Chapter 46: Orders

    Book 5 Chapter 46 Orders

    Drip! Drip!

    Drops of water dripped occasionally in the cold and gloomy cave. In the dark, Teng Qingshan's face appeared blurry.

    "The Heavenly Flood Palace is closer to the Bottomless Pit that Qing Hu Island has been garrisoned around than here." Teng Qingshan furrowed his brows, "That Gu Yong would definitely order his army to search the surroundings the instant he went back to the army's camp. He would also arrange blocks at crucial locations. They would most likely find the Bottomless Pit nearest to me. By that time, it would be troublesome."

    Teng Qingshan didn't dare to delay.

    Immediately, the Innate True Origin permeated through Teng Qingshan's skin and bound the Reincarnation Spear and the Splitting Mountain Axe to his back. He grabbed the stone wine jug, and as he casted a glance at the two empty cauldrons, he had an idea. "I will take the cauldrons too." With this, Teng Qingshan also strapped the two cauldrons onto his back with the Innate True Origin.

    "I must go back to Jiangning County City as fast as possible!"

    Teng Qingshan left the cave rapidly and jumped into the waterway. He then went along the walls of the Bottomless Pit and instantly began leaping.

    After a few leaps, he was out of the hundred-Zhang-deep Bottomless Pit.

    Teng Qingshan cast a glance at the surrounding and smiled, "I am fast. Even if that Gu Yong dispatched an army, he wouldn't be able to stop me. Yes, I must make a wooden cork quickly. If even a drop of the Elixir of the North Sea spilled on the way, that would be bad." The material with the greatest abundance in this mountain was lumber. Thus, after a short while, Teng Qingshan made a suitable wooden cork and blocked up the wine jug.

    Teng Qingshan looked around and saw that the sky had already darkened.

    "The Heavens are helping me!" Teng Qingshan didn't dare to delay and immediately fled outside the great mountain.


    The Great Yan Mountain. Inside the barracks that stationed the Qing Hu Island, beside the entrance of the Bottomless Pit.

    Gu Shiyou and the other higher officials of Qing Hu Island gathered silently near the Bottomless Pit. Large numbers of Golden Scale Guards surrounded the Bottomless Pit. Each one of them held a weapon in their hands as they prepared to kill the experts of the other sects who would leap out of the pit.

    "Chichi~~~" Many torches were lit.

    Sitting on the muddy ground, Gu Shiyou's face shone under the glow of the fire, making his face seem slightly blurry.

    "Martial Uncle, the supreme sects went in with Father and the other experts this time. Would anything bad happen during their fight for Emperor Yu's Treasure?" Gu Shiyou clenched and unclenched his fists occasionally. His brows were constantly furrowed as he said, "After Father and the other innate experts entered the underground, I felt anxious. Qin Lang is the one to be blamed! If it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be so many troubles."

    "Shiyou, don't worry."

    Beside Gu Shiyou, a middle-aged man wearing a battle armor said, "Too many experts came this time! It wasn't very hard for Qing Hu Island to take all of Emperor Yu's Treasure. However......no one knows the location of the treasure better than us, Qing Hu Island. We must believe in the Island Lord and the other innate experts. Even if we couldn't obtain all of the treasure, we would at least take half of the treasure."

    "Yes." Gu Shiyou nodded and immediately gnashed his teeth, "Hmph, all of the treasure should be ours. Now, we have to share it with the other sects. I feel really bitter."

    "There are sounds?"

    The experts of the Qing Hu Island around the entrance of the Bottomless Pit suddenly stood up and stared at the entrance.

    "Sou!" "Sou!"

    Figures rocketed towards the sky one by one as they flew out of the Bottomless Pit.

    "It's the Island Lord!"

    "Elder Zhao!"

    The experts of Qing Hu Island immediately felt relaxed.

    Island Lord Gu Yong leaped out of the Bottomless Pit with the four elders. After the five men of Qing Hu Island, the men of the Ying Family jumped out. After that, the experts of different sects came out one after the other. Within a while, a large group of people stood around the Bottomless Pit.

    "Father, what about Elder Yuwen and the others?" Gu Shiyou and some martial uncles immediately went forward.

    "Martial Brother, where are the other elders?"

