Chapter 8: Let the madness take over!

    Book 5 Chapter 8 Let the madness take over!

    Teng Qingshan, who was at Jiangning County, knew nothing about the things happening in the Great Yan Mountain of Yi City.

    In the House of Teng at Jiangning County.

    In the pavilion, Teng Qingshan was in a azure long cloak and sat quietly before the stone table. A thick thread-bound book was placed on the table--《Dark Moon Spear Technique》, and the book was opened to the latter half.

    "According to the description of the 《Dark Moon Spear Technique》, the Minute Subtlety in the Emptiness Dan of the innate Realm has two parts. As my Vermillion Tiger Roar has extremely high requirements regarding the Innate True Origin, it is obvious that I have understood the Minute Subtlety in my own body." Teng Qingshan understood this.

    The realm of the Minute Subtlety was divided into two steps--

    One was the Minute Subtlety of your own body while the other was the Minute Subtlety of space!

    "According to the book, 'Spirit' can leave the body and diverge to a distance of one Zhang. If you can continue for fifteen minutes, then it is considered a success. To be able to attain the Minute Subtlety of space......the understanding of your true self and selflessness is the most crucial point." Teng Qingshan closed his eyes and tried to push his mind out of his body. As Teng Qingshan had the experience of controlling flying knives, he easily moved his mind out of his body.

    However, in the past, his mind had something to rely on--the flying knife!

    Now, it was empty.


    Teng Qingshan frowned and opened his eyes, "This 'Spirit' doesn't have an item to rely on, and it only scatters around the body, but the consumption of energy is shocking." It was just a short while, but Teng Qingshan already felt slightly dizzy. It was like the time of Hitman Training, when he was so hungry that he almost fainted.

    "The consumption rate should not be that fast." Teng Qingshan tried again.

    Although the battle between Qing Hu Island and the Gui Yuan Sect did not really start, it gave Teng Qingshan great pressure.

    It was obvious--

    However he used up all his power to fight a True Dan Innate Expert! But in this huge land of the nine prefectures, his own ability could only keep himself out of risk. If something happened, it would be difficult to help. This unknown mental pressure caused Teng Qingshan to work even harder, so he wanted to make a breakthrough as early as possible.

    First, he now wanted to cultivate from the Emptiness Dan of the Innate Realm to the True Dan of the Innate Realm!

    The second was to create a technique of the internal martial arts that was better than the 《Godly Tiger Form Technique》 and any other techniques: A technique that could make the body even stronger! However, it was too difficult.


    Qingyu walked past the courtyard cheerfully and saw Teng Qingshan in the pavilion. She then said to herself, "Brother is really not tired......Doesn't he know that he should accompany Little Qing if he has nothing to do?" As soon as she thought of Zhuge Qing, Qingyu laughed secretly. "Hmph, just wait a month, and father and mother will be here during the Annual Ceremony. By that time, father and mother would definitely value Little Qing greatly with her culinary skills, character, and appearance. Hehe..... Brother, by that time, father and mother will scold you, so let's see how you will react."

    "Just one more month.....Yeah, I really miss father and mother."

    Qingyu then stopped smiling as she stared to the West.

    She had been with her parents since she was young. She had a benevolent, kind mother and a gentle but stately father. She had eaten food made by her mom for over a dozen years......Qingyu really missed her parents.

    "Just wait one more month." Qingyu said to herself.

    The center of the nine prefectures, Yuzhou!

    In the Hebei County City of Yuzhou.

    Hebei did not snow a few days ago, but it did today. The snowflakes cascading were like light feathers and covered the ground. This morning, when the civilians of Hebei County opened their windows, they found that it was already a world of snow, and the snow had accumulated three Chi deep.

    Through this, you could see how heavy the snow was!

    In a study at the House of Wan in Hebei County City, eighteen people gathered here.

    There were elders, young men, and women among the eighteen people......

    A paper was placed on the desk in the study, and there were many words written on it.

