Chapter 12: A Storm Rises

    Book 5 Chapter 12 A Storm Rises

    "Brother, Uncle Yonglei and the others are here!" Qingyu shouted from afar.

    Teng Qingshan had just finished dinner and was researching the Realm of Enlightenment of the Minute Subtlety. Hearing the commotion, he looked up and a great sense of joy filled his heart. He hastily stood up and greeted, "Uncle, Qingyu and I were preparing to go back to Teng Jia Village during the Yearly Ceremony. Come, sit and rest first."

    "Qingshan, I have pressing news."

    Teng Yonglei's countenance expressed worry and urgency. The young man beside him also said hastily, "Brother Qingshan, the men of Qing Hu Island went to our Teng Jia Village."

    The happy expression on Teng Qingshan's face instantly changed as he asked, "Uncle, what happened?"

    "It was something that happened before lunch today! A hundred heavily armored soldiers came from Qing Hu Island. These soldiers must be the Silver Dragon Soldiers of Qing Hu Island. Those people took three hunters from each village, and also three from our Teng Jia Village! If we could could have chosen the three hunters ourselves, we wouldn't be that worried, but the leader of the Qing Hu Island's soldiers especially called for Qinghao and your father and took them away! Your father is not a hunter, but they still took him away. We all felt that something was weird. After those people left, the old chief sent us to notify you at once."

    "Father has been taken away? How could the people of Qing Hu Island forcefully take my father away?" Qingyu was extremely worried.

    "The three people that were taken captive were your father, Qinghao and your Uncle Yongxiang," Teng Yonglei said.

    Hearing this, Teng Qingshan felt great anger burning within his heart.

    The men of Qing Hu Island were actually bullying his family. However, it was obvious.......that in the eyes of the immense Qing Hu Island, Teng Qingshan was not important enough to warrant any worries.

    "The worst thing was!" Teng Yonglei continued, "That at that point, the old chief had already mentioned your name! However, even when the men of Qing Hu Island heard your name, they still took your father and the other two away forcefully."

    Even though Teng Qingshan felt angry, he quickly thought about it.

    If the reason for taking the hunters was to do hard work, it would only make sense to not capture the hunter if that hunter was the father of an innate master, because catching the father of an innate expert......meant going against an innate expert.

    "The men of Qing Hu Island were shameless to this point?" Teng Qingshan was extremely furious as he said, "Perhaps it was because I reached the innate realm at the age of seventeen, and they thought I posed a threat that was too great, so they didn't dare to charge into Gui Yuan Sect.......Then they caught my father to draw me there?" Teng Qingshan couldn't think of any other reason.

    "As one of the eight greatest sects, how could they be that shameless?"

    Teng Qingshan had misjudged Qing Hu Island. The top administrators of Qing Hu Island were not that shameless. The ones that had caught Teng Yongfan didn't even know that Teng Yongfan was Teng Qingshan's father. It was just....the jealous Gu Shiyou who had made the decision himself.

    "Qingshan, your father and the others will be alright, right?" Teng Yonglei and the others looked at Teng Qingshan.

    "Don't worry, everyone. Qing Hu Island is one of the eight greatest sects; they shouldn't be that shameless." Although Teng Qingshan said so, this thing involved his father and his relatives! It was impossible for him to be at ease. He immediately yelled, "Issue the order, gather the bodyguards in the front courtyard and depart immediately!"

    "Yes, Commander!"

    Shouting sounds started coming from afar, and the the bodyguards in the house began packing their bags and weapons, preparing to leave.

    "Uncle, I will take some men home now. You guys have journeyed for three hundred Li and are very tired. Leave tomorrow morning," Teng Qingshan said.

    "No, I am worried about this. Let's go together," Teng Yonglei replied.

    Teng Qingshan nodded, "Alright. We will head back overnight."

    "Brother, I will go with you guys!" Teng Qingyu's eyes were slightly red. She was worried for her father! The father that had cared for her and protected her since she'd been young!


    Immediately, Teng Qingshan returned to his room and packed the Reincarnation Spear and the gourd filled with scarlet fruit wine into his bag.

