Chapter 8: Godly Thunderbolt Hawk

    Chapter 8 Godly Thunderbolt Hawk

    "What happened? What's with all these loud noises?" Old Zhang looked out through the window.

    On the streets below the restaurant, many pedestrians were also discussing.

    "The sounds seemed to have come from the north side and it should be over ten li away." Ma Jinxiao said. Teng Qingshan glanced at him and thought to himself, "This Ma Jinxiao's six senses are so sharp that he could actually determine the distance this clearly, which is extremely rare among the postliminary experts."

    Normally, if the sound of an explosion was too far away, it would produce many echoes when the sound was transmitting afar, which made it difficult to distinguish the direction of the explosion.

    However, the sound must have came from somewhere high, thus, there weren't many echoes. Therefore, Ma Jinxiao managed to distinguish the direction.

    "Ten meters north?" Hei Zi shouted in shock, "Isn't that where Xiao Yao Mountain is located?"

    "Xiao Yao Mountain is a few li away from the north gate of the city. It is indeed over ten li away from the center of the city. However, that is the base of Xiao Yao Palace. Who would dare to provoke Xiao Yao Palace and smack the back of a tiger?" Old Zhang cried out in surprise. When Ma Jinxiao heard this, his eyes narrowed and he said with a cold sneer, "Xiao Yao Palace is one of the eight Supreme Sects in the land of the nine prefectures. They controlled over ten million people and they almost have a million ordinary warriors. Their elite army, Immortal Guards, has eighty thousand people! Who would dare to provoke them?"

    However, Teng Qingshan noticed.....

    Ma Jinxiao's tone didn't sound right.

    "No one dared to provoke Xiao Yao Palace. However, the sound of that explosion..." Old Zhang shook his head as he didn't understood.

    Teng Qingshan had his doubts in his heart as he thought, "Even the Golden Dan Innate Experts can't make such a powerful explosion. Unless if there were over ten thousand people emitting a loud sound at the same time. There is also one possibility.....It was an Emptiness Realm Expert who created that powerful sound!" Teng Qingshan knew clearly of how terrifying Emptiness Realm Experts are.

    "Leave that alone. Let's eat and drink first." Old Zhang smiled and gestured.

    They returned to their tables. Only curious Little He leaned on the window as he looked outside.


    The door of the room opened, and a waiter brought a hot bowl of Ricefield Eel Soup.

    "Old Master Zhang, the soup and all your other dishes are here. Do you guys need anything else?" The waiter said respectfully.

    Old Zhang frowned, "Waiter, may I ask what was that sound? It sounded as if a place afar exploded. We could even feel vibrations from here."

    "Old Master Zhang, you must have just returned to the County City from a business trip?" The waiter laughed.

    "Yes." Old Zhang said in surprise, "You knew?"

    "Of course I knew! Now, probably everyone in this county city knows about this." The waiter's eyes brightened and he looked a little excited. Old Zhang hastily handed a chair and said, "Sit down and tell me everything." The other people also pricked their ears as they listened attentively.

    Teng Qingshan also looked at the waiter.

    "If I have to talk about this explosion, I need to start from what happened half a month ago!" The waiter hastily said, "It was also an afternoon that day, I was busy greeting customers, when suddenly--A boom sound rang just like today, causing the entire restaurant to tremble. During that time, we were very busy with our own business so we didn't care about it at all. At that time, I thought somewhere nearby had exploded."

    "However, when I discussed what happened with some friends, I then knew that the whole county city heard the sound of explosion! At that moment, I pondered where did the explosion happen if the whole county city heard it?"

    "In the end, news came from Xiao Yao Mountain. Some mountaineers who were living beneath the Xiao Yao Mountain saw with their own eyes........a waist-thick thunderbolt struck top of the Xiao Yao Mountain!"

    When Teng Qingshan heard, he was secretly surprised. Old Zhang and the others cried out in shock. However, Teng Qingshan didn't really believe the words "Waist-thick."

