Chapter 42: Identity Exposed! Slaughter!

    Book 5 Chapter 42 Identity Exposed! Slaughter!

    As the Heavenly Flood Palace collapsed, the lake water inundated.

    The first thing that almost all the innate experts did was forming the ball of Innate True Origin. Without enough oxygen, they wouldn't be able to stay underwater for a long time with their physical qualities.

    "What's in this cauldron?" Ying Haojiang said to himself as he held a cauldron in his arms. Even after he scrutinized the cauldron, he only manage to figure out that it was liquid. And so, he immediately tried to open the cover. Since he was in the ball of Innate True Origin, thus, he had no need to worry about the lake water flooding into the cauldron. "Eh! This cauldron cover is so hard to open!" What kind of ability did a Golden Dan Innate Expert possess? Yet, the first time this Golden Dan Innate Expert opened the cover, he failed.

    Ying Haojiang tried again with an even greater force.

    "Hua!" The cover was finally opened. Ying Haojiang stretched his hand and dipped his finger into the liquid. He then scrutinized and sniffed the liquid.

    "It's the Elixir of the North Sea! Emperor Yu's Hall's Elixir of the North Sea!" Ying Jianghao exclaimed in shock, "There is.....this much Elixir of the North Sea? How many drops are in this cauldron?" Although the Elixir of the North Sea only filled up the bottom of the cauldron, the Elixir of the North Sea was calculated based on drops, thus, it was already very surprising for the drops of elixir to fill up the bottom of the cauldron.

    In the past, the Ying Family used some precious treasure to trade with the Emperor Yu's Hall for the Elixir of the North Sea.

    "There are actually nine cauldrons!" Ying Jianghao became agitated.

    He knew clearly of the importance of the Elixir of the North Sea! This Elixir of the North Sea could make an intelligent person with weak physical qualities reach the peak of the Postliminary Realm instantly. With this......the percentage of new innate expert in a supreme sect would be a lot higher.

    "I can't tell anyone this is the Elixir of the North Sea." Ying Haojiang immediately realized as he said to himself, "If the others knew that this is the Elixir of the North Sea, it would be difficult if the Ying Family wanted to obtain more than a few cauldrons.


    The men of the Shooting Sun God Mountain and Hong Tian City were originally walking around in the passageway. Now, that the Heavenly Flood Palace collapsed, they were extremely agitated.

    "Quick! Quick find the treasure!"

    "The Heavenly Flood Palace collapsed and someone must have obtained the treasure. We must hurry and fight for the treasure."

    Everyone of them was agitated and excited.

    Suddenly, a clear voice rang in the cauldron. "Haha.....I didn't expect that the Elixir of the North Sea that only the Emperor Yu's Hall possessed is within this cauldron. There must be over ten thousand drops of the Elixir of the North Sea in this one cauldron. There are a total of nine cauldrons.....I must try and get a few more!" The laughter was very loud and everyone heard it.

    "It's the Elixir of the North Sea!"

    "It's actually the Elixir of the North Sea! There are over ten thousand drops in one cauldron? Nine cauldrons?"

    "Quick, A golden glow can be seen there! Let's go there quickly!"

    It was a complete mess. The innate experts that heard this voice became extremely excited.

    "It's the King of Beasts Wu Hou." Ying Haojiang, who was searching for the other cauldrons, cursed and said, "That Wu Hou got a cauldron.....Why did he shout so loud as if he was worried that the whole world didn't know!" Because of that laughter and words of Wu Hou, everyone knew what was inside the cauldron, which meant that it would be troublesome now.

    However, not many people dared to provoke the King of Beasts Wu Hou.

    This Wu Hou belonged to no sect. He was extremely powerful and had a weird temper.

    "There is a cauldron there. Quick." Gu Yong, Zhao Danchen, and the other men of the Qing Hu island noticed a dazzling golden glow in the dark lake waters far away. A cauldron was obviously beneath the golden glow. Every cauldron cover was inlaid with a dazzling, gold-colored jewel.

    It could be seen far away.

    Not only did the men of Qing Hu Island see the gold-colored glow, the men of Xiao Yao Island who were with them also saw it.

    "This cauldron belongs to Xiao Yao Palace." Along with a laughter, Elder Shi of the Xiao Yao Palace, who was standing at a good location, was the first to dash to the cauldron. Because his speed was fast, the men of the Qing Hu island couldn't catch up.

    "Haha!" Grabbing the cauldron, Elder Shi was extremely excited.

