Chapter 33: Tantra

    Book 6 Chapter 33 Tantra

    Sun Feng and the Red Cloaked Messenger of God walked towards the peak of the God of Heaven Mountain. After a short while, they arrived at the front of a quiet, two-story building.

    "Messenger Feng, let us pay a visit to the Fifth Godly General first," said the Red Cloaked Messenger of God, laughing. "Among the many Godly Generals, the Fifth Godly General is young but his strength is only weaker than that of the First Godly General. If the Fifth Godly General can leap into action, I'm extremely certain that we will win!"

    Sun Feng looked towards this pavilion on the mountainside and laughed bitterly. He looked at the Red Cloaked Messenger of God, saying, "The Fifth Godly General Eriqier, the most gifted among the many Godly Generals; even my teacher praised him, saying he is the closest to reaching the Emptiness Realm! However, you also know about his temper...... he always rejects requests. The other Godly Generals, they might spare me some of my dignity because of this 'black cloak' on my body, but Eriqier might not."

    Obviously, the Red Cloaked Messenger of God knew about the Fifth Godly General's temper.

    When he was young, Eriqier's fame had already spread throughout the plains; he was nicknamed the 'Eagle of the Prairie', 'Son of the Heavenly God' and so on. After he joined the God of Heaven Mountain, he trained with all his heart and became a Godly General. Furthermore, he became a supreme powerhouse surpassed only by the First Godly General.

    "Messenger Feng, set your heart at rest! From what I see, even if the great Fifth Godly General does not give the Black Cloak dignity, he will take us in because of your master," the Red Cloaked Messenger of God answered respectfully.

    After Sun Feng heard this, his mouth twitched.

    "Alright, let's go visit the Fifth Godly General," said Sun Feng. After he made his decision, he walked right up to the door of the two-story building.


    A skinny old man, who wore a thick cloak, was sweeping the floor inside the small building. When he saw people coming, he went to greet them immediately, "Dear Messengers of God, the Godly General is resting."

    "You, go and report, just say Feng Messenger wants a meeting," said the Red Cloaked Messenger of God.

    "Alright." This skinny old man bowed and went through the back door beside the small building to give his report.

    The Red Cloaked Messenger of God looked at Sun Feng and said with a bit of laughter, "Feng Messenger, from what I see, even if the Fifth Godly General doesn't give the others any dignity, he will give you dignity; he will definitely come to meet you."

    Sun Feng wrinkled his nose, "Just watch...actually we could just find the other Godly Generals. This Eriqier......."

    At that moment, that skinny old man returned to the courtyard and said courteously, "Great messengers, the Godly General has requested to see you. Please follow me!"

    "See, is what I said not accurate?" The Red Cloaked Messenger of God laughed.

    "Don't speak trash, let's go." Sun Feng immediately followed the skinny old man and walked towards the back door to the side.

    After entering the back door, there was a small, stone path.

    Following the path, they quickly came to an empty area. The snow covered the ground, white and flawless. "The two messengers, please walk on this stone path; do not step on the snow beside the path," the skinny old man reminded them as he led the way.

    Sun Feng and the Red Cloaked Messenger of God knew clearly the special requests of the Fifth Godly General.

    For example: at the place where the Fifth Godly General rested, people could only walk on the stone path; the snow could never be stepped on. Actually,  few people were qualified by the Fifth Godly General to enter.

    "Sun Feng! You came," a pure and honest voice, with a touch of hoarseness to it, came from the pavilion in front.

    A red cotton carpet was placed under the pavilion, where a plump man in a yellow unlined garment sat with his knees crossed. The weirdest thing was his short hair, it was only an inch long. Usually when people saw this inch-long hair, they would know his identity.

    This is the Fifth Godly General, the direct disciple of the God of Heaven! The techniques created by the God of Heaven are known as Tantra!

    All direct disciples that inherited the Tantra has to cut their hair short.

    "Big brother Eriqier," Sun Feng snickered.

    "You have been at the God of Heaven Mountain for a while now, but you never came to see me," said this yellow-cloaked plump man; the smile on his face could even calm the hearts of people, "I didn't guess wrongly. You still have not reached the Innate Realm! Among the three disciples of your master, only you have not reached the Innate Realm."

    Sun Feng smiled grudgingly, "This Innate Realm could not be reached even if I wanted, thus, what can I do? How can I be like you, big brother, so powerful."

    "One's aptitude is important."

    "However..."said Eriqier, with his ever-present smile, "The character of perseverance is more important! Your aptitude definitely surpassed ten millions people, but your character is just... How about this, from tomorrow onwards, you stay and train beside me!"

    Sun Feng's expression changed, "Big brother Eriqier...Isn't this the same as killing me?"

    "Hmm?" Eriqier's raised his thick, long eyebrows, staring at Sun Feng.

    Sun Feng could only smile bitterly, "Okay, okay." At the same time, he gave the Red Cloaked Messenger of God a glare, "I knew that coming here would cause me trouble! It's your fault.....you insisted to come." The Red Cloaked Messenger of God heard this and smiled grudgingly. There were countless people on this God of Heaven Mountain who wanted to follow the Fifth Godly General to train.

    However, nobody had the chance.

    The Fifth Godly General's cold heart was known to everyone; he had never received anyone as his disciple.

    "Big brother Eriqier, we come today for a particular thing," said Sun Feng, eyeing the Red Cloaked Messenger of God, "I'll let you say the details." That Red Cloaked Messenger of God bowed courteously to the Fifth Godly General.

