Chapter 32: The Two Great Messengers of God

    Book 6 Chapter 32 The Two Great Messengers of God

    On the prairie, numerous soldiers and horses surrounded one man. Yet, all of these soldiers and horses couldn't stop him at all!


    That general gazed and sneered, "When facing numerous soldiers, an innate expert should save up his Innate True Origin. However, this Huhe is recklessly hitting people with the long spear in his hand! It does look very majestic, but the  consumption speed of Innate True Origin would be a lot greater than the consumption speed of Innate True Origin during a normal battle! Even if it was a Golden Dan innate expert that was recklessly using Innate True Origin to kill few hundred people like this, he would probably use up his Innate True Origin very quickly."

    Indeed. Teng Qingshan was doing this right now.

    He didn't use his physical strength, instead employing his Innate True Origin to wave the long spear back and forth as he killed people. Launching so many people into the air with a single swing and purely relying on brute force instead of skill, the consumption speed of Innate True Origin would be a lot greater than the consumption speed of Innate True Origin when one performed a powerful technique. The Innate True Origin would be consumed at an extremely shocking speed.

    Soon, the expert would have no more strength left. Normally, when innate experts kill multiple men, they killed two at a time so that they could preserve their Innate True Origin.

    Ten seconds passed!

    A great number of dead warriors laid on the prairie. The general had a ghastly expression as he glared at Teng Qingshan. "General, this Huhe's Innate True Origin should be almost used up by this time."

    "Hmph." The general replied with cold-looking eyes, "Before, I only thought of him as a powerful warrior who could be used by the Whole Gale Tribe, but since he killed several hundreds of the Whole Gale Tribe's warriors......his blood must be used as tribute to the fallen warriors!"

    Fifteen seconds passed!

    Teng Qingshan was still walking casually towards the general.

    The general's face turned extremely ugly. The leader of the riders hastily added, "General, we have already lost twenty percent of our men, but we we still haven't managed to seize him! This Huhe seems to have an limitless amount of Innate True Origin. We can't continue like this!"

    Catching Teng Qingshan was tied to the reputation of the Whole Gale Tribe!

    As one of the four Great Tribes in the Northern Great Prairie, the Whole Gale Tribe were obligated to catch Teng Qingshan even if they have to lose men and horses. Now, however......the loss of men and horses was too great.

    "General." At the side, a rider said anxiously, "We won't be able to continue like this! This Huhe is too terrifying. Plus....I suspect that he is the famous Demon Arada from the central regions of the Prairie. If he is really the Demon Arada, then we wouldn't be able to catch him even if every one of us perished!"

    "Demon Arada?" The leader of the riders was astonished.

    As for the general himself, his facial expression changed drastically.

    It was rumored--

    In the central region of the prairie, one hundred thousand soldiers of the Northern City, which was under command of the Golden Wolf Kingdom, one of the Three Great Kingdoms, encircled one man. They fought from day until night, resulting in a total of two hundred thousand casualties! The blood even dyed the prairie red. Those survived soldiers all blubbered in terror that the figure they fought was no man, but rather the Demon Arada!

    The greater the number of men and horses, the more terrifying the encirclement became!

    One hundred thousand men had marched on this vast prairie! That number of people was as great as the ocean. Even if an innate expert wanted to escape, it would be difficult. In this ocean of men and horses, once the innate expert used up all his innate True Origin, he would be killed! The consumption of True Origin during a fight against such numerous men was shockingly great.

    However, the man called 'Demon Arada' killed for more than six hours! Yet, he still had an endless supply of True Origin!

    "Demon Arada dressed raggedly......Maybe it is him. But why did he travel all the way here from the center of the prairie!" The general's face was dark. At this moment, that figure was walking towards him. Many warriors of the prairie were already slightly afraid and didn't dare to charge forward rashly.

    "Retreat!!!" The general roared fiercely.

    "Retreat!" "Retreat!" Immediately, the officers of the troops roared.

    Immediately, the three waves of warriors encircling Teng Qingshan retreated like a receding tide. Every one of them ran towards their war horse at an extremely fast speed, running with any last vestiges of strength they still had.

    "Jia!" "Jia!"

    The numerous soldiers immediately left in a vigorous fashion They didn't even have time to collect all of their comrades' corpses.