    The letter mainly talked about the obliteration of Tie Yi Hall! And that Qing Hu Island attacked the Gui Yuan Sect but failed. They rerouted and camped at the Great Yan Mountain of Yi City.



    After they read the letter, they became quiet for a long time.

    "Everyone." The women wearing a flower, cotton-padded jacket said, "The sovereign and the others have died. The most important thing to do now is to rebuild Tie Yi Hall. Fortunately, copies of the secret arts and methods of our Tie Yi Hall were moved here already. Now, everyone, just prepare according to the plan......."

    It would take a very long time for a sect to build its foundation.

    For example, good achievement would only be attained by taking in good and talented disciples with good understanding and endurance. However, this was a long process. One should know that only one innate master would appear in ten millions! If Tie Yi Hall wanted an innate master, the only way was to......accept numerous disciples.

    Just cast a big net and catch the fish. If the number of disciples increased as time goes, maybe an innate master would appear tens or hundreds of years later.

    "Qing Hu Island!" A silver-haired elder with bloodshot eyes clenched his teeth and said, "Tie Yi Hall will get revenge for all the disciples who died! Even if it takes a hundred years or even a thousand years, we will get our revenge eventually!"

    "We must get our revenge."

    These eighteen people were the most loyal ones chosen by Tie Yi Hall. They were the eighteen people most trusted by the chief of Tie Yi Hall, Nie Rong.

    The woman wearing the flowery, cotton-padded jacket said as coldness flashed in her eyes, "According to the plan, Tie Yi Hall will no longer be called Tie Yi Hall. It will be called Xue Yi Sect! The Xue Yi Sect will never forget this hatred no matter how many years pass!"

    TLN: Xue Yi Sect. "Xue" means Blood.

    "Martial Sister Hua." A slender young man said, "We should choose a location to build the Xue Yi Sect and take in disciples......One step at a time. The Xue Yi Sect can only be qualified as an excellent small sect when the first innate master appears, but the birth of an innate master will take many years. If it can be achieved within a hundred years, then that will be considered good."

    The eighteen people knew of this.

    It was extremely difficult for Tie Yi Hall to rise up again after obliteration. However, since they were still here, it meant that there was still fire.....there was still hope!

    "Martial Sister Hua, we were destined to sacrifice our whole lives for the sect and live ordinary lives." The slender young man said with a deep voice. He was at the height of his youth, but he had to abandon his wife and change his name for his sect. He was willing for his sect, but he still had a sense of bitterness in his heart!

    "We can still get our revenge on Qing Hu Island once, and it won't reveal us." The slender young man said.

    The other seventeen men looked at him.

    "Martial Brother, tell us." The woman wearing the flowery, cotton-padded jacket said.

    "According to Emperor Yu's treasure map, one must have one of the nine cauldrons to enter and search for the treasure. Otherwise, it's death." The slender young man said, "We all know this! However, when the Xue Yi Sect searches for Emperor Yu's treasure, it will be hundreds of years later......Therefore, I think we should tell the world--The Great Army of Qing Hu Island is camped at the Great Yan Mountain because Emperor Yu's treasure is at the Great Yan Mountain!"


    The eyes of the elder wearing the white fur coat brightened and hastily said, "That great army of Qing Hu Island is camping at the Great Yan Mountain. Once the news spreads..... It will attract many powerful ones! Like the Emperor Yu's Hall! Emperor Yu was their Martial Ancestor, would the Emperor Yu's Hall give up? Once the Emperor Yu's Hall steps in, the great army of Qing Hu Island will definitely be at a disadvantage!"

    "If the news spreads, then all the great sects will probably send men to the Great Yan Mountain!"

    "However, if the great sects do not believe the news completely and do not dispatch enough people, the great army of Qing Hu Island will be at an advantage! A battle will definitely occur for the Emperor Yu's Treasure.......When Qing Hu Island experiences losses due to fighting, they will have no choice but to compromise with those sects, but then all of them will realize in despair.......that those who entered the maze of the Emperor Yu's Treasure without one of the nine cauldrons will die!"


