Chapter 29: One Crashed to Death!

    Chapter 29 One Crashed to Death!

    Heavenly Flood Palace, at a junction in the maze.

    Forty-seven innate experts were gathered here, glaring at the six men of Qing Hu Island.

    "This is trouble." Yuwen Liufeng felt anxious. Actually, before the men of Qing Hu Island came in, they already knew that a maze was inside the Heavenly Flood Palace. Emperor Yu's Treasure Map contained the map of the maze, therefore Yuwen Liufeng and his companions already discussed the plan before they went in.

    They knew very clearly--

    When the numerous innate experts entered the completely dark Heavenly Flood Palace, they would explore the surroundings first. Once the exploration ended, they would realize that this was a maze! Soon, they would figure out that a map for this maze must exist! If that happened, the great number of innate experts would definitely surround them

    Therefore, Yuwen Liufeng and his companions pretended to explore the surroundings at first, while they were secretly moving to another area.

    Because there were many innate experts keeping an eye on them, Yuwen Liufeng and Elder Hu stayed temporarily to confuse the crowd. They were secretly waiting for everyone to feel shock because of the maze and when no one paid an attention to them, they would escape stealthily.

    As long as the innate experts were a few seconds slower, the men of Qing Hu Island would have enough time to leave stealthily.

    Since they were in complete darkness, if they hid a bit away, no one would be able to find them in this maze. Unfortunately......when they had just begun fleeing, someone noticed and yelled! Not even giving them any time to escape.

    "Yuwen Liufeng, why do you men of Qing Hu Island want to run away stealthily?" In front of the big group of innate experts stood Ying Haojiang of the Ying Family. Ying Haojiang's cold eyes beamed through the golden mask as he glared at the six men of Qing Hu Island and said, "If we had not explored, we wouldn't know this is a maze. But now everyone probably has understood the situation."

    "The Qing Hu Island's six men, please give us the map of this maze!" The fat monk of the Mani Temple said with a deep voice.

    "Yuwen Liufeng, please hand out the maze map." The Xiao Yao Palace's purple cloaked elegant middle aged man sneered as he said, "The hardness of the ceiling of this Heavenly Flood Palace is known by everyone. With the power of only one Golden Dan Innate Expert, it's probably impossible to blast a hole big enough to allow one person to escape. Without a map, if all of us scattered, we would starve to death in this maze."

    Indeed. It's what Teng Qingshan had thought.

    If a person was alone in this Heavenly Flood Palace, and unable to break through the ceiling, he would naturally be stuck in the maze and he would starve to death! If he was unlucky and encountered a powerful demonic beast, he might even lose his life.

    "You want us to die." Liu Xiu became nervous.

    Teng Qingshan also yelled, "Qing Hu Island's men, don't push too far! Without the maze map......we would only starve to death in this maze. If you push too far.....Hmph!"

    "Right. If you push too far... Hmph." A beam of murderous intent flashed across the eyes of the muscular man from Hong Tian City.

    The great number of innate experts started approaching, pressing forward!

    The men of Qing Hu Island gradually backed away. They didn't dare to retreat rapidly in case the great number of experts circled and attacked them....Especially the Shooting Sun God's Experts who could perform long-distance attacks. Therefore, it would be very difficult to escape.

    "Maze map?" Yuwen Liufeng scanned the pressuring innate experts before him with cold eyes as he said, "Qing Hu Island does not have the map for this maze! We only found out that Emperor Yu's Treasure is in the Heavenly Flood Palace! I guess this maze is a difficult problem which Emperor Yu left for the ones that desired the treasure. It's impossible for Emperor Yu to give us the Treasure easily."

    "You are still lying." Ying Haojiang roared angrily.

    "Elder Yuwen's words make sense." Yet, Teng Qingshan spoke and many innate experts looked towards Teng Qingshan with their brows furrowed. Everyone had a good impression of this innate expert name "Qin Lang," because.....Qin Lang found the Bottomless Pit.

    However, his words now enraged many people.

    Teng Qingshan continued saying, "Elder Yuwen, I believe what you said, but others might not believe. How about you let others search you and your men to see whether you guys have the map for this maze! I believe the map of a dozen Li wide maze would definitely be recorded on a paper and you wouldn't be able to remember it by brain..... Just let the others search and if everyone can't find it, I believe everyone here will apologize."

    The experts of the Ying Family, Mani Temple, and Shooting Sun God Mountain and many other experts grinned when they heard Teng Qingshan.

    "Yuwen Liufeng, since you said so, you could let us search you." Ying Haojiang spoke.

    "We would know the truth if we searched you."

    As the innate experts spoke, they looked at the group of Qing Hu Island's men with deadly glares.

    The six men of Qing Hu Island glanced at each other and communicated through the expressions in their eyes which conveyed determination.

    "Haha......" Yuwen Liufengs voice suddenly became loud, "You wanna search us? Hmph, over these many years, there has been no one with the audacity to search me, Yuwen Liufeng!"

    "We said there's no map and there's no map! As for the search? You guys don't get the chance to search the Law Enforcing Elders of Qing Hu Island."

    The six Law Enforcing Elders appeared very determined.

    "Everyone here. These six from Qing Hu Island are courting death for themselves." Ying Haojiang spoke.

    "Yuwen Liufeng, if you keep resisting stubbornly, prepare to die!" The five experts of the Shooting Sun God Mountain took out the Godly Bows on their back at almost the same time.

    "Resist stubbornly and die!" The men of Xiao Yao Palace were cold and apathetic.