    "Qing Hu Island, I hope you won't do anything stupid!" Teng Qingshan's eyes narrowed as, from a case, he took out the skin mask, Heavenly Hawk Claw Gloves, and the leather sheath for the knives, and put all of them into his bag. Teng Qingshan had especially had this bag custom-made.

    It was made with Heavenly Silk and was very resilient.

    Carrying the bag on his back, Teng Qingshan sprinted out of the room and left the house with his sister, Teng Yonglei, and the one hundred bodyguards. They departed from the east gate and headed back to Teng Jia Village overnight.

    Night. Jiangning County, in Zhuge Yuanhong's study.

    The dim light of the candle glowed. There were only two people in the study. One was Zhuge Yuanhong and the other was a middle-aged man dressed in grey.

    "Sovereign!" The middle-aged man dressed in grey handed the other the secret letter in his hand and said, "This is the information we have just received from Yuzhou. It's urgent."

    "Hm?" Zhuge Yuanhong took the letter, confused. When he opened the letter and looked, he immediately furrowed his brows.

    "You read it too." Zhuge Yuanhong handed the letter to the middle-aged man.

    The middle-aged man in a grey cloak skimmed through the letter and looked at Zhuge Yuanhong with a surprised expression as he asked, "Sovereign, the great army of Qing Hu Island has camped at the Great Yan Mountain because of Emperor Yu's Treasure? After the death of Emperor Yu, the world became chaotic. Although Emperor Yu's Treasure is widely known.......no one has ever found Emperor Yu's Treasure."

    Zhuge Yuanhong nodded gently and said, "I originally thought that the Great Army of Qing Hu Island had stationed at the Great Yan Mountain because they found some mineral resources in the Great Yan Mountain. It seems that we have been fooled."

    The truth is the lie, while the lie is the truth.

    Plus, Emperor Yu's Treasure has never been found. No one would connect Qing Hu Island's action with Emperor Yu's Treasure.

    "However, this news' implications were quite odd. Zhuge Yuanhong furrowed his brow and said, "According to this secret letter, the news has spread throughout the whole Imperial City of Yuzhou. If I've guessed correctly.......this news will probably also reach the Xiao Yao Palace, the Mani Temple, Archer God's Mountain, the Ying Family, the Heavenly Hong City and the Snow Hawk Hall.

    In the nine prefectures of the land, the eight greatest Sects were the strongest.

    Qing Hu Island was not the first of the eight greatest sects.The strongest of the eight greatest sects was Manichean Temple, the second was Emperor Yu Hall, and the third was the Ying Family. The other five great sects were different in their own ways. The Archer God's Mountain was famous for its godly archery skills. It was located in the southernmost areas of Yanzhou, and even Emperor Yu Hall and the Ying Family had no wish to provoke them.

    As for Snow Hawk Hall, it was a religious organization, and it was located in the northernmost areas of Yanzhou, a cold and bitter place. This sect had been fighting the tribes on the prairie for years. The members of this sect were extremely valiant. Considering its religious character, you could imagine how crazy this sect was.

    "Sovereign, you mean someone has been spreading news intentionally and sending information to the other seven great sects?" the middle-aged man dressed in grey asked.


    Zhuge Yuanhong nodded, "The news has spread out oddly. Someone must have spread this news intentionally. There are two possibilities. First, that this rumor about Emperor Yu's Treasure is true! The person that spread this news wanted to revenge Qing Hu Island. Second, this news is fake, and the one spreading the news must have an ulterior motive."

    "However, since this has already spread throughout the eight greatest sects, and has even mentioned Emperor Yu's Treasure, I think there's a sixty percent possibility of it being true," Zhuge Yuanhong said.

    "Sovereign, this is Emperor Yu's Treasure. Gui Yuan Sect should...." The middle-aged man in the grey cloak felt slightly envious.

    Emperor Yu was the first to unite the world and the first invincible expert to reach the highest realm.

