Chapter 18: Catch Teng Qingshan Alive

    Chapter 18 Catch Teng Qingshan Alive

    Meanwhile in the inn, Teng Qingshan was walking down the stairs.

    "Customer, what would you like to order?" Behind the counter, the owner of the inn immediately said with a bright smile. Teng Qingshan laughed, "Give me a few buns and a big bowl of soybean milk." After giving out his order, Teng Qingshan went into the backyard of the inn through the back door. The backyard was very busy right now.

    There were people who were cooking buns, washing vegetables and collecting water from the well.

    Teng Qingshan headed towards the stables and checked his Scarlet Flame Horse.

    "Customer, your horse is fine. Don't worry. We are taking good care of it." One of the strong young chap by the well was turning a metal wheel, and not long later, a metal water bucket came up.

    "Okay." Teng Qingshan who was satisfied nodded.

    As a merchant, if he did not pay any attention to the Scarlet Flame Horse which was worth around thousand silver taels, then it would seem too fake. After casting a few more glances, Teng Qingshan walked back to the hall of the inn.

    "Customer, the buns and soyabean milk are on the ground." The owner said enthusiastically.

    Teng Qingshan nodded and smiled while walking to the door of the inn while stretching. He casted a glance at the streets and saw that there were many pedestrians on the street. There were also people who were doing business, but no one looked suspicious. Teng Qingshan even muttered, "Owner, it looks like today is a good day."

    Returning to the table, Teng Qingshan finished one bun in two bites. He was eating very fast.

    "Huhu~~" He gulped the big bowl of soyabean milk down his throat and touched his belly comfortably. Then he headed upstairs, but as he was walking upstairs, he saw Uncle Wu and asked, "Uncle Wu? Where is Brother Sun? I didn't see him last night."

    "Young Master went to visit his father's friend and stayed there for the night." Uncle Wu laughed, "However, the Young Master should return today. We still need to sell our goods and there are still a lot of errands to run."

    Teng Qingshan then went back into his room.


    As the sun arose, the warm was radiating through the streets.

    Two people suddenly appeared in the midst of the crowd on the street. One was dressed in golden cloak while the other one was wearing a green cloak and only had one arm. As they walked on the street, they just appeared different from the other ordinary people. People around them also had good eyesight. They all thought that these two weren't ordinary people and made way automatically.

    "Brother Zhao, now it all depends on you." The golden cloaked man laughed, "You didn't forget the location of the room in the inn where Teng Qingshan is dwelling, right?"

    Zhao Danchen took out a paper, the blueprint of second floor of the inn was drawn on it. One of the rooms on the blueprint was marked. Zhao Danchen replied, "The second floor of the inn, the third room on the north. I remember it very clearly, "Taking back the paper, Zhao Danchen continued walking.

    Within minutes, the two arrived the inn.

    At this moment--

    Three people walked out of the restaurant opposite the inn. They were all wearing white leather cloaks. They were a thin silver-haired elder, a muscular man and a beautiful young lady. The three stood shoulder to shoulder in front of the restaurant. The three looked with Zhao Danchen with smiles on their faces. Zhao Danchen's face twitched slightly and he nodded towards them.

    "Three Golden Dan Innate Experts! Even Du Xuan, the third of the 《Heavenly Ranking》 ,came......" Zhao Danchen sighed in awe.

    In terms of the number of Innate Experts (Arhats), Mani Temple was definitely ranked first! However, among the eight Supreme Sects of the world, only sects like Qing Hu Island and Xiao Yao palace only had a history of over a thousand years. Since the days Emperor Yu united the nine prefectures, although it was partly because papers were only invented a few hundred years ago, many things in the past were unknown.

    However, everyone knew that since the birth of the Emperor Yu's Hall, many super great sects existed in the great land of the nine prefectures.

    Yangzhou was an example. Before Qing Hu Island, the super great sect that dominated Yangzhou for eight hundred years was the Sword Sect. However, a thousand years has passed since it was obliterated by Qing Hu Island and the inheritors of the Sword Sect were all gone. This was time! As time elapsed, even the enormous and great sects would probably never be powerful forever.