    "Haha......General Yilide, how's my Art of Sweeping Stick?" Teng Qingshan's bellowing laugh was like the rumbling thunder resonating in the sky. The numerous soldiers who were running like homeless dogs did not feel any anger at the moment, but rather terror!

    As for the general, he clenched his teeth and shot a glance back.

    "Demon Arada?" The general muttered, "To deal with such demon, the God of Heaven must be requested!"

    The God of Heaven Mountain was absolutely prestigious in the northern regions of the prairie. For several hundreds of years, no one could shake the domination of the God of Heaven Mountain! Even after seeing Teng Qingshan's ability, the general still had faith in the honorable God of Heaven Mountain. The God of Heaven was omnipotent!


    Teng Qingshan stared at the numerous soldiers fleeing on horseback. A great number of dead or injured warriors and war horses were left on the prairie.

    "The four Great Tribes?" Teng Qingshan gazed towards southeast and said to himself, "Under the domination of the God of Heaven Mountain, the tribes compete against each other. The strongest four Great Tribes are even fiercer and more brutal than mounted bandits. Their armies suppressed minor tribes like the Qilian Tribe and force those small tribes to raid and kill each other in order to collect enough money for the annual tribute!"

    "All the tribes have access to inner strength cultivation methods and learned Saber Arts!"

    "The tribes killed and fought each other, causing hatred among one another. Because the children are not allowed to be killed......the tribes' future generations are forced to grow under pressure."

    "Under such competition,  the entire northern region of the Great Prairie is effectively an expert-creating factory!"  As Teng Qingshan faced the God of Heaven Mountain, his heart couldn't help but palpitate! This sort of absolute domination had reached the point where it became even greater than a religion. It was even more radical than the Eight Supreme Sects!

    Even Mani Temple and Snow Hawk Hall, which were also religious sects, didn't dare to spread their inner strength cultivation methods throughout the land.

    "Although the northern region of the prairie only has a population slightly over ten million, which is not even as great as the population of Yangzhou, the God of Heaven Mountain had even more experts to choose than the Qinghu Island and Xiao Yao Palace because everyone can learn an inner strength cultivation method!"

    Teng Qingshan knew this very clearly.

    "The ability of the God of Heaven Mountain is on par with the ability of the Eight Supreme Sects!" Teng Qingshan muttered to himself.

    On the land of the Nine Prefectures, because of the absolute dominion of the Eight Supreme Sects, some extremely talented people who wanted to establish and develop their sects would choose to do so in the smaller kingdoms at the western regions or the islands at the East Sea. Because of this, there were many experts in the kingdoms of the Western Regions and the islands in the East Sea.

    It was just like Ma Jinxiao whom Teng Qingshan had met in Qingzhou. He was apprenticed to an expert in the Islands of East Sea and had reached the Innate Realm!

    The same could be said for Zhu Chongshi, son of the "God of Wealth" Zhu Chong, who had lived overseas for many years. Although the islands weren't very large, they were quite numerous. If the populations of all the islands were added together, it would be a great number. Some ambitious experts would go there to seize control of one or more islands.

    If all the unaffiliated experts were added together, it would be a great number.

    "God of Heaven Mountain is powerful, but that has nothing to do with me! I will only be qualified to judge the great forces of the whole world once I become an Emptiness Realm Expert! Teng Qingshan headed directly northward as he said to himself, "I will go to the Northern Seashore first to purchase a good boat."


    The God of Heaven Mountain was located in the snowy mountain ranges in the northern region of the Great Prairie.

    The mountain had an altitude of two to three thousand Zhang with peaks thrusting into the heavens like the tip of a spear. The buildings on the God of Heaven Mountain could be seen even on the ground. Numerous natives of the prairie would come to the mountainside everyday to pay their respect! After all, the God of Heaven was the most respected existence in the hearts of the natives dwelling in the northern region of the Great Prairie!

    On the God of Heaven Mountain, in the side hall of a white palace with a red roof, a middle-aged man dressed in a thick red cloak sat cross-legged on a cushion.

    "Honorable Messenger of God!"

    A thin, solemn-looking man dressed in white bowed and said, "What I have said just now happened this morning! It's absolutely true! This expert named Huhe seems to have limitless amount of True Origin. Therefore, I suspect that he is the Demon Arada, the infamous figure from the central region of the Great Prairie."

