Chapter 20: Restriction

    Chapter 20 Restriction

    Teng Qingshan was at the bottom of  a well in one of the courtyards in the western areas of Wu City.

    "Zhao Danchen, if you want to catch me, go back and train for fifty more years." After shouting, Teng Qingshan immediately dug into the ground and continued moving forward.


    Teng Qingshan was no longer rushing as he moved in the deep soil, but at this moment, the bullet-shaped beam of light that enveloped Teng Qingshan's body no longer had a helical shape.

    "Changing the form of the body through the Innate True Origin was really not what I imagined." Teng Qingshan knew perfectly well that maintaining the enveloping glow of Innate True Origin wouldn't consume that much Innate True Origin. Of course, the enveloping Innate True Origin needed to be close to the body; it couldn't be too far away.

    The farther away the enveloping glow was from the body, the more True Origin it consumed.

    The enveloping glow also couldn't be too large because the larger it was, the more energy it consumed! Actually, Teng Qingshan had thought of these points.

    But Teng Qingshan forgot one point.

    "I just wanted to borrow the force of the soil through the helical structure, but I never expected that it would consume even more True Origin!" Originally, Teng Qingshan was planning to design the enveloping light into an electric drill. However, since it is an "electric drill", when it dug into the ground, the helical structure would spin too!!

    Even though it was spinning by borrowing momentum--

    This helical structure was a shape formed through the Innate True Origin, and when it was not moving, maintaining this helical shape was a piece of cake. Even so, Teng Qingshan would have to keep this helical structure from disappearing when it started to spin violently. Thus, the consumption of True Origin immediately became even more shocking. Because of this, Teng Qingshan was forced to change the helical structure back to the shape of a streamlined bullet.

    "I have to try and transform my Innate True Origin into different shapes and structures in order to find the strong and weak points."

    There were a few points that Teng Qingshan understood--

    One, the smaller the enveloping glow, the less True Origin it uses.

    Two, the closer the enveloping glow was to the body, the less True Origin it uses.

    Three, it would be best for an object formed by the Innate True Origin to remain stabilized. Once it started moving violently, it would consume even more Innate True Origin! Take this electric drill for example; when the helical structure started spinning, the amount of True Origin it consumed immediately increased sharply.

    When an object formed by the Innate True Origin began moving, two types of situation would happen. The first situation was when the object moved through an outside force. The helical structure was an example since it moved through the pressure of the soil. Another example was the fish tail that appeared when Teng Qingshan transformed himself into a fish. Teng Qingshan usually used his physical strength to move his feet in order to move the fish tail. The main force moving the tail was the strength of his legs. In such situation, although the amount of Innate True Origin used was still astonishing, it wa still manageable!

    One example of the other situation was when someone in the form of a fish did not move the fish tail through the strength of the feet and only used the Innate True Origin to move the tail. Another example of this situation was when Teng Qingshan refrained from borrowing the momentum of his legs. When this human form electric drill formed a propeller at the back of the feet, the spinning propeller would produce a propulsion force. The amount of Innate True Origin used to control the violent movements of the Innate True Origin in such cases was very terrifying! Within a few seconds, the Innate True Origin in the body would be exhausted!

    "I already knew the first and second point. For the third point, if the glow of Innate True Origin is outside the body, it would be best for it to remain motionless! If one was forced to move the glow of Innate True Origin, it would be best to use one's physical strength instead of the Innate True Origin! Even if one is an Golden Dan innate expert, if one used the Innate True Origin in the diaphragm to move the glow of Innate True Origin outside the body, then with such speed of consumption, the Innate True Origin would be exhausted within fifteen minutes."

    Teng Qingshan sighed deeply!

    To innate experts, it was necessary that they save up their Innate True Origin. This was because once the Innate True Origin was exhausted, even if they were Golden Dan innate experts, without the Innate True Origin, they were just ordinary people whose only ability was the elimination of air resistance. The strike of a sword with the force of one to two thousand Jin wouldn't cause much air resistance, so even the expert eliminated air resistance, there wouldn't be much of an increase in power.

    Therefore, the innate experts without Innate True Origin were just ordinary beings!

