Chapter 50: An Instant Explosion

    Chapter 50 An Instant Explosion

    In his current situation, Zhuge Yuanhong was forced by the pressure! Gu Yong's words, combined with the fact that experts the other supreme were sects standing there, made it so that speaking any further would be useless.

    At the frontline, Zhuge Yuanhong turned to look at the three thousand assembled Black Armored Soldiers and said to them loudly, "Gu Island Lord thinks that the killer that caused the death of the eight Law Enforcing Elders is hiding in the midst of our Black Armored Army! Since he said so, we should just let them see. Later, starting from the first century in the first camp of the first commander, open your mask one by one and walk past the frontline."

    "Gu Yong, is that alright?" Zhuge Yuanhong looked towards Gu Yong as he said.

    Yet, Gu Yong replied coldly, "Get the assembled three thousand Black Armored Soldiers to move over ten Zhang westward so that this area on the east side can be emptied! Later, the ones who have been scrutinized will move to the empty area on the east side. The soldiers in the west and the east areas must not mix together." The sound resounded in the night sky of the Great Yan Mountain.

    "Fine." Zhuge Yuanhong waved his hands.

    Immediately, the three thousand Black Armored Soldiers moved westward orderly and left enough space on the east side.

    At this moment, besides the five innate experts of Qing Hu Island and the dozen innate experts of the other supreme sects that were on the frontline, two of the experts of Snow Hawk Hall, who had been soaring in the sky, also came to the frontline.

    "Everyone." Gu Yong stared at the group of innate experts. Although there was hatred in his heart, he still said politely, "Later, the five innate experts of Qing Hu Island will inspect each Black Armored Soldier that will walk past. Each of you can also examine......to identify."

    "Of course." The innate experts of the other supreme sects all had their plans in mind.

    "Zhuge Yuanhong, let's begin." Gu Yong said.

    "Start!" Zhuge Yuanhong waved his hand.

    Besides Zhuge Yuanhong, Yan Motian, and Zhuge Qing, the other soldiers had to walk past the frontline one by one in succession.

    "Hmph. This Qing Hu Island is rather tyrannical." Some of the Black Armored Soldiers had unfriendly eyes.

    Some soldiers knew that the group of people before them were the innate experts, thus, they felt scared and didn't even dare to look straight at those people.

    There were also curious ones.

    Indifferent ones.

    Arrogant ones.


    To be able to become the Black Armored Soldier in this chaotic world, how could they not be hotblooded and brave? These Black Armored Soldiers were not docile sheeps. They were all wild wolves! Of course.....if they were wild wolves, then those innate experts would be powerful demonic beasts. Both the Black Armored Soldiers and the innate experts are not on the same level.

    One by one, the Black Armored Soldiers walked past. One by one, each century passed by.

    Teng Qingshan hid amongst the centurions under Tian Dan's command.

    "It's our turn." Teng Qinghu led the men. The soldiers behind him all held long spears and walked past the camp simultaneously. When Teng Qinghu walked to the frontline, he even glared hatefully at Gu Yong, the Island Lord of Qing Hu Island, and the other four innate experts, since the death of Uncle Teng Yongxiang and the paralyzation of Uncle Teng Yongfan were related to Qing Hu Island.

    However, because there were many soldiers that appeared vicious, Gu Yong and his men didn't care. They only focused on scrutinizing each person carefully,

    "Gu Yong, have you found the killer?" Zhuge Yuanhong looked towards Gu Yong as he asked.

    "It's still early.

    As Gu Yong answered, his eyes constantly stared at each soldier. He scrutinized each soldier like a starving beast searching for its prey. It wasn't just the five men of Qing Hu Island, the innate experts of the other sects were also examining each soldier who was walking past.


    Teng Qinghu's century had just walked past.

    "It's our turn now." Tian Dan followed the leader and walked forward. Teng Qingshan also walked among the Black Armored Army. Each of the Black Armored Soldiers had their masks flipped up.

    One, two three.....One by one, the soldiers walked past the frontline.

    Zhuge Yuanhong was actually also staring at each soldier who was walking past. Because each one of them went past in a flash, when Teng Qingshan walked past Zhuge Yuanhong, Zhuge Yuanhong only casted a glance at Teng Qingshan. In the Black Armored Army, there were too many people with a vicious appearance with a murderous ambience.

    Therefore, Zhuge Yuanhong did not think of Teng Qingshan.

    Zhuge Qing was also scrutinizing everyone. "Eh?" When she saw Teng Qingshan, Zhuge Qing felt something peculiar as she said, "I seem to have met this person somewhere!" Since Teng Qingshan was constantly on her mind, the impression of Teng Qingshan was too deep in her mind. Although Zhuge Qing didn't recognize Teng Qingshan at first glance, she still felt something.

    "Right. He looks a bit similar to Big Brother Teng." Still, Zhuge Qing couldn't tell what the similarities were, but she just felt that this person looked similar to Teng Qingshan.

    "Do you think you guys can recognize me?" Teng Qingshan held the long spear and walked past the group of innate experts. His ruthless and cold eyes also swept past the innate experts. The disguise.......was to show a disguise of a different kind of aura. That would be the true disguise. At this moment, Teng Qingshan gave people the feeling of a vicious, cold, venomous snake.

