Chapter 29: Thinking of Escaping?

    Book 6 Chapter 29 Thinking of Escaping?

    "WhewWhew~~" The sharp, bloodstained claws brought up a knife-like force of wind, causing the air in the surrounding to vibrate. The difference between the size of Teng Qingshan's hand and the Red Eyed Snow Lion's Zhang-long sharp claws was very vast.


    The tiny fist collided with the sharp claws!

    The air exploded, and the ground beneath Teng Qingshan sunk a level lower. The dirt that Teng Qingshan was stepping on turned directly into dust, and the surrounding dirt was ripped off the ground, flying along with the fierce wind in the air! Teng Qingshan and the Red Eyed Snow Lion both rebounded involuntarily!

    "Puffing cold fog? Hmph!" Teng Qingshan stared at the gigantic creature and felt even more confident. "A Golden Dan innate expert might be scared of that, but I am not scared!"

    Within a blink of an eye, every part of Teng Qingshan's body was vibrating as bits of the Supreme Force passed through the bones, meridians, and internal organs, clearing away the freezing air in his body! Thus, Teng Qingshan recovered completely!

    "Bam!" A black axe tumbled along with the fierce air.

    This axe was the Splitting Mountain Axe!

    The bundle and wooden box that he had used to hide the Splitting Mountain Axe were frozen into dust by the freezing, black fog, so the Splitting Mountain Axe naturally fell out!

    "Thank the heavens I protected my clothes with Innate True Origin, otherwise I would be naked!" Teng Qingshan immediately picked up the Splitting Mountain Axe with his left hand and held the Reincarnation Spear with his right hand.

    "Roar~~" The Red Eyed Snow LIon roared softly and stared deeply at Teng Qingshan. The ability of this human before its eyes was beyond its expectation. The Red Eyed Snow Lion possessed a human-like intelligence, so after seeing that its best move, the freezing fog, did not defeat its opponent, the beast understood that--

    Killing this human would be extremely difficult! Even if it was possible, it would have to pay a heavy price to the point that it might lose its own life.


    The Red Eyed Snow Lion suddenly turned and trampled the grassland. Without any hesitation, it transformed into a blurred figure as it dashed towards northwest!

    The Snow Lion was fleeing!

    "Thinking about escaping?" Holding the Splitting Mountain Axe with one hand and the Reincarnation Spear with the other hand, Teng Qingshan immediately started to accelerate as he transformed into a blurred figure as he pursued the Snow Lion. In terms of extreme speed, Teng Qingshan was slightly faster than the Red Eyed Snow Lion.

    The sky was gloomy and the cold wind was blowing fiercely.

    The tribesmen who were watching the fight in terror looked at each other at this moment. Some of them were shocked, some were feeling bitter, and others were still afraid after they realized that they have survived. In the distance, a bonfire was still burning in the areas which wasn't affected by the fight between the man and the demonic beast.

    That area was the location of their tribe!

    A bloody scent permeated the air which caused many tribesmen to feel sorrow and fear!

    "My tribesmen!"  The chief of the tribe shouted loudly, "The demonic beast brought us this disaster! However, the great God of Heaven had already sent his messenger to defeat that demonic beast. Now, those who lost their relatives or loved ones, please come towards me."

    Many people were still looking towards northwest. The sky was dark and the blowing cold wind.....blurred the scenes faraway.

    They couldn't see Teng Qingshan and the demonic beast.

    "God of Heaven's messenger definitely has the power to kill that monster!" The little girl wearing a red cotton cloak said firmly.

    The man and the demonic beast were running at an extremely shocking speed!

    After they left the tribe, the two were only about ten zhangs away from each other. After they ran over ten lis, the distance between the man and demonic beast had decreased to a few zhangs. Teng Qingshan could even smell the bloody odor on the Red Eyed Snow Lion. That was the smell coming from the blood of many humans that the beast had trampled.

    "Roar~~~" A furious roar sounded.


    The long and strong tail suddenly lashed at Teng Qingshan like the whip of a Thunder God! The furry tail was accompanied by a high-pressure sword-like air. Just as the tail started to move, it instantly reached Teng Qingshan's face.

    "Evil creature!"

    Teng Qingshan's left arm muscles bulged, knotting like iron cables. At this moment, as Teng Qingshan swung the Splitting Mountain Axe, he looked like a giant that was about to split the heavens and earth!


