Chapter 37: God of Heaven Mountain

    Chapter 37 God of Heaven Mountain

    On this vast prairie, Li Jun was making continuous melodious sounds in front of the Male Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle. That Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle glanced at Teng Qingshan as Li Jun continued to persuade it again. Finally, the black Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle nodded and Li jun turned to look at Teng Qingshan excitedly and she said, "Blacky had already agreed. Come you can sit on its back."

    "The Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle really listens to you." Teng Qingshan said in surprise. Then He walked over and leaped up, descending on the Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle's back.

    The feathers on the back of the Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle were extremely hard similar to trenchant iron arrows.

    "Roar~~" The Red Eyed Snow Lion was roaring unsatisfyingly.

    "This Snow Lion is still very unhappy." Teng Qingshan laughed.

    "Don't mind it.' Li Jun immediately emitted a melodious bird cry and the black and white Fierce Wind Celestial Eagles ascended to the air, spreading their/ wings and flew. The gigantic wings produced a shocking speed with just one flap. Teng Qingshan was sitting on a sunken area at the Celestial Eagle's back, thus/so the force of the wind blowing towards him wasn't strong.

    As Teng Qingshan looked down, the yurts were like white spots dotting the Great Prairie.

    Whew! Whee!

    The two Fierce Wind Celestial Eagles pierced through the air rapidly and flew away.

    The God of Heaven Mountain stood loftily as if it was piercing piercing through the heavens.

    Below the mountainside, countless natives of the prairie were praying to the God of Heaven Mountain on their knees.

    "Great God of Heaven, I hope the members of my Liuyan Tribe can live past this year peacefully. I hope that one of the young ones from my Liuyan Tribe can become a powerful warrior and enter the God of Heaven Mountain in order to serve the God of Heaven." A hump-backed elderly woman was kneeling on the grassland as she mumbled repeatedly.

    In the surrounding, there were many people like her.

    "Look! It's the Celestial Eagles!" Suddenly, someone shouted.

    Many people who were praying looked up and two black and white celestial eagles could be seen flying into the upper part of the God of Heaven Mountain. The people that often prayed had noticed the black and white celestial eagles returning to the God of Heaven Mountain more than one.


    On the God of Heaven Mountain.

    The two Fierce Wind Celestial Eagles soared in the sky and slowly descended on an empty space in front of the palace. At the hallway and staircase of the palace, rows of maids dressed in azure leather cloak were standing. When the maids saw that the two Fierce Wind Celestial Eagles were descending, a tall, slender, and beautiful lady led the maids and bowed.

    "Your highness!" the group of maids said respectfully.

    "Quite impressive." Teng Qingshan praised as he jumped down from the celestial eagle's back.

    At this moment, Li Jun, who had her face covered with a veil, jumped down from the celestial eagle's back as well. Simultaneously, she emitted a melodious bird cry and hugged the white Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle's head amorously. The Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle also rubbed its head against Li Jun's face. In the end, the female Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle emitted a deep cry and the male Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle immediately did the same.

    Whew! Whew!

    The two Fierce Wind Celestial Eagles spread their wings and flew away.

    At this very moment--

    "Junior Martial Sister! Junior Martial Sister!" A shout coming from far away could be heard.

    Li Jun looked towards the source of the shout and saw that Sun Feng, dressed fully in black, was running over with a smile. "Junior Martial Sister, you returned rather quickly. The Fifth Godly General just came back to the God of Heaven Mountain.....and you already came here with Huhe." said Sun Feng. When Teng Qingshan saw the appearance of the person coming towards them, he couldn't help but feel astonished.

    "It's actually him? Sun Feng? Isn't he just a merchant?" Teng Qingshan finally realized what happened last time and how that might be related to Sun Feng.

    Sun Feng scrutinized Teng Qingshan and the bundle on Teng Qingshan's back.

    "Junior Martial Sister, is this Huhe?" Sun Feng said.

    "Senior Martial Brother Sun!" Li Jun nodded with a smile as she replied, "This is my friend Huhe. However, I don't have any time to accompany you now.....I need to arrange a temporary residence for Huhe."

