Chapter 24: Internal Supreme Force

    Chapter 24 Internal Supreme Force

    "The first stage of the Buddhist Sect, Daoist, and my Internal Martial Arts is cultivation of inner strength!"

    "As for the second stage, the Buddhist Sect calls it the Origin of Buddha while the Daoist Sect calls it the Innate True Origin. Then this power of my Internal Martial Art shall be named Internal Supreme Force." Teng Qingshan could sense this powerful force hiding in every part of his body and cells!

    Teng Qingshan waved his right fist.

    "Xiu!" An inch-long earthy yellow flash flew out of Teng Qingshan's fist, and with a "Pu" sound, it made a very deep fist-sized hole on the grassland at the side. The bottom of the hole couldn't be seen with just a glance.

    "This is the Supreme Force!"

    "When it's not being used, it resides in the muscles, bones, and internal organs as it nurtures every part of the body."

    "But when it bursts, it's shockingly swift and fierce!" Teng Qingshan smiled and said, "Plus, it is even more perfect when this Supreme Force is used in coordination with the body.

    "The cycle of the Dao of Heaven is very fair!"

    "The Innate Realm of the Daoist Sect has three phases: the Emptiness Dan, True Dan, and Golden Dan!"

    "As for the Arhat Realm of the Buddhist Sects, it is also divided into three phases. From the ordinary Śarīra of various colors to the highest-level Rainbow Colored Śarīra!

    "And this Internal Supreme Force of mine, it should have three phases as well!"

    This was just Teng Qingshan's assumption.


    Teng Qingshan continued northward on the boundless Great Prairie.

    Six months had passed since Teng Qingshan entered the Great Prairie. Although he wasn't moving fast because of his cultivation, he still arrived the northern reaches within six months.

    He was currently less than a thousand Li away from the shore of the North Sea.

    "As expected!"

    "Just as I expected!"

    Standing on top of a snowy mountain, Teng Qingshan was extremely excited.

    Although he did not create any more advanced techniques of the Earth Element Fist during these two months, his physical strength had been increasing slightly every day during this time. He could clearly feel this improvement.

    Within a time of two months!

    Teng Qingshan's physical strength increased twofold! One should know that Teng Qingshan physical strength was now about seven hundred thousand Jin. Even though increasing his strength was extremely difficult, his physical strength increased twofold within two months. This was utterly astonishing.

    However, this was just supplementary.  The most important thing was-

    "As expected, the Internal Supreme Force has a higher level!" An earthy yellow light popped out of Teng Qingshan's arm. It encircled his arm and formed a band!

    "Previously, the Internal Supreme Force only flashed like like a river of light. That should be the early phase of the Supreme Force! But after it evolved, it's able to form a hoop! The power also increased greatly. This should be considered the middle phase of Supreme Force!" Teng Qingshan was extremely excited.

    After two months of cultivation, he had already figured out many aspects of the Supreme Force.

    "The Buddhist Sect value the 'Spirit' the most since the Śarīra is located in the Niwan Palace."

    "Daoists value both inner strength and Spirit. If the Spirit is weak, then it would be extremely difficult to make improvements!"

    "However, my path is different......I value the body the most! Inner strength and Spirit comes second! The stronger the body, the faster the rate of progress!" Teng Qingshan noticed that his physical strength had improved gradually during these two months of cultivation.

    As the physical strength increased, the  speed of his refinement of the Supreme Force would also increase!

    "I think I am able to progress from the early phase to the middle phase at such a fast pace because my body is too strong!" Teng Qingshan firmly believed so. If someone was in the land of the Nine Prefectures, that person would have the strength of a hundred thousand Jin upon reaching reached the Grandmaster realm!

    During the early phase of the Supreme Force, the physical strength could increase to two hundred thousand Jin. When in coordination with the Supreme Force, one's ability would become even stronger.

    During the middle phase of the Supreme Force, the physical strength should increase to around four hundred thousand Jin.

    During the final phase of the Supreme Force, the physical strength should increase to eight hundred thousand Jin!

