Chapter 14: Ambush in Yuzhou

    Chapter 14 Ambush in Yuzhou

    It was a dark night with a bone-chilling wind.

    Dressed in a black long cloak, a cold-looking man was walking in the forest. He had long black hair and there was a Godly Sword on his back. The color of the sheath was black while color of the man's eyebrows were white. His eyebrows looked like two swords. When he blink, his eyes would flash a glow that seemed like a light of a sword. There was also three people following behind him.

    They were two men and a women. All three of them looked very young.

    The cold-looking white browed man who was dressed in a black cloaked, spoke, "Feng."

    Among the three, a young man that seemed to be the smartest shouted, "Teacher!"

    "You have joined my sect thirteen years ago." The white browed man said indifferently. "However, the progress of your cultivation is too slow. You are one of the three great disciples that I have chosen. You are more talented than millions of people and you were also assisted by many kinds of Spiritual Treasures. Yet, you still have not reached the Innate Realm!"

    The young man's facial expression changed drastically as he dropped to his knees and said hastily, "Teacher, I, your disciple, am ashamed." He was the only one among these three disciples who had not step into the Innate Realm.

    "Normally, I would destroy your martial arts, and then kick you out of my sect."

    After hearing his teacher's words, the young man felt that his heart started palpitating. He knew clearly, how strict his teacher was.

    "I'll give you one last chance."

    The white browed man, dressed in a black cloaked face was still expressionless as he said, "Three days ago, a caravan that was organized by the Hu's Trading Company departed from the Huyue County City. They should arrive here around tomorrow night. Your order is to infiltrate the trading company as a merchant." After he finished speaking, the white browed man, dressed in a black cloak, took out a portrait and threw it towards his disciple.

    The young man quickly caught it, and examined it carefully, the person on the portrait looked ordinary like someone who should be easy to hang around.

    "This person is called Qin Wei, he is one of the merchants in this caravan. " The White browed man said indifferently,  "However, that is only a disguise. His real identity is Teng Qingshan from Gui Yuan Sect!"

    "Teng Qingshan?"

    Not only the kneeling disciple was surprised, the other two disciples were also surprised. The three quickly scrutinized the portrait. Teng Qingshan was the legendary figure. Although they were talented people who were aided with Spiritual Treasures, taught by a powerful teacher and with pride in their hearts, they still admired Teng Qingshan.

    A seventeen years old True Dan Innate Expert!

    Just this alone caused numerous practitioners to admire him. Since the ancient times, the ones who could be compared with Teng Qingshan could only be counted with the fingers of one hand.

    Now, Qing Hu Island had been pursuing him and the eight supreme sects were helping the hunt.....Yet, there were still no news of Teng Qingshan.

    How did my teacher learn of this?

    The three great disciples clearly knew how terrifying their teacher could be. Simultaneously, they also understood, how shocking the forces behind their teacher were.

    "Feng, your mission is to report to the men of Emperor Yu's Hall when Teng Qingshan leaves the caravan and resides in the inn. The men of Emperor Yu will notify Qing Hu Island." Said the white browed man, dressed in a black cloak.

    Although he felt puzzled, the young man still said respectively, "Yes, teacher."

    "Teacher." The only lady among the three stared at the white browed man with a pair of enchanting eyes as she said, "We have no relations with Qing Hu Island, so why are we helping them?"

    "This is an order." said the white browed man icly.

    Immediately, the three disciples didn't dare to make any sounds. The white browed man continued saying, "Feng, this is extremely important. We cannot afford to make any minor mistakes! Remember! Do not let Teng Qingshan find out. Teng Qingshan's skill of disguise is extremely profound. If he finds out and escape, it will be very hard to find him again. If you accomplish this mission perfectly, I will allow you to practice the highest-level technique of our sect, Exquisite Circular Sword Codex.

    The overjoyed young man, said rapidly "Yes, teacher, I'll complete the mission even if I die."


    Yuzhou was located at the center of the land of the nine prefectures. It was the place that Emperor Yu chose as the capital. Because of this, the natives of Yuzhou, especially the citizens of Yu City, had a peculiar aura of pride.  They were proud to be natives of Yuzhou and looked down on the people from other prefectures.

    In the region of Yuzhou, feather-like snow cascaded unceasingly from the heavens, covering the earth.

    While a great caravan was advancing in a vigorous manner. The caravan was organized by the Hu's Trading Company, that had just left Huyue County of Qingzhou. However, there were now nine hundred people in this caravan . Normally, when the caravan passed by a city, many other free and leisure merchants would join. Simultaneously, the caravan would hire more guards with the commissions given by those merchants.

    "The Snow is blowing wildly, I wonder when will it stop?" That frustrated sound was coming from the left side of the mountain.

    Teng Qingshan was mounted on the Scarlet Flame Horse as he  advanced leisurely. His entire heart Spirit was immersed in the harmonious and congenial realm. As his "Spirit" was being nurtured in this realm as it grew continually like the grass that was watered by the rain.

    "Brother Qin, Brother Qin." a sound coming from his side.

    Teng Qingshan turned to look and saw that it was a young man wearing a white fur coat and a leather hat. The pair of eyes made the young man seemed very smart. The name of this young man was Sun Feng. He joined four days after the caravan left Huyue County City. This Sun Feng was a very talkative person and he almost knew all the free and leisure merchants, including Teng Qingshan.

    From Teng Qingshan's knowledge, It was the first time Sun Feng ever left his home to do a business, so his old housekeeper, Uncle Wu accompanied him.