    "This will not only cause many men from Qing Hu Island to die in the Emperor Yu's Palace, but also the men from the other sects."

    "As for the other sects, they covet the Emperor Yu's Treasure. Therefore, they can't blame anyone even if they died!"


    These eighteen people had just experienced the obliteration of their own sect; thus, they felt great when they thought of the deaths of the great sects' experts. For revenge......these eighteen people began spreading the news in many places, spreading the news of Emperor Yu's Treasure.

    It was obvious......

    A huge storm was coming!

    In this chaotic world, everyone had different destinies and encounters. Each sect also had different destinies and encounters.

    For instance, the small sects of Xuyang County might be obliterated at any time. Now that Qing Hu Island united Xuyang County, it was the end for all the small sects there.

    Nobody paid attention to those small sects!

    The obliteration of Tie Yi Hall drew the attention of the people in this world because Tie Yi Hall was a lot more powerful than the small sects of Xuyang County! In comparison, Tie Yi Hall had existed for over a thousand years and was more fortunate than the small sects of Xuyang County.


    Some consider themselves with bad fortunes, but there are people with even worst fortunes.

    Some consider themselves with good fortunes, but there are people with even better fortunes.

    The small sects of Xuyang County envied Tie Yi Hall and the Gui Yuan Sect.

    Tie Yi Hall and the Gui Yuan Sect envied the powerful Qing Hu Island. They hoped that they themselves could overtake Qing Hu Island and become number one in Yangzhou.

    As for Qing Hu Island? Qing Hu Island hoped to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Mani Temple! Even if they couldn't be on a par with the Mani Temple, they could at least overtake Emperor Yu's Hall and the Ying Family!


    As for individuals.

    Gu Shiyou, the young Island Lord of Qing Hu Island, was of good descent and had been under the spotlight as the talented one since he was young. However, when Teng Qingshan rose to fame abruptly, he started to feel psychologically unbalanced.

    Teng Qingshan was already very strong. He could fight the True Dan Innate experts at the age of seventeen, but he would not feel satisfied. He would continue to pursue the culminating point.


    Teng Yongfan was an ordinary man. When he was young, he hoped to have an excellent son. He didn't wish his son would be better than Teng Qinghu, but he hoped that his son wouldn't be too inferior when compared to Teng Qing hu. God gave him a son, and his son's performance extended far beyond his expectations! His son made Teng Jia Village so strong that the mounted bandit gangs had no audacity to offend them.

    If Teng Qingshan did not exist, many clan members would die when the mounted bandit gangs fought for power, even if Teng Jia Village was not obliterated.


    It was also because of Teng Qingshan that Gu Shiyou wanted to take him away forcefully today!

    So was Teng Qingshan's existence good or bad?

    In the heart of Teng Yongfan, an honest and simple man, the answer was obvious--He was very proud to have a son like this! What do men living on this earth wish for? A son like this could lead the people of Teng Jia Village out, and Teng Jia Village would be envied by the civilians of other villages.

    This was enough.

    In this chaotic world, people die everyday! Everyone was important in the eyes of their own family members. No one was more precious than another. Even the superior Lord of a Clan, Sovereign, and the Heavenly Ranking Masters would die if they had to die!

    This was the chaotic world.

    Because Teng Yunlong understood this, he endured when many women of Teng Jia Village were taken by the gangs of mounted bandits!

    Because Teng Yongfan understood this, he went with the men of Qing Hu Island!

    Teng Qingshan also understood this and could only hold the long spear in his hand and fight the enemy when Qing Hu Island attacked.


    Emperor Yu's Treasure!

    This was a treasure that could make an individual stronger and a sect richer and more powerful. It was obvious....that once this news spread, a bloody storm would come!
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