Chapter 35: Golden Scale Guards

    Book 4 Chapter 35 Golden Scale Guards

    The departing Teng Qingshan disappeared among the crowd of the Black Armored Army. Zhuge Qing's red eyes flickered with tears like a flower. The order to depart came too quick, thus many people did not even know. Zhuge Qing was out of her bedroom and only heard the news accidentally. Pale from shock, she then ran towards the martial field.

    However, when she arrived, Teng Qingshan had already departed!

    They are going to war with Qing Hu Island?

    Zhuge Qing was afraid that she might never see Teng Qingshan again. Seeing the mighty Black Armored Army depart, Zhuge Qing did not care about anything else in the world and shouted, "Big Brother Teng, I will wait for your return!"

    "Qingqing." Zhuge Yuanhong walked over and, as he saw his daughter, he couldn't help but feel impressed.

    "Father." Zhuge Qing suddenly leapt into her father's arms and could no longer fight back her tears. From her childhood until now, this was the first time she really liked a boy. Seeing Teng Qingshan lead the army for departure, Zhuge Qing was scared, even terrified. She feared that she would never see Teng Qingshan again and would only see his corpse upon return!

    "Don't cry, your martial brother Qingshan will definitely return." Zhuge Yuanhong comforted her.

    Zhuge Qing lifted her head and looked at her father.

    "I sent Elder Yan, who is a Golden Dan Innate Master, with him. Qingshan also reached the innate realm and can definitely save himself if needed." Zhuge Yuanhong said.

    "Does Qing Hu Island not have any Golden Dan Innate Masters?" Zhuge Qing asked full of worry.

    "They do, but Qing Hu Island is simultaneously dealing with two big sects. Also, they will have a lot of experts that will have to stay behind and guard their sect. The first wave of attacks against Yanjiang City won't be too powerful." Zhuge Yuanhong said. The sovereign couldn't guarantee that Teng Qingshan would come out unharmed. However, which real expert didn't experience all kinds of difficulties. Only near death experiences could hone a person's skills and enable him to reach his peak.

    It didn't matter whether it was Zhuge Yuanhong during his youth or the countless experts nowadays.

    Going through near death experiences was something that almost all experts had to go through.

    Otherwise, even the brightest talent would only stay a talent. By not experiencing life and death battles, growth could not be integrated.

    "Brother, cousin, you must come back!" Qingyu also looked towards the north and watched as the Black Armored Army rode away while biting her lips. Even though she normally acted carefree, she grew up under Teng Qingshan's care. In her mind, the most important people to her are her parents, and her brother Teng Qinghsan.


    On the public road of Jiangning Country, three thousand Black Armored Army soldiers rapidly advanced towards the south. Teng Qingshan, Pang Shan, and Elder Yan rode in front of the army with their Black Demonic Horses. The Black Demonic Horse was one of the three big dragon horses and was only given to commanders, law enforcing elders, and the sovereign.

    The three Black Demonic Horses galloped in front of the whole army, and Teng Qingshan's group didn't feel the slightest bump.

    "Qingshan, Qingqing really cares for you. Letting a normally well behaved girl shout within a crowd 'I am waiting for you return', this is not something she would do often." Pang Shan who was riding next to him teased, "You better not disappoint Qingqing."

    Teng Qingshan merely smiled and didn't reply.

    The loud shout from Lady Qing just now indeed shocked Teng Qingshan. Those eyes on the brink of tears while showing her concern and fear cracked Teng Qingshan's cold heart.

    "Martial Uncle and Elder Yan, are you two familiar with the Silver Dragon Army of Qing Hu Island?" Teng Qingshan asked.

    That silver-haired Elder Yan replied with a hoarse voice, "The Silver Dragon Army could fight on the same footing as our Black Armored Army... However, Qing Hu Island's most powerful army isn't the Silver Dragon Army, but the Golden Scale Guard! It is entirely made out of elites from First Rated Warriors."

    "Golden Scale Guard?" Teng Qingshan was shocked.