    Sun Feng scrutinized Teng Qingshan again and the corner of his mouth curved into a weird smile as he responded, "That's good then. I will go back first......"

    Seeing Sun Feng leave, a sense of unhappiness shadowed Teng Qingshan's heart!

    Previously, Teng Qingshan's dwelling was discovered when he was in Wu City and  Teng Qingshan never understood......how they were able to discover his identity. However, many thoughts popped in Teng Qingshan's mind when he saw Sun Feng. "When this Sun Feng disguised himself as a merchant, he didn't even changed his appearance, so this Sun Feng should be some small character! However, the exposure of my identity last time should be related to Little Jun's Sect!"

    Teng Qingshan naturally made these assumptions.

    "Huhe."Li Jun stared at Teng Qingshan. "This palace is my residence.....As for your residence, you can stay there temporarily!" Said Li Jun as she pointed at a tower nearby.

    Teng Qingshan nodded with a smile as he replied, "Sure."

    This palace was the Goddess Palace. If a man lived in this palace, it would spread throughout the God of Heaven Mountain, and this would not be good for Li Jun.

    "I will lead you there." Li Jun led the way in front.

    "Aunt Gongsun, arrange a few maids to clean and organize the guesthouse" Li Jun ordered.

    "Yes."The beautiful lady in front of the palace door said respectfully. Then she immediately summoned six maids and ordered them to run rapidly towards the tower.

    Li Jun then whispered, "Big Brother Teng, since there are many people, I will call you Huhe.....Yes. As for the information about your family, I will get the information immediately about them."

    "Thanks." Teng Qingshan smiled.

    A rosy glow immediately crept up Li Jun's face as she smiled, "It's what I should do.  So there is no need to thank me."

    Immediately, Li Jun and Teng Qingshan headed towards that tower.

    After a while, a skinny black cloaked man came to the doors of the Goddess Palace.

    "Honorable Messenger of God!" Those maids bowed respectfully.

    "Okay. Is the Goddess back?" The black cloaked slender man said coldly.

    "She just came back awhile ago. However, she is now with her friend and went to the guesthouse at the side." The leading maid replied.

    "Friend?" The skinny black cloaked man frowned and asked, "What friend?"

    "I am not sure, but his name seems to be Huhe." The maid answered. THe skinny black cloaked man stared at the maid and asked in a deep voice, "How did this Huhe come to the God of Heaven Mountain?" If this Huhe came alone, then the situation would be better, but if he was brought here by the Goddess herself, then it would be troublesome.

    "Her highness and this Huhe each rode a Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle and came to the God of Heaven Mountain together." The maid replied.

    When the skinny black cloaked man heard this, his face darkened and killing intent could be seen in his eyes.

    At this moment--

    Li Jun, dressed in purple and masked with a veil, was walking towards the palace and a group of maids were following her from a distance.

    When the skinny black cloaked man saw her, his facial expression immediately changed. He immediately walked towards Li Jun with a smile as he shouted "Junior Martial Sister, I thought you would be out for a few more days. I just heard that the Fierce Wind Celestial Eagle had returned, so I knew that you were back."

    "Senior Martial Brother Wan." Li Jun smiled and said, "You didn't train the demonic beasts?"

    It's the same if I trained the demonic beasts on the God of Heaven Mountain." The Skinny Black Cloaked Man smiled, "By the way, let's eat dinner together tonight."

    Li Jun pondered for a moment and immediately nodded, "Sounds good. Senior Martial Brother Sun returned to the God of Mountain several days ago, but I rarely met him since I have been out. How about this? Tonight, we invite you and Senior Martial Brother Sun to eat dinner at my place."

    "Sun Feng?" The Skinny Black Cloaked Man hesitated slightly and immediately smiled and said, "Sounds good, then I hope that I won't be disturbing!"

    Li Jun led a big group of maids and returned to her own place.

    The Skinny Black Cloaked man walked along the mountain path.