    The thunderbolt was struck afar.

    If the thunderbolt seemed to be waist-thick, then the thunderbolt should be even thicker right before their eyes.

    "Xiao Yao Palace offended the heavens? And the heavens struck it?" Old Zhang shouted.

    "Struck by thunderbolt? What the f*ck. How big was the thunderbolt we could even hear it from here." Hei Zi was astonished. The boy, Tan He, who was beside, also widened his eyes in shock.

    The waiter hastily said, "Old Master Zhang, listen to what I am about to say! Ten days after that explosion! It was also another afternoon when another "Boom" sound was heard. This time.....many of the mountaineers living beneath the Xiao Yao Mountain saw what happened. Some people only saw a very thick thunderbolt struck the mountain. Many people of the Xiao Yao Palace died. However, someone also saw......that it was a terrifying monster that released the thunderbolt. Do you guys know what monster this was?"

    Teng Qingshan and the others fixed their eyes on this waiter.

    With a proud expression, the waiter then said slowly, "This monster was a Godly Hawk!"

    "Godly Hawk!"

    When Old Zhang and the others heard, they were dumbstruck. A Godly Hawk that could release thunderbolt?

    Teng Qingshan knew that this was not something weird. There are numerous demonic beast in this world. There were demonic beasts that could puff flames and icy air, and demonic beasts that could spew out venoms and thunderbolts. However, their power couldn't be that overstated.

    "According to the words of those spectators, they said that the Godly Hawk was amidst the misty clouds. They could still see it with their own eyes even when the Godly Hawk was flying very high, so that means if the Godly Hawk was on the ground, it must be at least as big as a house!" The waiter said loudly, "Tell me? Is a Godly Hawk with the size of the house and the ability to spew out thunderbolt not a monster?" The waiter was extremely excited.

    As a low-positioned waiter, being able to talk recklessly before a group of wealthy merchants meant that he was qualified to bluff in the future.

    "Why did that Godly Hawk attack the Xiao Yao Palace?" Old Zhang said in shock.

    "Old Zhang, I think Xiao Yao Palace must have done something sinful, which caused the heavens to send this godly hawk to struck it with thunderbolts." Hei Zi chuckled and said. The ordinary merchants like Old Zhang and Hei Zi did not know much about demonic beasts. They only knew that some powerful monsters and demonic beasts were living this great land.

    However, they couldn't imagine a demonic beast that could spew out thunderbolt and struck the Xiao Yao Palace.

    "This is weird." Old Zhang mumbled, "Xiao Yao Palace is one of the eight Supreme Sects. The experts in the Xiao Yao Palace are like clouds. There are also some powerful innate experts. Why didn't any of those innate experts kill the Godly Hawk? Did they just let the godly hawk struck their Xiao Yao Palace?"

    These ordinary people only knew of the legendary innate experts, which were the most powerful ones among the warriors. Therefore, they thought that the innate experts could deal with a demonic beast of that level.

    However, Teng Qingshan knew clearly.....

    A demonic beast that was able to release such powerful thunderbolt was probably some creature that could be compared to the second flood dragon that he met in the Frost Jade Pool, the terrifying flood dragon with dragon claws and dragon whiskers.

    "Old Master Zhang, I heard that many people from the Xiao Yao Palace were killed by the thunderbolts that the Godly Hawk released and forced many people from the entire Xiao Yao Palace escaped to the Huyua County City." The waiter said, "Eyewitnesses saw a great number of people coming down from the Xiao Yao Mountain and entering our county city. Fortunately, they moved fast, otherwise, the thunderbolt spitted by the Godly Hawk could have killed more people."

    "This was the third attack."

    Old Zhang and the others were extremely excited after waiter stopped talking.

    The eight supreme sects were the supreme existences.

    Witnessing one of these sects lose, ordinary people would naturally feel very excited.

