Chapter 54: The Descent of Great Calamity

    Chapter 54 The Descent of Great Calamity

    Below the foot of the mountain, the many innate experts that were about to kill the Purple Radiant Flood Dragon heard the furious roar, and their facial expression changed slightly.

    "There's another powerful demonic beast!" The Long Browed Old Monk yelled.

    The innate experts constantly remained on guard. To them, the threat of a Purple Radiant Flood Dragon was not great.


    An enormous black and violet phantom-like shadow instantly stormed out of the big hole that was blasted open on the mountain wall.


    All the innate experts looked at the hole, but the enormous phantom-like figure had already disappeared.


    A fierce wind rose!

    Simultaneously, a blurry and enormous azure green glow appeared in the sky above the silver dragon soldiers and the innate experts. This cause Gu Yong, Long Browed Old Monk, Ying Haojiang, Wang Kehou, and the other innate experts to look up at it. Even with the torches of the silver dragon soldiers, the innate experts could barely see it clearly.

    It's a cluster of clouds!

    About hundred zhangs above the crowd, a cluster of clouds appeared out of nowhere and covered the sky. The azure green glow could be faintly seen in the cluster of clouds. Amidst the cluster of clouds, a large wiggly body could be seen. The black and violet dragon scales could be seen distinctly as the body swam slowly in the air.

    "This is--"

    Everyone held their breath.

    Suddenly, a huge dragon head passed by the cluster of cloud and gazed fixedly below.

    The flood dragon's head had forked dragon horns and the white crystallize dragon whiskers drooped down. Its big pair of golden eyes scanned the tiny humans below.

    "What demonic beast is that?"

    "A demonic beast that has reached the Emptiness Realm!" Ying Haojiang's countenance changed drastically. Behind the Purple Radiant Flood Dragon, there was actually a flood dragon that had already reached the Emptiness Realm!"

    "Why are we so unlucky?! Now we are doomed." Many of the innate experts' face turned paled Facing the terrifying flood dragon's eyes, no one dared to move The demonic beast might attack the first one that moved. A Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast was too scary. Among the demonic beast, the most powerful ones were the Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts... And among humans, the most powerful ones were the people that have went beyond the Emptiness Realm and have reached the Realm of the Omnipotent Experts.

    The Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts were able to communicate with the heavens and earth and use the power of the heavens and earth.

    However, if an Emptiness Realm Expert is able to control the air and fly, it meant that the expert could communicate with the heavens and earth as well and they had already understood the heavens and earth. Such Emptiness Realm Experts have already reached a extremely high level. Ordinary Emptiness Realm Expert can't control the air and fly.


    The Flood Dragon stared at the injured Purple Radiant Flood Dragon and the Purple Radiant Flood Dragon also looked up at the enormous flood dragon in the sky. As the Purple Radiant Flood Dragon roared softly, a cluster of cloud floated down, making a "Whew!" sound. The great masses of cloud enveloped the heavily wounded Purple Radiant Flood Dragon and sent the Purple Radiant Flood Dragon back into the hole on the mountain wall.

    The Purple Radiant Flood Dragon roared and dived back into the pool.

    "It's the demonic beast, Violent Rain! When Emperor Yu was controlling the flood, it was the demonic beast Violet Rain that raised the winds and wave!" Ying Haojiang suddenly yelled in shock.

    The Long Browed Old Monk's facial expression changed. He scrutinized it for a while and said, "The color of its dragon scales have changed. According to the books, the color of its dragon scales were violet, and now it's a mix of black and purple... Also, its body has grown a lot bigger. However, this Violet Rain has existed since tribal times, and it's still alive?"

    In the books, the time before the Emperor unified the heavens and earth was called the Tribal Days.

    "So many years had passed. Of course, it would evolve." Ying Haojiang's face was pale white as he said, "We are doomed. That old fellow is still alive. Demonic Beasts live longer lives than humans. Who can control it? I just hope that it respect its status and won't hold a grudge against us."

    A demonic beast at the level of the Emptiness Realm. Usually, the eight supreme sects would collect this information.

    However, since ancient times, only twenty+ of the demonic beast that have reached the Emptiness Realm are recorded in books. Most of those Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast died a few thousand years ago. Demonic Beasts like turtles and flood dragons might have a longer life span. The life span of the other demonic beasts might be longer than humans, but they wouldn't be as long as the turtles and flood dragons.

    Most of the Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts recorded in history must have died of old age.

    Living Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts were extremely rare and all of them were hiding, communicating with the heavens and earth, and training assiduously.


    The flood dragon Violet Rain, which had existed since ancient times, immediately opened its big mouth.

    "Quick run!" A sad and shrill shout immediately rang.

    "Run!" Gu Yong also roared angrily.

    "Everyone, quick run!" All the silver dragon soldiers fled in all directions desperately.

    The innate experts that were constantly worried, scared, and hoping that that Emptiness Realm Demonic Beast would not start a fight, They were now like ants on a burning hot pan. They fled in all directions. They didn't flee in one direction because they knew clearly that--if they fled to one area together, they would be killed all at once by the demonic beast Violet Rain.