    They were entirely composed from the elites of First Rated Warriors? Among the six thousand soldiers of the Black Armored Army, those who reached the peak of the First Rated Realm only numbered a little more than one hundred.

    Pang Shan riding next to them solemnly said, "Qing Hu Island controls nine counties, so of course they would have more experts. The Golden Scale Guard of Qing Hu Island has a total of two thousand soldiers, and it is their most terrifying army. Once those two thousand Golden Scale Guards attack.... They can completely annihilate our six thousand soldiers of the Black Armored Army."

    "Two thousand?" Teng Qingshan held his breath.

    No wonder then that the other seniors of the Gui Yuan Sect were so nervous in the Great Hall. The gap was just too large.

    "A large portion of the Golden Scale Guard would have to stay at their base and only a small portion would join this campaign." Elder Yan said.

    Teng Qingshan's face turned serious.

    "Martial Uncle, Elder Yan." Teng Qingshan called.

    "Hm?" The two looked at him.

    "Right now, I am mostly afraid of one thing." Teng Qingshan continued in a low voice, "The army sent by Qing Hu Island will most likely make the Golden Scale Guard their vanguard and order them to attack Yanjiang City first. The speed of the Golden Scale Guard should be much faster than the Black Armored Army. If so, would the city guard be able to block them?"

    Pang Shan and Elder Yan both started to worry.

    Yanjiang City was the best defended city in Jiangning County and had ten thousand guards. Among those ten thousand city guards, if one had the ability to raise five hundred Jin, one would be considered strong.

    "As long as there are hundreds of Golden Scale Guards, I am afraid that they will be able to open up a gap while killing the defenders. Then, they will open the gate of Yanjiang City." Pang Shan said.

    "Elder Yan, how about we two rush to Yanjiang City first." Teng Qingshan said.

    "Us two?" After hearing this, Elder Yan thought about it and nodded. "Alright, we will go assist the ten thousand city guards. As long as there are not too many Golden Scale Guards, it won't be too much of a concern." Elder Yan was an innate expert of the Golden Dan Realm, and once he went with Teng Qingshan, it would represent two towering pillars. If a fight broke out, Elder Yan alone could kill hundreds of Golden Scale Guards by himself!

    "Martial Uncle, please lead the Black Armored Army and quickly march towards there." Teng Qingshan said.

    "Yes, you two take care." Pang Shan nodded.

    "Jia!" "Jia!"

    Teng Qingshan and Elder Yan gently kicked their horses, and the two Black Demonic Horses galloped into the wind.

    Hu! Hu!

    Two black shadows flashed past and in a short moment, they disappeared in the horizon, leaving only hoof marks on the vast field of snow.

    The Black Demonic Horse, which was one of the three big dragon horses under the heaven, could travel five thousand Li in a single day. One could imagine its speed.


    Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

    The sound of hooves thundered through the sky, and big warhorses with the height of eight Chi galloped on the public road while splashing snow into the air. All the warriors on these horses wore black, scaled armor with golden stripes on their shoulder armors. These scale structured armors were even harder to manufacture than the heavy armors from the Gui Yuan Sect. It was more complex, expensive, and needed much better craftsmanship.

    Of course, the areas around the joints were better protected.

    "Only thirty Li away from Yanjiang City." Riding in the front was an old, white bearded man clad in Golden Armor. With a pair of sharp eyes fixated in the north, one said, "Elder Hu, according to my view, I am afraid that the Gui Yuan Sect doesn't even know that our Qing Hu Island is already on our way to slaughter them..."

    Behind him rode a middle-aged man wearing a gray robe. He replied full of indifference, "We better use the fastest speed possible and conquer Yanjiang City. Our main army will follow soon. Once we take over Yanjiang City, our army will have access to endless supplies and it will make it much easier to eliminate the Gui Yuan Sect."

    "Elder Hu, I don't understand why the Island Lord is so cautious towards the Gui Yuan Sect? We are launching a sneak attack against Yanjiang City to capture it, and also exterminating Tie Yi Hall first. Once we assemble all of our experts, we will march there with our army to destroy the Gui Yuan Sect. In my opinion, it will be the same as dealing with Tie Yi Hall and we will slaughter them all in one breath. Isn't that the end of it?" The white haired old man said.

