Chapter 3: Lets battle! Lets battle!

    Book 5 Chapter 3 Let's battle! Let's battle!

    Qing Hu Island's lord, Gu Yong's voice echoed throughout the sky. Teng Qingshan, who was standing on the wall looked into the distant and saw an ant-sized shadow leaving the Qing Hu Island's camp. This figure rapidly rushed towards the wall and stopped about eighty Zhang away.

    His hands were holding onto a ten Zhang tall tubular object.

    "Water hourglass?" Teng Qingshan frowned.

    In the Nine Prefectures, there were time checking tools such as a sand hourglass, water hourglass and a few other things. This water hourglass's function was that it had a small hole on the middle of the clepsydra. The water would continually flow down at a constant speed within the clepsydra... A measuring iron needle, floating above the water, would slowly drop down.

    When the water flowed out, the measuring iron needle would be at the same level as the middle of the clepsydra.

    Once the water started flowing, it would last for twenty four hours.

    "Zhuge Yuanhong!" That massive voice continued, "You see this water hourglass, six hours! You only have six hours!"

    Standing on the city wall, Zhuge Yuanhong who was flattering with the wind opened his mouth for the first time. With a clear and bright voice, he pierced through the air, "Gu Yong, my Gui Yuan Sect built up our foothold within Jiangning County for over a thousand years. If you want to lay ruin to my Gui Yuan Sect, it will not be that easy. Let's avoid hurting each other's politeness and not resort to the use of arms."

    "Haha...." Gu Yong only replied with some laughter.

    The peerless masters of the Heavenly Ranking number six and number seven who had an age difference of three years finished their simple conversation.


    Inside the army camp of Qing Hu Island, thirteen Innate Masters were assembled.

    A general wearing a blue armor laughed, "This Zhuge Yuanhong is still not worried or impatient even during this time. He even said that we should avoid hurting each other's politeness and not resort to the use of arms. This is too funny! Once we extinguished his Gui Yuan Sect, let us see if he gets anxious!" The other Innate masters started laughing and their laughter were full of confidence.

    "Dear elders, we must not underestimate Zhuge Yuanhong." Gu Yong said with a smile. "According our prior plans, we will first team up and kill Zhuge Yuanhong. Then later, eliminate that youngster called Teng Qingshan.

    "Rest assured, Island Lord."

    Those powerful Innate experts all nodded with a smile. Although they radiated with confidence, they didn't harbour any arrogance.

    "Everyone should go back to their tents and rest. After six hours, we will go on the offensive." Gu Yong announced. One of the reasons why they were waiting for six hours was because the Silver Dragon Army rushed here the whole way and accumulated a lot of fatigue. Once they rested for six hours, they would be able to reach their physical peak again. Secondly, it would let the soldiers and disciples of the Gui Yuan Sect spend six hours in fear.

    Gu Yong's words just now were enough to strike fear in a lot of people in the Gui Yuan Sect.

    After spending six hours in fear, their moral would be reduced.

    Tens of thousands of people were gathered on the wall, forming a huge crowd.

    The cold wind blew through Zhuge Yuanghong's lose long hair, making them float in the air.

    "Martial brother Pang." Zhuge Yuanhong ordered, "You go to the inner city, you will there responsible for the deployment of troops there." Part of the men of Gui Yuan Sect were on the city wall of Jiangning and the other part were in the inner city.

    "Yes, sovereign." Pang Shan bowed.

    "Sovereign, what should I do if someone tries to flee?" Pang Shan asked.

    Zhuge Yuanhong coldly replied, "Everyone below commanders and Law Enforcing Elders will be thrown into the dungeon if they dare flee! Should they resist, they will receive the capital punishment! All commanders, Law Enforcing Elders and everyone above, it one dares to flee, break their Dantian and lock them up in the dungeon. If they revolt, they will also receive the capital punishment!

    "Yes." Pang Shan replied.

    Within the Gui Yuan Sect, those of a higher position would also receive heavier punishments.

