Chapter 31: The Nonpareil Martial Force

    Book 6 Chapter 31 The Nonpareil Martial Force

    On top of the snowy mountain, Teng Qingshan sat cross-legged as he cultivated in silence.

    The fight with the Red Eyed Snow Lion last night had injured his waist.

    "The healing effect of the Internal Supreme Force was beyond my expectation. Within a short night, I have recovered eighty percent! I will be fully healed after a day." Teng Qingshan opened his eyes and looked down at the prairie below the snowy mountain.

    The vigorous army had appeared on the prairie below the mountain.

    "Those are all superior war horses, and all the warriors are wearing armor! An army like this would be considered an elite army on the land of the Nine Prefectures." Teng Qingshan stared at this advancing army and sighed in awe.

    The land of the Nine Prefectures taught that the barbaric men of the Great Prairie were behind the times, and it even looked down on the Great Prairie. As Teng Qingshan travelled, however, he realized that it was completely different!

    Especially the northern areas of the prairie!

    Almost everyone practiced cultivated inner strength, and because of the fights between tribes, there were many powerful people on the prairie.

    "It's him! The murderer is him!!!"

    An exciting loud shout rang below.

    When Teng Qingshan heard this voice, he couldn't help but frown as he realized that the rider was pointing towards him. "The killer he spoke of is me?" Teng Qingshan thought to himself. How good was Teng Qingshan's eyesight? As Teng Qingshan scrutinized, he immediately recognized the rider's identity and said to himself, "Isn't that the leader of the riders I encountered at the Qilian Tribe?"

    "This army should be the army of the Whole Gale Tribe."

    Teng Qingshan shook his head and smiled. He grabbed the wooden box he made last night and carried it on his back.

    "When facing an elite army of such great number, even a Golden Dan innate expert would have to flee....However, I am different from a Golden Dan innate expert." Teng Qingshan carried this bundle and strode down the mountain as he muttered, "My waist injury still hasn't completely healed. I am too lazy to bother them!"

    On the freezing snowy mountain.

    Striding down, Teng Qingshan soon arrived the mountainside. He gazed at the vigorous army in front and declared loudly, "You all must be the army of the Whole Gale Tribe.....I don't want to kill anyone today!" With this, Teng Qingshan headed towards a small path at the side, preparing to walk pass the army through that path.

    "Surround him!" A loud roar rang in the sky above the prairie.

    "Rumble!~~~" Millions of soldiers galloped on the prairie. Even the grassland seemed to tremble before the great army. "Arh-oooo~~~" The riders howled excitedly like mad wolves as they charged.

    Teng Qingshan only walked normally, so he naturally wasn't as fast as the war horses.

    Teng Qingshan scanned the surrounding. The numerous riders had already encircled him. The silvery gray war armours reflected a cold beam. The war horses snorted and  puffed white smoke out through its nostrils. However, all the riders calmly refrained from moving after having encircled Teng Qingshan.

    "Tell me your name!"  A deep-sounding voice came from the crowd and resonated in the prairie.

    Teng Qingshan instantly saw the general, dressed in an expensive golden-colored fur coat with an iron cap, in the midst of the soldiers. The red ruby on the iron cap was very conspicuous, making the general of this army appear even more grand!

    "Who are you?" Teng QIngshan smiled and asked. As for the numerous soldiers before his eyes, Teng Qingshan only casted a glance. He didn't concern himself with them at all.

    "Insolent!" The subordinate beside the general immediately scolded.

    Yet, the general stretched his hand out and stopped his subordinate. He said loudly, "I am Yilede of the Whole Gale Tribe! I respect powerful and brave figures. Brave one, tell me your name!"

    "Yilede?" Teng Qingshan gazed at the general who was sitting high up on his horse behind the dense crowd. He smiled and responded, "You are quite brave yourself. I will tell you my name--Huhe!"


    With an expressionless face, the general stared at Teng Qingshan, who was encircled by the numerous soldiers, and spoke, "Huhe, the brave one! Although I respect powerful and brave men, it is absolutely impossible for the Whole Gale Tribe to let you go since you killed hundreds of men from the Whole Gale Tribe.... I command you to return to the Whole Gale Tribe with me to receive your punishment! However, I will preserve your life! I will let you atone for your crime by doing good deeds! Under my guide, you will be the most courageous and fiercest warrior serving under the great God of Heaven."

    When Teng Qingshan heard this, a smile crept up his face.

    Indeed, this was very funny.

    Make me his subordinate? The men of prairie were  fierce, brutal and cruel, but they still respect the brave and powerful figures. It was normal to arouse hatred since Teng Qingshan himself killed over a hundred riders, but Teng Qingshan was to join the men of prairie and fight as the general's subordinate?

    "Yilede!" Teng Qingshan stared at the general with a smile as he said, "I advise that you lead your men and go back to where you came from! Otherwise--it'll be too late once you regret it!"

    The general, who was surrounded by numerous men in the distance, narrowed his eyes.

    "General, this Huhe is really too arrogant. One can only make a rebellious person yield through the use of war sabers!" At the side, the leader of the riders remarked bitterly. With the might of their elite army, even Golden Dan innate experts would choose to retreat before the army.

    As for Emptiness Realm Experts?

    These riders probably didn't know about the existence of Emptiness Realm Experts in this world.

    After remaining silent for a very long time, the general ordered indifferently, "Seize him!"

    The voice resonated above the prairie, but most of the men didn't move. Only an extremely small number of risers began moving.

    "Oh! Interesting!" As Teng Qingshan gazed ahead, he saw that it more than a hundred riders and their horses were connected to each other by an iron chain, forming a hoop-linked chain of over a hundred horses. All the soldier held a long spear in their hands.