    A violet cold wind puffed out from the mouth of the Flood Dragon Violet Rain and shifted below like a hurricane.

    As the humans flew away, those that were touched by the violet cold wind immediately froze due to the coldness and became flying dust with nothing left.

    "Island Lord!"

    A sad and shrill scream rang.

    Gu Yong, who was escaping, cast a glance afar. His martial brother, General Lan, was completely iced. As a cracking sound rang, he turned into dust. "Run!" "Run!" "Run!!!" Gu Yong couldn't think of anything else. He fled desperately with his fastest speed.

    Half of the Twin Peak Mountain was iced into dust. Suddenly, a Golden Dragon Turtle climbed out of the rocky hole on the mountain.

    "Roar~~" The Golden Dragon Turtle raised its head and roared.

    The Flood Dragon Violet Rain turned its big head and stared at the Old Dragon Turtle with its golden eyes.

    "Roar, Rawrrawr~~" The Golden Dragon Turtle roared a few times.

    Flood Dragon Violet Rain finally closed its mouth and glanced at the surrounding. It then roared at the Golden Dragon Turtle and flew towards the turtle. One after the other, the Golden Dragon Turtle and Violet Rain went into the rocky hole on the mountain and disappeared.

    "The Violet Rain Flood Dragon left!"

    The innate experts all stopped and looked around.

    "Martial Uncle! Where are you?"

    "Martial Brother!"

    Shouts rang and the separated innate experts were all searching for their companions. They had no choice but to run just now when the nightmare was before them.


    Late night.

    Four hours had passed since the great calamity. Yes, it was a great calamity. Whether it's those innate experts, or the Silver Dragon Army of the Qing Hu Island, just one breath of the demonic beast Violet Rain, which had existed since the Tribal Days and even fought Emperor Yu, caused all the experts to suffer a breakdown.

    "Martial Uncle, twelve arhats came, but there's only five left. Third Martial Brother and Martial Uncle all died. Previously, we obtained two cauldrons, but one was iced into dust. There's just this one cauldron left." A balded purple cloaked monk with his face full of sadness.

    The Long Browed Old Monk looked at the four monks around him.

    Who would have thought that they didn't suffer much during the search of Emperor Yu's Treasure, but would lose so much when they faced the demonic beast Violet Rain?

    "It's unavoidable." The other supreme sects had suffered great lost. Ying Family has only one cauldron left. The only cauldron that the Shooting Sun God Mountain possessed was also iced into dust.

    The Long Browed Old Monk looked at Gu Yong in the distance and continued saying, "This time, the one that suffered the most was Gu Yong. Let's go. Let's leave this Great Yan Mountain."

    The five monks of the Mani Temple left

    Many people of the other sects all left. After the men of Mani Temple and Ying Family left, only the men of Qing Hu Island remained.

    "Island Lord!" A commander of the Silver Dragon Army ran over and saw Gu Yong whose facial expression was gloomy. When the commander saw this, he felt slightly scared.

    "What were the losses?" Gu Yong asked coldly.

    "Eleven thousand men of the Silver Dragon Army died with no corpses left." The commander of the Silver Dragon Army said, "Half of the Twin Peak Mountain had turned into dust. Not a plant could be seen in three lis of the foot of the mountain and every living thing died! Anything that didn't manage to escape from this region died and even the earth of mountain sunk ten zhangs deep."

    If it was daytime, the three lis wide big and deep pit could be easily seen.

    "Leave." Gu Yong said in a deep voice.

    "Yes, Island Lord." The commander retreated rapidly.

    Gu Yong looked at Zhao Danchen, who was beside him and said, "This time, we lost eleven thousand silver dragon soldiers! Including Elder Tie, who died in Yanjiang City, a total of fourteen Law Enforcing Elders were dispatched! Now, it's just you and me left!" When the Law Enforcing Elders fled, the other three elders couldn't escape.

    "My right arm was cut off and my abilities were greatly damaged." Zhao Danchen's facial expression looked very ghastly!

    "How many innate experts does the entire Qing Hu Island has? More than half of them died!

    "Teng Qingshan!"

    Gu Yong gnashed his teeth and said, "I am sure he definitely knew that there were two flood dragons in this deep pool, otherwise, why would he jump into this pool and not the other pools? His move was really fierce! Really fierce! I, Gu Yong, swear that if I don't kill him... I, Gu Yong, would be unworthy of being a human being!!!

    Zhao Danchen also felt a burning anger in his heart.

    Qing Hu Island had a foundation of a thousand years. Now, they had lost more than half of the innate experts and over ten thousand silver dragon soldiers. Such loss has never happened before.

    "When we go back to the Qing Hu Island, I must offer a reward in the land of the nine prefectures to have him killed!" Gu Yong's eyes widened and said, "I want him to sleep restlessly! I want him to worry about others poisoning his food whenever he eats and live anxiously and fearfully until he dies! I want him to be able to step to gain a footing in the land of the nine prefectures!"

