Chapter 36: Its Fate!

    Book 5 Chapter 36 It's Fate!

    In the passageway...

    "Roar~~" "Roar~~~" The Old Dragon Turtle blocked the entrance and occasionally roared a few times as it chatted with Wu Hou.

    "Zhao Danchen, don't stand there. No matter how anxious you are, it's useless." Wu Hou stretched lazily. Suddenly, his expression changed. He looked towards the other end of the passageway and yelled, "Someone's there!" Wu Hou, who had been sitting on the ground, dashed a distance of twenty zhang in a flash.

    "Someone?" Zhao Danchen also dashed to the corner at lightning speed.

    Teng Qingshan, who was waiting silently at the corner, realized in shock that Wu Hou and Zhao Danchen had dashed towards him.

    "How did he notice me?" Because of the late reaction, Teng Qingshan only managed to run three zhang away.

    "Qin Lang?" Wu Hou looked at the fleeing figure as he said, "It's actually you?"

    "It's Qin Lang!" Zhao Danchen was shocked at first. His eyes immediately turned red and his expression horrifying as he roared, "Qin Lang, don't run!!!" The roar resounded in the passageway as Zhao Danchen started pursuing Teng Qingshan at the fastest speed possible. With Zhao Danchen in pursuit, the two were only five zhang away from each other.

    Given his speed, how could Teng Qingshan escape?

    "Xiu!" Teng Qingshan had only dashed away for over thirty zhang when a figure flew past the top of his head and blocked his way.

    "Qin Lang, where do you think you are going?" The murderous intent in Zhao Danchen's eyes was inconcealable. The corners of his eyes and his face muscles were twitching. His handsome face had became terrifying at this moment.

    "Elder Zhao, nice Qing Gong," said Teng Qingshan, smiling bitterly. 'So it was them!'

    At this moment, Teng Qingshan noticed the sounds coming from twenty zhang away. Soon, six figures had appeared at the corner in front. It was the five innate experts of Xiao Yao Palace and the Long-Browed Old Monk. Teng Qingshan instantly understood, and smiled bitterly yet again. "So Wu Hou didn't notice me, but those people did!"

    "Qin Lang, your ability of aura concealment is amazing. You were actually near me, but I hadn't even noticed you." At this moment, Wu Hou walked over and stared at Teng Qingshan as he said, "I rarely admire people, but I really do admire this aura concealment ability of yours. Powerful, really powerful!"

    Wu Hou praised a few times.

    "What's the use of it being powerful," Teng Qingshan said with a bitter smile. "Senior Wu Hou, I would be extremely grateful if you could help me stop this mad Zhao Danchen.

    "Brother Wu Hou, this Qin Lang killed Elder Hu of my Qing Hu Island, and the deaths of the other elders are most likely also related to this Qin Lang! I of Qing Hu Island have sworn to kill him!" Zhao Danchen said in a deep voice. "If you try to stop me, you will be going against the entire Qing Hu Island!" Zhao Danchen was so angry that his face had turned red.

    It was obvious that he was furious!

    He hated this Qin Lang, who had revealed the Bottomless Pit, the most.

    "He's about to go crazy." Wu Hou went to the side, showing that he wouldn't interfere. "It's between you two. Settle it yourselves."

    "What are you guys doing here?" Elder Shi, the elegant purple-cloaked man of Xiao Yao Palace smiled awkwardly.

    It looks like the treasure isn't that easily obtained." The Long-Browed Old Monk frowned. Zhao Danchen and Wu Hou were here instead of attempting to get the treasure. This was weird! Even if they had taken the treasure, they would have already left quickly instead of wasting their time here. Since, the longer one would stay, the easier trouble would come.

    Teng Qingshan looked towards the group of people walking towards them and hastily said, "Elder Shi, now this Zhao Danchen has put the deaths of the men of Qing Hu Island on my account."

    The five men of Xiao Yao Palace and the Long-Browed Old Monk frowned.

    While the Long-Browed Old Monk and Xiao Yao Palace were on their way, they had found out...... that everyone had killed Qing Hu Island's group of experts. It had been done by a group of people, not just by Teng Qingshan alone.