    "Because my body was too strong, I was able to progress from the early phase to the middle phase of the Supreme Force within the short span of two months!"

    "According to my knowledge, the Buddhist Sect's requirement of the 'Spirit' is even higher than the Daoist Sect's cultivation requirements!"

    "And the Internal Martial Arts values the body, so the requirement of the ' Spirit' is the lowest of the three systems!"

    Teng Qingshan also noticed while he was cultivating that he could only practice the Earth Element Fist after the control of his whole body reached the Grandmaster Realm. Otherwise, the practice would be useless! During the practice of the Earth Element Fist, the mind and body must remain as one.

    The inner strength and Spirit in every area of Teng Qingshan's muscles, bones, internal organs were transforming into the Supreme Force!

    "Of the three systems, one relies on the Niwan Palace to transform the inner strength and Spirit into Origin of Buddha, while the other relies on the Dantian to transform the inner strength and Spirit into True Origin. The last system relies on the whole body to transform the inner strength and Spirit into Internal Supreme Force! However, the proportions of inner strength and Spirit used by the three systems are different. The Origin of Buddha has the most 'Spirit' while the Internal Supreme Force has the least."

    Teng Qingshan suddenly felt as if he understood everything!

    It was just like cooking. The proportions of the of the ingredients used were different. Of course-all three had different difficulty levels!

    "Internal Martial Arts has the highest talent requirement! Just learning is extremely difficult."

    "Stepping into the Grandmaster Realm is as difficult as climbing the heavens!"

    "After that, when one practice this Earth Element Fist, even if I was there to teach him, that person would only be able to generate the Supreme Force after achieving enlightenment!" Teng Qingshan knew clearly that the systems of Buddhist and Daoist Sects only required one to harmonize the Spirit and Qi while sitting cross-legged in order to refine and generate the Origin of Buddha or Innate True Origin. This method was relatively easy.

    However, for Internal Martial Arts, one could only cultivate while practicing the Fist Art.

    Its requirement on one's talent and comprehension ability was higher than the other two systems.

    Likewise-Since the difficulty was of a higher level, its might was also stronger than the other two systems! Even during the early phase of the Internal Supreme Force, with the physical strength and the Supreme Force, one's ability would surpass opponents of the same level. Once one reached the last phase of the Supreme Force, even Golden Dan innate expert and Arhats would be of no match.

    Of course-

    As the one laying the foundation for his Internal Martial Arts System, cultivating would be much more difficult for Teng Qingshan when compared to the future generations! The future generations might be able to learn the Fist Art that Teng Qingshan created, but no one could teach Teng Qingshan. Teng Qingshan could only comprehend the heavens and earth in order to create a path!


    Of course creating and cultivating the third system was extremely hard. However-if Teng Qingshan could really perfect the system of Internal Martial Arts, then in the future, practitioners of Internal Martial Arts would definitely gain an upper hand among the people in the same level!  As long as one reaches the last phase of the Supreme Force, his name would definitely be in the 《Heavenly Ranking》!

    The heavens were fair!

    Since the cultivation was difficult, the result would naturally be of a higher caliber!

    "Haha, so what if it's difficult!" A colorful light beamed out of Teng Qingshan's eyes as he exclaimed, "Even if it cost me my life, I will create a path that belongs to Internal Martial Arts! I will let Internal Martial Arts be passed on from generation to generation for millions of years!"


    On the land of the Nine Prefectures, the Eight Supreme Sects didn't know that in the remote northernmost area of the Great Prairie, a young man has begun his journey on this unprecedented path.

    The sun hung high up in the sky, but the wind of the prairie was still very cold. The northernmost area of the Great Prairie had reached an extremely low temperature.

    "Stay still. Be good and stay still."

    Outside a yurt, a kid dressed in sheepskin jacket held a little lamb and stroked the hair of the little lamb gently. His nose had turned red because of the freezing coldness. Suddenly, he noticed a figure appearing in the distance.

    "Eh? Someone travelling alone?" The kid was slightly surprised. In this precarious prairie, being alone was very dangerous.