    A bounty for Teng Qingshan's death was placed in the whole world!

    The means of killing Teng Qingshan doesn't matter. In the land of the nine prefectures, there are numerous cunning ways of killing someone.


    The next day morning.

    The Black Armored Army advanced in the Great Yan Mountain, moving towards the areas outside the mountain. Yan Motian and Zhuge Yuanhong walked shoulder to shoulder.

    Yan Motian sighed in surprise, "Last night, the Silver Dragon Army suffered a heavy loss. Numerous soldiers were injured and more died. Our spies reported that a three li wide area was razed to the ground. It doesn't have any grass or even a tree! The entire area sunk ten zhangs deeper!"

    "I heard the painful howls coming from that area when I was in the tent." Zhuge Yuanhong gazed afar and said, "I wonder if Qingshan is doing fine."

    "To be destroy an area of three li area like that. I really don't know who has the ability to do that." Yan Motian sighed in shock and said, "Something big must have happened to him. Maybe Qingshan is really still alive."

    "Sovereign, Sovereign."

    A figure dashed forward.

    "Qinghu?" Zhuge Yuanhong asked, "What is it?" Because of Teng Qingshan, he was very familiar with Teng Qinghu.

    "Sovereign, I have something big to report." Teng Qinghu said in a deep voice.

    "Oh?" Zhuge Yuanhong was slightly surprised.

    "Before Qingshan left, he told me that... he hid a treasure in a secret place and asked me to tell Sovereign." Teng Qinghu whispered. When Zhuge Yuanhong heard, his eyes brightened. He immediately knew... what the treasure was and happiness could be seen on his face.

    "Martial Brother, lead the army. I have some errands to do. I will come back later." Zhuge Yuanhong immediately ordered and Commander Pang Shan responded immediately.

    "Qinghu, lead the way. Elder Yan, let's go."

    Under the lead of Qinghu, Zhuge Yuanhong and Elder Yan speedily arrived the place where Teng Qingshan buried the rocky wine jar.

    "The crooked tree." Qinghu found the crooked tree very quickly.

    "Three chi north of the crooked tree, and two zhangs deep!" Qinghu immediately found the location and shouted, "Sovereign, the treasure is two zhangs beneath the earth."

    Zhuge Yuanhong immediately drew the Azure Trenchant Sword on his back. He first blasted the fallen leaves away and swung with Innate True Origin from the Azure Trenchant Sword, causing a great mass of sand to fly away. Zhuge Yuanhong's control of the Innate True Origin was very accurate. The instant he saw the rocky wine jar, he stopped.

    "This is... "

    Zhuge Yuanhong's Innate true Origin brought the rocky wine jar out and the wine jar fell in Zhuge Yuanhong's hands.

    It was a very roughly-made rocky wine jar which was obviously handmade. It doesn't look exquisite and it also had a very roughly-made wooden cork.

    "Pa!" The large wooden cork was pulled out.

    Zhuge Yuanhong scrutinized it and his face immediately reddened. He then stretched his finger and touched the liquid. He sniffed the liquid on hiand even licked it. Feeling the effect, an expression of joy was immediately seen on his face.

    "It's the Elixir of the North Sea. It's really the Elixir of the North Sea." Zhuge Yuanhong was extremely excited.

    "The treasure Qingshan left was the Elixir of the North Sea?" Yan Motian couldn't believe it. "So the two cauldrons that Qingshan had led the innate experts to find were... "

    "Fake. Of course it's fake." Qinghu, who was beside them, hastily said.

    Zhuge Yuanhong held the rocky wine jar and inhaled three times before he could calm his excitement. He spoke, "With so much Elixir of the North Sea... Gui Yuan Sect can choose many impressive disciples and nurture them. It will be the same as how the Emperor Yu's Hall nurture their disciples. By that time... Gui Yuan Sect will be a lot more powerful than it is today! There's hope in surpassing the Qing Hu Island!! There's hope in surpassing the Qing Hu Island!!


    Zhuge Yuanhong looked at the sky and said, "Gui Yuan Sect will never forget this favor... " Zhuge Yuanhong, Yan Motian, and Qinghu were slightly worried...

    Qingshan, are you still alive?


    On a official road six hundred lis away from the Great Yan Mountain.

    Mounted on an old Yellow Maned Horse, a young man wearing a headband was advancing slowly on the official road. Beside him was a company of traveling merchants.

    "Qin Wei Brother, I really like your temper. Let's go to the lodge in front of us and have a few drinks."

    "Sure. Old Zhang, I still need you to take care of me." The young man wearing a headband said with the accent of someone born in the northern Youlan.

    The young man wearing the headband looked back and said in his heart, "Jiangning County, Gui Yuan Sect... Goodbye. Teacher, my clan members are in your care. Father and mother... I, your son, have not fulfilled my filial duties. I won't be able to take care of you guys... "
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