Chapter 23: A Nobody

    Book 5 Chapter 23 A Nobody

    "Island Lord! Those innate experts are already heading towards us!" a lieutenant of the Silver Dragon Army hastily reported, having run to the group of innate experts at full speed.

    "Let's go meet them."

    Dressed in a golden cloak, Gu Yong stood up, smiling, and the other eleven innate experts followed. This time, the other eleven elders had changed their clothes to the long azure-green cloaks of the Law Enforcing Elders. Gu Yong was standing in the middle, all of them by his side.

    The ones with high positions in the Silver Dragon Army followed behind the twelve innate experts.

    "Father." Gu Shiyou also followed.

    "Shiyou, go check if the banquet is prepared," Gu Yong ordered apathetically, and Gu Shiyou immediately stopped, replying, "Yes."


    As the cold wind blew, the Silver Dragon Army's flag was lifted up high, fluttering in the wind.

    At the front of the camp, the elite soldiers of the Silver Dragon Army were arrayed according to the rectangular army formation. Battalions of longspear-wielding soldiers were followed by formations of archers, the entire army advancing vigorously...... There were a total of eight thousand soldiers in front of the military camp, and the soldiers there were prepared to fight at any time.

    Gu Yong and the other twelve people stood in the front line of the eight-thousand-soldier army formation.

    After a fifteen minute wait, a few figures finally appeared in the distance.

    Far away, in the dense forest, they could faintly discern several figures. When the group of people walked onto the land in front of the camp, the Silver Dragon Soldiers could tell their numbers at one glance--


    The forty-nine innate experts were casually walking side by side as they headed towards the military camp, looking aloof and carefree. There was a great difference in numbers between the forty-nine men and the thirty thousand Silver Dragon Soldiers, but........the imposing manner of the forty-nine experts absolutely suppressed Qing Hu Island.

    These forty-nine people were like a flood roaring to the heavens and pressing forward as they advanced together, making the many soldiers of Qing Hu Island tremble in fear.


    "F*ck. Mani Temple sent twelve, Ying Family sent nine, and even the King of Beasts Wu Hou, the monster, has come," Zhao Danchen cursed softly. The facial expressions of the other innate experts also looked bad. Even though they had a great army supporting them, Qing Hu Island definitely were less imposing.

    With a cold face, Gu Yong waited silently.

    Meanwhile, the great number of Silver Dragon Soldiers behind the twelve innate experts were slightly afraid.

    "Those people are all innate experts? Forty-nine innate experts?"

    "Why are there so many? If they act together and the Island Lord orders us to attack, we'll be courting death."


    The Silver Dragon Soldiers just hoped that a fight wouldn't happen! This because the forty-nine people could be divided into a two-echelon formation, and take turns to kill the ordinary soldiers. The arrows of those soldiers had no effect to them, and they would kill the heavy-armored soldiers like cutting weeds. Even if some innate experts used up all their Innate True Origin, they could ask other innate experts to take their place.

    The forty-nine people could sweep across them like a road-roller!

    Teng Qingshan and the other forty-eight innate experts continued advancing.

    "Brother Qin Lang, look! Gu Yong, Qing Hu Island's Lord, is already looking rather ghastly. Haha.....I, Liu Xiu, have never seen Gu Yong so embarrassed. We are so domineering today," the white-cloaked young man, Liu Xiu, said proudly, but Teng Qingshan only responded with a smile.

    Actually, being part of this group of forty-nine innate experts already vouched for the strength of your abilities.

    If you were incapable, would the great sects allow you to join the group?

    "It's rare to see experts from different great sects gather together." Gu Yong laughed and said, "Everyone, I have already prepared some wine and food."

    "Island Lord Gu, then we won't be disrespectful." The King of Beast with the messy hair broke into a smile. Under the leadership of Wu Hou, the forty nine innate masters walked in.

    Immediately, Gu Yong and his men, along with the forty-nine innate experts from various sects headed into the military camp together.

    "Phew, the fight didn't happen."

    "We are saved."

    Those Silver Dragon Soldiers breathed a sigh of relief. If Island Lord ordered, they would fight a deadly battle without fearing death at all. However, even though they didn't fear death, this didn't mean that they desired to die! No matter how powerful those soldiers were, they wouldn't wish to fight the forty-nine innate experts.


    In the military camp, a banquet of eight tables were prepared, and everyone sat down.

    "Everyone, take your seats, it's been many years since I last saw many of you. There are also some that I, Gu Yong, don't know. Smiling, Gu Yong said, "Of course, we will know each other after this meeting."

    "Gu Yong, we don't want to exchange unnecessary words with you. Let me be direct. Where is Emperor Yu's Treasure?" A cold voice came from the tallest of the nine black-cloaked Law Enforcing Elders. Gu Yong cast a glance and smiled, "This should be Brother Haojiang of the Ying Family."

    Seated at the side, Teng Qingshan raised his eyebrows.

    Ying Haojiang?

    The nineteenth of the 《Heavenly Ranking》 and one who possessed exceptional spear skills.

    "No matter what, let's sit down first. We can talk while we drink." Gu Yong smiled. "Brother Haojiang, do you agree?"

    "Gu Island Lord," the old long-eyebrowed monk said calmly, "Mani Temple, many other sects, and other innate experts like Wu Hou won't be alright with this. We have travelled for distances varying from a few thousand Li to over ten thousand Li in order to get here. Now that we're starting to eat, let us just talk openly. Where is the entrance to Emperor Yu's Treasure?"

    The old long-eyebrowed monk, eyelids drooping, occasionally cast a apathetic glance at Gu Yong.

    As a matter of fact, the person that Gu Yong feared the most was this old monk.