    Wearing a ragged cotton jacket and carrying a rectangular bag on his back, a man with a stubbly beard walked towards him. Teng Qingshan had been cultivating with all his concentration. As he didn't cared about appearance, he ignored it for half a year and even grew a beard

    "Does your house has anything to eat?" Teng Qingshan smiled as he looked a the child and said, "I have silver." With this said, he took out two taels of crushed silver. At this moment, some adults of this tribe also noticed Teng Qingshan.

    A few men wearing thick leather jackets and big leather hats walked over.

    "Please wait. I will call my father." The kid turned and shouted loudly, "Father, we have a patron!"

    Soon, a tall, big and muscular man with his hair tied into two braids walked out of the yurt. The men of the Nine Prefectures rarely tied their hair into braids, but it could be seen everywhere in the Great Prairie.

    "Patron from faraway, welcome to our Qilian Tribe!" The big fellow grinned.

    "Father, this uncle wants something to eat," The kid hastily added.

    "Please come in." The big fellow laughed, "We were just preparing to eat lunch." Teng Qingshan was immediately invited into his yurt.

    "Haha, Chabu, you are going to earn money today."

    "Tonight, you have to buy us drinks."

    The few men who originally came turned and left. On the Great Prairie, some small tribes were very friendly, but if a patron did not pay after eating and drinking......If the owner of a yurt liked you, he might not care, but if the patron thought that it was acceptable not to pay, the men of the Great Prairie would attack!.

    Teng Qingshan had been cultivating arduously in this prairie for half a year and had accumulated much experience. Silver taels could buy more things in the Great Prairie than in the land of the Nine Prefectures! To the ordinary families of the Great Prairie, being able to get two silver taels just by giving a meal was like a pie dropping from the sky.

    In the yurt.

    This yurt was just like the mongolian yurts in Teng Qingshan's previous life. It was a dwelling place that could be easily disassembled and moved to another place.

    "My name is Chabu. Guest, what is your name?" The big fellow and Teng Qingshan sat facing each other with a low table in between them.

    "My name is Huhe!" Teng Qingshan opened his mouth and answered with a smile.

    People who travel on the prairie would usually give themselves a name that belonged to the Great Prairie. Names like Arada represented the most terrifying demon in the prairie. Actually, compared to land of the Nine Prefectures, half of the Great Prairie was still stuck in the tribal system. As for the land of the Nine Prefectures, since Emperor Yu united the land, it had long since left the tribal system.

    "Brother Huhe, sorry for making you wait! My wife already went to grill lamb." Chabu smiled, "Which was why it will take some time."

    "Don't worry, I am not in a hurry." Teng Qingshan smiled.

    'Come. Let's drink some hot milk tea and warm our bodies." Chabu held up the jug of milk tea and poured a cup for each of the three individuals.

    "Uncle Huhe, aren't you cold? Your cotton jacket has worn out." The kid looked at Teng Qingshan.

    Teng Qingshan lowered his head and stared at the ragged cotton jacket he was wearing. This cotton jacket was a gift he obtained when he ate at another small tribe. However, he didn't take care of it since he focused himself on cultivating throughout his journey; thus, it naturally became tattered.

    "Haha." Chabu touched his son's head and said, "Your Uncle Huhe is an expert, so he's not afraid of his kind of cold." In this chaotic Great Prairie, who didn't have a good sense of perception?

    "Ah! The grilled lamb is here!" The kid shouted excitedly.

    After a woman placed a copper plate on the table, Chabu said, "Before we eat, let us thank the blessing of the God of Heaven!" Chabu closed his eyes and put his palms together. His son did the same thing.

    "God of Heaven......" Teng Qingshan knew clearly.

    The southernmost area of the Great Prairie was under Snow Hawk Hall's control. The center of the Great Prairie was under the control of the three Great Kingdoms. As for the northernmost area of the Great Prairie, the God of Heaven Mountain exist!

    The influence of this God of Heaven Mountain was extremely terrifying.
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