Chapter 38: Vermilion Tiger Roar

    Book 4 Chapter 38 Vermilion Tiger Roar

    "What plan? Do you have the audacity to fight Zhuge Yuanhong." The middle-aged man wearing a grey cloak sneered.

    "No, of course not." The muscular man laughed. "Elder Hu, Zhuge Yuanhong is the Sovereign. Thus, he should be at Jiangning County City. The possibility of him being at Yanjiang City is extremely low. My plan is...... to decrease the morale of the Black Armored Army and cause them to disintegrate internally."

    Elder Tie and the middle-aged man wearing a grey cloak both looked at him.

    "I think only those of high positions know the news of the obliteration of Tie Yi Hall. They didn't dare to tell the disciples because if the disciples felt despair and fear, many cowardly ones might feel devastated and flee." The muscular man said.

    Indeed...... If the disciples in the sect knew the obliteration of Tie Yi Hall happened in one night, many people in the Gui Yuan Sect would feel fear.

    Since, even Teng Qingshan and Elder Yan felt helpless when they heard the news. How could ordinary disciples feel anything less?

    "What do you mean?" The eyes of the middle-aged man wearing a grey cloak brightened.

    "We should challenge the men of the Gui Yuan Sect at the frontline" The muscular man laughed and said, "Also, We should also announce the news of the Tie Yi Hall's obliteration! Their army would then be in a state of agitation!" Normally, before a battle between armies of two large sects, the leading experts would play a major role. A duel would regularly be called upon between these experts.

    Defeating or killing the leader of the opposing army could cause the morale of that army to decline greatly.

    "Announce the news of the obliteration of Tie Yi Hall........ Hmm.. not bad. Did you mean a duel at the front line?" The middle-aged man wearing a grey cloak furrowed.

    "What I meant was......" The muscular man immediately said.

    The next morning, the sun had crept up into the sky.

    On top of the Yanjiang County City, three thousand Black Armored Army soldiers were leaning on the wall. Everyone of them were eating breakfast. The city walls were stained with the blood from yesterday's battle, and under the city, the army of Qing Hu Island was gathering.

    "They want to attack the city?" Teng Qingshan stood on top of the city wall and stared at Qing Hu Island's camp in the distance.

    "Isn't it better if they attack? We will be able to kill more." Elder Yan flashed a faint smile as he said.


    The city walls beneath his feet trembled.

    "Eh!" Teng Qingshan focused his eyes on the army under the city.

    In the distance, the army of Qing Hu Island had assembled and was advancing towards Yanjiang City orderly. The Silver Dragon Army consisting of over ten thousand men approached like a black flood pressing forward. The color of the Silver Dragon Army's heavy armor was also black. There were just silver stripes on the edges of the arm guard and helmet.

    "On your guard!" Teng Qingshan shouted.


    The Black Armored Army soldiers who were originally eating breakfast or sleeping rapidly stood up. All the soldiers gripped the weapons in their hands and saw that the Silver Dragon Army below were pressing towards them. Three thousand Black Armored Army soldiers against ten thousand Silver Dragon Army soldiers! Of course, the Black Armored Army had the advantage of the city wall.

    "Stop!" A loud shout rang, and the entire Silver Dragon Army halted. They stopped when they were eighty Zhangs away from the city wall.

    Dressed in a white long cloak, an elder with grey hair at his temples walked to the front line and looked up at the top of Yanjiang's city wall.

    "What does he want to do?" Teng Qingshan and Elder Yan were both puzzled.

    "I am Tie Wanmao, the Law Enforcing Elder of Qing Hu Island. I have news to tell you all...... Last night, the great army of Qing Hu Island razed Chu County City to the ground and obliterated Tie Yi Hall. Nie Rong, the sovereign of Tie Yi Hall, and the two Law Enforcing Elders have died. Almost all of the core disciples and Tie Yi Soldiers of Tie Yi Hall have died..... From now on, there is no more Tie Yi Hall in this world!" Elder Tie said with a clear and loud voice.

    The voice traveled through the air and everyone in the Black Armored Army heard it.


    "Obliterated in one night?"

    "Tie Yi Hall is obliterated, and our Gui Yuan Sect will be next." Many Black Armored Army soldiers were bewildered. None of these ordinary soldiers knew of Tie Yi Hall's obliteration...... They just became aware of it at this moment.

    The facial expressions of Teng Qingshan and Elder Yan changed drastically.