    "Humph, Elder Tie, do not underestimate Zhuge Yuanhong! Underestimating him will have terrible consequences." The middle-aged man said. "Once we are five Li away, we will dismount and use Qinggong to invade."

    The vibration of hooves was easily discovered.


    During the winter, the sky darkened early.

    On top of Yanjiang City, a large number of soldiers stood there vigilantly. Furthermore, a lot of soldiers were patrolling back and forth with a solemn atmosphere. In fact, Yanjiang's major, and the city guard captain, got a message this morning, ordering them to shut the gate and be vigilant. It mentioned that there was a high possibility that Qing Hu Island would be invading.

    Moreover, recently an order from the Gui Yuan Sect came -

    The army of Qing Hu Island could invade at anytime.

    "Keep your eyes open. After a while, when night arrives, the Black Armored Army will arrive. Then everybody can relax." A lean man wearing a black armor walked on the wall and several elite warriors followed behind him.

    The sky darkened, but because of the snow, the warriors could see in the distance with clarity.

    "Enemy!" Suddenly a shrill cry could be heard.

    All the warriors on top of the city were horrified and in shock as they stared into the distance with widened eyes. "What?" The city guard captain on the city top looked into the distance. He saw the scene, and his face suddenly changed, before shouting loudly, "Archers, ready!!"

    Numerous shadows quickly approached the city could be seen in the distance.

    These men were even wrapped a layer of white cloth around their armor and were covered in white from their feet to the helmet. In the white snow, those warriors in white were harder to notice.

    When the soldiers in Yanjiang City found out, those warriors had already rushed in the vicinity of fifty Zhang.


    A big "He" noise could be heard beneath those white warriors, and suddenly all their speed surged as they didn't care to hide their bodies anymore.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    Each one of them seemed to transform into an agile leopard, and each of their steps crossed three Zhang as they rushed towards Yanjiang City like lightning.

    "Experts, they are all experts." The captain of the city guards "Wu Hao" was stunned as he looked down and saw those warriors running speed. He then immediately widened his eyes and shouted, "Shoot! Shoot them!!!" From the top of the wall, countless archers readied their bows and immediately shot downwards toward the white soldiers.

    Pfew! Pfew! Pfew!

    Arrows covered the sky and swarmed the area!

    Puchi! Bling!

    All kind of different noises could be heard. Those white soldiers tore down their white cover and revealed the black armor that they were clad in. Those warriors' arrows couldn't injure them.

    When the city guard captain 'Wu Hao' saw the enemies' exposed armor, his face turned pale, "Golden Scale Guards!" However, ordinary soldiered didn't recognize these warriors armor.

    "Boiling water, hot oil, quick!" Wu Hao roared.

    Those Golden Scale Guards quickly rushed to the foot of the mountain, the wall was ten Zhang high and First Rated Warriors were unable to leap over it. Numerous Golden Scale Guards suddenly split the ground and jumped four to five Zhang into the air, before suddenly inserting a knife into the wall. They then started hanging on the wall.

    In a short moment, a dozen Golden Scale Guards 'hung' on the wall and used the knife as leverage to jump once again.

    "Fall!!!" Captain Wu Hao ferociously roared.

    "Hu!" Boiling water and oil was poured down from above. The burning hot water and oil couldn't be stopped. Even the best armor couldn't protect against boiling water and oil.

    "Ah!" "Ah!" Numerous Golden Scale Guards jumped away to dodge, but there were still a lot that got burned. Of course, these were only minor injuries.

    "Fire!" The captain shouted loudly.

    Countless torches were thrown from the wall. The ground which was already covered with boiling oil understandably flared up, creating a monstrous firestorm. There were even flames on the wall. Obviously, they wanted to stop the Golden Scale Guards with the flame, but unfortunately, Qing Hu Island's most elite Golden Scale Guards were not that easy to stop.
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