    When Teng Qingshan retreated back to Gui Yuan Sect yesterday, they quickly reformed their troops. Amongst the periphery disciples, they non combatants were already mostly dismissed. Also, most of the the core disciple's and the Black Armored Army officers' families who were too weak had also left Gui Yuan Sect. They went to County City and other places.

    All the others must prepare for war!

    "Commander Teng, here is your lunch." A metal box was handed to Teng Qingshan when noon arrived.

    After taking the lunch box, Teng Qingshan opened the lid and ate it all.

    "One battle.... Tie Yie Hall was destroyed in one night. My Gui Yuan Sect...." Teng Qingshan thought about the fight that was going to happen with hundred thousand warriors in six hours and his heart started to tremble a bit. He wasn't afraid for his life, but worried about his friends and loved ones. "In the chaos of battle, will cousin and Little Yu be able to stay alive?"

    Within the chaos of thousands of soldiers fighting, even Teng Qingshan couldn't fully guarantee that he would be able to stay alive, let alone guarantee Qingyu or Qinghu's lives.

    Thinking about it, Teng Qingshan's heart started to feel even more uneasy.

    "Master, I will go inside the city to have a look." Teng Qingshan looked at Zhuge Yuanhong. A moment ago, he didn't want Teng Qingshan to be more than ten Zhang away from him.

    Zhuge Yuanhong looked at him and said, "Go and return before the six hours are up."


    Teng Qingshan nodded and ran towards the south.

    Both the inner city and county city had two sides facing the river. The Gui Yuan Sect's inner city was at the southeast part of Jiangning county city. Therefore the east wall and the south wall of the inner city were part of the county city's east and south wall.

    Inside Qing Hu Island's army, within Gu Yong's main tent.

    On the wall of the main tent hung a huge detailed map of Jiangning County.

    Gu Yong stood in front of this map and carefully studied it.

    "The changes were really large after thousands of years." Gu Yong frowned while carefully observing the map. "But, according to Emperor Yu's treasure map, the treasure should be within the current Jiangning County... However, after thousands of years, it is really hard to find." He carefully checked the geographical locations.

    "Father." From outside the main tent suddenly a voice suddenly rang. Gu Yong instantly turned around and smiled while saying, "Shiyou, come in." However, when his eyes swept over the table within the tent, his smile instantly vanished. With a cold expression, he walked towards the table and his eyes fell upon a piece of paper on it. He then picked up the paper.

    "Father." Gu Shiyou walked in and looked at his father.

    Reading the contents of this paper, Gu Yong's face turned ugly and shouted, "Shiyou, call Elder Zhao, Elder Yuwen, Elder Hu and Elder Wen."

    "Yes, father." Gu Shiyou was startled.

    Amongst the thirteen Innate masters, there were five who had reached the Golden Dan. With the exception of Gu Yong, these were the four elders that Gu Yong just mentioned.

    "Why suddenly summon the four Law Enforcing Elders?" Gu Shiyou didn't understand, but he felt that...

    Something big happened!


    Within the inner city of Gui Yuan Sect, there were three thousand Black Armored Army, thirty thousand City guards, four thousand core disciples and twenty thousand periphery disciples were all stationed on the wall, filling it full of people.

    In a tower, Zhuge Yun and Qingyu were alone.

    "Qingyu." Zhuge Yu who was clad in armor held Qingyu's hand and whispered, "After six hours it will be dark. During the battle tonight, if our Gui Yuan Sect cannot stop them and start to collapse, people will surely start to flee. Remember, at that time, you can mix in with a large group of troops and make your escape."

    "You have to come with me." Qingyu, who was wearing a scaly red armor, said.

    Back then when they brought back the armor of the Red Scaled Beast, the sovereign promised Teng Qingshan two sets. These two sets were given to his sister Qingyu and his cousin Qinghu.

    "Stop your tantrum!" Zhuge Yu shouted in a low voice.

