Chapter 12: The Search of the Whole City

    Chapter 12 The Search of the Whole City

    That night, many of the nearby mansions were clamoring.

    Teng Qingshan who was wearing a mask and a black cloak frowned, "Most of the Law Enforcing Elders of Xiao Yao Palace must be staying in the surrounding regions." Teng Qingshan's physical strength burst out and his speed immediately increased greatly, leaving behind blurry illusion-like afterimages.

    "Don't run!" A loud furious roar sounded.

    A purple-cloaked man transformed into a purple illusion-like figure as he started to pursue Teng Qingshan.

    However, only in two seconds, the black figure disappeared.

    The purple-cloaked man stopped. There was a red mole between his brows. He looked around and muttered, "This person runs really fast. His speed is only slightly slower than mine. It is possible that he is a Golden Dan Innate Expert, " Since he couldn't find where Teng Qingshan went, the purple-cloaked man rapidly turned and left.

    Ten elders and a dozen Law Enforcing Elders gathered in Qiao Zhong's mansion..

    "Elder Sikong, are you alright?" The other Law Enforcing Elders were slightly worried.

    "Cough, cough. I am alright. I just need to recuperate for ten to fifteen days." With a pale face, the white browed man shook his head and said, "The masked man who was dressed in black was much more powerful than me. However, he did not want to kill me, otherwise, if he used a bit more strength, I would be dead! He attacked to save that murderer, the one who killed Sixth Martial Brother."

    The white browed man sounded breathless. It was obvious that he was heavily wounded.

    An Elder dressed in black cloaked frowned and said, " We will not let those who dared to provoke Xiao Yao Place go easily."

    "Martial Uncle." The purple-cloaked man with a red mole between his brows shook his head. "Let it go. I tried to pursue the masked man dressed in black, but be escaped. His speed is slightly slower than mine.....Si Kong also said that the masked man dressed in black was more powerful than him. I think that guy is a Golden Dan Innate Expert."

    "He might not be a Golden Dan Innate Expert."

    The blacked cloaked elder shook his head and said, "Martial Nephew, I think he is just a True Dan Innate Expert who is adept in Qinggong. He also defeated Sikong with a single punch.....In this world, there are only a few innate experts and even less experts who dare to provoke Xiao Yao Palace. Now, this person that came out of nowhere reminds me of a person!"

    Someone at the side immediately shouted, "Teng Qingshan?"

    "Yes." The black cloaked elder nodded and said with a serious expression. "This Teng Qingshan is an adept in both Spear Arts and Boxing. He tricked many innate experts in the Great Yan Mountain and caused many supreme sects to suffer great losses. I am guessing that his Qinggong must be very good. Plus, he had also killed Tie Jiu of the Snow Hawk Hall with one move."

    "Right, right."

    The heavily injured white browed man hastily said, "Previously, he used a concealed weapon to save the murderer, which blasted my sword away."

    "If that's the case!" The black cloaked elder calmly said, "Protector Liu, pass this information to the men from Qing Hu Island stationed here."

    "Yes!" Protector Liu immediately answered.

    All the Law Enforcing Elders sent by Xiao Yao Palace to the Great Yan Mountain were killed! This angered the high-positioned men of Xiao Yao Palace, and they also felt indisposed towards Teng Qingshan.

    The black cloaked elder continued saying, "Sikong, do you remember the appearance of the murderer?"

    The white browed man frowned and pondered, "I remember faintly!" When he and Ma Jinxiao saw each other, the candle light was dim.There was a fierce fight after that. A few minutes later, Ma Jinxiao escaped because of Teng Qingshan's help. Because of the fierce fight.....and the gloomy surroundings, the white browed man did not remember well.

    "He actually dared to act so arrogantly! He slashed a over twenty times and killed Xiao Yao Palace's man!" The black cloaked elder sneered coldly, "Sikong, quick go search for him. Draw the murderer's face and search the entire county city!"


    In the inn.

    Teng Qingshan had already changed his clothes and he was resting while lying down on the bed.

    "Bang!" "Bang!"A knock rang.

    "Who is it?" Teng Qingshan stood up.

    "Brother Qinwei, it's me." Ma Jinxiao's voice sounded and Teng Qingshan opened the door. At this moment, the boy Tan He and Madame Tan was with Ma Jinxiao.

    "Quick come in." When the three people entered, Teng Qingshan immediately closed the door.

    "Uncle Qin. Teacher said that he will teach me the skills of saber himself." Tan He said excitedly. " With a smile, Teng Qingshan caressed Tan He's head and looked towards Ma Jinxiao, while saying, "Looks like Brother ma finished everything."

    Ma Jinxiao was grinning. "Yes, it's finished."

    Congratulations." Teng Qingshan smiled.

    "Haha. Brother Qin Wei, I came to find you because I have a request." Said Ma Jinxiao.

    Feeling surprised, Teng Qingshan replied, "Do tell me."

    "Brother Qin Wei, you must have went to find other caravans this afternoon and you are preparing to leave this Huyua County City tomorrow morning, right?" Said Ma Jinxiao. Teng Qingshan responded with a nod. Ma Jinxiao continued, "Then, when you leave tomorrow morning, can you take Little He and his mother with you?"

    "What?" Teng Qingshan was slightly unprepared.

    Ma Jinxiao smiled, "I am only asking Brother Qin Wei to lead them out of the city. Since you are going Yuzhou, you should be leaving from the North Gate. I will be waiting ten li ahead of the Official Road. When you arrive there, I will take them away."

    "Oh. Sure, you can count on me." Teng Qingshan nodded.