    ]The Postliminary experts of Qing Hu Island were slightly aghast. They wouldn't believe it. Elder Yuwen, Elder Hu and the others were extremely strong experts of this world. There  were also other elders, and each one of them had reached the Innate Realm, but none of them appeared.

    "Those elders have died!" Gu Yong said with a gloomy face.

    The countenance of Gu Shiyou and the group of people changed drastically.

    "Shiyou, besides the ten thousand advanced soldiers, have the other soldiers of the Silver Dragon Army spread out and search the entire Great Yan Mountain immediately!" Gu Yong commanded with a gloomy expression, "Also, set up blocks at road junctions and  peripheral mountain roads outside the Great Yan Mountain. No matter what, you all must catch Teng Qingshan!"

    "Teng Qingshan?" Gu Shiyou and the other soldiers of Qing Hu Island were shocked. How did this involve Teng Qingshan?

    At the side, Zhao Danchen said coldly as his eyes emitted a cold glow, "Qin Lang is Teng Qingshan! Teng Qingshan is Qin Lang! The deaths of the elders are related to Teng Qingshan. Also....some of Emperor Yu's Treasure is in Teng Qingshan's hands. Remember! Don't let Teng Qingshan escape no matter what!"

    "It's Teng Qingshan? I knew he's no-good!" Fire could be seen in Gu Shiyou's eyes, and he immediately clenched his teeth and responded to the order.

    "Why are you still staying here? Arrange everything quickly." Gu Yong roared.

    "Yes." Gu Shiyou hastily replied.

    With this, Gu Shiyou immediately ran away to gather the men.

    Gu Yong turned his eyes towards a person of high position in the Silver Dragon Army and ordered, "Martial brother, send a message through the carrier pigeons. Give out this order......Have the three counties near the Jiangning County deploy sixty thousand soldiers to Jiangning County!"

    When the men of the other sects heard this, they were surprised.

    "Is this Gu Yong about to go crazy?"

    "It might be because the loss is too great this time. Hehe, eight elders died when they didn't even obtain one cauldron. Plus, all of this happened because of Teng Qingshan's head. Wouldn't he feel mad?"

    "Ying JIanghao, you looked down on Gu Yong. Gu Yong did this.....to force the Gui Yuan Sect so that he could obtain the two cauldrons. If Qing Hu Island could obtain the two cauldrons, so what if over a hundred thousand soldiers died?" The other experts were apathetic.

    To a sect, armies like the Silver Dragon Army was considered an elite army. As for the ordinary city guards, the number of the guards was large.

    Like the Gui Yuan Sect, the city guards of Jiangning County City has a total of eighty thousand men. If the city guards of Yi City, Yanjiang City and the other six cities were added, there would be more than a hundred thousand men. A county had over a hundred thousand city guards.....Qing Hu Island controlled twelve counties! Besides the Chu County, which had experienced a massacre and had fewer soldiers, the soldiers of the other counties were extremely great in number.

    The three counties near Jiangning County could dispatch an army of great number easily whenever Qing Hu Island gave an order.

    "Yes, Island Lord." A tanned man wearing a battle armor said hastily.

    "Elder Zhao, go write a secret letter personally. Send a message to the Island and tell the Grand Supreme Elder everything that happened here!" Gu Yong said.

    "I will go now."

    Elder Zhao left with an icy cold face without casting a glance at the experts from the other sects.

    "Tsk, tsk. They are even about to ask Heavenly Sighted Swordmaster out. Now, they have gone too far."

    "Because the loss is so great, Gu Yong is definitely getting the two cauldrons in Teng Qingshan's hands. However, Gui Yuan Sect is not a sect that could be easily trifled with. .......It was rumored that Gui Yuan Sect has a Emptiness Realm Expert as well."

    The experts of the supreme sects watched happily.

    "Yo~~" An ear-piercing sound rang.

    Five shadows descended from the sky. It was the five Snow Hawks of Snow Hawk Hall.

    "Brother Wan." Gu Yong cupped his hand and looked towards the hawk-like nosed elder of the Snow Hawk Hall as he said, "It's night time already, and the sky has darkened! Although there's moonlight, it is not obvious in this great mountain. I also know that the Snow Hawks of your Snow Hawk Hall can see figures from ten Li high in the sky and can also see clearly at night......Brother Wan, I would have to trouble you and plea that you could help search for that Teng Qingshan from the sky.