    Qingyu was startled for a moment since Zhuge Yu was normally a very optimistic person and rarely used this tone!

    "Qingyu." Zhuge Yun's eyes were widened and bloodshot, "To be honest with you, when I think about what will happen in six hours, even I am afraid! One night, Tie Yi Hall was destroyed in one night. Even if my Gui Yuan Sect is lucky enough to hold out, there will be certainly a lot of deaths. I am the young sovereign! I am Zhuge Yuanhong's son! I cannot escape! But you... Qingyu, I do not want to see you dead, can you not understand?"

    With reddened eyes, Qingyu shook her head, "No! If you die, we die together!"

    "Qingyu, Little Yun." A voice could be heard.

    When both of them raised their heads and looked outside the watchtower, they saw a black silhouette.

    "Brother." Qinyu started crying.

    "Little Yun." Teng Qingshan stared at Zhuge Yun, "Tonight, a lot of people will die. I will be outside the city fightting Qing Hu Island until my last breath! According to Gui Yuan Sect's rules, my sister can leave. But because of you, she decided to defend this city and therefore you have to protect her!"

    Amongst the core disciples, those who only joined for a short time and were weak were allowed to leave.

    Qingyu had only joined Gui Yuan Sect for six months, which was short enough and therefore she could leave. However, because of Zhuge Yun.... Qingyu refused to leave alone.

    "Qingyu will definitely have a good live, I promise!" Zhuge Yun said while clenching his teeths.

    Teng Qingshan looked at him and then turned his head to look at Qingyu.

    "You are too stubborn." Teng Qingshan sighed. Teng Qingshan didn't like it, knowing that his sister would be in danger. He even wanted to force his sister to leave. However, last night his sister's determined eyes made him change his mind.... If it was him and cat, they would probably also decide to die together.

    "Brother..." Qingyu said in a low voice.

    Teng Qingshan touched Qingyu's head like he used to during their childhood.

    "Remember, stay alive." Teng Qingshan's eyes turned a bit red.

    "Brother, let us have breakfast tomorrow morning." Qingyu could not help but shed some tears.

    Teng Qingshan looked at Zhuge Yun and his sister.

    "Yes, let us eat together tomorrow morning." Teng Qingshan then turned around to leave.... Perhaps, this would be the last time he talked with his sister.

    Life was decided by a person's decision and its consequences.

    Choosing to leave one's loved one to keep one's life.

    Or choose to stay with their loved ones and live or die together?

    Teng Qingshan respected his sister's choice.

    "Let's battle, let's battle!" Teng Qingshan left the inner city and went towards the outer city.


    As time goes by, because of the winter, the night arrived early. When five hours passed, the sky turned completely dark.

    On the city wall, everyone clenched their weapons.

    "Soon the six hours will be over." Teng Qingshan looked down towards the water hourglass.

    He suddenly heard footsteps and turned around to see his cousin Qinghu next to him.

    "Cousin, if I had not taken you to the Gui Yuan Sect, you might have be able to have a happy life in Teng Jia Village. You would probably already have a wife and son. Do you regret it?" Teng Qingshan said in a low voice. Teng Qinghu grinned and replied, "Why are you saying this? We men of Teng Jia Village are not afraid of death! However, I do have some regrets. I regret that I did not marry as, if I die, my lineage will end."

    "However, I, Teng Qinghu became a centurion in the Black Armored Army! It is better than being a mountain villager for a whole life. F*ck, tonight I will mercilessly slaughter them...."

    Teng Qingshan patted Qinghu's shoulder and didn't say anything further.

    Teng Qingshan's eyes landed on the water hourglass below and saw it draining.

    "The six hours have passed!" Teng Qingshan's pupil shrank.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" A heavy drum beat that smashed onto one's heart could be heard from Qing Hu Island's army camp outside the city, three Lis away.

    On the wall of Jiangning County city, each soldier clenched their weapons.

    "Motherf*ckers." Teng Qinghu clenched his teeth while staring in the distance.
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