Chapter 38: Emperor Yus Request

    Book 5 Chapter 38 Emperor Yu's Request

    "I am the owner of the Nine Prefectures' cauldrons. My name is Yu!"

    "The virtual figure spoke with a deep and gentle sound.

    "Emperor Yu? It's Emperor Yu?" Teng Qingshan quivered and held his breath.

    Emperor Yu's influence in the Nine Prefectures was too great!

    He was the first omnipotent expert!

    He was the first existence that united the entire world. He was honorably called Emperor Yu by the whole world and was now a deity worshiped by the people of the Nine Prefectures during every Yearly Ceremony!

    He united the whole world, constructed the nine cauldron, and divided the Nine Prefectures!

    Since the days of the Emperor Yu, the entire Nine Prefectures really obtained the power to unite. Everyone acknowledged himself as the people of the Nine Prefectures! Everyone worshiped Emperor Yu and the nine cauldrons during the Yearly Ceremony! In the hearts of the people of the Nine Prefectures, regarding the status.......the later Heavenly Emperor Qin, Martial Ancestor Shiga, and the Poetic Sword God could not be compared with Emperor Yu.

    The Emperor was already made a god!

    The faith of the generations of people!

    "I don't know how many years have passed since the time you found this." The tall and big virtual figure sighed emotionally and said, "As the time passed, nothing can exist eternally. Even I wouldn't be able to guess......if your generation knew of me, Yu!"

    Teng Qingshan listened silently. He understood. This was projection left by Emperor Yu. As Emperor Yu spoke, he pondered, "Emperor Yu said that I am the owner of the Nine Prefectures' cauldrons? Could it be......" Teng Qingshan touched the tiny cauldron on his chest as he thought, "This is one of the Nine Prefectures' cauldrons?"

    The tall and big virtual figure continued talking.

    "Owner of the Nine Prefectures' cauldron, I left this Heavenly Flood Palace because I have a request to the future you. Of course, as I have a request, i would leave some treasures for you." The deep and gentle voice resounded in the ball of light. Emperor Yu's voice made Teng Qingshan very comfortable.

    Although he never met the real Emperor Yu and only watched this projection, but Teng Qingshan already liked Emperor Yu.

    "A request to me? Leave treasures to me?" Teng Qingshan listened carefully.

    Emperor Yu smiled and said, "When I was young, this whole world had numerous tribes that killed each other. There were numerous mountains on the ground, and the rivers flooded. I wanted to change this.......However, if I wanted to do this, I must possess unmatched martial strength."

    "The world inspired me as I trained arduously. Simultaneously, my tribe expanded continuously.....Of course, many things happened as it expanded. In the end, I broke through the Emptiness Realm and reached the Paramount Completion Realm. I united the whole world, hacked the mountains, and cleaned the rivers. In the end, I constructed the nine cauldrons and divided the world into the Nine Prefectures......Since I have said these, I believe you have a certain understanding of me."

    Teng Qingshan grinned secretly.

    Emperor Yu was really interesting.......He was probably afraid that so much time had passed that the world wouldn't know the stories of Emperor Yu. Therefore, he simply explained it. Actually, it wouldn't be weird if Emperor Yu thought so.


    Before Emperor Yu came, the annihilation of tribes happened one by one. The courageous and eminent figures didn't leave any trace in history. Even Emperor Yu couldn't predict what would happen in the future.

    "Do you know why I constructed the nine cauldrons and why i divided the world into the Nine Prefectures?" The tall and big virtual figure asked.

    "Eh?" Teng Qingshan felt puzzled

    "Divide the world into the Nine Prefectures? Probably for a better way to notify the world. As for the construction of the nine cauldrons? Just for a symbolic meaning.

    "I constructed the nine cauldron and divided the Nine Prefectures! This was connected to the secret of the whole world......If you reached the Emptiness Realm, you would probably understand." The tall and big virtual figure continued.

    Teng Qingshan's eyes brightened.

    He hadn't even stepped in the Emptiness Realm, let alone successfully reaching the realm. "So the construction of the nine cauldrons and the partition of the Nine Prefectures?" Teng QIngshan listened carefully.

    "The way of training was through absorbing the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. Training Vitality into Qi was called the Postliminary Realm! The next step was refreshing the Spirit to reach a harmonization of the Spirit and Qi. Only then can a person reach the Innate Realm. The Innate Realm was actually a process to refresh the Spirit, strengthen the Spirit, assimilating the Spirit into the Dantian. Thus, the Innate True Origin would become stronger, and the person would reach the Golden Dan of the Innate Realm. You can say that the human body would then reach a pinnacle point." Emperor Yu said.

    Teng Qingshan finally understood why some secret techniques always mention mankind's realms. Actually those are all just a name. The use of all these realms was just to refresh the Spirit, causing the Spirit to become stronger.

    Teng Qingshan felt an immense joy and said to himself, "Right. The Golden Dan Innate Expert could use the Spirit to eliminate the resistance of air. Yes. The three great phase of the Innate Realm was actually a process to strengthen the Spirit."

    "Only after one reached the Golden Dan of the Innate Realm could the Spirit become strong enough to feel the world and understand the ways of the heavens and earth." Emperor Yu said, "To explain it more simply.......It's like knowing someone. The Emptiness Realm is knowing the heavens and earth! When you know the heavens and earth deeply, you could then begin to use the power of the heavens and earth. This meant that you finally stepped into the Emptiness Realm! This is Training Spirit into Emptiness!" The tal and big virtual figure continued saying.

    Teng Qingshan nodded to himself as he listened carefully.

    "The Emptiness Realm can be divided into two levels, Minute Subtlety and Insightful Emptiness." The virtual figure Emperor Yu said, "Minute Subtlety is the phase that allowed oneself to understand the world and assimilate into the heavens and earth, reaching the paramount. As for the invisibility.......During my three hundred years in this world, I realized that besides me, there were only three who could reach the Insightful Emptiness in this world."