    In history, there were many super great sects which were obliterated

    Now, sects with over two thousand years history were Mani Temple, Ying Family, Emperor Yu's Hall, Shooting Sun God Mountain, and Hong Tian City.

    And sects with a history of over three thousand years were the Ying Family and the Emperor Yu's Hall.

    It was told that Emperor Yu's Hall had existed over six thousand years. The sects which existed in the same era as the Emperor Yu's Hall or sects that have existed for five thousand, four thousand years, or three thousand years ago.....all of them had been obliterated. Forces like the Qing Hu Island and Xiao Yao Palace were all afraid of the Emperor Yu's Hall.

    It was the most ancient sect!

    How much power did the Emperor Yu's Hall posses? No one knew! But since the sect was existing for a very long time, the many generations of experts must left some of their own cultivation techniques so there were probably a great number of marvelous cultivation techniques. Because of that, there should be a lot of experts. Being able to simply dispatch three Golden Dan Innate Experts!  This was power of Emperor Yu's Hall!

    "We will be here. It all depends on Brother Zhao." The skinny elder said in a deep voice.

    Zhao Danchen nodded.

    There were many people on the street so it was very noisy. As long as they didn't make any loud sounds, it would be hard for Teng Qingshan to notice them.

    "Teng Qingshan, you won't be able to escape even if you can fly today." Zhao Danchen narrowed his eyes. He then entered the inn under the watch of the three Golden Dan Innate Experts and the Emptiness Dan Innate Experts of the Emperor Yu's Hall.

    "Customer, are you eating or do you need a room?" The owner asked.

    Zhao Danchen casted a glance at him coldly, causing the owner's heart to skip a beat as he thought, "Who is this person?" Zhao Danchen then scanned the hall at the first floor of the inn and headed upstairs.

    Thump! Thump! Thump!

    Zhao Danchen walked up the stairs


    In the room, Teng Qingshan was sitting cross-legged on the bed.

    "Why do I feel so perturbatious? What's going on?" Teng Qingshan opened his eyes and casted a glance at the luggage case at the side of the bed. "No one knows that the Splitting Mountain Axe and the Reincarnation Spear are in this luggage case. Plus, I didn't use charcoal sticks to do my makeup like how I did in the Great Yan Mountain, but I bought the materials needed at Huafeng City and did my makeup very carefully.

    This time, even if my parents were here, they wouldn't be able to recognize me.

    Teng Qingshan didn't think that anyone could notice who he really was.

    "Someone is walking up the stairs?" Teng Qingshan could hear some sounds. "Might be a customer who is living here." Although Teng Qingshan was on guard, he wasn't suspicious.


    On the hallway.

    A handsome silver-haired young man dressed in azure cloak with empty right sleeves was walking. His footsteps seemed very natural without any disguise.

    "One, two, three!"

    Zhao Danchen instantly stared at the room which Teng Qingshan was staying and a ghastly expression appeared on his face. His left hand instantly appeared in a blurred image as he touched the trenchant sword behind his back.


    The trenchant sword transformed into a streak of colorful light, and the sword itself wasn't visible.

    "Bang!" The door of the whole room instantly transformed into crushed wood and the crushed wood flew in all directions like concealed weapons, shooting into the walls. Sounds of chairs and tables breaking could be heard. At the same time the door of the room was blasted, a blurred figure instantly dashed into the room!

    Sitting cross-legged, Teng Qingshan's facial expression involuntarily changed.

    "Teng Qingshan!!!" A terrifying roar sounded.

    Fiery red beams of light immediately bursted out of Teng Qingshan's body. At this moment, Teng Qingshan looked like the God of Fire. The beams of fiery red light were like numerous arrows that instantly crushed the bed that Teng Qingshan was sitting on and the ground below Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan himself grabbed the luggage and descended rapidly to the first floow.

    At the first floor of the inn, some customers were eating. Feeling agitated, the owner looked upstairs and suddenly--

    "Boom!" A fiery red glow shot down from above and a fiery red figure descended at the same time.

    A man whose body was enveloped in fire crashed on the ground of the inn, causing the great hall to shake and his fall left a deep hole. Ugly cracks also started to appear on the ground. Another gold-colored figure descended and he thrusted the trenchant sword in his hand towards the figure who was enveloped in fire The sword was like a lightning bolt of the thunder god.

