Chapter 9: He is Teng Qingshan!

    Chapter 9 He is Teng Qingshan!

    "Brother Qin Wei, Brother Ma, the environment of this inn is very good and it's not considered expensive." Old Zhang led Teng Qingshan and the others to an inn. He then shouted towards the inn, "Old Man Zhou!" Immediately, an elder wearing a leather hat ran out and said with a smile, "Oh, Old Master Zhang is back."

    Old Zhang laughed and scolded, "I can't afford to let you call me Old Master! These people are my friends. I brought you business and you can just earn a bit, is that alright?"

    "Sure. I will give a 30 percent discount if they eat and live in my inn!" The Elder with the surname Zhou said as he laughed.


    When Teng Qingshan and the others were at the doors of the inn, a man was in a room on the third floor of the restaurant across the street.

    It was a fair-skinned man that was slightly plump. He wore a black, elegant fur coat and curled up on the chair while leaning on the wall. Dishes of food and drinks were placed on the table in front of him. Holding a wine cup, the man looked down from the window from time to time, leisurely taking a sip and occasionally eating the food..

    This man was Pei San, the person who bought the pretty courtesan in the past!

    At the other two sides of the table sat a tanned man that seemed like a iron tower and a beautiful young lady wearing a white fox-fur robe.

    "Eh?" Pei San looked at the street in surprise.

    At this moment, Teng Qingshan was ordering the waiter on the street. At the same time, he was unfastening two boxes filled with tea bricks on the horse.

    "I almost thought I saw wrongly." Pei San hastily waved his hand and said, "You two come check it out! Who is that down there!"

    Meng Dujuan and the guard, Tie Ta, looked down through the window.

    "Old Master, there's no one we know down there." Tie Ta said confusingly.

    Meng Dujuan scrutinized once again and also shook her head as she said, "Old Master, I didn't see anyone familiar."

    "Stare at that man who is holding a big box with one hand and a bent saber strapped around his waist. The one that dressed like a native of Youlan. Do you see him?" Pei San laughed.

    "I see him, but we have never met this person." Tie Ta said with a puzzle look.

    Meng Dujuan scrutinized for a very long time until Teng Qingshan entered the inn. She then frowned and shook her head as she said, "I don't know."

    "Haha. This Teng Qingshan is really good at disguising himself." Pei San praised.

    "Old Master, you mean....."Tie Ta widened his eyes.

    Meng Dujuan couldn't believe her eyes, "No. That person can't be Teng Qingshan. He looks completely different from Teng Qingshan. His height and appearance are different and even his aura is different. How can he be Teng Qingshan." In Meng Dujuan's eyes......it was very difficult to change a person's aura. Even when Pei San pointed it out for her, she still couldn't believe it.

    "He is Teng Qingshan!" Pei San was very sure.

    "Haha, I don't blame you guys for not being able to recognize him.

    Pei San smiled calmly and took a sip of the wine. He then said, "At first glance, I did not recognize him. After so many years, anyone that I have seen once and remembered, I can recognize them in one glance even if they wore a human skin mask. However, this Teng Qingshan.....I only felt familiar when I saw him just now.

    "In the end, I scrutinized and realized something about the two merchant boxes. Inside one of the boxes is a luggage trunk with an empty compartment. Within this empty compartment, an axe and two parts of a long spear are hidden."

    "I only figured out his identity after I saw this weapon!"

    Pei San sighed in wonder, "If it weren't for those two weapons, I might not even recognize him. His skill of disguise is truly powerful."

    Meng Dujuan and Tie Ta glanced at each other.

    They knew how terrifying their Old Master's ability was... Yet, even their Old Master couldn't recognize Teng Qingshan in one glance. Their Old Master even had to depend on the weapon to confirm the identity. The skill of disguise was......truly amazing and terrifying.

    "In the land of the nine prefectures, those that could recognize Teng Qingshan could be counted on one hand," Pei San smiled and said, "Plus, those people have never seen Teng Qingshan before. Even if they met the disguised Teng Qingshan here....They wouldn't think that he is Teng Qingshan. Therefore, they wouldn't check Teng Qingshan's luggage case."

    "Unless the weapon was found, otherwise, it is impossible for Teng Qingshan's identity to be exposed," Pei San said.

    Tie Ta and Meng Dujuan nodded.

    "According to the investigation, Qing Hu Island lost over ten thousand soldiers, twelve Law Enforcing Elders died, and many innate experts from the other supreme sects also died," Meng Dujuan smiled and praised, "This Teng Qingshan is really powerful. I think he hasn't even turned eighteen.....But he is travelling the world conspicuously now and Qing Hu Island still can't find him."

    Pei San looked down through the window and muttered, "Teng Qingshan....."

    "He has already reached the True Dan Innate Realm! The speed of his progress is beyond my expectations. I am really looking forward to what he will become." Pei San then sighed, "What a pity. He was born too late....."

    The sound of the sigh resounded in the room.

    If one heard this sound, one would involuntarily feel sad.

    Tie Ta glanced at Pei San's facial expression and said, "Old Master, Martial Uncle had already attacked the Xiao Yao Palace. He is probably already waiting for you. Let's go meet with Martial Uncle."


    Pei San nodded and stood up.

    Immediately, Meng Dujuan and Tie Ta followed Pei San and they left this inn.

    In the inn that Teng Qingshan was living in.

    "Bang!" "Bang!" The two boxes were placed on the ground. Teng Qingshan hastily closed the window and the doors of the room. He then took out the luggage case in one of the two boxes and placed it under his blanket.

    "If the Splitting Mountain Axe and the Reincarnation Spear were found, it would be troublesome." Teng Qingshan was very careful.

