Chapter 41: The Unexpected

    Book 5 Chapter 41  The Unexpected

    The blood on his body dripped onto the ground and dyed the ground red. At this moment, Teng Qingshan was in such great pain that he was barely conscious. He could only smash the ground repeatedly with his fist to vent this excruciating pain. As each fist fell, a fist-sized hole would appear on the ground.

    If this scene was seen by the experts of Qing Hu Island and Mani Temple, they would be shocked and dumbfounded.

    One should know that the arrow shot by the Golden Dan Innate Expert of the Shooting Sun God Mountain could only make a hole the size of a fist. Now, Teng Qingshan was swinging his fist to vent his pain. The swinging of fists now was different from the full-strength fist swung by Teng Qingshan when he was killing someone. As he swung his fist on the ground to vent his pain, every punch was extremely fierce. If this fist was a full-strength Tiger Cannon Fist, how shocking would the power of his fist be?

    "Chichi~~riiiiip~~" Beneath the lacerated skin, the red muscle fibers entwined together like a compact form of concrete iron. Each muscle group was trembling and twitching.

    The pain was so excruciating that Teng Qingshan felt his conscious fading away. One could imagine how intense such transformation was.


    Emperor Yu was not at fault. Emperor Yu didn't expect that besides Broken Emptiness Expert, normal innate experts or experts who are about to enter the Emptiness Realm could possess a body that was strong to this point! Like the Golden Dan Innate Expert, the physical strength of a Golden Dan Innate Expert was only a few thousand Jin, and adding ten thousand to twenty thousand Jin once at a time wouldn't overburden the body.

    As for Teng Qingshan?

    His physical strength alone was already over twenty thousand Jin and had reached a bottleneck. Now, his body is being transformed by the Force of Ice refined by Emperor Yu's World of Emptiness. This Force of Ice had been accumulated for few thousand years by the Mountain Splitting Axe. With this great amount the of Force of Ice..... there was no need to worry about inadequacy. The only thing to worry about was Teng Qingshan not being able to absorb the Force of Ice.

    Teng Qingshan's body was too strong! The pressure was also too great!

    His physical strength was increasing at a shocking speed. Almost within a second, his strength went around a hundred Jin. Such an extreme rate of improvement did improve the ability at lightning speed, but the pain that came along with the rapid improvements was terrifying.

    "Ahhhhhh~~" Teng Qingshan's pupils were completely red. His vision had become blurred, and he could only see the color red.

    At this moment, Teng Qingshan had transformed into a demonic beast of the Desolate Land whose strength was increasing repeatedly. He was losing consciousness......Normally, even when powerful experts experienced such pain, they would pass out. However, Teng Qingshan's willpower was too strong, therefore, it was extremely difficult to make him faint.


    In Teng Qingshan's subconscious, he felt reluctant to faint.


    The instant Teng Qingshan held the Mountain Splitting Axe, the beams of azure green light instantly flowed back towards the Splitting Mountain Axe. The azure green beams in the Heavenly Flood Palace were beginning to show weakening signs.

    "Rumble~~~" The Heavenly Flood Palace started to tremble.

    In the maze of the Heavenly Flood Palace, at the entrance of the tunnel.

    "It shook again?" King of Beasts Wu Hou asked as he sat on the ground and leaned on the wall.

    puzzled. Zhao Danchen, at the side, said with cold apathetic eyes, "How is it possible to obtain Emperor Yu's Treasure that easily? That Qin Lang must have stepped on some mechanical trap and caused the palace to tremble."

    "What Elder Zhao said sounds reasonable." Elder Shi of Xiao Yao Palace responded.

    As for the Long-browed Old Monk, he casted a glance at the Golden Dragon Turtle lying on the entrance and closed his eyes again to cultivate his Spirit.

    These people risked their lives and came to this Heavenly Flood Palace. All of them desired Emperor Yu's Treasure. Previously, Qin Lang might have been in the same team as the Xiao Yao Palace, but now, Mani Temple, Xiao Yao Palace, and even the King of Beasts Wu Hou hoped that Qin Lang wouldn't be able to obtain the treasure.