    "There must be at least one Emptiness Realm Expert in Xiao Yao Palace." Teng Qingshan was pondering, "But it looks like that Emptiness Realm Expert did not kill that Godly Hawk. The Godly Hawk had struck Xiao Yao Palace with thunderbolts three times! It was obvious.....that the Emptiness Realm Expert of the Xiao Yao Palace couldn't go against the Godly Hawk or the Emptiness Realm Expert was incapable of killing it!"

    The Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts were very intelligent, so why did this Godly Hawk attack Xiao Yao Palace with thunderbolts?" Teng Qingshan couldn't understand.

    According to what Teng Qingshan knew....

    In the books about demonic beast, the Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts were named as Godly Beasts! In the entire land of the nine prefectures, the Four Great Godly Beasts were the most famous ones. These Four Great Godly Beasts were four Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts. Each of these four Godly beasts were at Rongzhou, Yuzhou, Qinlin of Yongzhou, and the Northern Great Prairie!

    Probably some experts from the supreme sects knew about these Four Great Godly Beasts.

    And the commoners who were living near the inhabited areas of the Four Great Godly Beasts might know about these four Godly Beasts.

    In this whole world, there were probably more than four Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts! However, the fiercest ones were probably these Four Great Godly Beasts. Because these four Godly Beasts were extremely aggressive, they would often attack humans to the point that they could occupy their lands afterwards. They were extremely domineering and killed numerous people.......Therefore, they were very famous.

    Many other Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts that were hiding in different areas were not as famous as the Four Great Godly Beasts. The Golden Dragon Turtle was an example!

    Also, there must be some demonic beasts in the Desolate Land that could have reached the Emptiness Realm, but no one knew about them because those demonic beasts were in the Desolate Land.

    Like the Golden Dragon Turtle at the Great Yan Mountain, and the Violet Rain Flood Dragon which existed since the tribal times. They all voluntarily went into seclusion, which caused the humans living in the surrounding areas to have no knowledge of their existence.

    Since the Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts were intelligent, some despised being in contact with humans. They would only focus on understanding the Dao of the heaven as they strived to break through the restraint of being a demonic beast and to also become an Omnipotent Expert.

    However, there were also ones that loved to toy with humans, to the point that they would eat humans!

    Looking from the demonic beasts' point of view, a demonic beast eating humans was same as a human eating a wild animal.

    "There isn't a Godly Hawk among the Four Great Godly Beast! Who would have thought that besides the Four Great Godly Beasts, there was a Godly Hawk that could release thunderbolts and loved to attack humans." Teng Qingshan said to himself, "I already saw the Golden Dragon Turtle before and I the flood dragon with the forked dragon horn, dragon whiskers and dragon claws in the underwater passageway at the bottom of the Frost Jade Pool......Those two should be Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts. Including those two, now I know existence of of seven Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts!"

    "It looks like the Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts that appeared publicly--The Four Great Godly Beasts were just a small part of all existing Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts. There must be many more terrifying demonic beasts that are hiding in the great land of the nine prefectures!"

    Teng Qingshan sighed repeatedly.

    "Right. There are many different kinds of demonic beasts and numerous talented ones. Plus, demonic beasts had a long life. Therefore, it isn't weird that there are more living Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts than Emptiness Realm Experts."

    If it wasn't because of the search for Emperor Yu's Treasure, no one would known that the Great Yan Mountain actually inhabited two terrifying Emptiness Realm Demonic Beasts that caused the supreme sects to lose a large number of men. Over ten thousand Silver Dragon Soldiers of the Qing Hu Island were actually killed in one attack.

    "I wonder....how many more powerful demonic beasts are hiding in the great land of the nine prefectures. Maybe I will encounter a few more during this trip." Teng Qingshan said to himself.

    The incident of the Godly Thunderbolt Hawk made the many people sigh and gasp in amazement.

    After everyone finished drinking and eating, Teng Qingshan and Ma Jinxiao followed Old Zhang and Hei Zi out of the restaurant. With their horses and stocks, they went to find a place to live.
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