    "No problem, of course." The expert with the hawk-like nose cupped his hand and said, "That Teng Qingshan killed my martial nephew, Tie Jiu. We won't let him off either."


    The expert with the hawk-like nose waved his hand, and the three surviving experts of Snow Hawk Hall immediately mounted the hawks. With a few chirps, the five Snow Hawks rapidly soared into the night sky.

    "Martial Brother." The lady beside Gu Yong frowned and looked towards Gu Yong. It was obvious that she didn't trust the men from Snow Hawk Hall.

    "There's no other way. That Teng Qingshan is extremely fast. If we rely on the Silver Dragon Soldiers.....I am afraid Teng Qingshan would have escaped before we could even encircle the entire Great Yan Mountain. With the five Snow Hawks in the sky, once Teng Qingshan reaches a spacious area, the Snow Hawks will be able to see him immediately! He won't be able to escape! As for the two cauldrons.....Hmph. Once Teng Qingshan is found, Snow Hawk Hall wouldn't be able to take the two cauldrons that easily." Gu Yong whispered.

    At this moment, the experts of the other sects said good bye and departed.

    "Island Lord, Zhuge Yuanhong and the Black Armored Army is stationed north of our campsite. He even told us to leave the Great Yan Mountain during the evening, claiming that this is a region under the Gui Yuan Sect's control." An elder whispered, "However, we responded with a manner that showed that we will battle no matter what, causing them to garrison at the northern areas.

    "Zhuge Yuanhong?"

    Gu Yong narrowed his eyes, and a faint, cold light flashed in his eyes.

    "He even dared to come! I haven't even given him a hard time!" Gu Yong ordered, "Let's go and find Zhuge Yuanhong at the frontline!"

    Immediately, Gu Yong led a large group of men towards the front of the battle formation.


    Teng Qingshan was grabbing the stone wine jug at this moment. With a vine as a belt, he carried the Reincarnation Spear and the Splitting Mountain Axe at his waist. As for the two cauldrons, Teng Qingshan had already buried them somewhere in the Great Yan Mountain. Since it was night time right now......Teng Qingshan didn't dare to use his Innate True Origin. The fiery red Innate True Origin was too conspicuous.

    Whew! Whew!

    Teng Qingshan dashed in the great mountain at lightning speed.

    "I didn't expect that Teacher would lead a great army to the Great Yan Mountain." Teng Qingshan was slightly touched by such an act. As Teng Qingshan fled, he occasionally noticed the high fluttering army flag which showed that the Black Armored Army was stationed here. However.....Teng Qingshan did not return to the army immediately.

    "The safest way is to go back secretly alone and mingle in teacher's army. That would be safer, but something wrong might still happen." Teng Qingshan understood this point.

    After Teng Qingshan travelled a dozen Li.


    Teng Qingshan's eyes swept past the night sky, and his facial expression involuntarily changed.

    "It's a Snow Hawk! Oh no!" Teng Qingshan stared at the few tiny dots in the sky, but he didn't dare to be careless. One should know that the sharpness of a regular hawk's eyes was famous even in his previous world, which had a small amount of Spiritual Qi. And Snow Hawks were an extremely powerful kind of demonic beasts, making the eyes of a Snow Hawk is extremely terrifying.

    Snow Hawk: Demonic beast with extremely fast speed. It can travel over ten thousand Li within a day, and its eyes can see the figures on the ground from ten Li high in the sky with acute clarity. It was the most terrifying tracking demonic beast, and only Snow Hawk Hall had the power to tame it.

    The speed of men was not as powerful as that of demonic beasts on the ground, and the demonic beasts on land were not as fast as demonic beasts in the sky. The speed of some specially trained carrier pigeons was faster than the three great Dragon Horses, not to mention the Snow Hawks that the experts were in flying on.

    "Since there's a forest in the mountain, I can still avoid then if I'm careful. But once I leave the mountain, the surrounding areas would be empty. That Snow Hawk would be able to see me immediately!" Teng Qingshan frowned and halted.
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