    "Brother Sun." Smiled Teng Qingshan, "Because of this heavy snow, it would be better to speak less and save some energy.

    "But You know me, I can't calm down." Sun Feng said while laughing, " I reckon ten years later, I'll be like you, riding for a couple of miles without saying a word."

    The elderly sitting beside Sun Feng smiled and said, "Brother Qin, My master is a bit naughty,  please tolerate him for a bit."

    "No problem."

    Teng Qingshan smiled, " Brother Sun, maybe you didn't get tired during this trip, but I am tired. Just say what you want,  and I will listen." With this, Teng Qingshan stared ahead and rode his horse in a leisure manner.

    Sun Feng pouted,  but he secretly sighed in awe, "Such temperament! He didn't speak anything since he starting riding his horse. If the teacher hadn't told us the fact that he was Teng Qingshan, I wouldn't believe that  he's only seventeen. Oh....Yearly Sacrifice is nearly here. When it's time, he will be eighteen. If I comparing him to me, I'm older than him by ten or so. Teng Qingshan, I really don't want you to be in a tough situation, but the Sect gave me my orders, if I disobey, you're gonna be alive, but I will be doomed instead."

    Sun Feng still had the same facial expression.

    My ability might be less than those two, but my acting skills are way better then them.


    December 27th. At Wu City of Yuzhou!

    On the official road, Teng Qingshan was still cultivating. To the Teng Qingshan now, it was a habit to cultivate everyday.

    "Wu City is in front of us." Old Man Zhou's voice resounded in the entire caravan. "Our caravan will eat lunch here and will continue our journey right after that. We must reach Yu City before the Yearly Sacrifice! This is last the city before Yu City. Those of you who wanted to leave the caravan in Wu City, tell me about it and we won't wait for you guys after lunch."

    Immediately, many merchants were calling their own guards as they walked towards Old Man Zhou.

    Teng Qingshan galloped his horse forward and thought to himself, "The next city is the Yu City.......It was the base of Emperor Yu's Hall. There are numerous experts there. I think I should leave the caravan here."

    Teng Qingshan did know somethings about the caravan. If he went to the Yu City, he would have to stay in Yu City for a few days. Because of the Yearly Sacrifice, all families in Yu City would be celebrating the coming of the new year and all merchants would rest for a few days. These were the most important days of the year. When he reach there, he wouldn't be able to find any caravans leaving the city.

    If no caravans were departing, and if he travelled alone?

    That would cause many troubles for him.

    But if he stayed in Yu City for a few days? Yu City had a mixture of different kinds of people. It was too messy.

    As for this Wu City, it was a small city that was at the same level as the Yi City. It was not very populated and there weren't many experts. Teng Qingshan felt that it would be safe to stay here for a few days.

    "Oh. Brother Qin Wei, you will be stopping here as well?" When Teng Qingshan told Old Man Zhou, Old Man Zhou was surprised and asked, "Aren't you going towards Yanzhou? Isn't it better if you come to Yu City with us?"

    "I have an errand to do in Wu City." Teng Qingshan said as he smiled.

    Old Man Zhou did not mind. With a smile, he crossed out Teng Qingshan's name in the list.

    "Brother Qin, you will be resting in Wu City?" a sound came from behind. It was Sun Feng and Uncle Wu.

    "Yes. You guys as well?" Teng Qingshan smiled.

    Sun Feng nodded, "Yes. My dad's old friend is in Wu City. Before I left my home, my father asked me to give his old friend some presents......However, looking at the date, I will have to celebrate the Yearly Sacrifice in Wu City this time.

    Soon, the caravan entered the city.

    A muscular big bearded man gestured and said, "Brother Qin Wei, Old Tan, and Brother Sun......We are all stopping at Wu City. There is just a total of twelve people, so let me treat you guys lunch. Do me a favor, Old Hou, a favor, and eat lunch with me. What do you guys think?"


    "Old Hou, you are one forthright man." Sun Feng laughed.

    No one rejected and Teng Qingshan naturally followed them. They went to a restaurant and ate lunch.

    The leisure and free merchants travelled the world to earn money while risking their. They spent one hour eating lunch together and when it was afternoon, the merchant with the surname Hou, who was a citizen of Wu City, helped those without a place to stay to find a very nice inns.

    "This place is very quiet. Although the food isn't as good as the food in the restaurant, it is decent. The man with the surname Wou guffawed and said, "Soon it will be the Yearly Sacrifice. Brothers, you are all very far from your homes, but if we are we together, we can still enjoy the new year."

    "Come! Give me a hand!"

    The merchants began carrying their boxes with goods one by one. They would be living here for next few days. Some people would sell their goods to the people here, thus, it was safer to put their goods in their own rooms.

    "Waiter, you have to take good care of our horses. We will pay you a lot, but if any of these horses go missing, you will be in a huge trouble." Teng Qingshan laughed and said. Simultaneously, he grabbed a rope and carried the two boxes strenuously as he walked towards the inn.

    "Don't worry, Master."

    One of the waiters smiled and shouted, "This horse can't go missing." The waiters had good eyesight. They knew that such superior horses like the Scarlet Flame Horse costs almost thousand silver taels, while they themselves could only earn a dozen silver taels a year. If they lost the horse, how could they compensate? Therefore, they must take good care of this horse.

    When Teng Qingshan went up the stairs towards the second floor and placed the two boxes in his room, he heard a sound--

    "Uncle Wu, watch the stock for me. I am going to visit uncle."

    At this moment, Sun Feng was holding a box as  he walked out of the room and headed outside.
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