    There were many people with a heavy murderous aura. There were also ruthless, vicious, cold, and arrogant ones.

    When Teng Qingshan walked past, none of the innate experts noticed that this vicious and cold soldier was the "Qin Lang" that they were looking for.

    The soldiers at the back walked to the frontline in succession. Soon, Teng Qingshan walked to the area on the east. The soldiers at the area on the east side had all been inspected.

    "Our century, stand according to succession." Tian Dan was organizing the soldiers, and when Teng Qingshan walked over, the two exchanged eye contact. With his back facing Teng Qingshan, Tian Dan's face revealed a smile."



    Among the group of innate experts scrutinizing the soldiers walking past, there was a person who wasn't looking at the soldiers. It was Wu Xiu of the Snow Hawk Hall.

    "That pair of eyes.....it's that pair of eyes!" Wu Xiu closed his eyes and recalled the scene carefully. When he himself and Tie Jiu were going to kill Teng Qingshan to take the two cauldrons, his big brother Tie Jiu was kicked to death by Teng Qingshan. When Teng Qingshan attacked Wu Xiu, Wu Xiu was so afraid that he immediately escaped.

    His brother died, and he himself fled because of the fear.

    He would probably never forget the scene at that time.

    "At that time, Teng Qingshan encountered me and my big brother. With that mad eyes filled with a murderous intent, he was about to slash towards me. Those terrifying eyes.....It's this pair of eyes! Yes, it's this pair of eyes!" Wu Xiu stared at Teng Qingshan, who had already stood in formation. As he compared the person in his eyes with the image of Teng Qingshan in his mind, he exclaimed, "Yes, his nose, eyes, and mouth look the same as Teng Qingshan's! Such powerful skill of disguise. The nose, eyes, and mouth looks the same, but I just couldn't tell it was Teng Qingshan in the beginning."

    When someone felt a deep love, an extreme hatred, or extreme fear, they could naturally remember the person who caused such emotion very clearly!

    Wu Xiu hated Teng Qingshan because Teng Qingshan killed his big brother. Although Tie Jiu wasn't his biological brother, the two had been together for almost a hundred years, and the relationship between them was deeper than brothers. He was also very terrified ....It was the fear during a time of life or death. He fled for his life because of the fear during that moment, and he would never forget Teng Qingshan's appearance at that time.


    Zhuge Qing stood behind her father, Zhuge Yuanhong, at the frontline. She was still thinking about the figure she saw when suddenly--

    "It's him! The thirty-ninth soldier in the formation westernmost of the eastern area! That's Teng Qingshan!" A roar rang

    Zhuge Qing jumped in surprise and hastily looked over.

    Because the members of Tian Dan's century at the rear were still under examination, the century stood westernmost of the eastern region.

    "The thirty-ninth?" Zhuge Qing's countenance changed. It was the person whom she thought looked very similar to Teng Qingshan.

    "Me?" Teng Qingshan, who was called, showed a surprised expression. He immediately sneered and said, "Lord, your eyesight must have gone bad. I really do wish that I could be Commander Teng." However, Teng Qingshan recognized that the person who shouted was Wu Xiu, the expert from Snow Hawk Hall who escaped during that time he killed Tie Jiu. Teng Qingshan secretly felt a sense of hatred as he should have killed this Wu Xiu during that time.

    "It's him. I wouldn't forget his appearance even if I were to die. He can deceive others, but he can't deceive me!" Wu Xiu roared.

    "Catch him!" Gu Yong immediately shouted madly.

    Whew! Whew! Whew!

    The five innate experts of Qing Hu Island darted out simultaneously. Besides the five, the hawk-nosed elder of Snow Hawk Hall also dashed out. As for the other innate experts, they hesitated slightly....... They had seen Qin Lang before, but no matter how they scrutinized the person afar, they still couldn't think that he was Teng Qingshan.

    "Stop!" Zhuge Yuanhong immediately roared.

    But would the men of Qing Hu Island and the expert of Snow Hawk Hall listen to Zhuge Yuanhong?

    "Stop them." Zhuge Yuanhong roared loudly and drew his four Chi long Azure Trenchant Sword. A light green glow instantly burst out of his skin as he dashed forward with the Law Enforcing Elder Yan Motian.

    "Attack!" Tian Dan roared.

    "Attack!" Teng Qinghu also roared.


    Anyway, at this moment, on the spacious eastern area, the more than one thousand soldiers that had been inspected immediately sprung into action and blocked the incoming people like iron city walls. "Stop them!" Even the over thousand Black Armored Soldiers that were waiting to be scrutinized charged towards the eastern area to combine forces with their brothers.

    "Big Brother Teng......" Zhuge Qing was also in the midst of the Black Armored Soldiers as she ran speedily towards the eastern area. She was extremely terrified at this moment. In her frightened eyes, the six innate experts were the fastest and had already dashed towards the Black Armored Soldiers.

    Among the six, the fastest one was Zhao Danchen.