    The eyes below the thick brows of the Red Cloaked Messenger of God seemed very bright.

    "Arada?" The Red Cloaked Messenger of God furrowed his brow slightly.

    "Honorable Messenger of God, this person dared to recklessly slaughter citizens of the land enveloped in the glory of the God of Heaven. He must be heavily punished,"  General Yilede said solemnly.

    The Red Cloaked Messenger of God nodded indifferently and replied, "Alright, Yilede! I now know what happened. You may leave."

    "Messenger of God, when do you prepare to deal with that Huhe?" The general asked as he looked at the Red Cloaked Messenger of God.

    The face of the Red Cloaked Messenger of God immediately turned dark as his eyes beamed coldly.

    The general understood that his words had angered the Red Cloaked Messenger of God. He immediately forced a smile. "Honorable Messenger of God, I won't disturb you anymore! I will leave now!" With this, the general left quickly through the side-door. Once he left, the facial expression of the Red Cloaked Messenger of God improved.

    "Demon Arada? If it's really him,then it's slightly troublesome."

    The Red Cloaked Messenger of God frowned as he said to himself, "That Yilide did not lie. His statement was the same as the information we received! It's highly possible that Huhe is Demon Arada. However, it's only possible for a man to kill twenty thousand people by himself if he reached the Emptiness Realm. But if an Emptiness Realm Expert wanted to kill people, it wouldn't be that troublesome. Plus, the Emptiness Realm Experts are people of respected status, so they wouldn't lower themselves by doing so."

    "The Godly General deduced that the Demon Arada should be a Golden Dan innate expert who possessed some special method of replenishing his Innate True Origin rapidly."

    At this moment--

    A young man dressed fully in black walked in. A jestering smile could be seen on the young man's face as he spoke,"Macho man, what are you doing? Daydreaming?"

    "Oh. It's Messenger Feng!" The Red Cloaked Messenger of God hastily stood up, "I was thinking about Demon Arada. An expert who seems to be Arada appeared in our northern region and killed and injured about two thousand men from the Whole Gale Tribe, the tribe that is under our control."

    The Red Cloaked Messenger of God knew clearly that although he was stronger than the young man, his position.....was a lot lower than this mysterious Red Cloaked Messenger of God.

    The Black Cloaked Messenger of God might not be powerful, but he was definitely a central figure.

    "Oh? Demon Arada?" The black-cloaked young man was slightly surprised as he asked, "Did he use spear arts? Or did you notice if he has an axe?" If Teng Qingshan were here, he would easily recognize that this young man was Sun Feng, the man who disguised himself as a merchant!

    "Messenger Feng, you suspect that he might be Teng Qingshan from the land of the Nine Prefectures? Impossible. Teng Qingshan is not that powerful." The Red Cloaked Messenger of God added, "Also, the information we received never said that Demon Arada used spear arts, but instead, the information told us that he used some kind of fist art. A peculiar weird fist art that injured and killed twenty thousand soldiers from the Golden Wolf Kingdom."

    Sun Feng smiled and replied, "I'm just asking. Dealing with this Demon Arada is not a difficult thing to the God of Heaven Mountain! Aren't all the Godly Generals Golden Dan innate experts? Just send the First Godly General. That would definitely be enough to resolve this issue."

    "The First Godly General is ranked third on the《Heavenly Ranking》, thus, he is definitely capable of dealing with that Arada! However, the First Godly General is cultivating in seclusion with the Supreme God of Heaven," the Red Cloaked Messenger of God said respectfully.

    "Right. The First Godly General is old. If he doesn't try harder to break through and reach the Emptiness Realm, he will reach the end of his life." Sun Feng nodded.

    The Red Cloaked Messenger of God smiled awkwardly. He himself wouldn't dare to comment on the Godly General like this. He hastily continued, "Messenger Feng, it is slightly troublesome for me to ask the Godly Generals to do this. However, if Messenger Feng can help me ask, the Godly Generals would definitely help out of respect for you."

    "Respect me? More like showing respect to this black cloak I am wearing." Sun Feng laughed, "Let's go. Come meet the Godly Generals with me."
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