    "Last time, by shaping the glow of Innate True Origin enveloping my body, I transformed myself into a fish!  Within fifteen minutes, I arrived the Bottomless Pit. But at that time, I almost used up all my Innate True Origin." Teng Qingshan pondered, "If it was only maintaining the enveloping glow and keeping it motionless, it would be alright even if I had to do it for two hours.".

    Teng Qingshan knew clearly--

    The manipulation of the enveloping glow was very important, thus, it was necessary to do a thorough study on this.

    "It doesn't matter if I turn into a bullet or a fish. The main driving force are my legs!" Teng Qingshan smiled, "According to my ability, I can control my muscles to rest anytime I want; I can maintain it longer than an innate expert!"

    When facing ten thousand heavy armored soldiers, even if it was a Golden Dan innate experts, if he didn't run, he would be whittled to death after he exhausted his Innate True Origin.

    However, Teng Qingshan could kill the soldiers one by one. It might take more time, but he would be able to kill off everyone.

    This was the difference between Innate True Origin and physical strength!

    "I can turn into a fish in water now! I can't maintain the shape for a long time, but I'm able to swim over ten Li within fifteen minutes.

    "If I transformed into the shape of a bullet underground in layers of rocks and used the tip of the Reincarnation Spear as the tip of the bullet to break through the mud and rocks...by borrowing my legs' strength, I would be able to endure for a long time!"

    "If I jumped off a cliff and stretched out my hands out horizontally to form a pair of fake wings, the descending speed will decrease! This way, I can dare to jump no matter how high the cliff is!"

    "If I wanted to fly like a bird....."

    Teng Qingshan frowned...... There was great difficulty in flying. Even if the Innate true Origin enveloped both arms and formed a pair of wings, who had seen anyone being able to fly right after they wear a pair of wings? If so, anyone in my previous life would be able to fly.

    "There are many types of birds in the sky. Some can fly, some can fly very rapidly, while some can barely fly. Also, many geese and ducks have wings too, but they can't fly!"

    Teng Qingshan pondered.

    After thinking, Teng Qingshan realized that-- Having wings didn't necessarily mean you could fly!

    "Even with planes from my previous life, the wings are only used to maintain balance. I have never seen any flying equipment that uses the movement of the wings to fly like a bird." Teng Qingshan suddenly understood why flying was not that simple. If It was simple, people would be able to fly as long as they had wings and could muster a powerful force.

    Then why there wasn't any aircraft that used the movement of the wings to fly?

    "It's going to be a really difficult to fly!"

    Teng Qingshan pondered.

    "Firstly, one must be perfectly level to maintain balance. This is called--maintaining a state of equilibrium! But if us humans want to maintain a state of equilibrium in midair like birds, it's extremely difficult."

    "As a bird flies, when it flaps down it produces an upward force! When it flaps its wings up, there is a downward force! If one wanted to fly, they must produce an upward force that is stronger than the downward force! Therefore, the shape cannot be fixed! A fixed wings formed through my Innate True Origin definitely won't work."

    Teng Qingshan shook his head when he thought of this

    "And also there is my weight and the weight of my weapons to consider! The combined weight is quite heavy, therefore, the upward force must be great enough. I probably need very big wings! However, a very big pair of wings would consume an even more shocking amount of Innate True Origin!"


    After pondering for a short period of time, he shook his head again.

    These few questions that Teng Qingshan thought of had completely stumped him! The pair of wings formed from Innate True Origin must be able to stretch continually and automatically, but this would consume the True Origin. Within a few seconds, the True Origin would be exhausted. Also, the energy used to form a huge pair of wings was astonishing as well.

    "I reckon that in order to fly, there are many other complex problems! The society in my previous life could build nuclear weapons, but I have never heard of a machine that flies by flapping its wings." Teng Qingshan sighed.

    I think ahead of the other people in this great land of the Nine Prefectures.

    However, when it comes to real theoretical knowledge, I can't be compared with the scientist in the society of my previous life.

    In actuality,  Teng Qingshan didn't know that there were more reasons to why birds were able to fly. Actually, it was related to the bird's internal body structure and breathing system, all of which were very complicated. Even the wings........could not be formed by just making a shape through the Innate True Origin.

    Birds that could fly had a very complex wing structure.

    "This time, I depended on the transformation of the Innate True Origin to escape with my life. Right now, I can't fly! Even so, my ability to survive will increase greatly in waters, soil, or mountains." Teng Qingshan was still very confident. "I must do a thorough research on this. Perhaps there are other ways of using the Innate True Origin."

