Chapter 37: Obliteration of a Clan!!!

    Book 4 Chapter 37 Obliteration of a Clan!!!

    "The plan formulated by the Island Lord is safe indeed. We should first obliterate Tie Yi Hall and gather more manpower. We should then move slowly and steadily on as we obliterate the Gui Yuan Sect." Elder Tie had to admit, "Previously, I despised the Gui Yuan Sect, but I didn't expect that during the first battle, concealed weapon experts from Gui Yuan Sect would appear, and it is obvious that there are more than one! That Zhuge Yuanhong..... I wonder what his next move is!"

    The middle-aged man wearing a grey cloak sighed emotionally and said, "Zhuge Yuanhong is ranked number six in the 《Heavenly Ranking》, while our Island Lord is ranked seventh. Zhuge Yuanhong's wisdom is immeasurably deep..... Island Lord's slow and steady method was to pressure through the use of force! With this steadiness as our forte, we must not give Zhuge Yuanhong any opportunities.

    "Compared to Zhuge Yuanhong, the sovereign of Tie Yi Hall is much more inferior." Elder Tie laughed, "With the speed of the Silver Dragon Army, they should have arrived in Chu County City by now."

    The middle-aged man smiled, "Yes, with my Martial Uncle as the leader, the ten innate experts led twenty thousand Silver Dragon Army should have advanced towards Chu County City. There are three Golden Dan Innate experts among the ten innate experts...... Tonight, Tie Yi Hall will definitely be obliterated. When Tie Yi Hall is obliterated, the ten innate experts will come meet us while the Island Lord will bring men from Qing Hu Island here. Once we've all gathered together, razing Jiangning County City to the ground would be an extremely easy thing!"

    "After tonight, Tie Yi Hall will no longer exist." Elder Tie let out a sad sigh but excitement could be seen in his eyes.

    If Qing Hu Island remained motionless, it would seem ordinary, but once it moved, it would move like a thunderbolt.

    Qing Hu Island must unite Yangzhou before the other sects in the world realizes the situation. If there was a long delay, it would be troublesome.

    During the night, the cold wind blew fiercely!

    Inside Chu County City, flames shot to the heavens. The earth and the sky were dyed red and sounds of clashes rang through the entire Chu County City, as if millions of thunderbolts were booming in the sky above the city.

    The base of Tie Yi Hall is the city within the city!

    Same as the Gui Yuan Sect, its base was located at the interior city of Chu County City. At this moment, the eight thousand Tie Yi soldiers of Tie Yi Hall, six thousand city guards, over ten thousand core disciples and several tens of thousand fringe disciples, they all fought bloodily under the lead of the seniors of the clan.

    "Fire!" The Tie Yi Hall expert wearing an armor shouted.

    On top of the interior city walls, numerous Tie Yi Hall experts were seen on the watchtower. Each and every one of them were using Thundering God Crossbows, a very terrifying kind of bow. It is powered by the feet and relied on the strength of both the feet and the hands to shoot two arrows at once. The arrows that shot through this kind of bow had the power to penetrate heavy armor!

    However, the creating process of the Thundering God Crossbow was extremely complicated. As the materials needed to make the bow were extremely expensive, Tie Yi Hall only has a total of two hundred of these bows. The Thundering God Crossbow that had the power to penetrate the heavy armor required the archer wielding it to have great ability and skill. Only the ones that are able to exert the strength of four to five thousand jin are able to use the bows effectively.

    Although the Thundering God Crossbow has amazing power, the aim of this bow was slightly weaker.

    Of course, when the two armies battled, the defect of this bow was nothing.

    Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

    At an instant, along with ear-piercing, whistling sounds, few hundred arrows slashed through the air and cascaded on the Silver Dragon Army. Immediately, the bodies of many silver dragon soldiers were penetrated and they collapsed to the ground.

    "We won't kill those who surrenders!"

    "We won't kill those who surrenders!"

    The voices of the Qing Hu Island's experts resounded above Tie Yi Hall's interior city.

    "Want us to surrender? In your dreams!"

    "Killing one is enough, killing two is a profit. Brothers, kill!" Under the lead of some people, the Tie Yi Hall's disciples slashed and fought crazily. They have never fought this madly before.


