped off the water surface and fought from one side of the lake to the other side, causing the waters of the lake to explode. Rumble~~~ The exploding sounds on the water surface was unending.

    Teng Qingshan's spear figure became like millions of blooming lotus flowers while Tie Ta's two iron maces were like two iron shields that defended perfectly.

    "Ha!" Tie Ta suddenly roared fiercely as a faint golden light flashed in his eyes and forcefully hacked the iron mace in his right hand towards Teng Qingshan.

    Rumble! Explosions of air sounded throughout the heavens!

    "This guy hid his weak points pretty well." Teng Qingshan's facial expression changed and immediately performed the Transmutation Unity Law spear technique, wishing to resolve the attack.


    The iron mace and Reincarnation Spear clashed and a loud explosion resounded through the sky.

    "Phew!" Teng Qingshan was knocked away by the concussion of the blast. On the surface of the lake Teng Qingshan stepped on the water and leaped up onto the deck of a flower boat.

    "Perhaps this guy is an innate expert?" Teng Qingshan narrowed his eyes.

    The force of the explosion just now had the strength of around five hundred thousand jin. It was impossible for a postliminary expert to create such a powerful blast.

    "Teng Qingshan, the first ranked on the 《Hidden Dragon Ranking》. Your reputation is well deserved. I admire you." The tanned man clasped his hands and jumped up immediately. He then stepped onto the lake surface once and flew towards the man dressed in purple.

    "Master." The tanned man bowed.

    "Let's go." Pei San, the middle-aged man dressed in purple, immediately led the tanned man and Meng Dujuan, the lady holding the Zither and left.


    "Phew!" Teng Qingshan leaped back to the shore and looked dubiously at the man dressed in purple and the other two leave. He thought to himself, "When that tanned man performed such a powerful move, a golden light flashed in his eyes. I definitely did not see wrong! This guy is an innate expert! An innate expert actually became a guard....... Who is that man dressed in purple?"

    "Commander Teng, I still have some errands to run. Let's meet again in the future. I will be leaving now." Gu Shiyou stood up and said.

    "Commander Teng." The lady dressed in purple clasped her hands gently.

    With this, the martial brother and sister left with the five young men and women. Yet, Teng Qingshan did not notice that among the five men and women behind Gu Shiyou, a handsome teenager, dressed in black, was constantly staring at Teng Qingshan. This young man was the teenager that Teng Qingshan saved during his garrison at the gold mines--Yan Danchen.

    Yan Danchen looked deeply at Teng Qingshan one last time and rapidly left with the Young Island Lord.

    He has never forgot that Teng Qingshan saved his life!

    "Commander Teng, I......"

    "Commander Teng......"

    The wealthy merchants around came to greet Teng Qingshan one by one. Teng Qingshan cupped his hands in response and took his bag and walked towards the house where the fat Wang was waiting. Those people were too annoying and Teng Qingshan himself was too lazy to greet each one of them. As soon as he walked out of the crowds, Teng Qingshan saw fat Wang running towards him from afar.

    "Lord Commander." Fat Wang took out a letter and said, "Here's a letter from Little Jun!"

    Teng Qingshan took the letter.

    "Lord Commander, There's probably still two hours until they choose the prettiest courtesan. "

    "I am not watching. I will be going back to Gui Yuan Sect later." Teng Qingshan opened the letter and the words on the paper were very beautiful--

    "Big Brother Teng:

    I originally decided to do as you said and live life out as an ordinary person. However, soon after you left, I met my teacher when I was sightseeing in WuAn County City. She accepted me as her disciple and gave me a cup of liquid. It tasted very good. My meridians are almost all opened and I can cultivate my inner strength now. To be honest, I did not want to be an ordinary person. I want to be like Big Brother Teng and kill those bandits and robbers!"

    "As for the grudges, I will seek revenge with my teacher. I won't trouble Big Brother Teng. When I finish my apprenticeship, I will look for you! I definitely will......

    From Little Jun!"

    After Teng Qingshan read the letter, he smiled and said, "Little Jun is quite lucky. The cup of liquid her teacher gave her should be 'Jade Marrow Extract'."

    The Jade Marrow Extract was much more precious than the scarlet fruit. It could improve the muscles and bones. Ordinary people could open all meridians at once. As for Little Jun, there were many impurities in her meridians, so not all, but most of the meridians were opened.

    In a quiet study at WuAn County City.

    "Have you found the man dressed in purple, Pei San, and the other two?" Gu Shiyou said deeply.

    The sturdy man with a big beard beside him immediately answered, "The city guards have sent five thousand people to search, but the three people have not been found. However, Young Island Lord, don't worry. Those three definitely won't escape."

    "Hmph." Coldness flashed in Gu Shiyou 's eyes as he said, "That Pei San was very arrogant today and looked down on Qinghu Island. If I don't catch him, I can't let this go. Alright, arrange people and search carefully for me! I just don't believe that those three living people can escape my grasp!"

    "Yes." The big bearded sturdy man quivered and left the study quickly.

    Pei San had enraged Gu Shiyou, but he couldn't see through Pei San, therefore, he did not show his anger. If he did and the person was a powerful expert, it would be the end for he himself. Therefore, he endured until he could send his subordinates! After all, Qing Hu Island was one of the eight greatest sects in the land of the nine areas!

    No one dared to challenge Qing Hu Island at Yangzhou!


    Gu Shiyou took a deep breath and a smile appeared on his face, "Second of 《Hidden Dragon Ranking》? Hmph. Soon, this seventeen years old talented teenager, the First of the 《Hidden Dragon Ranking》 will be gone and I will be the new First!"


    At Yangzhou, Jiangning County City, in Zhuge Yuanhong's study at Gui Yuan Sect.

    "Order the north entrance guards to have Commander Teng Qingshan here once he returns!" Zhuge Yuanhong ordered.

    "Yes, Sovereign." The disciple, dressed in azure clothes, immediately left the study and headed towards the north entrance.

    Zhuge Yuanhong looked at the secret letter in his hand. It was a letter from WuAn County City--"Commander Teng returned from the desolate land safely!" The concise eight words caused Zhuge Yuanhong to feel agitated.

    "I wonder if Qingshan obtained the Scarlet Fruit, if he did......" Zhuge Yuanhong was slightly agitated as he continued saying. "A seventeen years old Innate expert?"

    It was impossible for human beings to live forever, therefore the speed of their cultivation determined their future success. Some reached the innate realm after the age of one hundred, some reached the innate realm at the age of fifty. As for Teng Qingshan, he reached the innate realm at the age of seventeen.

    The difference was too large.

    If he reached the innate realm at the age of seventeen, he would have enough time to reach the pinnacle.

    "I just don't know if he obtained the Scarlet Fruit." Zhuge Yuanhong was slightly worried as searching for the Scarlet Fruit was really just something that depended on luck.


    The sun shone brightly at noon. At the north entrance of Gui Yuan Sect.


    The horse hooves lifted high up in the air and Teng Qingshan jumped down from the Azure Mane Horse.

    "Lord Commander!" The guard at the north entrance shouted with respect and someone immediately came to help stable the horse. One of the bodyguards hastily said, "Commander Teng, Sovereign has issued orders for you to go meet him once you return!"

    "Go now?" Teng Qingshan was surprised at first, but immediately understood as he thought, "Teacher probably wants to know if I successfully obtained the Scarlet Fruit and if I reached the innate realm."

    Handing the Azure Mane Horse's reins to the guard, Teng Qingshan immediately rushed to Zhuge Yuanhong's residence with his bag on his back.
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