Chapter 32: The Turbulent Undercurrent

    Book 4 Chapter 32 The Turbulent Undercurrent

    The base of Gui Yuan Sect is divided into two by the Yuyang Grand Canal. The canal within the range of the base is around twelve Li long.

    And every night, the young men and women in Gui Yuan Sect loved come to the canal for some sightseeing

    In Gui Yuan Sect, at the dock beside Longgang.

    Walking with sister Qingyu, Teng Qingshan looked at the boats along the canal and saw young men and women entering the boats in pairs.

    "There are quite a lot of boats," Teng Qingshan sighed with emotion.

    "Indeed! But Brother, you have been holding onto that Reincarnation Spear throughout the day. So unromantic," Qingyu intentionally sighed emotionally and immediately saw two figures in the distance. She hastily waved her hand and shouted, "Quick. Come here! Here!"

    With just one glance, Teng Qingshan saw clearly that the two figures walking towards them were the brother and sister of the Zhuge family.

    "This should be Big Brother Qingshan's first time visiting the canal at night, right?" Zhuge Yun said with a smile, "Let's go to the dock." The four then walked towards the dock. There were many boats hung with lanterns tied up at the dock, waiting for business. Zhuge Yun shouted, "Uncle Wang, we will rent your boat."

    "Alright!" The white haired boatman smiled as he responded.

    Teng Qingshan and the other three people went onto the boat.

    "Eh?" When Teng Qingshan stepped in and gazed around, he noticed that in the center of this boat was an aisle, while the two sides of the boat were divided by a covering screen and partitioned into four areas. Normally, these four areas allowed four couples to admire the night scenery of the canal with some privacy.

    "Brother, you and Little Qing sit that side. Your responsibility is to take care of Little Qing......." Qingyu smiled weirdly as she said that. She then walked behind the screen with Zhuge Yun and sat down, causing Teng Qingshan and Lady Qing to be unable to see them at all. Likewise.......Qingyu and Zhuge Yun also couldn't see Teng Qingshan and Zhuge Qing.

    The boatman was outside on the deck blocked by a covering screen, so he couldn't see what was going on inside.

    "It is indeed a great place for dating." Teng Qingshan couldn't helped but smiled helplessly as he thought."It must be Little Yu and Zhuge Yun that thought of this idea."

    "Big Brother Teng, let's sit down." Lady Qing bravely sat down first. Lovers would normally sit closely together on one side, but it was obvious that Teng Qingshan and Lady Qing have not reached that point and so they sat opposite each other. Between them was a short table.

    There were fruits, sweet biscuits and snacks on the table and a small red lantern hung on the side.

    "Walla~~" The sound of the flowing river rang.

    If Teng Qingshan turned his head, he could see the flowing river beside him. Under the dim light of the lantern, goddess-like Lady Qing sat quietly opposite him. The scene was quite dreamy indeed.

    "The scenery is quite good," Teng Qingshan spoke, "Oh right, Little Qing, eat something." Teng Qingshan pushed the plate filled with sweet biscuit to Lady Qing.

    Lady Qing responded with a "Yes." and took a crispy sweet biscuit, biting it gently.

    It was obvious that she was rather reserved, to the point that she was blushing slightly.

    "Big Brother Teng, Father will announce you as the new Law Enforcing Elder at the great hall tomorrow. After you become the Law Enforcing Elder, will you still be the First Commander?" Lady Qing immediately asked, since they were sightseeing the canal at night and it would take more than two hours. How could they continue this awkwardness for more than two hours?

    "I will do as teacher mentioned and temporarily be the First Commander," Teng Qingshan answered.

    "Being the Commander of the Black Armored Army can be difficult at times," Lady Qing sighed emotionally as she said, "Being the Law Enforcing Elder is easier. This position is super high, and normally has nothing to do."

    Teng Qingshan knew clearly that only the ones that had reached the innate realm can be the Law Enforcing Elder.