    On the third floor of a tower at Tie Yi Hall's campsite, a tanned man dressed in black stood before the railing and quietly watched the battle on the city walls of the interior city. When the light of flames flashed on his face, his face shone a red glow, but when the radiance of the fire wasn't flashing, his face was dark. "Puchi! " "Puchi!" The Silver Dragon Army shot two arrows into the window of this tower.

    "Sovereign!" An unkempt silver-haired elder dressed in armor hastily said, "Qing Hu Island sent many innate experts. Zhao Danchen, Yuwen Liufeng, and the others have all arrived. They killed Elder Deng Geng and Elder Wu! Our elite disciples leading the army are being slaughtered by them. When the ones leading our army died, all our disciples were dying as if they were gifting their lives away! Too many of our Tie Yi Hall's disciples died!!!"

    The silver-haired elder wept bitterly as he spoke.

    Two of Tie Yi Hall's three innate experts has died and sovereign Nie Rong is now the only one left


    "Martial Brother!!!"

    Bitter and mournful voices came from afar and many of Tie Yi Hall's disciples were acting crazy. When the innate experts, elders, protectors, and powerful experts were easily slaughtered by a group of innate experts, no one could lead the Tie Yi Army and Tie Yi Hall became disorganized.

    "Sovereign, you should run.... We can't defend against them anymore." Tears streamed down the silver-haired elder's face as he said hastily.

    "Nie Rong, surrender yourself!!!" A loud and clear voice resounded above Tie Yi Hall.

    "Martial Brother! I will leave first! Haha, the boys of Qing Hu Island have--The deep and bold voice suddenly stopped.

    "Teacher, I will leave first!"


    "Teacher!" A figure dashed up the third floor of the tower. It was a young and handsome man with wounds on his chest and a broken right arm. The moment he reached the third floor, he immediately knelt and cried, "Teacher, Martial Brothers and sisters......have all died!!! We can't defend against them! We can't defend against them!!!"

    Nie Rong stood in the tower silently. He didn't even turn his back.

    He stood silently as tears trickled down his face.

    "All of you, leave!" Nie Rong spoke with a hoarse voice.

    "Teacher!" The young man with the broken arm knelt on the ground and cried until his body trembled.

    Nie Rong took out two Black Iron Treasure Map that looked slightly incomplete. The places that looked incomplete were the edges of the Black Iron Treasure Map, while the map had no damage. However, the bottom of the second Black Iron Treasure Map was damaged...... It originally had a line of words here--"For those who hold the treasure map, he who enters by force is bound to die. One must remember, to get the treasure, one must bring along one of the nine cauldrons!"

    The two treasure map both had damages at their edges.

    If just the two treasure map were seen, one would think that the treasure maps had no damage, and wouldn't even expect that there was a line of words at the bottom of the second map.

    "Martial Sister, the responsibility of rebuilding Tie Yi Hall will be on your shoulders." Nie Rong muttered. He knew clearly....... That all three innate experts of Tie Yi Hall must die. If one survived, Qing Hu Island would never give up on pursuing. Nie Rong then looked afar and saw that a great number of Qing Hu Island's men have broke through the walls of the interior city.

    Nie Rong looked at these two treasure map and said with a ghastly expression, "Qing Hu Island! Qing Hu Island! You obliterated my Tie Yi Hall so I won't let you enjoy a happy life! Go take the Emperor Yu's treasure......"

    With this!


    Nie Rong transformed into a beam of black light and dashed rapidly towards the east.

    "Haha, Nie Rong. Seeing that the situation is bad, you wanted to escape?" A loud guffaw rang.

    "You want to catch me? In your dreams!" Nie Rong laughed arrogantly......


    Third of November, late at night. The ten innate experts, eight hundred Golden Scale Guards, and twenty thousand Silver Dragon Soldiers of Qing Hu Island charged towards Tie Yi Hall. Six thousand men of the Tie Yi Army died, seven thousand core disciples died, and the rest were either heavily wounded, surrendered, or captured. Over ten thousand city guards died, the remaining ones either scattered, or surrendered. Over ten thousand fringe disciples died, the rest either scattered or surrendered.

    Tie Yi Hall's two Law Enforcing Elder, Deng Geng and Wu Fantong dead!