    The few men from Qing Hu Island stared at that cauldron.

    "What are you guys looking at? Why? You guys want to fight the Xiao Yao Palace for this cauldron?" Elder Shi spoke with cold-looking eyes.Four innate experts were beside him. If Xiao Yao Palace and Qing Hu Island really fought......Qing Hu Island would win but at a great loss.

    One cauldron had over ten thousand drops of Elixir of the North Sea, which would make a sect prosper for a long time. With this Elixir of the North Sea, the sect would be able to cultivate outstanding disciples more easily.

    Zhao Danchen's eyes looked icy cold.

    "Hmph." Gu Yong was so angry and anxious as he said, "Let's go." As the Island Lord, he absolutely couldn't fight and lose his men. The losses were already great enough, and they couldn't afford to lose anything right now.

    The lady beside Gu Yong said bitterly, "Qing Hu Island should at least get a few of the nine cauldrons.

    "Of course. We should get more." Zhao Danchen also felt that it was unfair.

    It was Qing Hu Island that obtained Emperor Yu's Treasure Map, and it was Qing Hu Island that found the Heavenly Flood Palace. But now, Qing Hu Island was the one that lost the most experts! If they didn't obtain enough treasure, how could they feel fair?

    The men of the Qing Hu Island left.

    The five men of Xiao Yao Palace smiled.

    "There are a total of nine cauldrons, but there are too many experts. It's good enough that we could get one cauldron." Elder Shi said, "We should leave here now, in case anything bad happens."

    "Yes, Martial Brother is right."

    These people knew their limitations.

    At this moment--

    "Martial Brother, watch out." A loud shout rang.

    Elder Shi sneered and backed away at lightning speed while thrusting the long sword in his hand backwards. The sword was so fast that only the afterimage was seen. The speed of the Golden Dan Innate Expert was so fast that it was horrifying.

    "Clang!" The air vibrated.

    After a sharp and quick claw blasted the sword away, the claw actually turned and slashed through Elder Shi's chest straightly like a male eagle catching a venomous snake. In terms of speed......this claw was actually a lot quicker than Elder Shi's sword.

    "You..Wu..Wu Hou...." Elder Shi widened his eyes as he glared at Wu Hou and said, "You dare kill me?"

    The freshly clawed out heart was held in Wu Hou's hand, and a carefree smile crept up Wu Hou's face. Wu Hou responded loudly, "Yes, I killed you!" With this, he exerted force and crushed the heart. Elder Shi collapsed helplessly on the ground while Wu Hou took the cauldron in his hand.

    "Wu Hou!" The other four men of Xiao Yao Palace looked towards Wu Hou in shock.

    "You dare to kill a man of Xiao Yao Palace. Aren't you afraid that the Old Palace Lord of Xiao Yao Palace will kill you?" The four people were extremely angry, but they didn't dare to make a move.

    In terms of ability, Wu Hou was ranked first of the 《Heavenly Ranking》 for over thirty years and naturally had an overwhelming advantage over the second of the 《Heavenly Ranking》 . Even the second of the 《Heavenly Ranking》was no match for Wu Hou......One could imagine that if a Golden Dan Innate Expert encountered Wu Hou, he would definitely die.

    Whether it was speed, defense, attack, camouflage, or ambush, Wu Hou had no weak points.

    "Your Old Island Lord has lived for four hundred years, right? It's time for him to die." Wu Hou smiled calmly.

    "You...insolent." The four men were anxious and angry.

    Their Old Island Lord was an Emptiness Realm Expert. There are only a few Emptiness Realm Experts in this world. No matter how powerful Wu Hou was, he was still just an expert that hadn't reached the Emptiness Realm. Yet, he was actually this arrogant.

    "You guys don't believe? I promised you guys that your Old Island Lord can only live twenty more years. Yes......Killing one is considered killing..Killing five is considered killing.....You guys don't have to leave." Wu Hou smiled calmly and moved at the same time. Although he held two big cauldrons in his hands, his speed was still shockingly fast.

    "He...Quick, run!"

    The four people didn't expect that Wu Hou would act recklessly to this point. Although Wu Hou in the past was arrogant, he didn't dare to go against the Eight Supreme Sects so flagrantly. However, today......

    The four people immediately ran towards different directions.

    "Bang!" "Bang!"

    The instant the four people ran, two innate experts were kicked by Wu Hou and blasted away. The two innate experts died in a horrifying way.