    Zhao Danchen leaped up straightly, hoping to jump out of the obstructing sea of men.

    "Fire!" A loud roar was heard. The prepared archers almost simultaneously targeted Zhao Danchen, who was in mid-air, and shot their arrows.

    With five hundred archers, five hundred arrows pierced through the sky.

    The numerous arrows came down like rain, and it was impossible for Zhao Danchen to dodge. A dense bang was heard and at least a dozen arrows shot the ball of light that enveloped Zhao Danchen's body. Each of the arrows shot by the archers of the Black Armored Army had the impact force of over a thousand Jin, and some arrows had even higher forces of impact.

    A dozen arrows equaled to a force of impact of at least ten thousand Jin.

    Although the ball of light couldn't be broken, Zhao Danchen, who couldn't borrowed any momentum in the air, was hit and fell into the midst of the crowds.


    Almost simultaneously, numerous long spears rocketed towards the sky. This was the power of the sea of men! Even if it was a Golden Dan innate expert, he would only be able to escape with his life. If he wanted to kill someone protected by a large number of soldiers and if there were enough number of soldiers, it would be adequate to make the opponent used up his Innate True Origin.

    "Gu Yong, all of you, stop." Zhuge Yuanhong and Yan Motian had arrived

    But just when the innate experts were obstructed by the sea of men, the great army of Qing Hu Island made its move.

    The numerous Silver Dragon Soldiers lied prostrate on the ground. They supported their crossbows with their feet and pulled the specially made arrows with their hands. This was the Thundering God Crossbow. When Qing Hu Island obliterated Tie Yi Hall, Tie Yi Hall used this Thundering God Crossbow to kill many Silver Dragon soldiers. Since Tie Yi Hall had it, Qing Hu Island naturally had such crossbows as well.

    The God Crossbow Squad was a rather powerful squad of the Silver Dragon Army. It was a squad of five hundred people.

    "Fire!" Gu Shiyou waved his hands.

    The five hundred soldiers of the God Crossbow Squad released the arrows in their hands at the same time. Each Thundering God Crossbow could fire two arrows simultaneously, and the power of each arrow was extremely great to the point that the arrow could easily penetrate the heavy armor of those ordinary soldiers.

    One thousand arrows of the God Crossbows instantly shot into the midst of the Black Armored Soldiers that were within a distance of less than a hundred Zhang.

    "Ah!" "What arrows are these!" Painful howls sounded.

    Whether it was the head, chest, legs that were shot, or even an arrow that missed....

    If one was shot and did not possess the ability of a First Rated Warrior, the ending would either be death or heavy injuries.

    At the location where the most arrows fell laid a large number of soldiers.

    "Stop." Teng Qingshan's eyes reddened. Even if his identity was exposed, he shouldn't let so many soldiers die for him. Therefore, Teng Qingshan tried with all his effort to dash out of the crowd.

    "Prepare!" Gu Shiyou, who was afar, ordered apathetically.

    The five hundred God Crossbow Soldiers speedily refilled their arrows.

    "Stop!" When Zhuge Yuanhong, who had just forced Gu Yong backwards with his sword, saw this, his facial expression changed drastically.

    "Hmph." Yet, Gu Yong responded with a sneer.


    "Lady Qing, be careful." A big bearded Black Armored Soldier exclaimed when he saw that Zhuge Qing was at the side staring at Teng Qingshan and not paying attention to anything else.

    The five hundred God Crossbow Soldiers were already prepared. Gu Shiyou raised his left hand and waved forcefully as he yelled, "Fire!" A thousand arrows flew again!

    Shua Shua Shua!

    The arrows cascaded like rain along with the ear-piercing sounds like the howls of demons.

    "Get down!" The big bearded Black Armored Soldiers immediately pulled Zhuge Qing to the ground, blocking in front of Zhuge Qing. Zhuge Qing was still slightly confused when she had just been pulled down, but she still looked towards Teng Qingshan.

    Pu! Pu!

    The numerous arrows swept past this region like bullets. No matter how fast the big bearded Black Armored Soldier got to the ground, he was still shot three times and died on the spot.

    An arrow swept past the big bearded Black Armored Soldier's waist and shot directly through Zhuge Qing's chest. The arrow possessed such powerful force of impact that Zhuge Qing was blasted to the air, crashing onto another Black Armored Soldier before she collapsed on the ground.


    The fresh blood instantly dyed her chest red.

    "I?" Zhuge Qing lowered her head and saw that the end of the arrow was sticking out of her chest and blood was seeping out through the arrow shaft. Zhuge Qing tried to raise his head as she asked, "Where is Big Brother Teng?" Zhuge Qing felt her vision blurring, but she still tried to look. She wanted to see......the figure that appeared repeatedly in her dreams.

    "Qing Qing!" Zhuge Yuanhong's mournful voice rang.

    The facial expression of Teng Qingshan in the sea of men changed drastically. He immediately looked around before his eyes instantly focused on the light green figure. The weak figure that had already collapsed was trying to raise her head to look towards him.

    In an instant, their eyes met.

    Teng Qingshan stared at the arrow on her chest and the colorfully sad bright red.......
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