    All the elders and commanders dead!

    sovereign Nie Rong dead!

    As of today, Tie Yi Hall was obliterated!

    The ten innate experts of Qing Hu Island left Chu County during the night and quickly headed towards Jiangning County.......They prepared to meet up with the great army to fight against the Gui Yuan Sect.

    During dawn, the first gleam of light was seen.

    On top of the Yanjiang City Walls, Teng Qingshan and Elder Yan stood shoulder to shoulder. Both of them had a ghastly expression...... Just now, the news have reached Yanjiang City--Tie Yi Hall got obliterated!

    "It's the end for Tie Yi Hall." Elder Yan said as he let out a sigh.

    "Qing Hu Island is a lot more powerful than Tie Yi Hall. It obliterated Tie Yi Hall in one night." Teng Qingshan also felt sad. When he met Gu Shiyou and the others, he didn't notice how powerful the younger generations of Qing Hu Island was, but when Qing Hu Island made its move, it obliterated Tie Yi Hall like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

    "It is not only stronger than Tie Yi Hall, but a lot stronger than our Gui Yuan Sect." Elder Yan felt slightly helpless as he said.

    The fox feels sad when the rabbit dies!

    Tie Yi Hall and Gui Yuan Sect were both ranked second in Yangzhou. If Tie Yi Hall was obliterated in one night......Then for how long would the Gui Yuan Sect be able to endure?

    "Teacher said he has confidence that he could protect Gui Yuan Sect. Was he really confident, or was he just pretending to be calm to pacify everyone?" Teng Qingshan really didn't know......how the Gui Yuan Sect could defend against Qing Hu Island! Maybe there was no solution, but just a method of keeping everyone from feeling despair.

    The present state of Tie Yi Hall might be the future state of Gui Yuan Sect!

    We can only listen to teacher now." Teng Qingshan knew that his ability on leading in such a big situation wasn't very profound.

    "Qingshan, the Qing Hu Island's Silver Dragon Army has camped under the city. A great battle will probably happen today." Elder Yan looked under the city and saw the big camp.

    Teng Qingshan looked at the camp under the city and said, "Elder Yan, we have three thousand Black Armored Soldiers. We should rely on the advantage of the city wall, the advantage of being on top! Although they have the ten thousand men of the Silver Dragon Army and the three hundred plus Golden Scale Guards..... However, the Golden Scale Guards are nothing. Plus, the number of people charging up the city walls every time is limited, so we can definitely win!"

    A smile also appeared on Elder Yan's face.

    Gui Yuan Sect might be obliterated, but......at least they should win this fight happily! And kill enough to cover the lost!


    Under the city, the great army of Qing Hu Island had already begun to assemble.

    Elder Hu, the middle-aged man wearing a grey cloak and Elder Tie, the one with grey hair at his temples, and the muscular man, whose body was completely enveloped by heavy armor, gathered together.

    "Now, the Black Armored Army have arrived Yanjiang City. This Black Armored Army are no ordinary city guards or soldiers. Our Silver Dragon Army still needs to rush up the city walls. The number of people charging up the city wall must not be a lot, as charging forward.......meant death." The muscular man hastily said, "we relied on ten innate experts to obliterate Tie Yi Hall and rapidly broke through, but we only have us three, the only three innate experts, here..... We don't know the number of innate experts in Yanjiang City."

    Qing Hu Island has only twenty-one innate experts. To obliterate Tie Yi Hall, they sent ten. They needed some to guard their base, so naturally they could only sent few of innate expert to Gui Yuan Sect.

    "I saw that gramps, Yan Motian, but I did not see the other innate experts." Elder Tie said.

    Elder Hu spoke, "The Island Lord said that if the surprise attack failed, then we should move slow and steadily and should not hurry. The Concealed weapon expert..... If Zhuge Yuanhong is hiding in Yanjiang City, what will happen to the three of us if we rushed to the city? Does Zhuge Yuanhong and Yan Motian have the power to kill us three?"

    Among the three of them, there was only one Golden Dan Innate Expert. The muscular man was a True Dan Innate Expert, and as for Elder Tie, he has only reached the Emptiness Dan of the Innate Realm.

    "I have a plan!" The muscular man suddenly said.
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