    "Whew!" Wu Hou's speed was so shockingly fast. Almost in an instant, Wu Hou caught up to the third person and gave a simple kick again.

    The kick was so fast that even the True Dan Innate Expert didn't manage the block. Wu Hou's feet pierced through his chest.

    "It's just you left, so stop running." Wu Hou's speed was shocking. His speed was almost twofold the speed of the fleeing elder even when he had two huge cauldrons in his hand. The dazzling glow of the golden jewel on the cauldron cover and the glowing ball of light illuminated the figure in the distance clearly.

    Wu Hou immediately caught up.

    "You...Why are you killing the men of Xiao Yao Palace? If you took that cauldron forcefully, we wouldn't fight back." That purple-cloaked elder stopped. A shocking expression could be seen on his old-aging face. He stopped running as he knew he wouldn't be able to escape. However, he just didn't understand.....

    They dared to fight when they were facing the Qing Hu Island, because among the men of Qing Hu Island, there were weak True Dan Innate Expert and even a Emptiness Dan Innate Expert. If Xiao Yao Island and Qing Hu island fought, Qing Hu Island wouldn't suffer a small loss.

    However....it was different when they were facing Wu Hou. If Wu Hou wanted, they wouldn't dare to fight.

    Because with Wu Hou's speed, he could slaughter them easily.

    Wu Hou stared at him and smiled, "I know you guys wouldn't dare to fight back. However, i just wanted to kill you guys.....Don't worry. Xiao Yao Palace won't exist soon.

    "What?" The Purple Cloaked Elder widened his eyes as he stared at Wu Hou. He realized that.....there was a huge conspiracy.


    The same kick touched the center of the purple cloaked elder's forehead lightly. The kick seemed soft to the point that the purple cloaked elder had no injuries. However, when the ball of light enveloping the purple cloaked elder faded away, he collapsed helplessly on the ground.

    "You guys are just the first wave of the Xiao Yao Palace's men that have died." Wu Hou grinned


    Teng Qingshan swam rapidly in the water.

    "With two cauldrons in my hands, it's troublesome. I can't swim speedily with my hands. I could only rely on the blast of Innate True Origin to swim fast." Teng Qingshan had just escaped from the palace when he heard the shouts.

    "Quick! Teng Qingshan is there! Catch him!" The Ying Family had already taken two cauldrons at this moment, but they were still very greedy. They were not like the men from Xiao Yao Palace, who were afraid of the encircling attacks. With the Ying Family's strength.....even if they obtained more than a few cauldrons, the others wouldn't dare to provoke them.

    "Quick! Chase after him."

    "That's Teng Qingshan? Why is Teng Qingshan here?" The men of the Shooting Sun God Mountain and the other sects also pursued.

    "Qin Lang is Teng Qingshan! Teng Qingshan is Qin lang! Teng Qingshan disguised himself as Qin Lang by wearing a human skin mask."

    "How is that possible? How is it possible for Teng Qingshan, a seventeen year-old young yellow, to reach the True Dan Innate Realm?"

    "It's true. I saw it with my own eyes."

    Some people at the back were discussing, but Teng Qingshan couldn't hear.

    However, Teng Qingshan heard some shouting sounds and saw the "lanterns" approaching.

    "Not good! It's this gold-colored jewel that exposed my location." Teng Qingshan casted a glance at the gold-colored jewels on the covers of the two cauldrons. The gold-colored jewels were very dazzling. "However, the covers are hollow, and without the gold-colored jewel blocking the water flow.....the lake water will rush into the cauldron and flush away the Elixir of the North Sea."

    Not being able to care about that, Teng Qingshan gnashed his teeth and ripped off the two gold-colored jewels. The gold-colored jewels were so bright that even if the jewels were placed within the bag, the light could shine through the bag.

    And now, there was no time to waste.

    "Xiu!" "Xiu!"

    The two gold-colored jewels were thrown far away by Teng Qingshan while the Innate True Origin permeated through Teng Qingshan's hands and enveloped the two cauldrons.

    "Although the light of the Innate True Origin is weaker.....my Innate True Origin is fiery red." Teng Qingshan felt his head ached as he thought of a solution. In this dark lake water, people usually could only see a few Zhang ahead by relying on the light of the Innate True Origin. However.....in such pitch-black lake waters, the others could see the ball of light from far away.

    "What? Qin Lang is Teng Qingshan!!!" A furious voice rang. It was the voice of Qing Hu Island's Gu Yong.
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