    The instant the Red Eyed Snow Lion's tail hit the Splitting Mountain Axe, the entire tail quivered, which reduced the power of impact to half. However, even though half of the power was removed--A large amount of hair still fell out from the iron whip-like long furry tail, as they were blown away by the wind!

    "You can't escape!" Teng Qingshan humphed deeply as his face reddened.


    After he boosted the strength of his legs, he leapt and landed, causing the earth cracked open and terrifying ravines which were as wide as water buckets appeared. As for Teng Qingshan himself, he instantly reduced the distance between him and the Red Eyed Snow Lion.

    "It's time!" With cold-looking eyes, Teng Qingshan suddenly leaped up, rocketing towards the sky!

    Out of the offensive techniques that Teng Qingshan knew, the 'Toxic Dragon Drill only used the physical strength while the Vermillion Tiger Cannon used both the physical strength and the Innate True Origin! However, the Internal Supreme Force and the Internal Supreme Force couldn't coexist!

    To perform the Vermillion Tiger Cannon, Teng Qingshan had to use pure physical strength and Innate True Origin.

    The Toxic Dragon Drill used only physical strength and the Internal Supreme Force! Therefore, the Toxic Dragon Drill was more powerful! Actually, of all the spear arts and techniques used by Teng Qingshan, it's not clear which technique is the strongest. There were only techniques of the highest comprehension of Dao like the Earth Element Fist. As for the Transmutation Unity Law, it was the spear arts of the strongest defense.


    After he Rocketed towards the sky, Teng Qingshan's eyes were as sharp as a trenchant saber. He was holding the Reincarnation Spear with his right arm and was gathering strength, which caused his right arm to bulge until his sleeves tore apart. Teng Qingshan's face suddenly turned around as he shouted, "Go!" The Reincarnation Spear in his hand was hurled forward, transforming into a streak of silver lightning!

    As it pierced through the air!


    Two streaks of lightning!

    One was Teng Qingshan's Reincarnation Spear while the the other streak was the Red Eyed Snow Lion's tail! As a demonic beast with human-like intelligence, how could it dare to be off guard when Teng Qingshan was pursuing it? Especially when Teng Qingshan had a sudden boost of strength, it became even more cautious!

    The Red Eyed Snow Lion knew!

    If it didn't kill or wound Teng Qingshan, it couldn't escape with a speed slightly slower than Teng Qingshan.


    It had to try its luck!

    The instant Teng Qingshan performed his powerful technique, his own defense should be weaker.

    A streak of silver lightning--"Pu!"

    The tip of the Reincarnation Spear reached the Red Eyed Snow Lion and pierced through the hair and skin of the Snow Lion with difficulty. Since the spear possessed a spiralling force a and a weird force of the Drilling Fist, it managed to pierce into the Snow Lion's body.

    A streak of white lightning--"Bang!"

    "So fast!" While Teng Qingshan was performing the Toxic Dragon Drill, he noticed the tail was lashing towards him. At this moment, he only had two solution. One was to give up on attacking and focus on defending and the second one was to focus attacking while trying to defend!


    At the same time the thick and long tail hit the Splitting Mountain Axe with Teng Qingshan's waist. Teng Qingshan could feel a tremendous pain on his waist as he flew up as fast as he could--It was a lash which contained over a million jin on a human body that weighed over a hundred jin.

    The result was that Teng Qingshan flew diagonally like a cannon and crashed on the grassland.

    "Rumble~~~" The earth shook and ravine cracked as the turf upturned.

    Now, there was a deep pit on the grassland.

    "Fortunately, I have the Splitting Mountain Axe!" Teng Qingshan could feel the pain of his waist. "Even with the strength of my body and Internal Supreme Force, which is over a million jin, my endurance is still not that powerful! It's alright if I use a counter attack to block a attack, but using my body as a defense--without the Splitting Mountain Axe, I would have died!"

    Teng Qingshan only dared to take his chances because he had the Splitting Mountain Axe blocking.


    The shrill and painful roars sounded like the shouts of the Thunder God resonating in the sky.

    "Hmph. If I am not feeling well, I won't let you feel well too!" An earthy yellow glow flashed repeatedly at Teng Qingshan's waist. The Internal Supreme Force was extremely effective in nourishing the body. However, Teng Qingshan injury was too heavy. "Monster! You will die today!"