    Only then was tehere hope for them.

    At the bottom level of the Heavenly Flood Palace.

    The nine tripod cauldrons continued guarding the Splitting Mountain Axe like they been for a few thousand years. At this moment, Teng Qingshan was holding the Splitting Mountain Axe with his right hand. He was originally smashing the ground ferociously. But now, he stopped. Teng Qingshan had passed the most dangerous and most painful stage, and the pain was now decreasing.

    Just as the pain was decreasing, the speed of the improvement of Teng Qingshan's body was also decreasing.

    The pain and speed of the improvement had decreased to the limit of Teng Qingshan's physical endurance.

    "What a horrifying pain." Teng Qingshan felt the numbness on every part of his body and the occasional needle-pricking pain. However, Teng Qingshan already didn't care about such little pain. He then said to himself, "However, the improvement this time is really shocking! Emperor Yu's way of strengthening the body is really impressive."

    Teng Qingshan could distinctly feel the vigorous force within his body! The Force was as endless as the ocean!

    "My strength increased at least two-fold, maybe more!" Under Teng Qingshan's control, his bones made sounds simultaneously. "The bones of my entire body must have experienced changes the most." Teng Qingshan noticed that......most of the white glow had been hammering the bones of his entire body. The bones seemed to have undergone hammering a million times like a chunk of iron, and the density of the bones increased continually.

    Initially, the hardness of Teng Qingshan's bones had been equal to precious materials like iron. Yet, the level the hardness his bones had attained now was unknown.

    "I can only know how much improvement there is if I test it out."

    With this, Teng QIngshan swung his left fist forcefully.

    "Hua--" The air emitted an ear-piercing scream. Teng Qingshan's iron fist had already blasted on the azure green ground. Along with the "Bang" sound, the trembling ground trembled even more severely. Simultaneously, a hole the size of a head appeared. This scene shocked Teng Qingshan.

    "By using only my physical strength, my punch was actually almost as powerful as the arrow of a Golden Dan Innate Expert?" Teng Qingshan also understood. During that time, the expert of the Shooting Sun God Mountain used the Innate True Origin as the arrow.

    "I guess my current physical strength is threefold my strength in the past." Teng Qingshan assumed, "If my Innate True Origin was added, with the physical strength and the Innate True Origin, I should be almost the same as the Golden Dan Innate Expert!" Teng QIngshan finally realized......how great the reward was! In comparison, Emperor Yu's other two gift were not as valuable as this gift!

    With the body as strong as a top-level demonic beast, an Emptiness Dan Innate Expert's strength could be stronger than the strength of the Golden Dan Innate Expert.

    Of course, such achievement was also attained because Teng Qingshan's body was already strong enough in the beginning.

    "My strength is astonishing. However, regarding the realm that I have attained, I am still a lot more weaker than the Golden Dan Innate Expert. They can eliminate air resistance, whereas I can't." Teng Qingshan understood. "I am still no match if I were to face a Golden Dan Innate Expert today. However, I could kill the True Dan Innate Expert easily!" In terms of the burst of strength, Teng Qingshan's ability was twofold the ability of a True Dan Innate Expert!

    With his ability now, killing a True Dan Innate Expert was very easy.

    "Eh?" Teng Qingshan suddenly saw that there were numerous fist-sized holes on the ground.

    "Why didn't the holes recover after such a long time?" Teng Qingshan was so surprised.

    Indeed. The holes that Teng Qingshan had blasted did not recover!

    Because the Splitting Mountain Axe was the core of the entire Heavenly Flood Mountain, the existence of the Heavenly Flood Mountain was supported by the energy that was repeatedly refined by the Splitting Mountain Axe.

    All the azure green glow was flowing back and fading away.

    The trembling of the Heavenly Flood Palace became increasingly fierce!

    "Rumble~~~" The entire maze seemed to be shaken by a giant. As Teng Qingshan looked down at the ground, his facial expression changed drastically--

    "Crack~~~" Fissures appeared on the ground.