    A hoop-linked chain of horses?

    Amused, Teng Qingshan watched and thought to himself, "Although I do not understand prairie horses very well, I do know that most of the prairie horses in the land of the Nine Prefectures are horses with great endurance and have the strength to carry heavy goods. If these war horses before my eyes charge at lightning speed, they would produce an impact of least a hundred thousand Jin!  One hundred war horses combining forces?"

    'Kill!!!" A hoarse roar sounded furiously.

    "Pa!" "Pa!" The prairie riders whipped the war horses fiercely, causing the war horses to neigh and gallop rapidly.  Within a distance of twenty to thirty Zhang, the one hundred war horses accelerated to an extremely shocking speed. It was a total of one hundred war horses carrying. Both the horses and the riders were donning heavy armor.

    Just the weight of a heavily-armored rider would be almost a thousand Jin. Under such high speed, the force of impact would be extremely astonishing.

    Seeing these vigorous war horses that seemed to cause the great earth to tremble, Teng Qingshan couldn't help but shake his head and said, "There's a path to heaven, but you refuse to walk. There are no doors to hell, yet you still insist on entering." Facing the riders charging towards him, Teng Qingshan had no intention of avoiding them.

    "Go!" Another command sounded.

    Three more groups of riders followed the hundred war horses and charged forward. However, these groups of riders were not linked together through iron chains. Instead, a big net formed with ropes as thick as arms and with huge rocks on one end could be seen high up.

    The rocks were held by these riders.

    "Arh-ooo~~~" The first wave of riders howled excitedly and charged forward like surging flood waters.

    Teng Qingshan stared at this scene calmly. Suddenly, he stretched out both of his hands!

    "Pu!" His hands were like iron maces as he grabbed the iron chain tightly.

    If an Emptiness Dan innate expert grabbed a point on a chain linking together a hundred horses while the other war horses still galloped at full speed, he definitely won't be able to stop the force produced by over a hundred galloping war horses. Today, however Teng Qingshan was doing exactly that.

    Teng Qingshan was like a rock. It was as if his feet were rooted into the ground.

    Nothing could move Teng Qingshan. Thus, the war horses were unlucky!

    "Rumble~~~" Many war horses were pulled by the iron chain and crashed into each other. Immediately, the riders fell as their horses tripped.

    "Chichi~~" This great force of impact caused Teng Qingshan's hand to quiver slightly. Teng Qingshan grabbed the iron chain forcefully and yelled, "Up!!!" His arms gathered strength as he began to shake the iron chain!

    One should really praise the specially forged iron chain, as it could actually withstand the impact of over a hundred thousand Jin. Therefore--when Teng Qingshan shook the chain forcefully, it did not break.  However, numerous interlinked horses flew into the air and crashed onto the ground!

    Whew Whew~~

    At least ten linked war horses flew into the air and neighed sadly, while the other eighty war horses were also yanked up and smashed into each other Simultaneously, numerous soldiers either flew up or were squeezed together.

    The soldiers and war horses were thrown off their feet!

    "Warrior! As expected, he is a warrior!" Watching the fight from afar, the general finally showed an astonished expression as he praised, "He should be a True Dan innate expert or a Golden Dan innate expert! Powerful! Powerful!" However, the general did not panic. They had already expected that Teng Qingshan was a powerful expert before they arrived.

    Therefore, the second wave came!

    "Throw!" An order rang.

    Immediately, the big rocks weighing over a thousand Jin were thrown by the strong riders and flew straight towards Teng Qingshan's surrounding. Immediately, a big net fell from the sky, covering Teng Qingshan.

    "Throw!" Another order sounded.

    The three groups of riders had a total of three big nets. The ropes of these nets were as thick as arms; these specially-designed nets were made to deal with powerful experts or demonic beasts since crushing these powerful beings with brute strength would be very difficult.

    "Catch him!" The general shouted loudly.

    At the same time the big net was hurled, over half of the warriors dismounted and dashed towards Teng Qingshan, surrounding him.

    "He's trapped, completely trapped."

    The warriors of the prairie roared and encircled Teng Qingshan excitedly. Teng Qingshan was enveloped by three big nets, but he smiled when he saw the numerous warriors encircling towards him and asked, "Rope?"  Suddenly,  a "Boom!" sound rang ,and a fiery red flamed emerged from Teng Qingshan's body.

    Innate True Origin had different attributes. Some were freezing cold, some were burning hot, and others were corrosive.  In the past, when Teng Qingshan was in Yangjiang City, he had killed Tie Wanmao with three moves and used the Vermillion Tiger Cannon to incinerate Tie Wanmao's body.

    One could imagine how high the temperature of his attack was!


    Through the high temperature of Teng Qingshan's Innate True Origin, a huge hole was rapidly burned on the ropes that could normally withstand a great force.

    "Give it to me!" Teng Qingshan snatched an iron long spear from a warrior's hand and instilled the Innate True Origin in the spear. A red glow appeared on the surface of the iron long spear. The Innate True Origin was instilled to keep the long spear from breaking due to his great strength. Teng Qingshan then used the long spear as a long stick and waved it back and forth!


    As he waved his long spear leftward, a "boom" sounded. The air exploded as high pressured blades of air flew in all directions. Over ten warriors were hit by the long spear and died on the spot. Some were slashed to death by the blades of air while many warriors were blasted away. There were also many warriors who were heavily wounded by the blades of air.


    With a wave towards the left, another group of people flew up.

    "Let's see, which will run out first, your men or my endurance?" Teng Qingshan was like a demonic god as he strode towards the general while casually waving the fiery red long spear in his hand. It was as if he was simply sweeping the floor, and as a result, a great number of warriors were swept into the air!
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