    Teng Qingshan sighed in shock.

    Actually, feeling the entire heavens and earth to reach the paramount was extremely difficult. Teng Qingshan thought, "Those Emptiness Realm Experts of the Eight Supreme Sects of the Nine Prefectures most likely reached the phase of Minute Subtlety.

    "What is Insightful Emptiness? Insightful Emptiness is seeing through the Emptiness Realm! Emptiness...Emptiness is this vast heavens and earth! What is the meaning of looking through Emptiness? Actually, it is understanding the heavens and earth thoroughly and even understanding the essence. You could then create your own empty space!" The Emperor Yu said, "But this is really very difficult. I guess if there is one that reached Insightful Emptiness among ten Emptiness Realm Experts, that is considered quite good."

    Teng Qingshan was very smart. He immediately understood what Emperor Yu meant.

    The ones who have reached the phase of Minute Subtly can assimilate into the heavens and earth and borrow the power of the heavens and earth. They were like the repairmen of cars who knew the structure of the cars and the problems of the car,thus, allowing them to repair vehicles.

    As for the ones who have reached the Insightful Emptiness phase, they were like the people who understood how each part of the car was made and even knew how steel was refined......they can build a car by themselves.

    "Insightful Emptiness is actually understanding the essence of the heavens and earth and creating your own empty space according to the essence of the heavens and earth?" Teng Qingshan was astonished.

    "The ones who reached Minute Subtlety could only assimilate in the heavens and earth, but the ones who have reached the Insightful Emptiness create their own empty space." The tall and big virtual figure sighed emotionally, "Of course, the Insightful Emptiness phase is not a lot stronger than Minute Subtlety."

    Teng Qingshan didn't understood this point.

    Insightful Emptiness was not a lot stronger than Minute Subtlety?

    "Because an Insightful Emptiness Expert refines the energy of the heavens and earth and creates his own world, the expert becomes suppressed by the heavens and earth!" The tall and big figure said,"And because an Insightful Emptiness Expert is suppressed by the heavens and earth, and because the energy that could be refined is too little, therefore, the world the Insightful Emptiness Expert can create would be very small. Usually, the expert could only create the world in his own body.

    Teng Qingshan pondered for a moment and understood .

    The endless land of the Nine Prefectures was one world!

    The Insightful Emptiness Expert could see through the essence of the world and could create his own world...... As a "world," of course the land of the Nine Prefectures would reject it!

    However, the land of the Nine Prefectures was an endless ocean while the world of Insightful Emptiness Expert was a drop of water! The difference of between the two is too big to the point that the expert could only create the world in his own body.

    Of course, the world that the Insightful Emptiness Expert created in his own body was also a lot more inferior than the land of the Nine Prefectures." The tall and big figure said and sighed emotionally.

    Teng Qingshan nodded

    The tiny world created by the Insightful Emptiness Expert would be a cottage, while the land of the Nine Prefectures would be skyscraper.

    "Of course, even though the world within the body is small, as you gain more insight on the essence of the heavens and earth, the construction of the world in the body would gradually become more complete until one day.....the world within the body gets strong enough to fight against the suppression of the land of the Nine Prefectures." The tall and big figure said,"By that time, your world would spread out.....and you would be absolutely unbeatable in your world!"

    Teng Qingshan finally understood!

    No wonder..... ..the omnipotent experts dared to unite the world with their own strength.

    So it was because the omnipotent experts had their own world! As the world spread out, the omnipotent expert would be the master within that area. No matter who, even Emptiness Realm Expert, would have to surrender.

    "Historically, I was the first to reach this realm." Emperor Yu remarked emotionally. "After I reached this realm, i gained insight on the land of the Nine Prefectures! I realized that the energies of the land of the heaven and earth were chaotic, and thus, the mountains were messy and the rivers flooded.....This was why I used all my strength to forge the nine great cauldrons and the Mountain Splitting Axe and placed the nine great cauldrons on the nine great sources of energy of this whole world."

    Teng Qingshan felt his heart beating fast.

    This world had nine sources of energy?

    "After I stopped it, the flooded rivers gradually became better, and the number of disasters decreased." Emperor Yu said, "But I knew.....The sources of energies could only be stopped for a period of time. Therefore, I held the Mountain Splitting Axe and hacked a great mountain away. Simultaneously, I cleaned the channels of the world's rivers. I then divided the world into nine great regions and named the regions the Nine Prefectures."

    "When everything was cleaned, the heavens and earth became peaceful again. The nine cauldrons had no need to suppress the sources. However......these nine cauldrons combined with the sources of the energy of the world and possessed many mystical powers, but this power could not be controlled by the owner." Emperor Yu said, "The nine cauldrons and this Mountain Splitting Axe were forged together.... Only the owner of the Nine Prefectures' cauldrons can get here safely."

    Teng Qingshan then understood completely and simultaneously admired this Emperor Yu from the bottom of his heart.

    The contribution of Emperor Yu was ineffaceable.

    "With so much words said, I actually wanted to ask you to do two things for me." The virtual figure smiled and said, "The two things are actually quite simple. I do not know how many years has passed and what happened to my descendants, the Emperor Yu's Hall. If it has disappeared, I hope you can find my descendants and take care of them......I wish that my descendants won't perish."

    Teng Qingshan laughed. It looked like Emperor Yu was the kind that really valued descendants.

    However, the Emperor Yu's Hall was extremely powerful and obviously wouldn't need Teng Qingshan's care.

    Emperor Yu continued saying, "The second thing. This... Actually, Emperor Yu's Hall is not my only lineage. There is another line of descent!"
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