    "Elder Shi, I believe that the deaths of the Elders must have been caused by many things. It must have been very complicated. Qing Hu Island will carefully investigate the situation in the future, at the right time. However, we are sure that this Qin Lang is the head of the evil!" Fire shone in Zhao Danchen's eyes as he looked at the men of Xiao Yao Palace and said, "I hope you all won't interfere."

    "Of course, this is between Qing Hu Island and Qin Lang," Elder Shi of Xiao Yao Palace said with a smile.

    These Great Sects wouldn't bother to go against Qing Hu Island for Qin Lang, a person who wandered the world alone.

    Previously, everyone had killed the elders of Qing Hu Island together, so Qing Hu Island wouldn't dare to mention it in the future. However, if they interfered now, it meant that Xiao Yao Island would be going against Qing Hu Island...... Was doing such a thing worth it for a mere Qin Lang? It was not!

    In the dark passageway, Teng Qingshan was already by himself, unable to count on anyone's help. He was now Qin Lang with no sect. Because of this identity, no one was willing to help him. Even the King of Beasts wouldn't offend the enormous Qing Hu Island for Teng Qingshan, whom he had no deep relations with.

    "What should I do to get out of this mess now?"

    Teng Qingshan was nervously pondering every option. He clearly knew that he couldn't force Xiao Yao Palace to help him...... If he forcefully implicated them, then the men of Xiao Yao Palace, along with Zhao Danchen, could kill him in anger. Right now, it was only Zhao Danchen who wanted to kill him.

    He himself still had a small sense of hope!

    The possibility to struggle!

    "If I fight him, even if I took the Reincarnation Spear out, it would have no use." Teng Qingshan felt nervous in his heart, but he still tried to stall for time by talking, "Elder Zhao, how could I possibly kill Elder Hu with the ability of the True Dan Innate Expert? That's definitely wrong."

    "Hmph, I heard Elder Hu's last roar clearly." Zhao Danchen got closer, step by step, wearing a terrifying expression on his face as he said, "Just stop struggling...... However, rest assured, for I won't let you die easily. I will make you regret! Regret for going against Qing Hu Island!"

    Zhao Danchen clenched his teeth as he spoke.

    At this moment, of course Zhao Danchen couldn't kill Teng Qingshan with one strike. Because if he didn't make Teng Qingshan die a painful death, that would be letting him off too easily!

    Therefore, Teng Qingshan had to be tortured! He had to be forcefully tortured!

    It would be best to obliterate his martial arts! Break his limbs apart, pierce his eyes blind and cut off his tongue! To lock him in a gloomy cell and torture him everyday...... To make him die in the midst of the anguish and darkness, after endless torture. Zhao Danchen could only vent his hatred this way. So many innate experts were now dead, and they hadn't even got Emperor Yu's Treasure.

    To Qing Hu Island, no matter how fierce the means of torture were, it would still not be not enough because of this great hatred.

    "Kill you with one strike? In your dreams," Zhao Danchen said as he approached.

    Teng Qingshan backed away step by a step. Within this short time, Teng Qingshan had thought of a great number of plans, but all of them with little hope for success. He then thought, "With the ability of a Golden Dan Innate Expert, killing me..... is as easy as raising his hand! Now, my only possibility is to put myself in a hopeless situation, so that I have a chance to stay alive! The Golden Dragon Turtle is there...... I must escape to the Dragon Turtle's side.

    The men couldn't help him, so Teng Qingshan could only pin his hope on the demonic beasts.

    'With the peculiar physical qualities, if I fought Zhao Danchen beside the Dragon Turtle, there is still hope.' Teng Qingshan knew clearly that he could only rely on his peculiar physical qualities and some close-range battle techniques.

    These were common in the world of his previous life, but rarely seen in the nine prefectures.

    However...... the opponent was a Golden Dan Innate Expert! He could end his hope with one strike.

    "Elder Zhao, I hope you can give me a quick death!" Teng Qingshan shouted. At this moment, he had already retreated to the corner.

    "Haha....." Zhao Danchen laughed because of extreme anger and madness.