    As for the boxes used to store the tea bricks, they were just something used for the disguise.

    The luggage case might look normal outside and inside. However, if someone knocked away the iron compartment side, they would find two parts of a long spear and the Splitting Mountain Axe.

    "Yeah. I shall find a merchant company and sneak into the caravan to go to Yuzhou!" Teng Qingshan murmured.

    Teng Qingshan was taking the route northwest of Yangzhou, which passes through Qingzhou, Yuzhou, and Yangzhou. He would enter the Great Prairie from Yanzhou and move all the way north.....until the northernmost shore. He can only reach his final destination after sailing over ten thousand li--Northern Sea Continent. Teng Qingshan must go to the Northern Sea Continent!

    The first reason was because even though he could reach the Golden Dan Innate Realm by strengthening his "Spirit," stepping into the Emptiness Realm, wouldn't just depend on nurturing the Spirit.

    He could only have the right to speak in the great land of the nine prefectures if he reached the Emptiness Realm.

    The second reason was because he wanted to fulfill the promise he gave Emperor Yu.

    One must admit that Emperor Yu's move was very powerful....Emptiness Realm was enough to attract warriors to the North Sea Continent.


    When it was night time, Teng Qingshan prepared to go downstairs to eat dinner.


    Teng Qingshan opened his room door and walked into the hallway.

    "Little He," Teng Qingshan smiled and shouted. The door of the room next to Teng Qingshan's room was opened widely. Little He and his mother stayed in this room. At this moment, Little He was waving a wooden stick.

    "Uncle Qin." Little He immediately shouted.

    "Not only will you have to practice this slash every day, you must also use your brain when you slash. Do you understand?" Teng Qingshan smiled and said, "For instance, think about how you can slash the fastest. You must correct your posture little by little. For instance, the way you stand when you slash with both hands and the way you stand when you slash with one hand is different. You must ponder continually......until you find the posture that suits you the most. You can only slash with the greatest speed this way. Do you understand?"


    Little He widened his big eyes as he pondered,

    He was just a child and could only wave that wooden stick stiffly to complete the task his teacher had given him. However, the progress would then be too slow.

    "Remember this. Learn to use your brain." Teng Qingshan smiled.

    "It looks like Brother Qin Wei is also an expert." At this moment, Ma Jinxiao came out from another room.

    Teng Qingshan smiled helplessly and said, "I am not some expert. Although I am good at playing petty tricks, but I am ordinary. Even after training for twenty to thirty years, this was the result! Once I sell my tea bricks and earn a great sum of money, me and my family will not worry about food anymore. I can also teach that boy of mine.....At least, he has to be stronger than me, his father."

    "I envy you, Brother Qin Wei, for being able to have children that you can teach." Ma Jinxiao sighed emotionally.

    "Brother Ma, let's go eat dinner together. Little He, you should rest for a while too." Teng Qingshan said.

    "I just came back from outside and I have already eaten dinner." Ma Jinxiao laughed and said.

    With this, Ma Jinxiao stepped into Little He's room and Teng Qingshan walked in with him.

    "Creak!" Ma Jinxiao closed the door.

    Teng Qingshan glanced at Ma Jinxiao in surprise as he thought, "Why did he close the door?"

    "Little He." Ma Jinxiao casted a glance at the child.

    "Teacher!" Little He immediately threw his chest out and stood straightly.

    Ma Jinxiao laughed and caressed Little He's head, causing Little He to be overwhelmed by this unexpected love. His teacher was very strict. He might provide good food, but such gestures of love were rare.

    "Little He, what your Uncle Qin said was very right. Whether it is the practice of saber or sword, you must learn to use your brain. Those that only copy the saber skills or sword art of the previous generation are mostly very ordinary. However, if you learn to think, you can avoid detours and mistakes during your cultivation!" Ma Jinxiao grinned, "Little He, you have great willpower and you are talented. If you learn to think, make changes, and practice assiduously, you will definitely succeed."

    "However, there's something your teacher needs to do."

    Ma Jinxiao took out a book of secret techniques and handed it to Little He's mother as he said, "Madam Tan, this book explains everything. If I can return after I finish what I need to do, I will teach Little He about this book myself.....However, if I do not make it back, have Little He learn how to read and write first, and let him read this book himself.

    "Teacher, you..you are leaving me?" Tan He was so shocked that he quickly held onto his teacher's leg.

    "Son." His mother hastily pulled Tan He.

    "Little He, stop acting like sissy," Ma Jinxiao scolded, "I, your teacher, have my own things to do! I can't always follow you.... Madame Tan, there are silver notes in the book of secret technique. If you use it frugally, it would be enough for a dozen years."

    The eyes of Madame Tan and the child reddened.

    They all realized that....their benefactor, Ma Jinxiao, was going out to do something very dangerous.

    "Teacher." The seven to eight years old Tan He knelt down, making a bang sound.

    He then did three kowtows!

    His forehead was red and swollen. Tan He looked up at his teacher with tears welling up in his eyes, "Teacher, all of my other relatives have died. I only have you, teacher, and mother. Teacher.....this martial art.. You must come back and teach me! I won't be able to learn well if you are not here!"

    Ma Jinxiao's heart ached, but he still said, "Be strong. Don't cry." With this, Ma Jinxiao opened the door and left.

    "Sniff....." Tan He burst into tears.

    As Teng Qingshan saw this, he sighed secretly. He then caressed Tan He's head and said softly, "Little He, don't worry. Your teacher will definitely return to teach you."

    "Yes, definitely." Xiao He hastily nodded.
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