Chapter 36: Stones That Cut Through The Air!

    Chapter 36 Stones That Cut Through The Air!

    Under the walls of Yanjiang City, flames burned to the heavens, melting the snow in the surroundings.

    On the snowfield in the distance, Elder Hu, the middle-aged man wearing a grey cloak, and Elder Tie, the one with grey hair at his temples, stood shoulder to shoulder as they watched the siege battle confidently.

    "Brothers, attack!"

    A Golden Scale Guard, whose body was completely enveloped by the heavy armor, roared loudly. This Golden Scale Guard, who was originally at the back, accelerated dramatically and went three to four zhangs forward in one step, bringing a gust of fierce wind as he dashed towards the city wall. The arrows made "PingPing" sounds as they darted towards him, but they were only able to leave white marks on his armor.

    The few hundreds Golden Scale Guards separated and charged forward.

    "Bang!" The leading Golden Scale Guard stomped on the ground, and jumped up. He leaped across the six to seven Zhangs wide fire, and stepped onto the knife that was stabbed into the city wall by the fellows in the first wave.

    The purpose of the first wave which numbered over ten golden scale guards was to leave the knives on the wall, so that everyone could have a foothold.

    Whew! Whew! Whew!

    Over ten Golden Scale Guards stepped onto the knives almost simultaneously and rocketed up with a leap.

    "Pour!!!" A hoarse roar came from top of the city wall.


    Burning metal pots were tumbled forcefully and boiling hot water and oil was poured down ruthlessly. Under the cascading hot water and oil, the first ten Golden Scale Guards that leaped up lowered their heads and held onto the top of the wall desperately, letting the burning oil and water fall.

    Deep and hoarse roars rang from these Golden Scale Guards' mouths.

    "Kill!" The fingers and faces of those Golden Scale Guards were cut and slashed by sabers. Normally, a few soldiers would attack these Golden Scale Guards at the same time.

    "Clang!" "Clang!"

    The iron gloves, helmets and masks produced sparks of fire, making many of the Golden Scale Guards fall to the ground, but more Guards rushed to the top of the wall. One of the leading Golden Scale Guards flashed a horrifying smile and roared, Brothers, kill!" The roar resounded above Yanjiang city.



    The Golden Scale Guards all emitted roars of blood-lust.

    "Bang!" With a slap, a city guard's head cracked and his brains splattered. The guard then pulled out the saber sheathed around his waist and started slashing crazily. The Golden Scale Guards were like wolves among a flock of sheep.

    "F*ck." A middle-aged city guard lifted a pot of hot oil and poured it towards a Golden Scale Guard that was charging forward.


    As the Golden Scale Guard was caught unprepared, the hot oil permeated through the mask and onto his face.

    "Ahhhhhh~~~" The Golden Scale Guard emitted painful cries and grabbed his own head as he rolled on the ground, writhing in pain. The skin on his face and eyes was completely burned and he was in so much pain that he yanked off his helmet. It was obvious that the helmet he was wearing was now filled with hot oil, but--

    "Puchi!" The middle-aged city guard waved his saber forcefully and cut off the head of this Golden Scale Guard.

    "Uncle Liu, good job." A young city guard at the side shouted excitedly.

    "Watch out." The facial expression of the middle-aged city guard changed drastically.

    "Whew!" A sword figure flashed across and the young man widened his eyes as blood flowed out continuously from his chest before he collapsed to the ground. With a "Whew" sound, a gold-colored figure dashed towards the middle-aged city guard and shouted, "You killed my brother! Die!" This gold-colored figure was extremely angry.

    "F*ck." The middle-aged city guard roared and charged forward.


    "Get lost." Wu Hao, the chief of the Yanjiang city guards, kicked at the speed of lightning from the side, and the Golden Scale Guard was kicked to the air and fell down from the top of the city wall.

    Wu Hao was the chief of the city guards, thus, he was naturally a first-rated warrior.

