Chapter 4: Celebration

    Book 4 Chapter 4 Celebration

    On top of the city wall stood endless rows of Gui Yuan Sect's warriors. They held cold-looking sabers and spears that reflected an icy glow in the dark night. In their bloodshot eyes, determination and madness were seen!  They will fight to death for Gui Yuan Sect!



    "Huh?" Teng Qingshan furrowed and saw that the Qing Hu Island's Silver Dragon Soldiers were vigorously riding their horses at full speed.

    Over ten thousands horses galloped through the wind!

    The earth trembled!

    "What are they doing? Are they going to smash against the city wall?" Teng Qingshan felt confused and he wasn't the only one. Many men of Gui Yuan Sect were confused. The great number of the Silver Dragon soldiers galloped for a distance of around one Li and suddenly... made a turn!  They actually rode north west.

    There are a few side roads on the public road outside the east gate of Jiangning County City.

    One heads directly south to Heyuan City, Yanjiang City and other places in the south.

    The second one heads all the way north till Xuyang County.

    The third one heads northwest, it goes around Jiangning County City and all the way west to Yi City, Huafeng City and other places in the west.

    "Do they intent to attack the north gate?" Teng Qingshan was shocked. If they route around, it is totally possible to attack the north gate and even the west gate! One should know that among the four gates of Jiangning City, the east gate was the most heavily guarded one.

    "Commander Zhang, lead one thousand five hundred of your black armored soldiers and assist the north gate." Zhuge Yuanhong commanded.


    Zhang Feng chose one thousand five hundred black armored soldiers and speedily headed to the north gate.

    As the great number of army galloped northwest, the thirteen innate experts of Qing Hu Island actually followed the army.

    "Eh? Those thirteen are also going to the north gate. It looks like they are about to attack the north gate. Could it be that they have spies at the north gate?" Teng Qingshan felt puzzled as he thought. At the side, Zhuge Yuanhong immediately ordered, "Elder Feng, choose ten thousand city guards and rush to the north gate with me."

    With the command given, the men immediately speeded to their destination.

    Teng Qingshan and the other two Law Enforcing Elders also rushed to the north gate with Zhuge Yuanhong.

    As Teng Qingshan and the others ran along the city walls, Qing Hu Island's men galloped along the roads outside the city. The men of Qing Hu Island have to take many detours on the royal road to reach their destination. Plus, the speed of the innate experts' Qing Gong was even faster than the horses that Qing Hu Island's men mounted.

    It was a dark night. At the north gate of Jiangning County City, torches were placed on top of the wall

    There were already five thousand city guards there already. The four innate experts of Gui Yuan Sect rapidly arrived the north gate.

    "Teacher, Qing Hu Island wants to attack north gate? But why would they do this when they have thirteen innate experts... Do they have spies at the north gate?" Teng Qingshan asked worriedly.

    "Just watch." Zhuge Yuanhong was calm like usual.

    Finally, the vanguard of Qing Hu Island charged to the side road two Li away from the north gate, but the weird thing was... they didn't turn and charge towards the city gate. They continued west on the public road.

    "They are attacking the west gate?" Yan Motian furrowed.

    The three Law Enforcing Elders were confused and puzzled.

    What is Qing Hu Island planning...?

    "We just need to watch those thirteen innate experts." Zhuge Yuanhong smiled calmly and said. Soon, Gu Yong and the his group of men were seen mounted on their galloping horses and following the army.

    "Go to the West Gate." Zhuge Yuanhong ordered.

    "Feng, lead your men and head to the west gate with me." Zhang Feng and his one thousand five hundred soldiers had just ran all the way from the east gate to the north gate, but they could only continue and run towards the west gate.


    At the West Gate of Jiangning County City.

    The black armored soldiers had great endurance and each one of them was dressed in heavy armor.

    "F*ck, Qing Hu Island made us ran such a long way. We must kill all those bastards later." Some of the black armored soldiers were burning with anger. Everyone was slightly worried because of the incoming army of Qing Hu Island, but although they were worried, none of them were afraid.

    Even if they die, they will die on the battlefield!

    However, who would have thought that the men of Qing Hu Island actually took one big detour around the city after they left the east gate and headed to west gate? Isn't it obvious that they were toying with the men of Gui Yuan Sect?

    Teng Qingshan stood on top of the city wall and looked into the distance.

    Qing Hu Island's vanguard had already charged towards the crossroad.

    Clop! Clop! Clop! Clop!

    The dense sounds of the hooves caused the earth to tremble. The Silver Dragon Soldiers actually continued riding their horses to the west.

    "What are they playing at?" Teng Qingshan was so surprised that he stared with his mouth agaped.

    "They are still heading west?" Dashing behind, Commander Zhang Feng was also astonished.

    Jiangning County City wasn't that big. When they arrived the West Gate, they still continued to move further west...

    "Rumble~~~" The great number of army continued west at full speed.

    On the wall of Jiangning County City, the soldiers were shocked. They had already prepared to face death and sworn to fight to the death.

    "Too strange!" Yan Motian laughed and said, "That Gu Yong threatened us in the afternoon that he will burn Gui Yuan Sect to the ground six hours later, but what is he doing now? Running from the east gate to the west gate and still continued westward? Do they plan to run ten Li and then run back to attack us?"

    If it's really that way, then the men of Qing Hu Island must not be in their right mind!

    "That is really weird." The cold middle-aged man with a stern face smiled. "Let's see which way the thirteen innate experts will go."

    A smile also appeared on Zhuge Yuanhong's face.