    Teng Qingshan raised his head and saw that the the ceiling that was supporting the maze above was even more severely cracked.

    "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" Many huge azure green rocks fell from above. Within a blink of an eye, the entire Heavenly Flood Palace began collapsing.


    Within the maze.

    The group of Xiao Yao Palace's men, Qing Hu Island's men and other men, who originally thought that the trembling would be the same as before, suddenly realized that the trembling was becoming more and more severe to the point that cracks appeared on the top, the ground and the surrounding walls. The cracks were becoming bigger and bigger.


    Large amount of water flooded in through the cracks. Without the support of the Splitting Mountain Axe, the Heavenly Flood Palace could no longer stop the lake water from flowing in.

    "Oh no. The Heavenly Flood Palace s collapsing." An Elder of the Xiao Yao Palace yelled in shock.

    "This is an extremely good thing!" Yet, Wu Hou laughed and darted rapidly forward.


    A huge crack suddenly appeared on the ground. Wu Hou dashed into the crack and entered the underground level.

    The face of the Island Lord of Qing Hu Island showed a sense of joy as he yelled, "Quick! Fight for the treasure!" While his voice could still be heard, Gu Yong had already dashed into the huge crack. The other Innate Experts who hadn't grasped the situation now understood clearly!

    It was good that the Heavenly Flood Palace collapsed!

    This way, they would have a chance to take the treasure.

    "Rumble~~~" The collapse was getting worse as the ground beneath their feet cracked.

    "The destined one obtains the treasure." The Long-Browed Old Monk laughed and went one step forward, yet he was as fast as lightning and quickly disappeared into the huge crack. It was impossible for the collapse of a palace to crush an innate expert dead. It wasn't even worth mentioning that the collapse could crush an innate expert dead, let alone hurting the innate expert.


    The Heavenly Flood Palace was collapsing too quickly. Before Teng Qingshan could take the tripod cauldrons, large amount of rocks fell from above.

    "I must go quickly. If not, I won't be able leave." Teng Qingshan thrusted the Splitting Mountain Axe beneath his belt and grabbed two tripod cauldrons at lightning speed.

    "Eh?" Teng Qingshan looked ahead in shock.

    At the area in front, eight black figures descended from above. The eight people all dressed in the same black cloak and wore golden masks. They were the men of the Ying Family.

    "Qin Lang? No, you aren't. Who are you?" The leading Ying Jianghao asked in shock. He saw Teng Qingshan's Heavenly Hawk Claws and the backpack immediately. Everything......made him think that the person in front of him was Qin Lang, but he did not recognize Teng Qingshan's current appearance.

    "Haojiang, he is Teng Qingshan. Gui Yuan Sect's Teng Qingshan. I have seen his portrait in the information that the Ying Family received.

    "The treasure is mine!" A clear laughter rang. It was the voice of the King of Beasts Wu Hou.

    "That is Emperor Yu's Treasure." Ying Jianghao and the other seven men then came back to their sense. The nine tripod cauldrons before their eyes were Emperor Yu's Treasure......But because they had never seen the Emperor Yu's Treasure, they didn't realized that the nine normal cauldrons were the treasure.


    "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang......."

    Teng Qingshan's feet moved like shadows and instantly kicked six tripod cauldrons away. The six tripod cauldrons immediately flew towards different directions.

    As for Teng Qingshan himself, he grabbed two tripod cauldrons in each of his hands as he thought to himself, "I can't take nine cauldrons with my two hands. Plus, if I take too many, the other supreme sects would pursue me madly. Two cauldrons are enough! The other six cauldrons that i kicked away will be able to distract them." Teng Qingshan didn't dare to be too greedy. At this moment, the lake water inundated into the bottom level.

    Teng Qingshan seemed to have transformed into a fish as he grabbed the two cauldrons and dashed into the lake water, disappearing within the waters.

    Ying Haojiang grabbed the only tripod cauldron before his eyes and yelled, "Quick! Quick take the cauldrons."

    However, the other five cauldrons had already flown far away.
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