Chapter 33: The Doleful and Furious Roars!

    Book 5 Chapter 33 The Doleful and Furious Roars!

    In the pitch-black Heavenly Flood Palace, Teng Qingshan ventured into many passageways as if he was walking in his own yard. As he walked, he gradually drew very near to the source of the furious roars.



    Mad roars rang successively. The deep and heavy roars sounded like thunderbolts rumbling in the maze. Closer to the three zhang tall walls of the Heavenly Flood Palace's maze passageways, the echoes spread out continuously! If one was a little farther away, he would be unable find the location due to the great number of echos.

    At the corner.

    Teng Qingshan stood there watching the fierce fight which happened in the passageway thirty zhang away. The person fighting was Elder Hu who was dressed in a green cloak! In the past, this Elder Hu commanded the Golden Scale Guards of Qing Hu Island to attack Yanjiang City. Because Teng Qingshan and Yan Motian arrived quickly, Elder Hu's plan to attack Yanjiang City failed.

    "What a good fellow. He is actually fighting the Aquatic White Rhino." Teng Qingshan's eyes brightened.

    The demonic beast fighting with Elder Hu was two zhang tall and four zhang long. The enormous beast's entire body was the color of white rocks. The thick and strong tendons covering its robust body appeared like big snakes that twined around the body.

    Its head looked like the head of a water buffalo. On top of the head was a thick and sharp white horn while its eyes beamed a greenish glow.

    Aquatic White Rhino: extremely powerful. A very rare kind of demonic beast that lived in the water most of the time. It could also survive on land. Once it reached peak strength, it would have the power to threaten Golden Dan Innate Experts. It was famous for its great power and its ability to puff white smoke.

    "Damned beast!"

    Elder Hu continually dodged like a fluttering butterfly as the four chi long sword in his hand transformed into an illusion. The Aquatic White Rhino recklessly stomped its feet and lowered its head as it charged forcefully forward! Occasionally, puffs of white smoke could be seen coming out from its mouth......causing its enemy to be unable to defend himself.

    "Eh?" Teng Qingshan could see distinctly that when Elder Hu thrusted his sword into the Aquatic White Rhino's body, the sword only penetrated around a depth of one chi, unable to thrust any deeper. Simultaneously, Elder Hu rapidly pulled out his sword and retreated at lightning speed. The Aquatic White Rhino immediately turned and puffs of white smokes gushed out from its mouth.

    "The Aquatic White Rhino's whole body is covered with muscles. The muscles not only make it extremely strong but also cause its defense to be powerful." Teng Qingshan was extremely surprised.

    This Aquatic White Rhino did not have the hard scale armor of the Red Scaled Beast, but it had terrifying muscles.

    It was just like ordinary farm oxen. Such oxen usually had many tendons and its raw meat was extremely difficult to bite through.

    It was the same principle.

    The physical structure of the Aquatic White Rhino was similar to an ox, but the tendons of the Aquatic White Rhino were thicker and denser than the tendons of oxen. Its muscles were harder and thicker! Although the surface layer could be pierced through, but......because the muscles were too hard, even the full thrust of a Golden Dan Innate Experts could only penetrate one chi deep.

    "As expected, demonic beasts are really talented." Teng Qingshan praised in his heart.

    "Roar~~" The Aquatic White Rhino roared as it charged forward. Because Elder Hu had just dodged the puffs of white smoke, he dodged slightly slower this time and was kicked by the Aquatic White Rhino.

    Bang! Elder Hu, who was enveloped by the Innate True Origin, was knocked through the air and crashed into the wall.

    The Aquatic White Rhino's whole body was covered with blood. It roared furiously and charged forward again.

    "This great strength." This demonic beast was a pain in the neck to Elder Hu. "This Aquatic White Rhino seems to have targeted me. It won't let me escape no matter what." Elder Hu totally did not wish to fight a battle of life and death with this Aquatic White Rhino, but......the Aquatic White Rhino that had spent most of its life here could see very far away in this pitch black environment.

    Aquatic White Rhino had the speed of a Golden Dan Innate Expert and night vision, therefore, it could easily catch up to Elder Hu.

    Elder Hu couldn't escape even if he wanted to. Thus, he could only fight!


    "Great chance." Two knives appeared in Teng Qingshan hands as he focused on the man and demonic beast in the distance.

    The Teng Qingshan now was unable to kill a Golden Dan Innate Expert of Qing Hu Island! However, at this moment.......Elder Hu and the Aquatic White Rhino were fighting a fierce battle and this was a good opportunity.

    "Goodbye, Elder Hu." Teng Qingshan narrowed his eyes and waved his left and right hands at the same time.

    Two icy flashes slashed across the dark space simultaneously.


    "If I wanted to kill this Aquatic White Rhino......With its tough meat, I can only win by piercing through the weak points!" At this moment, Elder Hu was in tatters. Although he wasn't heavily wounded after fighting over ten rounds, he was knocked into the air multiple times and the impact caused his internal organs to feel unwell. "However, this Aquatic White Rhino is very protective of its weak points."