    "Yuwen Liufeng, it's not too late to regret. Mani Temple's eleven arhat raised the Purple Red Iron Staffs in their hands.

    The Innate Experts had all positioned themselves.

    No objection!

    If they resist stubbornly, the innate experts will kill!

    They would kill even if it was Qing Hu Island's men. Since everyone here represented the six greatest sects of the entire nine prefectures! Plus, the sects included the Mani Temple! Even if these people were killed, Qing Hu Island wouldn't dare to take revenge even if they knew what happened.

    Would Qing Hu Island have the audacity to challenge the Mani Temple and the Ying Family?

    That would be courting death.

    "Hmph." Yuwen Liufeng humphed deeply and simultaneously waved his right hand at the back.

    Whew! Whew! Whew!

    The other five men of Qing Hu Island clenched their teeth and dissolved their Innate True Origin and dashed away into the distance almost at the same time.

    'Kill them!" Ying Haojiang shouted.

    "Kill them!" The leading noble of the Shooting Sun God Mountain yelled.

    Kill! Kill! Kill!

    Almost at the same time, a series of such shouts ran and the Golden Dan Innate Experts darted out instantly. The fastest were the five nobles of the Shooting Sun God Mountain.

    Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

    The five dark red arrows darted towards the five men of Qing Hu Island fleeing into the distance.

    "Whew!" Teng Qingshan instantly began performing the second level of "Crossing World" and he experienced a burst of physical strength as he shot out like a sharp arrow.

    "That Elder Hu is so powerful." Teng Qingshan saw distinctly that four of the five arrows shot by the experts of Shooting Sun God were all stopped by Elder Hu alone, who was running at the back. The only remaining arrow pierced through an innate expert of the Qing Hu Island. The speed of the arrow was so quick that the True Dan Innate Expert had no time to block.

    The instant the arrow pierced through the innate expert, an explosion happened.

    As the sound of the blast was heard, a huge hole was blasted on the True Dan Innate Expert's back.

    One man of Qing Hu Island! Dead!

    "The arrow that Elder Hu did not stop must have been shot by a Golden Dan Innate Expert." Teng Qingshan was extremely fast and chased the expert at the front.


    "Kill them!"

    Almost at an instant, with Ying Haojiang as the leader, three Golden Dan Innate Experts surrounded Yuwen Liufeng. Yuwen Liufeng was at the end because.......he wanted to obstruct the enemy. He didn't stop the True Dan Innate Experts, only the Golden Dan Innate Experts!

    Unfortunately, Yuwen Liufeng's strength was limited. There was nothing he could do after he was caught by the three Golden Dan Innate Experts.

    As for the great sects, there were still a great number of experts.

    "So many Golden Innate Experts! Oh no!" Seeing the situation, Elder Hu increased his speed drastically and soon went past the three True Dan Innate Experts that were ahead of him. He ran to the front and yelled, "Quick run, scatter and run!"

    When the range of visibility was small in a misty weather, cars would need to go slower. Accidents would happen very easily if the cars went fast.

    The same goes with these innate experts!

    The glow of the Innate True Origin on their skin could only light up a surrounding area of about ten zhang, and with their speed, they passed ten zhang within a blink of an eye. Because the range of visibility was too small, the result would be....... If they suddenly noticed a wall in front of them and didn't react fast enough, they would smash onto the wall!

    The most deadly part was--

    The men of Qing Hu Island had dissolved their Innate True Origin so that no one could find them. Anyway, they are running with their life at risk.

    As for the Golden Dan Innate Experts at the back, they didn't dare to go the maximum speed when they were pursuing because they couldn't see.

    Otherwise, with the maximum speed of the Golden Dan Innate Experts, if they suddenly saw a wall before them, they would have already crashed into the wall before they could react.

    However, Teng Qingshan was different!

    Under the completely dark environment, he could recklessly go as fast as he wanted!

    "Thinking of escaping?"

    Teng Qingshan noticed a man of Qing Hu Island fled into a passageway at a junction. Because it was completely dark, no one noticed. However, Teng Qingshan did! And so, Teng Qingshan immediately turned into that passageway!

    They were only around five zhang away from each other.

    "Xiu!" A flying knife shot out and was as fast as lightning. It was too fast! When the escaping True Dan Innate Experts noticed, he barely had the time to dodge to the side.


    The flying knife still pierced into the True Dan Innate Expert's body and was blasted away by the Innate True Origin on his skin. Although that person was injured, he was still running!

    "Hmph, still running?" Teng Qingshan looked at this scene coldly. Because......ten zhang away from the True Dan Innate Expert was a wall!

    That was a dead end!

    Teng Qingshan could see but that person couldn't. That person did not form the glowing bubble of Innate True Origin and he could only see one zhang away. That person was only thinking, "That's a Concealed Weapon Expert. Run. I must run farther away." The person accelerated with all his might, but when he saw the wall which was on zhang away from him. With his speed.....

    He didn't have any time to react!

    "Pathetic." Teng Qingshan said as he watched......


    A deep sound of a fierce crash sounded.

    That True Dan Innate Expert smashed onto the wall like tofu. Blood splattered and the True Dan Innate Expert collapsed on the ground.

    "One smashed to death!" Teng Qingshan was clear that the impact of this kind of speed is the same as the impact of falling from a cliff that is few hundred zhang high and crashing into the ground.

    "Ah!" Screams came from afar and the sounds of battle resounded.

    "Death has come......" Teng Qingshan muttered.
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