    "Not good!" The two glanced at each other and immediately understood what each other had in mind.

    Even Teng Qingshan and Elder Yan felt shock and helplessness when they first received this news, How could these ordinary soldiers feel any less? The Gui Yuan Sect and Tie Yi Hall had existed for over one thousand years. These soldiers thought that even if they were to be obliterated, they wouldn't be obliterated that easily.

    But who would have thought that Tie Yi Hall was obliterated in one night!

    Then what about the Gui Yuan Sect?

    An ambience of fear and anxiousness permeated the entire Black Armored Army.

    "Lies!" Elder Yan roared, "Tie Yi Hall was obliterated in one night? Why didn't we know? Qing Hu Island's bluffing ability is getting better and better. If you said Tie Yi hall was obliterated, I could say.... Qing Hu Island attacked Tie Yi Hall and suffered heavy casualties. Don't show off your eloquence here."

    When the Black Armored Army soldiers heard this, they felt slightly better--Maybe the news was really fake.

    "Bluff? Haha....... Yan Motian or any powerful one from Qing Hu Island can easily win against your Gui Yuan Sect, so obliterating you guys is an easy thing. Let me ask you! If Elder Hu of Qing Hu Island challenge you to a duel at the frontline, would you have the audacity to accept this challenge?" Tie Wanmao shouted at the frontline. At this moment, the middle-aged man wearing a grey cloak looked towards Yan Motian.

    On top of the city wall, Yan Motian furrowed his brows.

    Elder Hu?

    The possibility of winning was low. If he lost, it might be the end for the three thousand Black Armored Army soldiers.

    "Haha......" Tie Wanmao laughed, "Qing Hu Island has numerous powerful ones and many are stronger than me. Besides Elder Hu, there's me, Tie Wanmao. I will issue a challenge today. Does anyone in the Gui Yuan Sect have the audacity to fight me?" Scanning the group of people on top of the wall, a smile gradually crept up his face.

    The Black Armored Army on top of the city wall suddenly clamored.

    "Just a clown!"

    With a sneer, a black figure leapt down from the city wall and descended on the ground.


    On the snowfield under Yanjiang City, a black figure dressed in Darksteel Heavy Armor and Tie Wan Mao, who wore a white cloak, looked at each other.

    "Say your name!" Tie Wanmao yelled. Simultaneously, he felt confused. According to the information they had, the Gui Yuan Sect had three innate experts and none of the innate experts assumed the position of the Black Armored Army's commander.

    Therefore, he would surely win if he issued a challenge. Plus, this would be a blow to the morale of the Black Armored Army.

    "Gui Yuan Sect's Teng Qingshan!" Dressed in Darksteel Heavy Armor, Teng Qingshan said coldly with his Reincarnation Spear in hand, "Remember my name, in case you don't know who kills you when you met the God of death."

    "What an arrogant fellow." Tie Wanmao sneered. Knowing that he was about to fight Teng Qingshan, he felt even more confident.

    Teng Qingshan, seventeen years old! The number one of the 《Hidden Dragon Ranking》.

    "Just a postliminary expert. He really wants to die. He's even fighting me in a full suit of heavy armor. Does he not know that wearing heavy armor affects speed?" Tie Wanmao sneered secretly and said as he unsheathed his saber, "Teng Qingshan, this saber is called the Storm Saber. This is the saber that will take your life."

    Teng Qingshan lifted his Reincarnation Spear and pointed at Tie Wanmao with the tip of the spear.

    "I will take your life within three moves!" Teng Qingshan said coldly.

    When his words came out!

    "Three moves!" Pang Shan shouted loudly.

    "Three moves!" All the Black Armored Army soldiers immediately yelled.


    The Black Armored Army felt anxious and scared when they heard Tie Wanmao's words regarding Tie Yi Hall. When Tie Wanmao provoked..... the Black Armored Army soldiers felt restrained and upset, but none of them dared to step up. When Teng Qingshan accepted the duel and said "I will take your life within three moves", all of the Black Armored Army soldiers felt pleased.

    "Three moves!"

    "Three moves!"

    Everyone of them started shouting.

    The two armies were poised for battle while Teng Qingshan and Tie Wanmao faced each other at the front lines.

    "Arrogant fellow." Tie Wanmao was so angry that he laughed, "I will kill you in one move!"

    With a furious roar, Tie Wanmao held his Storm Saber and dashed towards Teng Qingshan like lightning. Meanwhile, Teng Qingshan stood at the same spot like an enormous mountain in a full suit of heavy armor and a Reincarnation Spear in his hands.