    Elder Hu knew clearly of the weak points of the Aquatic White Rhino, which were mainly the eyes and neck.

    However, if Elder Hu attacked these weak points, the Aquatic White Rhino would definitely puff white smoke. If the white smoke froze him, even if he did not die, he would be heavily wounded and be gnawed into crushed meat by the strong jaws of the angry Aquatic White Rhino.

    Therefore, Elder Hu dodged from the face of the Aquatic White Rhino every time. It was also because the Aquatic White Rhino had another weak point.

    "I'll attack its private parts, and thrust into the internal organs. I could blast its internal organs with the Innate True Origin!" Elder Hu had formulated his plan.

    This seemed a little shameless, but during this situation of life or death, who would care about reputation.

    "Roar~~" The Aquatic White Rhino had the intelligence of humans. How would it let Elder Hu succeed easily?


    The terrifying thick legs that seemed like stone pillars swept towards Elder Hu forcefully. The powerful legs caused the air to be pressured into visible waves.

    "I've hit it thirty two times in all. Although they weren't weak points, but its speed is decreasing slowly." Elder Hu was about to back away nimbly when his ears suddenly pricked and his countenance changed drastically.

    Two ear-piercing shrieks along with the vibration of air were pressing towards Elder Hu at lightning speed.

    "An ambush!" Elder Hu was frightened and shocked

    The legs of the Aquatic White Rhino were in front while two flying knives were behind.

    "Who is it!" Elder Hu roared and twisted his body forcefully. The thick and strong legs slashed across his chest as the four chi sword in Elder Hu's hand flashed with an icy glow.



    A flying knife was blocked, but the other pierced into Elder Hu's thigh!

    "Powerful!" Far away in the darkness, Teng Qingshan praised secretly, "Elder Hu controlled the space with the power of the Golden Dan Innate Expert. Because of his control of the space, he managed to dodge the leg and block one of my flying knives within seconds. A knife did injure him, but it did not injure his weak points. He is really powerful. " Teng Qingshan also realized--

    After the flying knives were thrown, he couldn't make the flying knives turn especially when the knives were approaching Elder Hu.

    The connection of the knives to his mind seemed to have been blocked.

    "Golden Dan Innate Experts can control the surrounding space with a powerful mind. With such a powerful mind that could remove the resistance of air, it wouldn't be weird to block the telepathic connection between me and my knives." Teng Qingshan knew clearly of the reason why the Golden Dan Innate Experts could attack without the resistance of air.

    It relied on a powerful mind or the "Spirit" of the Vitality, Qi, and Spirit.


    "Qin Lang, why did you do that!!!" Elder Hu roared furiously.

    With his leg stabbed, Elder Hu's speed decreased drastically.

    "Bang!" Because Elder Hu was wounded, he dodged the Aquatic White Rhino with a slow speed, and the Aquatic White Rhino kicked the long sword in Elder Hu's hand. The long sword bent and hit Elder Hu's chest and Elder crashed into the wall in the distance like a sandbag.

    The walls of the passageway trembled.

    "Boom!" The Aquatic White Rhino charged forcefully at lightning speed

    Seeing that, Elder Hu leaped up and narrowly dodged the demonic beast.

    "Qin Lang!!!' Elder Hu roared angrily.


    "This old fellow actually guessed it was me." Teng Qingshan thought as he peeked from the corner far away, "It's because I performed my skill of flying knives when I joined the group of innate experts! Those old fellows must have acquired information about me."

    Previously, when all the innate experts entered the underground lake together, the men of Qing Hu Island knew most people but they didn't know Qin Lang. Therefore, they inquired and the men of other sects said that Teng Qingshan possessed the skills of flying knives. The group of Qing Hu Island knew most people.

    "Elder Hu, you can only blame yourself for killing the hunters of Great Yan Mountain recklessly....." Teng Qingshan murmured in his mind as he threw out two more flying knives.

    Xiu! Xiu!

    The superiors of Qing Hu Island ordered the death all of the nearly two hundred hunters. To them, it was just to keep everything a secret! As for the killing of the great number of hunters.........they felt nothing. To these people of high positions, killing this great number of people was the same as stomping a swarm of ants dead.

    However, the time for revenge had come!


    As Elder Hu's "Spirit" sensed the waves of space, he immediately figured out that the waves of air were two flying knives again and his facial expression changed. His leg was already hurt and he was already in a state of crisis. If two more flying knives darted towards him, he would definitely die. With a horrific expression, Elder Hu roared, "Qin Lang, Qing Hu Island will definitely avenge me!"

    As the roars echoed, he thrust his sword towards the Aquatic White Rhino's throat. He was going to die anyway, therefore, he must drag one enemy to hell with him.

    "Roar~~" The Aquatic White Rhino wasn't stupid. At this moment, it breathed out the white smoke as it retreated rapidly.

    "Chi!" The sword pierced through the side of the Aquatic White Rhino's neck.