    However, the innate experts are divided into three levels, Emptiness Dan, True Dan and Golden Dan. Of course Gui Yuan Sect wouldn't let the Law Enforcing Elder's training be hindered by a heavy workload, since these innate experts are the pillars of a sect. By relying on them, Gui Yuan Sect could ensure its status.

    "Eh. Look. That seemed to be Commander Teng."

    "That is Commander Teng."

    "The person sitting opposite him is......the daughter of the Sovereign, Lady Qing, right?"

    At this moment, two boats went passed each other and the young men and women on the other boat saw Teng Qingshan and Zhuge Qing clearly.

    "Martial Sister, tell those martial sisters of yours to stop dreaming. Commander Teng has Lady Qing."

    Martial Brother, those martial sister of mine are just thinking about it and dreaming. Commander Teng is extremely talented and Lady Qing has the appearance of a goddess. They are meant for each other. I didn't know they were together. There were also no rumors in the sect but we actually saw it today.

    The sounds of the discussions gradually became inaudible as the two boats distanced.

    As Lady Qing heard, she was blushing to the point her ears turned red.

    Seeing Lady Qing acting this way, Teng Qingshan thought to himself, "This young girl is so sensitive." The dim light of the lantern shone on a beautiful shy girl sitting on the floor. There was no other sound beside the sound of the wind and water. The ambience was very romantic indeed.


    On the other side of the boat, Qingyu and Zhuge Yun were laughing secretly.

    "Little Yun, you just heard those people, right? Hehe. Wait until the thing between my brother and Little Qing spread throughout the entire Gui Yuan Sect, by that time......" Qingyu was laughing to the point that her bright eyes narrowed.

    "Yes. Even if there's nothing between those two, as the rumor spread, something will change. Plus, my sister does like your brother. Also, it's extremely difficult to find a girl in Jiangning County City that is even more beautiful than my sister....... Of course, Qingyu, you are as beautiful as my sister," Zhuge Yun hastily added.

    "Hmph." Qingyu then humphed satisfyingly.

    To be honest, there were many beautiful young girls, but........it was the pure aura that Zhuge Qing had which shocked the hearts of men. Even Teng Qingshan was slightly shocked when he had first met Zhuge Qing, and other people like Teng Qinghu stared in awe at Zhuge Qing when they had their first meeting.

    It was normal to have have an affection towards Zhuge Qing. Lieutenant Bai Qi was an example. Who didn't pursue Zhuge Qing?

    Almost everyone felt a sense of inferiority when they were before Zhuge Qing. Like Teng Qinghu, although he harbored a romantic affection towards Zhuge Qing, he knew that the difference between the him and Zhuge Qing was too big.

    Harboring an affection towards Zhuge Qing was normal!

    It would not be normal if a guy didn't like Zhuge Qing!


    The boat continued cruising along the canal. After two hours, it was bedtime for many people in the Gui Yuan Sect and the temperature had decreased by a lot. On this canal, the wind blowing during the night was even colder.

    "Whew! Whew!"

    As the gusts of wind blew during this night, Lady Qing shivered and her face turned pallide. Her physical qualities have not been good since young.

    "You knew it would be even colder during the night, why didn't you wear more clothes." Teng Qingshan took off the Azure Stone colored Cloak and wrapped it around Lady Qing. This cloak was the one given to Teng Qingshan by Lady Qing and was made of snow silk. Despite being light, it was very good in providing some warmth.

    Lady Qing grabbed the cloak and huddled up inside it feeling the warmth within the cloak.

    This was Teng Qingshan's warmth.

    Lady Qing bit her lips and glanced at Teng Qingshan who was only wearing a sleeveless shirt. Even though the cold wind blew fiercely, Teng Qingshan felt nothing. In the past, Teng Qingshan even had the audacity to enter the Frost Jade Pool, so the cold didn't bother him.

    After a while.

    "We have reached the shore," The boatman announced.

    Qingyu and Zhuge Yun stood up and walked to the other side. When they saw Teng Qingshan and Lady Qing, they couldn't helped but laughed.

