Chapter 34: Came Forth On a Divine Eagle

    Book 6 Chapter 34 Came Forth On a Divine Eagle

    "Fleeing without even fighting? You are a demonic beast!"

    Teng Qingshan's laughter resounded in the heavens. His body descended heavily on the mountainside, causing the earth to tremble and a huge pit appeared. A figure with a long spear in hand leaped out of the deep pit and darted towards the Red Eyed Snow Lion. His speed was so fast, even slightly faster than the Red Eyed Snow Lion!

    Sou! Sou!

    The man and demonic beast. One was pursuing and the other was fleeing.

    When the Red Eyed Snow was fleeing rapidly, it even casted a glance backwards and immediately realized.....that the human was actually slightly faster! Immediately, the Red Eyed Snow Lion understood that the human had already recovered!

    "Roar~~~" The Red Eyed Snow Lion roared furiously.

    "No matter how you roar, it's useless." Teng Qingshan laughed and pursued rapidly with steps as fast as a shooting star.

    The distance between the demonic beast and the human was decreasing.

    The original distance of thirty Zhang has decreased to twenty zhangs. However, because both Teng Qingshan and the Red Eyed Snow Lion were too fast, within only a short while, they had already ran a total distance of twenty to thirty lis. On the vast prairie, a blurry gigantic figure and an insignificant-looking human figure running behind could be seen.

    TLN: 1 zhang = 3.33meters   1 Li = 500 meters.

    Whew! Whew!

    The ordinary weak prairie natives were probably couldn't even see the face of the demonic beast.

    Teng Qingshan had actually taken out his Reincarnation Spear back when he was still following the Lion's footprints. It would've been very difficult for him to kill the Red Eyed Snow Lion without his weapon.

    Teng Qingshan was finally drawing near the Lion after chasing it for several Li.


    Teng Qingshan roared furiously and forcefully stomped the ground with his left foot. A deep boom resounded from deep within as the earth trembled in response. Riding on the force of his stomp, Teng Qingshan instantly leapt up as the Reincarnation Spear in his hand transformed into a streak of silver lightning, piercing into the demonic beast's leg!

    "Whew!" The Red Eyed Snow Lion's tail was like an iron whip as it lashed towards Teng Qingshan's Reincarnation Spear like a bolt lightning.

    The length of the Red Eyed Snow Lion's tail would allow it to easily lash Teng Qingshan into the air as it struck the Reincarnation Spear!

    "This tail is just too troublesome! With a whirl of his Reincarnation Spear, a thick, powerful force was unleashed on the thick and long tail. A muffled boom could be heard as many white hairs on the tail broke. However, this was merely superficial, and the soft and hard tail was not truly injured.


    At the same time Teng Qingshan swung his spear to block the tail's attack, he realized that a strong paw was rapidly clawing towards him. The fierce, powerful wind that was created as a result of the attack was already howling towards his face. Teng Qingshan had no time to block it with his spear, and could only deeply roar in anger as his right leg flew out like a cannonball, striking the paw in defense.

    "Boom~~~" The earth trembled.

    Both Teng Qingshan and the Red Eyed Snow Lion were blasted away in opposite directions. Teng Qingshan flew back over ten Zhang while the Red Eyed Snow Lion lost its balance, and tumbled to the ground before it managed to regain it.

    The Red Eyed Snow Lion immediately turned its lowered head, and clawed the ground as it glared at Teng Qingshan with its glowing red eyes, roaring in fury.. It was on the cusp of insanity, and it was all because of Teng Qingshan, the man standing before it. Its speed was not as fast as the human, and it was not confident that it could kill Teng Qingshan.

    The Lion knew that if a real battle had actually occurred, it would have been left with heavy injuries, if not death.

    "About to go crazy?" Teng Qingshan mocked.

    He licked his lips in excitement, the elation clearly showing in his eyes. Teng Qingshan had always been combative, something that was true even in his previous life. After travelling in the prairie for such a long time, the fight with the Red Eyed Snow Lion would be his first in a long while. "Going crazy? Still refusing to yield? Then I will fight you until you do! It's alright. Taming a Red Eyed Snow Lion in its peak is also very interesting."