    "Now it's bad." Wu hao glanced at the city wall and saw that over hundreds Golden Scale Guard had rushed up within a short time. The city guards relied on their great number of men to be able to hold out against the Golden Scale Guard. "Within a a short while, over a hundred of my men have died. If this continues, and few hundreds more dies, we would probably have to flee."

    "The Black Armored Army won't be able to make it in time." Wu Hao's facial expression changed.

    Three Golden Scale Guards surrounded him like three iron demonic beasts and Wu Hao had nowhere to escape.

    "Clang!" Puchi!"

    A part of the limbs flew up.

    "Pu!" "Pu!" "Pu!" "Pu!" "Pu!"..... . .

    A series of ear-piercing sounds rang.

    "I.. I didn't die?" Wu hao widened his eyes and saw that the three Golden Scale Guards around him have been shot through the head. A bloody hole appeared on each of their helmets and the three Golden Scale Guards collapsed on the ground. However, it wasn't just these three Golden Scale Guards that collapsed. In a blink of an eye, over ten Golden Scale Guards fell!

    This caused the Golden Scale Guards on the wall to be shocked.

    Whew! Whew!

    Teng Qingshan dressed in a Darksteel Heavy Armor and Elder Yan dressed in a simple armor appeared on top of the wall.

    "Qingshan, not bad." Elder Yan smiled and moved.

    "Clang!" "Clang!".......

    A bright silver sword light flashed continuously and a figure dashed at incredibly fast speed. Wherever the figure passed, Golden Scale Guards would fall.

    "Innate expert!!!" A terrified scream rang.

    "Go die." Teng Qingshan scanned the top of the wall with cold-looking eyes. He held a bag of stones in his left hand and placed it on the ground. Grabbing the stones with both of his hand, his hands seemed to have transformed into illusions. The stones in Teng Qingshan's hand became terrifying weapons!

    "Pu!" "Pu!" "Pu!".......

    Compared to Elder Yan, who had reached the Golden Dan of the Innate Realm, Teng Qingshan's stones were even more scary. Since the moment those Golden Scale Guards saw Elder Yan coming, they immediately dodged and backed away, thus, Elder Yan still needed to rely on speed to approach them.

    Teng Qingshan however was different.

    The moment a stone flew out, it meant the disappearance of a life.

    With the force of Teng Qingshan's fingers, the stones that were thrown had a force that could be compared to the big caliber sniper rifle in his previous world. Every stone had the power to penetrate the hard helmets and heads of those Golden Scale Guards. Also, with the skill Teng Qingshan had in concealed weapons, the aim of each and every stone was perfectly accurate!

    His right and left hands were like two Barrett Model Sniper Rifles and the shooting speed was two shots in one second! The bullets were the cheap stones.


    As the sky darkened, a slaughter was happening on top of Yanjiang city wall!

    Previously, it was the Golden Scale Guards who were slaughtering the ordinary city guards, but now it was Teng Qingshan and Elder Yan slaughtering these Golden Scale Guards.



    Furious roars came from the snowfield beneath the city and the Golden Scale Guards rapidly jumped down from the top of the city wall. Even though these Golden Scale Guards were fleeing, the stones still assaulted them through the air and penetrated the heads of four Golden Scale Guards. The other Golden Scale Guards then arrived under the city.

    However, when the Golden Scale Guards arrived under the city, they were still shot through the head one by one and collapsed on the ground.

    "Run, run, quick run!" The Golden Scale Guards ran faster than leopards. They were near the point of a mental breakdown. As they were running, their friends were still collapsing helplessly around them as the powerful ear-piercing sounds of stones breaking through the air rang in their ears. They kept running and when they were over ten Zhangs away, the stones stopped coming. However, the Golden Scale Guards didn't dared to stop. They continued running until they were around a hundred zhang away.

    On the snowfield.

    Those Golden Scale Guards turned and looked at their friends. Each and everyone of them looked pale as they sat helplessly on the ground with fear in their eyes.

    "Haha, victory!'

    "We won!"

    The city guards on top of the Yanjiang city walls cheered excitedly. The siege battle just now had caused them to feel terrified, but they won in the end. The city guards that lost their brothers and friends even kicked and hit the dead Golden Scale Guards to vent their anger.

