Chapter 28: A Thunderous Roar

    Book 6 Chapter 28 A Thunderous Roar

    Although the sky was dark, the snow covering the snowy mountain made the surrounding path look more clear. Teng Qingshan, who could see in the dark, could see further ahead quite clearly.

    "What?"  Teng Qingshan instantly focused on a large blurry shadow that was far away from him.

    Sou! Sou!

    Within a short time, the blurry shadow moved a hundred Zhang away as it ran down the snowy mountain.

    "Is that a Snow Lion demonic beast? It's incredible to find such powerful demonic beast on a snowy mountain." Teng Qingshan said in surprise. He immediately carried his backpack and chased after the beast with the Reincarnation Spear ready in his hand.

    Hu! Hu! He drifted his body when there was a cliff before him, he would just jump down.

    "Although my explosive strength could suppress a Golden Dan innate expert, but I can't just depend on the 'Spirit' to eliminate the air resistance! Maybe the defensive Transmutation Unity Law Spear Art can defend against a Golden Dan innate expert, but the attack of this spear art is very weak. The size of this Snow Lion demonic beast is similar to a small mountain. With its gargantuan size, this beast must have reached its pinnacle. It can be compared to the demonic beasts that have reached the Golden Dan Innate Realm! I can use it to test my ability and skills!"

    With steps that appeared like shooting stars, Teng Qingshan chased after the gigantic blurry shadow.

    "This Snow Lion is fast." Teng Qingshan set out a bit late; even though he used his full speed to chase the beast, he only managed to shorten the distance a slight bit.

    A beast and a man, one in front and the other following behind. Both were as fast as lightning! The two large and small figures moved meters apart.

    Within a short period of time, they had already moved miles away.

    A large tribe appeared in front. With just a look from afar, one could tell the size of the tribe was much bigger than the Qilian Tribe. Inside the tribe, there were piles of bonfire that emitted light.

    With Teng Qingshan's eyesight, he managed to see some people dancing and singing around the bonfire. Indistinctly, he heard some talking and laughing. This tribe was much stronger than Qilian tribe. Besides, their life was also better than the Qilian Tribe.

    "Roar~~~" This roar of excitement was thunderous.

    "What is this Snow Lion up to?" Teng Qingshan's expression changed.

    Demonic beasts normally had more acute instincts than humans. They rarely attacked human beings without any reason. They only attacked if someone invaded their territory, but this rarely happened. However, there were some beasts like Red Scaled Beast that liked to hunt human for food....

    "It that a possibility that...... it...it's the Red Eyed Snow Lion?" Teng Qingshan asking in shock.

    A gigantic shadow the size of a small mountain could be seen heading towards to tribe very quickly. The demonic beast easily trampled the yurts, many of which were oozing blood from the families that had been stomped to death by the demonic beast while inside the yurts.

    "A demonic beast!"

    The sad and shrill cry rang in the entire chaos-stricken tribe.



    Mournful and shrill cries were heard continuously.

    "Roar~~" The Snow Lion the size of a small mountain gave out a roar of excitement as it went on swallowing the tribesmen. "Ahhhh~~"  In the midst of the screams of terror, the demonic beast opened its mouth and tore the human bodies into pieces before swallowing them. Broken limbs and intestines could be seen falling out from the corner of the beast's mouth.

    "Father, father!" An adorable girl with her hair tied into several braids was staring at the beast, crying. Just a few moments ago, her father had been eaten up by the beast.

    "Quick go" One of the tribesmen immediately carried the little girl and ran away in haste.

    The gigantic Snow Lion looked down and bit a woman who was running towards her son, biting and chewing the woman easily before swallowing her.

    "Mother!" A boy who wearing a leather cap shouted as tears flow down instantly.

    This nightmare descended on this calm and peaceful tribe. The warriors who were highly honoured in the tribe also collapsed when they saw this gigantic beast.

    "Evil creature!" A loud shout pierced through the air.


    A stone as tall as a man flew across the sky like a meteor. With incredible speed, it smashed onto the gigantic Snow Lion.

    "Bang!" The stone was split apart, but not before slamming the Snow Lionaway. It roared in anger and stopped eating, then turned and looked in the direction where the stone came flying from.

    A shadow of a figure as fast as lightning instantly moved several Zhang away in a few seconds. The figure finally stopped and stared coldly at the Snow Lion, whose mouth was still filled with flesh blood.

    This Snow Lion had a height of five Zhang, its length nearly ten Zhang. To a human, this was no doubt a gigantic creature!

    Its whole body was as white as snow, and its white fur looked very beautiful.

    It had a very big head, a very wide face, and a rather long nose. The tip of its nose was black, and with its short, round ears, it looked like a lion.

    Extending down to its chest, the extremely long mane was snowy white and very beautiful! There was also a long white horn in the middle of the beast's forehead.

    Snow Lion!  In the legends of the Great Prairie, it was given the honorary title Holy Beast". However, having read a book about demonic beasts, Teng Qingshan knew clearly that there were two types of Snow Lion.

    "It has red eyes as I expected!" This gigantic Snow Lion before Teng Qingshan's eyes looked very beautiful. However, its pair of bloody red eyes seemed very demonic and made the Snow Lion absolutely terrifying.

    Most Snow Lions had golden eyes, but there was a type of Snow Lion that were glutinous and liked to attack and eat humans. This type of Snow Lion was the Red Eyed Snow Lion.


    The Red Eyed Snow Lions were very cruel and savage. If someone offended such a beast, it would kill the offender regardless of anything. A Snow Lion that reached its peak would have a body length of eight Zhang. They would usually in cold area and were able to breathe out cold air. They were stronger even than Golden Dan innate experts.