    After Teng Qingshan felt that his waist was slightly better, he clenched his teeth and dashed out.

    On the prairie.

    The gigantic Red Eyed Snow Lion roared painfully. More than half of the silver Reincarnation Spear was in its body. Fortunately, its body was gigantic and it had a thick skin and meat. The Reincarnation Spear only pierced into the skin and muscles and only the top of the Reincarnation Spear thrusted beyond muscles.

    However, the Red Eyed Snow Lion was still heavily injured.

    "Whew!" Teng Qingshan leaped out of the surface of earth.

    Red Eyed Snow Lion immediately noticed Teng Qingshan and its red eyes instantly contracted--that human actually didn't die!!! The Snow Lion used its tail to lash knowing the risk of being heavily injured, but the lash actually didn't kill him? Even demonic beast of the Golden Dan Innate Realm would be heavily injured.

    Actually, it was normal!

    Teng Qingshan possessed a body with a explosive strength which could reach over a million jin. This body would definitely be even more terrifying than bodies forged with the Darksteel! Plus, the body was soft and hard at the same time. Thus, how would Teng Qingshan be that easily killed?

    "Roar~~~" Red Eyed Snow Lion roared.

    Mother**er. If I can't kill you, am I not allowed to flee?

    The Red Eyed Snow Lion endured the pain on its ass and ran towards northwest. Every time it moved its feet, it could feel a great pain due to the Reincarnation Spear which pierced into its belly.

    "Thinking of escaping?" Teng Qingshan was also enduring the pain on his waist. He restrained the Internal Supreme Force and began performing the 《Crossing World》.

    Performance of the Crossing World wouldn't burden his body.



    With one in front and the other at the back, the two were a lot slower than before, but the distance between them was still decreasing. Teng Qingshan stared at the Red Eyed Snow Lion. It was impossible for him to give up since--his own Reincarnation Spear was still in the Red Eyed Snow Lion.

    "Chichi~~" Red Eyed Snow Lion tried to pull the Reincarnation Spear out of its body with its tail!

    However, because of the location that the Reincarnation Spear had pierced him, it was too difficult for the Red Eyed Snow Lion to pull it out. There was a limit on how much the Red Eyed Snow Lion can curve its tail. It was similar to a man who wanted to lick his nose with his tongue, which is a very difficult thing!

    "Roar~~Roar~~~" The Red Eyed Snow Lion just couldn't grab and pull out the Reincarnation Spear. This caused the Red Eyed Snow Lion to roar furiously as it ran.

    It could only try to move its muscles and push out the Reincarnation Spear out slowly! However, it was too slow! And the pain was too great!

    Within ten seconds, the man and the demonic beast arrived before a snowy mountain.

    "Whew!" The Red Eyed Snow Lion leaped towards Snow Mountain and when it stepped on the snowy ground, the Red Eyed Snow Lion looked very nimble like a cat as it continued running on the snowy mountain. The Red Eyed Snow Lion's speed on the snowy land was actually as fast as when it was running on the grassland.

    Teng Qingshan's facial expression changed drastically.

    "Oh no! The Red Eyed Snow Lion lives at the freezing cold areas. Its speed on the snowy land was actually as fast as its speed on the grassland! I can't catch up when we are on the snowy areas!"  Teng Qingshan saw that the distance between he himself and the Snow Lion was increasing, but his own Reincarnation Spear was still on the belly of the Red Eyed Snow Lion.

    Should he just let the Reincarnation Spear be taken away like this?

    "The snowy mountain, the snowy mountain......" Teng Qingshan suddenly had an idea. He opened his mouth and began to inhale! And the air around Teng Qingshan began surging into his body.

    Teng Qingshan's chest bulged up like an air box!

    The Internal Supreme Force flashed in his body. Teng Qingshan closed his mouth and began to gather strength. He then opened his mouth--


    A terrifying roar which sounded like thunder resonated between the heavens and earth. "Rumble~~~" Because of the powerful vibration, the accumulated snow on the surface of the entire snowy mountain shook and the accumulated snow on the peak of the mountain suddenly tumbled down.

    At that very moment, there was an avalanche! It was as if the heavens fell and earth cracked!
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