    "Brother Qin Wei, thank you." Ma Jinxiao cupped his hand gratefully. Teng Qingshan caressed Tan He's head with a smile and said, "As an uncle, I should help Little He. Little He, am I right?"

    A bright smile surfaced Little He's face.

    "Yes. Then we won't be disturbing Brother Qin Wei." Ma Jinxiao quickly led the mother and child out of Teng Qingshan's room.

    Teng Qingshan closed the door and smiled, "This Ma Jinxiao is quite careful. He is probably afraid that Xiao Yao Palace will hunt him in the entire county city......" Teng Qingshan cast a glance northward and said to himself, "Ma Jinxiao will most likely leave this Huyue County tonight."

    The city walls can't stop an innate expert from leaving.

    It was an early morning

    Teng Qingshan led the Scarlet Flame Horse and Tan He and his mother mounted the horse.

    "Tsk, tsk. Xiao Yao Palace is causing a clamor." Teng Qingshan instantly saw a great number of city guards searching for someone on the street. The leading guard was holding a portrait in his hand.

    "Uncle Qin, there are so many city guards on the street." Tan He said in surprise.

    Teng Qingshan smiled and walked leisurely as he led his horse.

    As Teng Qingshan head towards the North Gate, he noticed that each street had a great number of guards patrolling it.

    "The County City only has a few streets, but there are a lot of guards. Gui Yuan Sect have around eighty thousand city guards! So Xiao Yao Palace must have a lot more. They could dispatch over fifty thousand guards and search every area in the county city." Teng Qingshan sighed as he thought of how powerful the eight supreme sects were.

    Tan He and his mother didn't dare to speak loudly.

    They also realized that--there were too many guards in county city today and all of them were very domineering.

    "Uncle Qin, there are also a lot of guards at the city gate." Tan He said nervously.

    "Searching one at a time?" Teng Qingshan frowned.

    Suddenly, Teng Qingshan noticed a big portrait that was hanging on the city wall nearby. Yet, Teng Qingshan did not know who the person in the portrait was.

    "Is that Ma Jinxiao's portrait?" Teng Qingshan laughed. The face in the portrait was nothing like Ma Jinxiao. The face in the portrait only had a similar shape, while the other features were completely different. "Right! That white browed expert only fought with Ma Jinxiao for a short amount of time before Ma Jinxiao left. That white browed man didn't remember Ma Jinxiao's face well, thus, it isn't weird that the portrait drawn is inaccurate."

    Teng Qingshan heaved a sigh of relief for Ma Jinxiao.

    At least, Ma Jinxiao wouldn't need to hide in the future.

    A few people stood at the city gates, whispering to each other. One of the young men said with discontent. "Martial Uncle, we asked people from Xiao Yao Palace to help us search for Teng Qingshan, but those guards that are searching in the. streets are not searching seriously." The elder replied, "Nevermind. Those are Xiao Yao Palace's men. We can't force them."

    "Yeah. True. Actually, Teng Qingshan might not even be in this Huyua County." said the young man.

    The elder shook his head and said, "Finding Teng Qingshan is as hard as finding a needle in the ocean. However, because of the Island Lord's strict order, we can't miss any chance. Let's search with all our might...... We don't have much manpower, but we have at least ten people at each city gate. If Teng Qingshan tries to escape in disguise, he would most likely leave through one of the city gates."

    "Yes." The young man nodded.

    When Teng Qingshan heard, he frowned, "This Qing Hu Island is really like a ghost that inexorably hangs on..

    Actually, Qing Hu Island couldn't be blamed. After suffering such a great loss, it would be weird if Qing Hu Island let Teng Qingshan go.

    A long line formed at the gate.

    "You! Open your bags!" Those guards at the gate were searching very strictly.

    The people went passed one by one.

    In front of Teng Qingshan, there was a man who looked like a merchant and two big bags were hanging on the horses.

    "Open those two bags! Quickly!" The Soldier shouted.

    "It's impossible to hide someone in my bags. I don't think there's a need?" The merchant hastily took out some silver and handed it to the soldier as he said, "Brother, it's very troublesome to put all my things back into the bags. If I empty all my bags, it will at least take me fifteen minutes to put all my stuff back into the bags."

    Immediately, the supervising elders and young men at the side looked towards them.

    "Quick open it. Don't spout nonsense." Most of these soldiers were Qing Hu Island's men. How could they dare to embezzle money and let someone go? It was too difficult to find Teng Qingshan. Xiao Yao Palace said that Teng Qingshan might be in the Huyue County City and this was a rare information, thus, they were desperately searching for Teng Qingshan.

    With a sulking face, the merchant opened both bags at the side and the guards pour out the items in the bag.

    There were many guards at the city gate, and someone even came to check Teng Qingshan.

    "You! Come here." A guard shouted.

    Teng Qingshan immediately led the horses over and spoke with a Youlan accent, "Brothers, I have a lot of goods. Please do me a favor." Before Teng Qingshan had a chance to give any silver, the guard shouted, "Don't spout nonsense. Get the woman and child down from the horse and open those boxes. Quickly!"

    Teng Qingshan could only sulk his face intentionally and led the horse to the side.

    "Young fellow, you are from Youlan? It's so far away. Yet, you brought your wife and child along?" The guard suddenly asked and looked at Teng Qingshan dubiously.

    Hearing that, Teng Qingshan was shocked.

    "He is my uncle." Tan He spoke. It was obvious that his accent was the native accent of Qingzhou and Yangzhou.

    "This is my big brother's child. We are merchants and we befriend the ones who travel the world. This time, I helped him to fetch his child and I only had to travel a few hundred li to do that." Teng Qingshan smiled. When the guard heard Tan He's accent, he nodded indifferently and shouted, "Quick! Open those boxes."
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