    At the same time Elder Hu thrust his sword, two flying knives pierced into his body. One shot into his waist and the other pierced through his back and into his chest. Elder Hu's eyes were also red.

    "Whew~~~" The white smoke enveloped Elder Hu and he instantly became a white frozen man.

    "Roar~~" The Aquatic White Rhino, whose neck was bleeding continuously, roared angrily and charged towards the frozen man, crushing it with its thick and big legs.

    "Roar~~" The Aquatic White Rhino raised its head and howled to the sky. At this moment, the speed of the bleeding on its neck also decreased.

    Fortunately, it had thick skin and hard meat and it retreated quick enough, thus, it was only heavily injured and did not die with Elder Hu.

    The heavily injured Aquatic White Rhino turned and ran into the passageway.


    A red one zhang long big snake lay on the ground of the passageway. Bloodstains and dents could be seen on the walls on both sides and the dents were recovering speedily. The handsome Zhao Danchen sat cross-legged nearby as he regulated his breathing.

    "Qin Lang, Qing Hu Island will definitely avenge me!!!" The doleful and angry roar echoed continuously in the Heavenly Flood Palace.

    The Heavenly Flood Palace was dozens of Li wide. With the power of a Golden Dan Innate Expert, the furious roar could easily reverberate several dozen of Li away.

    Hearing the sound, Zhao Danchen's facial expression changed.

    "It's Elder Hu's voice! Did Qin Lang kill Elder Hu?" Zhao Danchen's expression changed drastically, "That Qin Lang is only a True Dan Innate Expert?" Although Zhao Danchen did not understand how Qin Lang managed to kill the Golden Dan Innate Expert Elder Hu, a murderous intent surged in his heart.

    "This Qin Lang was the one that revealed the entrance of the Bottomless Pit! Now, he killed Elder Hu!" Zhao Danchen's eyes were filled with a killing intent, "Qin Lang, I will crush you into pieces!"


    The furious roar emitted by Elder Hu before his death resounded through the entire Heavenly Flood Palace, causing all the innate experts to discuss "How Qin Lang killed Elder Hu."

    Regarding this, no one felt sympathy, because everyone had killed a big group of people together.


    The furious roar not only resounded within the entire Heavenly Flood Palace, but also outside the Heavenly Flood Palace. Gu Yong and the other three people that were waiting silently for news of the fight for the treasure also heard the doleful and furious roar.

    "Qin Lang, Qing Hu Island will definitely avenge me!"

    The facial expressions of Gu Yong and the other three changed drastically.

    "It's Elder Hu's voice." Gu Yong's martial sister said as her facial expression changed.

    "Elder Hu should be dead! Then.....the battle must have begun inside. I don't know how many of our Qing Hu Island's men can survive."

    Qing Hu Island's men had already hated Qin Lang to the bones.

    Gu Yong's face darkened and the murderous intent flashed in his eyes as he said in a deep voice, "This Qin Lang must be killed! He must die in endless pain!"

    As Elder Liu was walking with Elder Hu before, he also encountered the Aquatic White Rhino. During that encounter, Elder Liu's shoulder was frozen from a blast of the smoke white. His right arm was almost considered disabled. Because his arm was almost disabled, Elder Liu was only a burden. Thus, Elder Hu asked him to go ahead while he himself fought the Aquatic White Rhino.

    In the gloomy passageway.

    When the Aquatic White Rhino pursued him, he hastily ran in fright. However, he couldn't manage to escape and could only hide in the passageway.

    "I definitely won't be able to fight the Aquatic White Rhino." Elder Liu stared at the forked passageway.

    The Aquatic White Rhino's eyes beamed a greenish glow as it cast a glance towards the passageway Elder Liu was in and actually went towards the right route.

    "It didn't kill me?" Elder Liu gasped a breath of relief.

    Demonic beasts were intelligent creatures. The Aquatic White Rhino had the ability to judge--It knew that the escaping human was very weak and posed no threat to it. It was currently heavily wounded and needed healing and recuperation, thus, it ignored those humans.

    The moment Elder Liu breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Xiu!" "Xiu!"

    Two knifes pierced through the air.

    Elder Liu pricked his ears and his facial expression changed drastically as he yelled, "Qin Lang!" The war saber in his left hand transformed into shadows at a lightning speed.

    "Clang!" "Clang!" One of the flying knives transformed into dust while the other only scraped past and penetrated Elder Liu's protective Innate True Origin and pierced through Elder Liu's stomach. Instantly, blood dyed his clothes red.

    "I am really not used to wielding the saber with my left hand," Elder Liu said hatefully. The knife was fast to the point his body couldn't dodge, but the speed of his saber was fast enough.

    If his right hand wasn't disabled, he wouldn't be trapped this easily.

    "Rumble~~~" A fierce figure appeared from the dark in front like a statue of a demon god.

    Elder Liu could finally see the face clearly. As soon as he saw the visage, he clenched his teeth and shouted, "Qin Lang!"
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