    "Huch~~~" An ear-piercing weird sound rang.

    An azure sword light trembled along a mystical pathway. Under the high speed, the seven holes on the Storm Saber simultaneously produced an ear-piercing sound wave. The instant it approached Teng Qingshan, the sound emitted by the Storm Saber suddenly changed into a boom--"Rumble~~" A thunderlike sound rang in their ears.

    "You dare show off?" Tie Wanmao sneered in his heart and said, "Die!"

    The three thousand Black Armored Army soldiers held their breath as they watched Teng Qingshan. They hoped that Teng Qingshan could bring honor to the Gui Yuan Sect! He would also bring honor to them!

    Teng Qingshan stood at the same spot and finally moved!

    "Boom!" A fiery red wave of qi exploded from Teng Qingshan's skin, and he seemed to have become a burning man.

    "Innate!" Tie Wanmao was shocked.

    "Innate? A seventeen years old innate?" Elder Hu was also shocked.


    A deep roar rang to the heavens.

    The Reincarnation Spear in Teng Qingshan's hand shone with a fiery glow. The Black Armored Army soldiers and Silver Dragon Army soldiers watching only felt their vision blur for a second before the fiery red glow and the azure light clashed together. Still, the azure light actually backed away!

    "What a weird force!" Tie Wanmao hastily backed away.

    "Puchi!" The defensive strike instantly transformed into an attack as the Transmutation Unity Law transformed into Pursuing Shadow. A lightning-like rapid thrust aimed at Tie Wanmao's throat.


    "So fast." Tie Wanmao hastily dodged.

    Teng Qingshan was like a fire god in the flames. Coldness flashed in his eyes under the mask as he yelled, "Now!" The Reincarnation Spear produced a mystical force.

    "Buzz!" The spear shaft trembled.



    "Chi Chi~~" The spiral-shaped fiery-red Innate True Origin revolved around the tip of the spear like a sharp cone. It then rapidly compressed and coalesced into a deep red dot on the tip of the spear. The Reincarnation Spear shot out like a blazing dragon at lightning speed, and Tie Wanmao didn't have time to dodge.

    "Pu!" The tip of the spear pierced into Wanmao's chest and actually pierced through the internal armor instantly.

    Tie Wanmao widened his eyes.

    "Boom!" An ear-piercing boom rang, and the spinning fiery-red Innate True Origin shot in front with the force of the spiral. The Silver Dragon Army soldiers in the distance dodged in fright and waited for the Innate True Origin to dissolve. The Silver Dragon Army soldiers then stood orderly and looked at Teng Qingshan who was enveloped in the heavy armor.

    Teng Qingshan lifted his Reincarnation Spear and shouted, "Three!"

    "Three moves!"

    "Three moves!"

    The entire Black Armored Army was excited, and the cheers and applause continued nonstop.

    Teng Qingshan scanned the Silver Dragon Army soldiers and cast a glance at the ground. On the ground, Tie Wanmao had already been burned into dust by the extremely high heat produced by his Innate True Origin. Only just some small bones, internal armor, and the Storm Saber were left.

    "Whew!" Teng Qingshan turned his head and leaped forcefully. He jumped over ten Zhangs high and arrived on top of the city wall.

    He turned and looked at the Silver Dragon Army under the city.

    The Black Armored Army cheered continuously while the Silver Dragon Army was obviously subdued.

    "The power of Vermilion Tiger Roar was as I expected. Thirty percent of the full force could kill an Emptiness Dan Innate Expert easily." Teng Qingshan said secretly. Actually, when Teng Qingshan was researching the Vermilion Tiger Roar, he had an idea. After going sightseeing with Zhuge Qing at the canal, he went home and tried the new method, and as expected, it succeeded on the first try.

    On the city wall.

    "Elder Yan, the morale of our Black Armored Army was greatly boosted. If this Silver Dragon Army has the audacity to attack the city, that would be the death of them." Teng Qingshan turned his head and looked at Elder Yan.

    "Qingshan, look. This was the information that just arrived when you went down to fight." Elder Yan handed a secret letter.

    "Secret Letter?"

    Teng Qingshan took the secret letter solemnly and lowered his head to read--

    "Gu Yong, the Island Lord of Qing Hu Island, is leading a great army to Yanjiang. Abandon Yanjiang City, and lead the army back to Jiangning quickly!"
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