    Finally --

    Among the great army of Qing Hu Island, soldiers at the center galloped to the sideroad outside the city. Gu Yong and the other innate experts rode together and galloped towards the west as well.

    If they continue west, they would reach Yi City and Huafeng City.

    "Gu Yong!" A clear voice echoed between heaven and earth. Zhuge Yuanhong stood on top of the city wall and said with a smile, "Sorry, I can't escort you out!"

    "Haha, Zhuge Yuanhong, I underestimated you!"

    Gu Yong's deep-sounding voice also echoed in the air. The thirteen innate experts soon disappeared from sight, while the the great number of Qing Hu Island's soldiers continued westward...

    On top of the wall of the west gate, Teng Qingshan, Elder Yan, Elder Zhu, Commander Zhang Feng and many black armored soldiers looked at Sovereign Zhuge Yuanhong.

    Every single one of them was dumbfounded!

    Qing Hu Island retreated!

    The army of Qing Hu Island retreated before they even attacked!  Qing Hu Island mustered a large force and they even threatened them in the beginning, but they retreated cowardly in the end. If you aren't stupid, you could tell through the conversation just now, especially the words "Zhuge Yuanhong, I underestimated you."... that Qing Hu Island's retreat definitely had something to do with Sovereign Zhuge Yuanhong!

    "Are you all dumbfounded?!" Zhuge Yuanhong laughed. Zhuge Yuanhong, who had been calm this whole day, finally laughed heartily. "City guards, continue to patrol the city wall tonight. Food and wine will be given to everyone later. Of course, pay attention to the men of Qing Hu Island, incase they come back."

    "Yes, Sovereign."

    The guards all cheered.

    "Black Armored Army, return to the inner city." Zhuge Yuanhong grinned and said, "Gui Yuan Sect will celebrate tonight!"

    Immediately, everyone on top of the city wall started to cheer.


    Tonight, six thousand black armored soldiers, over ten thousand core disciples and tens of thousands periphery disciples began celebrating crazily. Everyone came back from hell and so they were all excited. Although everyone was prepared to fight to death, if they could protect Gui Yuan Sect without fighting, that was even better!

    Brothers, friends, and relatives won't have to die!

    Teng Qingshan was happy as well.

    Gui Yuan Sect was protected without sacrificing anyone. Teacher, Tian Dan and the other brothers in black armored army, and his family members won't have to die!


    In Gui Yuan Sect, the light of the torches illuminated the entire sect. Lanterns and torches were seen everywhere. Gui Yuan Sect was bustling with noise and excitement. It was even more lively than the yearly sacrifice! Gui Yuan Sect was safe! Because of that, each and every disciple was extremely excited.

    "Haha, didn't Gu Yong, the Island Lord of Qing Hu Island, say arrogantly that he would raze Gui Yuan Sect to the ground in six hours?"

    "Yes, that Gu Yong was extremely arrogant, but he still ran away cowardly in the end."

    "Our Sovereign is the powerful one! He didn't make any move, but he still scared Qing Hu Island away."

    The disciples of Gui Yuan Sect also celebrated joyously.


    "Little Yu."

    Teng Qingshan hugged his sister Qingyu tightly. Being with his family made him happy and was a great feeling.

    "It's all thanks to teacher that we could win this battle without sacrificing anyone." Teng Qingshan looked into the distance at Sovereign Zhuge Yuanhong, who was drinking and chatting with some elders. Gu Yong, the Island Lord of Qing Hu Island mustered forces and gathered at the city gates. He even threatened the Gui Yuan Sect. It was definitely not an act! However, why did Qing Hu Island gallop to the west in the end? Why did they stopped battling? What did teacher do that the thirteen innate experts chose to retreat without even a fight?"

    Teng Qingshan felt extremely puzzled.


    As the Gui Yuan Sect was celebrating, the men of Qing Hu Island were advancing quietly in the night. The thirteen innate experts gathered together.

    "That was really embarrassing! We Qing Hu Island attacked with a great number of people and even threatened them. However, we retreated without even fighting, I am afraid...... this will make us the laughstock of the world." Zhao Danchen, the silver haired handsome youth said bitterly.

    Dressed in yellow cloak, Gu Yong shook his head and sighed, "It was me that underestimated Zhuge Yuanhong and Gui Yuan Sect."


    "Did that Zhuge Yuanhong really break through the Golden Dan of the innate realm and reached the profound Emptiness Realm?" Elder Hu, the middle-aged man dressed in grey, still couldn't believe it. Gu Yong let out a sigh and said, "I was looking at the map in the tent at that time and a few moments ago that paper wasn't on the table yet. Within seconds, the paper appeared on the table!"

    "I was the only one in the tent! If he could put a paper on the table without me noticing and even leave silently, this meant that he... definitely broke through the Golden Dan of the innate realm." Gu Yong sighed, "Therefore, I don't doubt the words, 'Both sides will suffer great loss' written on the paper."

    "Since over thousand of years, none in the Gui Yuan Sect could break through the Golden Dan of the innate realm." These Innate experts felt heavy-hearted.

    Could it be that someone in this generation of Gui Yuan Sect made a breakthrough?

    "Don't think too much about it." Gu Yong said calmly, "We must admit that Gui Yuan Sect is strong! However, Qing Hu Island gained abundantly through the obliteration of Tie Yi Hall. We found Emperor Yu's treasure map. If we obtained Emperor Yu's treasure, Qing Hu Island might stand shoulder to shoulder with the Manichean Temple one day!  According to the geographic changes that have happened for over thousand of years, I have checked carefully and confirmed that... the location of Emperor Yu's treasure should be the Great Yan Mountain at Yi City of Jiangning County.
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