    He understood clearly that Sun Feng could communicate with the Fifth Godly General  because of his special identity.

    As for him, although he reached the Innate Realm and he was a Messenger of God, his position was still lower.

    "Godly General," greeted the Red Cloaked Messenger of God courteously, "Things are like this......" This Messenger of God mentioned everything about the devils 'Arada' and 'Huhe' and said at last, "He killed many people from Whole Gale Tribe; if we at God of Heaven Mountain don't do something, I'm afraid that there will be some unpleasant discussions on the plains."

    Eriqier frowned and looked at Red Cloaked Messenger of God, "Kill? Kill him? Was that what you meant?"

    Red Cloaked Messenger of God jumped in fear.

    "Who gave you the authority!" Eriqier's eyes grew in size, fiery eyes just like a giant, and shouted, "When you deal with news, you need only to report to the Godly Generals! As for killing or sparing lives, what kind of authority does a Red Cloak Messenger like you have, to make this decision?"

    The Red Cloaked Messenger of God was so scared that his face turned pale and he went on his knees, "Dear Godly General, I, I only had consideration for the God of Heaven Mount..."

    "You still want to argue!"

    When Eriqier rose in anger, Sun Feng, who stood at the side, was panic-stricken.

    "As expected of the figure that teacher praised non-stop! Teacher even regretted not being able to make Eriqier his disciple! It was the God of Heaven that seized the chance and accepted Eriqier as his own disciple," Sun Feng said in awe. Sun Feng's teacher had the same status as the God of Heaven and among Sun Feng's generation, this Eriqier was really the most valued one.

    "All according to the Godly General's order," said the Red Cloaked Messenger of God, while he knelt down.

    "Hmph," Eriqier said calmly, "The possibility of two super powerful experts both dressed raggedly appearing on the Great Prairie at the same time is very low. This Huhe should be that Arada. Therefore......there's eighty percent that this Arada is a Golden Dan Innate Expert, and twenty percent of him being an Emptiness Realm Expert, comprehending the heaven and earth and travelling the world. If he is an Emptiness Realm Expert, isn't this causing the God of Heaven Mountain to enemize a powerful expert?" In the past, Eriqier travelled the world and even went to the land of the nine prefectures.

    The Red Cloaked Messenger of God was so scared that he did not dare to make a sound.

    However, Sun Feng laughed and said, "Big brother, there are only a few strong ones in the Emptiness Realm, how can one appear so easily."

    "We cannot let our guard down," said Eriqier, "I will deal with this matter; first let us find out where this Arada is! I will go and meet him......."

    "Yes," replied the Red Cloaked Messenger of God, "Let your heart be at rest, I will find his location in one day!"

    The force of the God of Heaven Mountain at the Northern Region of the Great Prairie is very deep, and the prairie is far and wide; finding a person would be too easy.


    The skies are clear, the sun high up.

    The breeze blew. Teng Qingshan travelled with a calm heart as he comprehended the vast heaven and earth, desiring to create an even higher-leveled part of the 《Earth Element Fist》. Teng Qingshan just continued travelling with this calm state of mind. By then, it was already the second day afternoon after the battle with the Whole Gale Tribe.

    "The technique of the Fist Art should be like this!"

    When inspiration came, Teng Qingshan would wave his fist a few tim as he walked. However, if people came near, Teng Qingshan would noticed, because he was not in a state of enlightenment. If he was in a state of enlightenment, Teng Qingshan wouldn't even notice even if people fought around him.

    "Look, that person is like a fool."

    "Don't simply say that, he might be a arduous cultivator."

    Teng Qingshan looked at the people of the plains guarding their sheep, then he smiled and continued on.

    "The snow is so white!" Teng Qingshan looked at the snowy mountains in front. The weather was too cold on the Northern Plains; the mountain snow never melted.

    After walking for a while, he headed up the snowy mountain, eventually walking between the mountains.

    "Hmm?" Teng Qingshan looked at the snowy ground ahead.

    "What a big mark!"

    Teng Qingshan, feeling shocked and curious, looked at the snowy ground. Although the footprint was not deep, it was big, at least three meters wide. "This footprint belongs to a huge animal.......it has hooves and a shallow footprint, it should be a demonic beast that has adapted to run on snowy grounds! On these plains, a demonic beast of this size is most probably the Snow Lion!"

    Teng Qingshan showed a smile and looked towards the far side.

    It was unclear but footprints could be seen there as well.

    "The Footprints are so shallow that the winter breeze blew them away, it will probably become unclear quickly. But I can still see it now, so this means that the demonic beast has not been gone for long." Teng Qingshan immediately used the "Crossing Worlds" and turned into green smoke as he moved forward rapidly.

    After a while--

    Teng Qingshan stood on a bulging rock, and as he looked downwards he saw the enormous monster in the lake! Fur as white as snow, a holy horn and those red, bloody eyes made clear its identity: the Red Eyed Snow Lion!

    Swoosh! That Red Eyed Snow Lion had already discovered the dirty Teng Qingshan in its pure, white world!

    Seeing Teng Qingshan, the Red Eyed Snow Lion's pupils suddenly froze.

    "Roar~~~" the Red Eyed Snow Lion roared towards Teng Qingshan.

    "Haha, old friend! I didn't intentionally come to chase you, it's God who guided me here," laughed Teng Qingshan. He jumped off the bulging rock, like an arrow that was shot from a bow, flying downwards.

    "Rumble~~~" the Red Eyed Snow Lion shot out from the lake, stood on all four legs and ran towards the East with incredible speed.
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