    "Just being faster than them in the soil helped me escape the pursuit quite easily."

    28th of December. News of what happened in Wu City spread out in an astonishing speed.

    One should know that Teng Qingshan's two shouts--

    "Haha, bastards of Qing Hu Island, do you think you guys can catch me, Teng Qingshan?"

    "Zhao Danchen... The other three should be the Law Enforcing Elders of Emperor Yu's Hall, right....... Haha, Zhao Danchen, if you want to catch me, go back and train for fifty more years."

    The entire Wu City heard these two shouts. Even if Emperor Yu's Hall and Qing Hu Island wanted to keep it a secret, it would be impossible!

    Teng Qingshan, a talented figure who left the Gui Yuan Sect. After tricking Qing Hu Island and the other sects in the Great Yan Mountain, he had been hunted by Qing Hu Island......This had caused the people of this world to engage in fervent discussions. Being able to reach the True Dan of the Innate Realm was even more shocking.

    However, no one expected--

    Even when Zhao Danchen of Qing Hu Island and the three Law Enforcing Elders of Emperor Yu's Hall combined forces in Wu City, Teng Qingshan escaped!

    This was the funniest joke in the world!

    As the saying went, good deeds never leave the home, but the bad deeds spread a thousand Li!

    The superior Emperor Yu's Hall and Qing Hu Island's embarrassment spread even faster than the spread of their "bad deeds"..


    At the center of the world, in one of the two Imperial Cities, Yu City!

    Emperor Qin City was also an Imperial City, but because it was located northwest of Yongzhou and because the three thousand Li wide Qin Mountains blocked the way, not many people travelled to Emperor Qin Mountain. However, the natives of Yongzhou were proud of their Emperor Qin City, the most populated city.

    In actuality--Yuzhou was at the center, and Yu City was at the center of Yuzhou!

    The absolute center allowed for commerce, trade and other business to flourish, and numerous travellers entered the city every day.

    December 30th, noon of the Yearly Sacrifice.

    "Old Brother, you are wrong! Who is that Teng Qingshan? He reached the True Dan of the Innate Realms at the age of seventeen! Qing Hu Island only sent Zhao Danchen. Why didn't they send any True Dan innate experts? Based on my knowledge, this Teng Qingshan has the ability to kill True Dan innate experts, so only Golden Dan innate experts are able to kill him!" The skinny old man roared loudly in the restaurant.

    "The three Law Enforcing Elders sent by the Emperor Yu's Hall should be Golden Dan Innate Experts too, right?!"

    The skinny old man laughed, "I didn't say that! Anyway, the stories that spread are already pretty detailed. I heard that one of the three experts was Du Xuan, who was a powerful figure ranked in the 《Heavenly Ranking》. The four Golden Dan innate experts encircled Teng Qingshan, but he still escaped. Tsk tsk!"

    "This Teng Qingshan is really fierce! He offended all of the land's Eight Supreme Sects!"

    "If you want to offend the sects, you might as well offend all of them! Maybe I will offend the whole world one day and be hunted down! It's worth it even if it costs my life! Plus, the four Golden Dan innate experts didn't manage to catch Teng Qingshan, so who IS able to catch him? You guys watch, the Eight Supreme Sects definitely won't be able to catch Teng Qingshan!"

    The Yearly Sacrifice this year was very lively.

    As the news spread, everyone discussed. Even the Eight Supreme Sects had no power to stop the discussion since the law failed where violators were legion. All the people of the world discussed? They couldn't do anything about it!

    In the corner of a restaurant.

    Two ordinary middle-aged men sat there as they listened to Teng Qingshan. Excitement could be seen on their faces. These two people were men of Gui Yuan Sect stationed in Yu City!

    "That happened during the 28th of December! Only two days has passed and the news has already spread to this location."

    "Commander is so powerful!"

    The two were very excited, because in their hearts--Teng Qingshan would always be the commander of Gui Yuan Sect!

    "We must go tell the Lord about this news. We must tell the sect as soon as possible!"

    "I wonder what would happen when the Sovereign knows."

    The two could no longer endure. They immediately stood up, paid the bill, and rushed to the station.
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