    "Brother, Little Qing is wearing Your cloak," Qingyu purposely teased.

    "Alright. Let's go ashore." Teng Qingshan also stood up. Teng Qingshan admitted that the current romantic ambience and being alone with a goddess-like woman would be able melt the heart of men. However, Teng Qingshan did not feel anything the whole journey and time just wasted away.

    "Yes." Lady Qing also stood up. She stood close to Teng Qingshan and said, "Big Brother Teng, the cloak....."

    "You wear it home and give it to me next time," Teng Qingshan said.

    "Yes." Lady Qing nodded as a smile crept up her face. As Zhuge Yun and Qingyu saw this, they glanced at each other and smiled. The plan tonight produced a somewhat good effect.


    While the men and women in Gui Yuan Sect were cruising the canal without worry, the highest authority of Jiangning County--Zhuge Yuanhong was furrowing his brow.

    In the study at night

    The dim candle light swayed as Zhuge Yuanhong sat before the desk with knitted brows.

    "The situation has become this serious." Zhuge Yuanhong stared at the secret letter on the desk as he said that.

    A middle-aged man dressed in grey stood in front of the desk and nodded in response, "Sovereign, a while ago, our men hiding there only noticed a bit of the movements in Xuyang County and Tiannan County. However...... today, massacres happened in many cities of Xuyang County and Tiannan County and many people died."

    Among the thirteen counties of Yangzhou, nine counties were managed and controlled by Qing Hu Island, one county was managed and controlled by Gui Yuan Sect, while another was under the control of Tie Yi Clan. The remaining Xuyang County and Tiannan County were still in chaos.

    A great amount of killings happened in Xuyang County and Tiannan County during the same day. This was not a small issue.

    "Are you sure it's Qing Hu Island?" Zhuge Yuanhong asked.

    "Not sure. According to the information that we have now, the people that made the move used many different identities like gangs, or small sects, etcetera." The middle-aged man dressed in grey reported, "However, adding up the many sources of information we found, that was definitely a unified movement. The speed of this move was incredibly fast. Beside Qing Hu Island, I couldn't think of any other sects possessing such ability.

    Zhuge Yuanhong gazed at the south and responded, "Qing Hu Island had prepared for a very long time. If It didn't make its move, it would seemed ordinary, but once it makes its move......"

    The first sect of Yangzhou would be Qing Hu Island!

    However, Qing Hu Island only ruled the nine counties. There was not a day that went by in which Qing Hu Island did not want to obliterate Gui Yuan Sect and Tie Yi Clan and rule the entire Yangzhou. But Qing Hu Island must consider...... Once the battle began, even if Qing Hu Island managed to destroy Gui Yuan Sect and Tie Yi Clan, its power would weaken.

    Can the weakened Qing Hu Island guard the entire Yangzhou?

    One of the eight sects, Xiaoyao Palace, which ruled Qingzhou, might be a great threat at that time.

    "This Qing Hu Island had endured for so many years," Zhuge Yuanhong said, "These movements are definitely not that simple! Although it's just against Xuyang County and Tiannan County, but the whole situation is already very bad! This might cause a war that affects the entire Yangzhou!"

    The middle-aged man dressed in grey also became stern.

    When thinking about the enormous sect, Qing Hu Island, it was impossible for Gui Yuan Sect or any other sects to feel relaxed.

    Qing Hu Island had the power to control the nine counties, and so its manpower was a lot greater than Gui Yuan Sect and Tie Yi Clan.

    "Have all the disciples in the region of Xuyang County and Tiannan County check carefully! Once they discover something important, inform me immediately!" Zhuge Yuanhong commanded.

    "Yes," The middle-aged man dressed in grey answered.

    "Leave first."

    Zhuge Yuanhong was left alone in his study. He gazed at the night sky through the window with misty eyes. What was going through his mind was unknown. As he stood there unmoved, the dawn of the next day arrived.
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