    "This Huhe? Where does he come from?" The Skinny Black Cloaked Man said condescendingly with eyes as cold as eyes of a venomous snake. He scanned the tower and sneered coldly, "Besides Teacher, only me and my Junior Martial Sister understands the language of beasts. Thus, it's best for her to marry me! Teacher will definitely agree.....As for the idiot Sun Feng, he should keep dreaming. As for Huhe? He's not even worth mentioning!"

    The Skinny Black Cloaked Man soon left.


    Teng Qingshan was at the hallway of the second floor of the tower, looking at his surroundings.

    He could often see groups of elite soldiers walking by the mountain paths.

    "The powerful experts of the God of Heaven Mountain are indeed as many as clouds!" After watching for a while, Teng Qingshan couldn't help but sigh in awe.

    "Eh?" Teng Qingshan suddenly saw a black cloaked figure walking to the Goddess Palace. He then entered the palace.

    "It's Sun Feng!" Teng Qingshan could recognize the black cloaked figure at first glance and thought to himself, "Why is he going to Little Jun's palace?"


    In the Goddess Palace.

    Li Jun was sitting before the study table while writing big words with the writing brush in her hands! Before she suffered a calamity, her family was wealthy and she learned to read and write when she was young. Now she had cultivated the inner strength and learned different cultivation methods, whenever she felt agitated, she would start writing to train her mentality! And to calm her mind!

    Quietness! Serenity! Calmness!

    Li Jun suddenly stopped writing.

    "Is Junior Martial Sister practicing writing?" A sound rang outside.

    "Senior Martial Brother Sun, please come in." Li Jun took a blank paper and blocked the words she wrote.

    At this moment, Sun Feng walked in with a smile. He casted a glance at Li Jun and said, "Junior Martial Sister, you must be in a rather leisure and carefree mood since you are actually practicing writing."

    "Senior Martial Brother, how can I help you?" Li Jun turned and looked towards Sun Feng.

    Sun Feng smiled and said, "According to my knowledge, you have been in the land of the nine prefectures and you only came to this God of Heaven Mountain for a few months! That Huhe should be the legendary Demon Arada, but he came all the way from the center regions of the Great Prairie. According to reason, Junior Martial Sister shouldn't know this Huhe."

    "Senior Martial Brother Sun, what are you talking about?" Li Jun's face darkened.

    "According to my knowledge, you owe Teng Qingshan a big favor." Sun Feng continued.

    Li Jun's eyes narrowed as she stared at Sun Feng coldly, "Why are you talking about Big Brother Teng?" Many core members of the sect knew about the thing between Li Jun and Teng Qingshan.

    "No, I was just speculating.....According to reason, you shouldn't know this Huhe. Yet, you stopped a Fifth Godly General from attacking Huhe. You also invited him to stay at the God of Heaven Mountain. This Huhe must be Teng Qingshan." Sun Feng said with a smile, "Also, there is the bundle on his back.....Most importantly, I noticed that you ordered people to gather information about Teng Jia Village and Gui Yuan Sect. Based on all these factors, is my conclusion correct?"

    Sun Feng stared at Li Jun!

    Li Jun chuckled while killing intent could be seen in her eyes. "Senior Martial Brother Sun! Don't you think you are meddling in things which doesn't concern you? I will tell you now. Yes. Huhe is Teng Qingshan! Why.....You want to inform the authorities? Haha......Martial Uncle and the others have good opinion of Teng Qingshan, Thus, even if the heavens know his whereabout, Big Brother Teng would still able to escape the northern regions of the Great Prairie if he wants to."

    Li Jun's face darkened as if it was covered with ice.

    "Senior Martial Brother Sun, let me remind you something!"

    Li Jun's eyes were like trenchant swords as she stared at Sun Feng coldly and said, "If you act smart again and endanger Big Brother Teng.......I, Li Jun, swear, that I will take vengeance with a hundredfold revenge!"

    When Sun Feng heard this he froze for a second and immediately smiled as he touched his nose, "Don't be mad. I was just asking. I was only asking."
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