    "If a snake tries to devour an elephant, it will only be stuffed to death," Zhuge Yuanhong replied with a faint smile. "Gui Yuan Sect only has a few innate experts. We can't afford to join this game. Just let the other great sects play...."


    The Imperial City of Yuzhou.

    In this world, there were two Imperial Cities. One was Yu City and the other was Emperor Qin's City. Of course, Yu City was more historical and deeply-rooted in tradition.

    At the center of Yu City was Emperor Yu's Palace. This was the lair of Emperor Yu Hall. After the world fell apart, the core disciples and army of Emperor Yu Hall took over the palace. Fortunately, Emperor Yu's palace was extremely spacious. Even though over ten thousand people were living in this palace, it was not crowded at all.

    In the nine cauldrons hall of the Emperor Yu Hall.


    A row of black chairs were arranged horizontally, many experts being seated on the chairs. High up on the throne sat a black haired man in a long black and gold cloak. At this moment, the doors of the nine cauldrons hall were shut.

    "Sovereign, the news of the Emperor Yu's Treasure being at the Great Yan Mountain of Yi City at Yangzhou's Jiangning County has spread throughout our sect. According to our spies, the news has also spread throughout Mani Temple, Ying Family and other sects." A skinny silver-haired elder dressed in a silver cloak sat below the throne.

    The black-haired man seated on the throne had crystal clear eyes that seemed to possess the power to look through the souls of men. He smiled and said, "Tens of thousands of years have passed since Martial Ancestor Emperor Yu created Emperor Yu's Hall! I am already the 129th Sovereign! The Martial Ancestor said that the Treasure was hidden in the bottom of the Heavenly Flood Lake, in Yi City in Yangzhou. He also said that the disciples of Emperor Yu Hall are not allowed to search for it....... The ones who enter without permission will die! Only the destined one can obtain the treasure....... I assumed none of you have forgot his words, right?"

    "We wouldn't dare to disobey the order of the Martial Ancestor."

    The people in the nine cauldrons hall called back.

    In Emperor Yu Hall, the ones who could reach the innate realm would know some secrets of the sect......As the oldest sect of the eight greatest sects, Emperor Yu Hall kept many secrets.

    "Now that the location of Emperor Yu's Treasure is known, let's just watch the other seven great sects fight for it.

    "Another bloody storm is coming. I don't know how many people will die this time.

    The administrators of Emperor Yu Hall felt glad to watch this show.



    Five snow hawks soared high above the sky of the prairie and five figures sat cross-legged on the snowhawks. Right now, these snowhawks were flying southwards at fast speed......


    "Jia!" "Jia!"

    Nine figures wearing black long cloaks and golden masks rode on nine blood dragon horses. The blood dragon horses were as fast as lightning. Just a row of shadows could be seen, and the nine people had already disappeared at the end of the road.


    Since the ancient days, number one of the four most powerful ones was Emperor Yu. His treasure could attract many powerful experts, the eight greatest sects and some reclusive famous figures. Some went to take the treasure, some went to watch, but no matter their motive, those experts were speedily heading to the Great Yan Mountain of Yi City.

    Teng Qingshan did not know of the news of Emperor Yu's Treasure. At this moment, he was feeling anxious and worried for his father.

    "Jia!" "Jia!"

    As the hooves of the horses flew, Teng Qingshan and his sister Qingyu led a huge group of people and dashed ahead in the middle of the night.

    "Qingshan, we have arrived," Teng Yonglei hastily said.

    Teng Qingshan looked at the village afar, the home he had lived in for sixteen years. At this moment, torches were lit on top of the walls of Teng Jia Village, and the light could be seen from afar.

    "Qingshan, maybe your father and the others are back now." Teng Yonglei could feel the worries and anxiousness of Teng Qingshan and his sister.

    The war horses galloped at lightning speed, and quickly rushed before the big gate.

    "Quick! Open the gate!" Teng Yonglei yelled.

    The moment the guarding clan members saw the visitors, they shouted,

    "Qingshan is back!"

    "Qingshan is back!" Shouts resounded through the night sky above the training field.
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