    Just when Teng Qingshan prepared to engage in yet another fierce battle--

    "Whew!" The Red Eyed Snow Lion had actually turned and ran!

    "That must've been intentional." Teng Qingshan was slightly angry as he shouted, "Just now, you were trembling so much in anger that I thought you were going crazy! And now you're turning around and running away from me! Are you messing with me?"


    Out on the prairie there stood a slightly plump, short haired man, wearing a gold-colored mask and a purple cloak, the uniform of the Godly General of the God of Heaven Mountain.  His mount, tall and blood-red in nature, was fittingly named the Blood Dragon Horse and the Vermillion Wind Beast, and held the title of one of the three Great Dragon Horses in the world.

    "Eh? Why hasn't that Arada arrived yet?" The slightly plump man calmly asked.

    At his side was a young man holding onto the reins of another horse. He respectfully answered, "Honorable Godly General, please keep your heart at rest. Arada is advancing northward at a slow pace. We have previously received information that he is currently several Li southward. He should get here soon."

    The young man feared and respected Eriqier, the Legendary Fifth Godly General, who held a very peculiar position in the God of Heaven Mountain.

    "However, according to the information, he should be here by now." Eriqier said with a frown.

    "Roar~~" "Roar~~"

    Furious roars could be faintly heard in the distance. Because it was too far away, however, the young man did not hear it. However, Eriqier did. He cast a glance in the direction of the roars with a dubious expression. Yet, he did not say anything of it.

    At this moment--

    "Jia!" A rider rapidly galloped towards the young man and the Fifth Godly General Eriqier.

    "Neigh~~~" The rider leaped down from his horse and knelt on one knee as he said respectfully, "Lord, Arada is about one hundred li east of here. He is fighting with a Red Eyed Snow Lion."

    "How did they get over there?" The young man was shocked. He then turned and looked at the Fifth Godly General Eriqier as he reported, "Honorable Godly General, as you have just heard, Arada is there now. Honorable Godly General, I will have the subordinates lead the way and we will soon--"

    Eriqier interrupted indifferently, "No need. I know where he is!"

    Eriqier immediately mounted on the Vermillion Wind Beast and softly planted his feet around the horse's belly. The Vermillion Wind Beast immediately transformed into a blood-red afterimage as it galloped eastward at lightning speed.

    The furious roars were coming from over a hundred Li away!

    Even though the Red Eyed Snow Lion's roar was very loud, and even though the prairie was very spacious, it was impossible for ordinary innate experts to hear the furious roars from over a hundred li away. However, the powerful expert that inherited the Tantra could hear it.

    "Fighting with the Red Eyed Snow Lion? It looks like he's not an Emptiness Realm Expert, but rather a Golden Dan Innate Expert." Mounting on the horse, Eriqier gazed in front. The occasional roars gradually got louder. "Let's see just where this person came from. If I can recruit him, then that's good. Otherwise, I will just kill him!"

    To Eriqier, even people stronger than Golden Dan Innate Experts wouldn't be able to survive in his hands.


    On the prairie.

    The booming sounds shaking the earth and mountain repeatedly sounded out. Teng Qingshan was seen holding a silver Reincarnation Spear and using it as a shield to block block the crazy Red Eyed Snow Lion's its claws, hair, tail, and even the freezing air that puffed out of its snout!

    One after the other, all kinds of attacks were launched towards Teng Qingshan, but none of them could hurt him.

    "Yes. This is how it should be!"

    Teng Qingshan performed the Transmutation Unity Law Spear Art as he countered the crazy attacks of the Red Eyed Snow Lion. Teng Qingshan's Transmutation Unity Law Spear Art became even smoother as each move connected with another and as the concept of the Earth Element Fist was infused into the spear arts!

    Yet, even if one understood the concept, it did not mean that one's spear arts could immediately reach perfection.

    "The attack of the Red Eyed Snow Lion is as fierce as a Golden Dan Innate Expert. It is quite marvelous that I am able to use it to perfect my spear art." Everytime Teng Qingshan defended, thoughts of inspiration would flash across his mind and the Transmutation Unity Law would slightly change accordingly.