    "Gu Island Lord, where is the entrance to Emperor Yu's Treasure? Just tell us," Wu Hou asked, grinning.

    "Perhaps, Gu Island Lord wishes to fight with us?" The sturdy man from Hong Tian City, who wore a round iron hat, guffawed as he said.

    "Gu Island Lord!" The five scale-armored experts of the Shooting Sun God Mountain also glared at Gu Yong.

    Including Teng Qingshan, the large group of Innate experts in the surroundings all glared at Gu Yong.

    Although Gu Yong was being glared at by so many people, he lifted his wine cup and took a sip. He then looked at the innate experts surrounding him and spoke, "Everyone. I, Gu Yong, have received you guys warmly.....However, I really have no knowledge of the Emperor Yu's Treasure. To be honest, the rumor spreading outside is really funny and really sad.

    "I dare to say!"

    Gu Yong stood up and scanned the crowds as he exclaimed, "This news must be deliberately spread by those who bear a grudge against Qing Hu Island! If Emperor Yu's Treasure was really here, Qing Hu Island would have already took it away secretly. Why would we still camp here until now, for such a long time? I will tell you all the truth......Qing Hu Island is here to exploit the mines! Not for some Emperor Yu's Treasure. No matter how great the amount of the treasure is, is it possible for Qing Hu Island to not move away after such a long time?"

    "Gu Island Lord, your words are very smooth," said the rough expert from Youzhou at Dongbei.

    "Gu Yong, If you're take any chances, then don't blame us when we are impolite," coldly said the leader of the nine black-cloaked Law Enforcing Elders of the Ying Family, Ying Haojiang.

    Gu Yong looked very stern as he said, "Everyone, I've already said that we don't know anything about Emperor Yu's Treasure being here! If you don't believe me..... you can search! You can search anywhere in my spacious military camp. I won't stop you."

    "Shiyou, issue the command!"

    Gu Yong shouted, "Wherever these guests wants to search, just let them search! No one can stop them!"

    "Yes!" Gu Shiyou's voice came from afar.

    Teng Qingshan looked over and narrowed his eyes as he thought to himself, "Gu Shiyou......"

    Gu Yong looked at the crowds again and said, loudly, "Everyone! I, Gu Yong, have given you enough respect, right?" The forty-nine innate experts looked at the tents in the surroundings, the numerous tents. There were at least a few thousand tents and the entrance of Emperor Yu Palace might not even be in the tents.


    With only Forty-nine people, the search would never end!

    "I already said that Emperor Yu's Treasure isn't here, but you refused to believe..... I can only let you guys search for it yourself. I believe that after the search, you all will know.....that it is just a rumor. Emperor Yu's Treasure hasn't appeared in few thousand years, how could it possibly appear now?" Gu Yong scanned the crowds and smiled. "Plus, have you noticed that, out of the eight greatest sects of the world, only the men of Emperor Yu's Hall aren't here!? Why is that?"

    Mani Temple, Ying Family, and all the other innate experts froze for a second.


    As Emperor Yu's Hall was located in Yuzhou, it was very close to Yangzhou. If Emperor Yu's Hall had wanted to come, they would have already arrived. Why hadn't Emperor Yu's Hall come?

    "Emperor Yu's Hall is a sect established by Emperor Yu," Gu Yong said with a smile. "No one knows better about Emperor Yu's Treasure than them. They probably know......that the information about this Emperor Yu's Treasure is fake. Therefore, they haven't come to waste their energy.

    This explanation caused many people to change their minds.

    Maybe......it really was just a false rumor.

    Many innate experts stared at each other. The white-cloaked young man, Liu Xiu, also looked towards Teng Qingshan as he asked, "Brother Qin Lang, what do you think?"


    A clear voice rang out and many innate experts looked towards the source of the sound. Even Gu Yong and his men turned to look.

    It was Teng Qingshan who stood up!

    "Gu Island Lord, you think that Emperor Yu's Treasure isn't here and you'll even let us search." Teng Qingshan scanned the surroundings and said loudly, "However.....I think that Emperor Yu's Treasure is definitely here!" The eyes of many seated innate experts brightened as they heard the words. If this Qin Lang before their eyes dared to say that it was definitely here, then it most likely was here.

    In a situation like this, no one would speak carelessly.

    "Who are you?" Gu Yong asked with a stern expression.

    "Qin Lang," Teng Qingshan answered, "A nobody!"

    Teng Qingshan smiled and looked at Gu Yong as he asked, "Gu Island Lord, why? You don't have the audacity to let me search now?"

    "Indeed, Gu Yong, why? You don't have the audacity now?" The nine black-cloaked Law Enforcing Elders of the Ying Family stood up.

    "Gu Island Lord." The twelve Arhat of the Manichean Temple also stood up.

    The King of Beasts Wu Hou and the other innate experts all stood up. Unquestionably, Teng Qingshan was one of their forty-nine innate experts, and they were naturally on Teng Qingshan's side at this moment.

    Gu Yong narrowed his eyes, and seemed to be trying to recall Teng Qingshan's appearance in his heart.

    "Search, then," Gu Yong said calmly.

    Teng Qingshan strode southeast and the other forty-eight innate experts immediately followed.

    "Island Lord." Zhao Danchen and the others looked towards Gu Yong. Gu Yong had a ghastly expression as he looked at the forty-nine people from afar. He then spoke, "Don't worry. There are over thousands of tents. Even if our Silver Dragon Soldiers wouldn't be able to tell which tent is special, let alone the outsiders. Let's go.... We should follow them." No matter what, Gu Yong still felt slightly anxious, and so the twelve innate experts of Qing HuIsland hastily followed.
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