    Teng Qingshan dashed towards the Golden Dragon Turtle.

    "Hmph. Deathbed struggles." Zhao Danchen wasn't worried at all, because he knew that the location of the treasure was a dead end. Qin Lang had no other way to go.

    "Let me cut your legs and hand tendons first." Zhao Danchen dashed into the passageway where the entrance of the treasure was located, with lightning speed.

    The King of Beasts Wu Hou, the five men of Xiao Yao Palace and the Long- Browed Old Monk also walked into the passageway.

    "What a pity... A rather powerful figure." Wu Hou sighed emotionally, saying, "But it looks like there's enmity between him and Qing Hu Island too."


    The two Shining Pearls illuminated a dusky, soft glow as the Golden Dragon Turtle laid there. When the Long-Browed Old Monk and the five men of Xiao Yao Palace saw this, their expressions changed. The Golden Dragon Turtle was here. It would be troublesome now!

    As for Teng Qingshan, he was right beside the Golden Dragon Turtle at this moment.

    "Did you think that the dragon turtle would help you?" Zhao Danchen held the longsword in his hand, bowing to the Golden Dragon Turtle to show his respect. He then straightened his body and continued walking towards Teng Qingshan.

    "Zhao Danchen!"

    Teng Qingshan's face turned cold, no sense of fear visible in his expression.

    "Click clack~~" Teng Qingshan's body emitted some painful sounds and he began growing taller at a visible speed. His arms, legs became thicker. "Ch iChi~~" The clean black sleeves burst open and revealed the extremely strong arms that appeared to have concrete iron coiled around them.

    The green tendons entwined his body like green snakes.

    Instantly, Teng Qingshan transformed into a godly or demon-like creature!

    "Eh?" Zhao Danchen looked at this scene in surprise. He then sneered and said, "You finally seem to be something. However, it's useless even if you resist." Zhao Danchen didn't even care......

    Teng Qingshan had made up his mind.

    Once they start, his huge body would plant a sense of misconception in Zhao Danchen's mind and once he began to struggle between life and death, he would perform a shocking flexibility. His fingers, head, and every parts of his body would be flexible...... As long as Zhao Danchen hadn't killed him yet, he would do anything to kill Zhao Danchen!

    "Then try!" Teng Qingshan said coldly.

    Wu Hou, the Long-Browed Old Monk, and the five men of Xiao Yao Island watched from a distance.

    "Come!" Teng Qingshan felt his blood boiling. The flowing speed of his blood was over ten times faster than usual, and even his eyes turned red.

    The corner of Zhao Danchen's mouth curved up into a ruthless smile, and his body transformed into a gush of wind.

    Teng Qingshan was like a huge gorilla as he charged forward.


    Along with the loud bang, Zhao Danchen, who had transformed into a gush of wind, flew ten zhang up. Blood splattered as he fell heavily on the ground.

    Zhao Danchen laid prostrate on the ground. "Pu!" He spat blood and turned to look at the Golden Dragon Turtle with an unbelievable expression.

    "The Dragon Turtle..... Why did it....." Zhao Danchen was shocked.

    "Old Dragon Turtle?" Wu Hou, Long-Browed Old Monk and the five men of Xiao Yao Palace looked at the Golden Dragon Turtle in shock.

    Teng Qingshan, who had already dashed three zhang away, looked at the enormous creature in shock, "Why... why did it help me?" The Golden Dragon Turtle had already left the entrance and was scanning the group of humans. It then turned its head and looked towards Teng Qingshan, who was right beside it.

    Teng Qingshan felt...... the kindness in the pair of big eyes.

    "Bang!" It waved its leg.

    The Golden Dragon Turtle waved its leg too fast. Previously, Zhao Danchen hadn't been able to dodge it, and now, nor could Teng Qingshan.

    "Bang!" Teng Qingshan fell into the entrance to the treasure like a big rock!

    The Golden Dragon Turtle then crawled to the entrance and lied down again, blocking the entrance. It looked at Zhao Danchen, Wu Hou, the Long-Browed Old Monk and the others and opened its mouth proudly, raising its head and letting out a roar that resounded in the entire Heavenly Flood Palace--

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