    "So fast!" Teng Qingshan was just retreating when he saw the colorful beam of the sword!

    The light of the sword didn't cause the air to explode.

    This was why Teng Qingshan was shocked.

    "Get lost!" Teng Qingshan roared. It looked like snakes were swimming in Teng Qingshan's right sleeves, bulking up the cloak. Teng Qingshan immediately used the luggage case in his hand as a weapon and struck towards the light of the sword.


    The trenchant sword pierced Teng Qingshan's luggage case. One was a Golden Dan Innate Experts whose Golden Dan Innate True Origin had the burst of power of over eight hundred jin. The other was an Emptiness Realm Expert whose physical strength was almost reached seven hundred thousand Jin. With the Emptiness Dan Innate True Origin, the burst of power would not be inferior!

    Plus, there was also Splitting Mountain Axe in this luggage case! It was the Splitting Mountain Axe which the Emperor Yu had refined for over thousands of years!

    How could a Golden Dan Innate Expert to pierce through the Splitting Mountain Axe?

    When these two terrifying forces met head on--


    It was as if a dozen thunderstrucks rumbled in the inn. The luggage case was instantly blasted into dusts. Teng Qingshan saw a spherical shock wave forming before his eyes and the vibration of the air immediately produced a terrifying force of a blast, dispersing towards all directions.

    "Puchi~~" The tables, chairs, bowls and plates instantly became dust.

    The customers, waiters and owner who were watching with wide eyes and mouth agaped transformed into a mist of blood as the shock wave swept passed them.

    "Boom!" The walls of the entire inn were crushed and the shockwaves even affected the buildings in the surround area and the pedestrians on the streets. Simultaneously, the three-story inn crashed after losing its support.

    On the street.

    The Emptiness Dan Innate Expert and the three Golden Dan Innate Experts of the Emperor Yu's Hall were originally looking at this scene with smiles on their faces. However, when they saw that such terrifying force of impact being produced as soon as the two started fighting, their facial expression immediately changed--Since their attacks could produce a powerful shockwave like this, it meant Teng Qingshan's force of attack was on a par with Zhao Danchen's.

    Rumble~~~ The inn and the buildings around it collapsed. Many pedestrians on the streets died and many were wounded. Loud cries for one's mother and father could be heard.

    "Quick! Catch Teng Qingshan!" The skinny silver-haired elder's facial expression changed and yelled. Immediately, the three Golden Dan Innate Experts transformed into three blurred images. With a flash, the three arrived the backyard of the inn.

    At this moment, the backyard was already a complete mess with broken bricks and riles everywhere.

    At this moment, Teng Qingshan grabbed the Splitting Mountain Axe with one hand while holding one part of the Reincarnation Spear with his other hand. The other part of the Reincarnation Spear was tied onto his body with his Innate True Origin." This Splitting Mountain Axe was indeed very useful." Teng Qingshan was secretly feeling happy the moment he used it, he thought, "This Splitting Mountain Axe is extremely hard. As expected of the treasure that could refine the Elixir of the Northern Sea and support Heavenly Flood Palace for thousands of years. Even when Zhao Danchen struck with his full strength, the sword didn't leave any mark on the Axe.

    The Splitting Mountain Axe was quite big.

    The Splitting Mountain Axe could be used as a small shield since it could easily protect the vital parts.

    "Teng Qingshan, surrender now!" Zhao Danchen charged over.

    Teng Qingshan casted a glance afar and his pupils constricted as he saw the three figures dashing towards him. Teng Qingshan immediately leaped up like a fish and dived into the deep well at the backyard like a trenchant arrow. Simultaneously, a "Boom!" sound rang and the soil of the entire backyard rose up as ravines appeared on the ground. At the same time, the deep well collapsed.

    "Haha, bastards of Qing Hu Island. Do you think you can catch me, Teng Qingshan?" An arrogant laugh resounded from within the earth like a shockwave. It was like the angry laugh of the Thunder God which resounded above the entire Wu City.

    The hundred thousand people in the Wu City looked up towards the sky with shocking expressions on their faces.
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