    The tribe's bonfires were still burning, but all the tribesmen had already run far away. They were looking from at afar at the man and the demonic beast standing on the bloody ground.

    The demonic beast was like a small, bloody mountain.

    On the other side, the man was just a human being; the difference in size was too substancial! However, in front of the gigantic creature, the man holding onto a long silver spear had a swift and fierce aura.

    "Mother, can the uncle kill the beast?" A little girl wearing a red leather cloak muttered while her sorrowful mother held her own daughter tightly.

    "I am certain that this uncle is able to kill the beast. I'm absolutely sure!" The little girl stared afar and couldn't help but recall the nightmarish scenes that had just occurred.

    In the entire tribe, many tribesmen were looking at the scene with a hopeful spirit.

    Teng Qingshan's killing intent rose. Teng Qingshan did not have any prejudice towards beast and human beings and could also treat beasts amiably.

    If a human attacked this Snow Lion and the Snow Lion attacked back, Teng Qingshan would not care about it. However, no one offended this Snow Lion; instead, this Red Eyed Snow Lion just started devouring  humans!

    Naturally, Teng Qingshan's killing intent rose.

    Of course, if humans killed demonic beasts, Teng Qingshan wouldn't stop them. This was because --Teng Qingshan himself was a human!

    "Roar~~" The Red Eyed Snow Lion roared deeply and stared at the human before its eyes. With its human-like intelligence, it was able to determine that--someone who was able to throw a stone weighing over ten thousands Jin and still have such strong formidable power posed a threat to its life!

    It must be careful!

    However, those who dared to offend, it would kill for sure!



    The man and the demonic beast stood face to face each other for only a short while.

    "Roar~~" The Red Eyed Snow Lion gave out a scary roar and rushed towards Teng Qingshan like lightning. It was so fast that only a blurred afterimage was left behind.

    Teng Qingshan stood there with his hand holding a spear.

    The Red Eyed Snow Lion waved its powerful and sturdy claws and tore the air apart, making a screeching sound as the claws struck directly towards Teng Qingshan.

    "He!" Teng Qingshan rushed forward and gave the Reincarnation Spear in his hand a simple thrust.

    It was a head-on collision!


    When the two collided, the explosive strength of the Red Eyed Snow Lion was much stronger than that of a True Dan innate expert. It definitely had at least the strength of a million Jin! The same went for Teng Qingshan.

    "Chi Chi~~"

    This terrifying collision caused both man and beast to back away. At the same time, the air quaked, and ripples in air could be seen permeating the surrounding.

    Within a radius of thirty Zhang, bonfires, yurts, and even boulders were blasted apart after being hit by the rippling shockwaves.



    "How can this be?"

    The tribesmen watching the fight from afar were stunned. They generally only slashed and killed each other with sabers, but the vibration and ripple waves caused by the man and the beast ahead of them could crack huge boulders and pulverize wood into ash.

    "Father, is that the God of Heaven?"

    A little boy lifted up his head and looked at his father, who was also staring in amazement.



    "Roar~~" "Roar~~"

    The furious Red Eyed Snow Lion charged towards Teng Qingshan repeatedly as if it had gone insane while Teng Qingshan also moved like a beast as he dashed towards the Red Eyed Snow Lion repeatedly.

    If the Reincarnation Spear collided with the sharp claws, it would not cause any harm to the Red Eyed Snow Lion.

    "If I fight too carefully, it will be hard to wound the beast. It's time for me to go all out." Teng Qingshan had decided to perform the Toxic Dragon Drill.

    At that moment--

    The Red Eyed Snow Lion that was charging towards Teng Qingshan suddenly opened its bloody maw as it approached Teng Qingshan.

    "Puff~~~" A puff of freezing black mist permeated.

    "Oh no!" Teng Qingshan had no time to dodge.

    Teng Qingshan instantly restrained his Internal Supreme Force and simultaneously enveloped himself with the glow of Innate True Origin!  Innate True Origin and Internal Supreme Force could not coexist simultaneously.

    In terms of the defense against the freezing coldness, the Internal Supreme Force, which couldn't form a ball of light light, was not as good as the Innate True Origin.


    A layer of ice immediately formed on the surface of Teng Qingshan's body. Even with the enveloping Innate True Origin, Teng Qingshan still felt extremely cold. "No wonder it's black mist. The Purple Radiant Flood Dragon had the same black mist It's said that even Golden Dan innate experts wouldn't dare to directly fight against the black mist. A Golden Dan innate expert wouldn't be able to withstand the freezing coldness transmitted through the enveloping glow, but as for me--"

    How well a person could withstand the cold depended on how strong his body was.

    In the past, when Teng Qingshan first met the Purple Radiant Flood Dragon, he only had the physical strength of about two hundred thousand Jin. At that time, Teng Qingshan fought against the coldness by enveloping himself in an ice block.

    This time--

    Although there was no ice block, he had the enveloping light of True Innate Origin, which would block against a great amount of cold air. Most importantly--his body was a lot stronger than before! Many times stronger than the body of a Golden Dan innate expert.


    "Oh no. The God of Heaven has been frozen."

    "Is he dead?"

    Those tribesmen looked at the scene with terrified and shocked expressions. If the powerful figure died, they wouldn't be able to defend against that demonic beast.

    When the gigantic demonic beast saw that Teng Qingshan froze, he struck Teng Qingshan with his paws.

    "Bang!" Before the claw landed, the human-shaped block of ice suddenly cracked.

    A fist as fast as lightning struck the huge furry claw in midair.
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