    Just when Teng Qingshan was immersed in such peculiar cultivation, suddenly--

    "Screech!" A  sharp bird's cry sounded from afar.

    "Whew!" The Red Eyed Snow Lion that was previously attacking Teng Qingshan with fervor had suddenly retreated.

    "Why did it stop?" Teng Qingshan smiled as he glanced at the Red Eyed Snow Lion and said, "Oh well. You evil creature. If I can tame you, then so be it. But if I can't, then I will just kill you!" Teng Qingshan did not like demonic beasts that ate humans, since he himself was one!

    The Red Eyed Snow Lion stared at Teng Qingshan, but it did not run.

    Suddenly, Teng Qingshan's facial expression changed and he looked up at the sky above him.

    "Yuu~~" A sharp and high-pitched screech sounded out from above.

    "A Demonic Beast Fierce Wind Divine Eagle? And there's two of them?" Teng Qingshan immediately saw the two gigantic Divine Eagles faraway. Both had a wingspan of four to five zhang wide. One Divine Eagle was completely black with a fiery red crested head.

    The other Divine Eagle was like the other, except white.

    The Fierce Wind Divine Eagle was an eagle with a ferocious character, and is able to puff out fierce flames out of its beaks. The average adult Fierce Wind Divine Eagle has an azure crested head, and its ability on par with an Emptiness Dan Innate Expert. When a Fierce Wind Divine Eagle finds and mates with a Divine Eagle of the opposite gender, both of them will go through a transformation. Their crested head will change to a fiery red color and their ability would evolve to be on par with Golden Dan Innate Experts! The two Fierce Wind Divine Eagles that went through a transformation would never leave each other. If one died, the other would commit suicide after avenging its partner.

    Teng Qingshan had already admired the legendary Fierce Wind Divine Eagle in the past.

    When two eagles are together as a couple, the both of them are able to transform.

    If one died, however,, then the other would not live on alone. This was admirable.

    "It seems as if the two Fierce Wind Divine Eagles are friends with the Red Eyed Snow Lion..." Teng Qingshan was slightly surprised. At the same time, he was paying attention to the Fierce Wind Divine Eagles flying towards him in the sky. Suddenly, Teng Qingshan noticed a figure on the back of the white Divine Eagle.

    The figure wore a purple fur coat and a white leather hat with a veil covering her face. Looking at her figure, it should be a slim lady!

    "Could it be that these two Fierce Wind Divine Eagles were tamed by her?" Teng Qingshan was shocked.

    Whew! Whew!

    The two Fierce Wind Divine Eagles quickly descended and the masked lady climbed down the Divine Eagle. She scrutinized Teng Qingshan, and especially that silver-colored Reincarnation Spear in Teng Qingshan's hands.

    "Roar~~" The Red Eyed Snow Lion roared, staring at the masked lady dressed in violet.

    "Roar,  roar~~" The lady dressed in purple softly roared in reply and the Red Eyed Snow Lion was immediately placated.

    When Teng Qingshan saw this happen, he grew even more astonished as he said to himself, "Heavens! She can control three Golden Dan Innate Demonic Beasts? That's three Golden Dan Innate Demonic Beasts! Even strong forces such as Qing Hu Island and Xiao Yao Palace only have a few Golden Dan Innate Experts!"

    If it weren't for the events that occurred in the Great Yan Mountain, then Qing Hu Island would've been left with their original count of seven Golden Dan Innate Experts, instead of the measly four that they had now.

    "She also seems to understand the language of beasts like the King of Beasts Wu Hou. Understanding the Language of Beasts does not necessarily mean one is able to tame the demonic beasts. Demonic Beasts possess human intelligence, thus, making taming one a difficult task." Teng Qingshan was slightly afraid of the lady before his eyes.

    Just the three Golden Dan Innate Demonic Beasts before him were not to be trifled with.

    "He..Hello!" A melodious voice rang out. At the same time, the Masked Lady dressed in purple took off the veil on her face.

    The moment Teng Qingshan saw her actions, his heart palpitated.
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