    "Whew." Teng Qingshan stood on top of the city wall and looked at the Golden Scale Guards on the snowfield in the distance and said to himself, "They fled really quickly."

    Teng Qingshan clenched his fists. Within a short while just now, he shot so many stones with extremely high speed. Each stone would have to have an extremely powerful penetrating force......This required Teng Qingshan's ten fingers to possess great skill and ability. Fortunately, Teng Qingshan practiced his ten fingers since he was young.

    "Qingshan." Elder Yan, whose body was stained with blood, walked forward with a shocked expression.

    "Elder Yan." Teng Qingshan smiled and turned around.

    "I have never heard of your concealed weapon techniques." Elder Yan stared at the bag at the side. Probably no one would believe that the concealed weapons that took the precious lives of the Golden Scale Guards were just normal stones that could be seen everywhere. "How many Golden Scale Guards did you kill just now? Should be around one hundred, right?"

    "I killed eighty-two of the Golden Scale Guards at the top of the wall and thirty-three of the Golden Scale Guards under the city." said Teng Qingshan.

    Although Elder Yan saw it with his own eyes, he still couldn't believe it as he said, "I only killed 21 Golden Scale Guards, but Qingshan, you killed 115 Golden Scale Guards.

    "Elder Yan." Wu Hao, the chief of the city guards, rushed here and said with respect. He then looked at Teng Qingshan and paused for a second. Among the four commander, Wu Hao only knew three....... Yet, he did not know the person before him. However, Teng Qingshan obviously wore the clothes of a commander, so he immediately deduced the Teng Qingshan's identity.

    "Thanks Commander Teng for saving my life." Wu Hao said respectfully. Yet, in actuality, he felt shocked as he thought to himself, "Commander Teng's concealed weapon is really terrifying. The Golden Scale Guards just kept collapsing."


    The city guards on top of Yanjiang City wall were lifting the corpses of their buddies and the scent of blood permeated through the top of the city wall.

    Under the city, at a snowfield hundred Zhangs away from the city wall.

    "Centurion Liu, did you say you didn't see what the concealed weapon was?"

    As it was hundred Zhangs away, and due to the speed and size of the stone, even an innate expert wouldn't be able to see it.

    The Golden Scale Guard was covered with blood. His eyes were filled with fear as he said, "Elder Tie, I only heard ear-piercing sounds and my brothers collapsed one after the other...... They died too fast.. too fast and fell one after the other. We jumped down the city wall to escape, but the ear-piercing sounds still continued. It was too fast. As we escaped from below the city walls to here, a group of our brothers still died within seconds. "

    "Elder Tie!" "Teacher!"

    A sad and shrill voice rang and a young man whose face was covered with tears knelt before the two elders. He cried and said, "Please kill that murderer and avenge my big brother. Teacher!!!" The Golden Scale Guard that escaped from the battlefield had lost the courage to charge forward again.

    This young man had no confidence in him being able to get revenge by himself, and so, he could only beg his teacher!

    "Camp here!" The middle-aged man wearing a grey cloak ignored his disciple and commanded apathetically.

    Elder Tie and Elder Hu were near the campsite.

    "The surprise attack to take the city has failed!" The middle-aged man wearing a grey cloak looked at the campsite and said, "These Golden Scale Guards have lost their morale!"

    Elder Tie, the one with grey hair at his temples, felt heartbroken and angry, "Elder Hu, five hundred Golden Scale Guards! Qing Hu Island has only two thousand Golden Scale Guards! Within a short period of time, about one hundred fifty people died! Qinghu Island has never experienced such losses. Who created this horrifying concealed weapon that has the power to penetrate the helmets of the Golden Scale Guards? And within a short period of time, over a hundred were killed. How many concealed weapon experts are on the walls of Jiangyan city?"

    "As expected, Gui Yuan Sect has been hiding its light under the bushel!" The grey cloaked middle-aged man said as he looked at Yanjiang City from afar, "After we conquered this Yanjiang City, we better catch these concealed weapon experts alive!"
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