Chapter 39: Out of Seclusion

    Chapter 39 Out of Seclusion

    While Teng Qingshan was sullenly mulling about, he saw a person walking towards him from the distant mountain path. With just a glance, Teng Qingshan recognized that it was Li Jun's Senior Martial Brother Wan.

    "Brother Huhe, what's wrong?" Wan Tianyang shouted from afar.

    "Honorable Messenger of God!" The patrolling guards immediately bowed.

    Wan Tianyang nodded in response as the leader of the guards opened his mouth to explain, "Honorable Messenger of God, this guest wanted to leave the region around the Goddess Palace and stroll around in other places. According to the rules, outsiders are not allowed to walk around by themselves in the God of Heaven Mountain, so we stopped him."

    "Oh. Brother Huhe." Looking at Teng Qingshan with a smile, Wan Tianyang said enthusiastically, "The God of Heaven Mountain has this rule! However, if Brother Huhe wants to go anywhere, I can accompany you!"

    Teng Qingshan casted a glance at Wan Tianyang, whose face was full of smiles.

    "This Wan Tianyang is a weasel paying its new year respect to a chicken! With no good intentions!" Teng Qingshan thought as he glanced at this Wan Tianyang. He then shook his head in response and replied, "No need!"

    With this, Teng Qingshan turned and headed towards his own residence.

    With his hand on his chin, Wan Tianyang stared at Teng Qingshan's back, a cold glint flashing across his eyes as he thought to himself, "Based on Junior Martial Sister's attitude and how close she was with this Huhe, it was obvious that she liked Huhe better than me! No matter what...... it would be best to get rid of this Huhe! If he can't be killed, I must drive him away no matter what! I can't let him stay in this God of Heaven Mountain and spend days and nights with Junior Martial Sister. If a man and woman that are on good terms live so near to each other...... something will happen one day." As Wan Tianyang thought about the result, madness and envy harbored in his heart and the desire to kill Teng Qingshan grew increasingly stronger!   ......

    Teng Qingshan practiced the plain-looking Three Postures on the empty area in front of the tower. Wan Tianyang casted a glance at him and soon left.

    "Just a clown!! Nothing to worry about!" Teng Qingshan thought nothing of Wan Tianyang.

    Soon, the slender white-cloaked figure rapidly ran over from the mountain side. Climbing and running back and forth had caused Li Jun's face to flush slightly red. As she was running over excitedly, Teng Qingshan stopped practicing.

    "Big Brother, what fist art is this? It seems very simple, even simpler than skills and moves of farmers."  Li Jun asked with a smile.

    Teng Qingshan only responded with a smile.

    The Three Postures was the origin of the Xing Yi Martial Art, thus, could it have been comprehended that easily?

    Of all the experts in the land of the nine prefectures, probably only the Emptiness Realm Experts are able to to see the concept of the Three Postures

    "Little Jun." Teng Qingshan asked back, "I am living here now. I can't go down the mountain and I can't go up the mountain. The God of Heaven Mountain has really strict rules."

    As Li Jun heard this, she immediately realized, "Big Brother Huhe, you were stopped by the patrolling guards just now? Ah. I forgot to tell you earlier that the God of Heaven Mountain has many important, private locations." With this, Li Jun casted a glance at the surroundings. Seeing that the maids were far away, she then whispered softly, "Even some important treasures of my sect were placed in this God of Heaven Mountain. Therefore, Big Brother Teng, don't go anywhere else without my guidance. Otherwise, it would be trouble if you accidentally stepped into some forbidden areas."

    Hearing this, Teng Qingshan was struck by a thought.

    Wan Tianyang previously had been inviting him enthusiastically, preparing to show him around.

    "What's the consequence of breaking into a forbidden area?" Teng Qingshan asked.

    "The sect has strict order regarding some important and perilous locations! Breaking into a forbidden area would result in a death penalty. The forbidden areas are divided into different levels. For some forbidden areas, it's fine if core members like me went in. However, it's not the same for you." Li Jun said solemnly. Li Jun had a very high status, and in the God of Heaven Mountain, only the God of Heaven had a higher position than her.

    Indeed, she could enter most of the forbidden locations.

    Teng Qingshan began to understand..... why that Wan Tianyang had wanted to show him around.

    By taking advantage of his ignorance of the God of Heaven Mountain, Wan Tianyang could lead him to any forbidden area. By that time, the eight Godly Generals of the God of Heaven Mountain and the especially superior God of Heaven could kill him as easily as turning one's hand.

    "Little Jun, the information I asked you to help gather?" Teng Qingshan whispered.

    Li Jun also replied softly, "Big Brother Teng, the God of Heaven Mountain does have a stationary point in the Jiangning County City of Yangzhou. However, I sent the message yesterday, so they are probably still collecting information today. Even after they collected and organized all the informations, they still have to send it to the God of Heaven Mountain! According to my calculations, the information would arrive earliest by tomorrow evening and latest by the morning of the day after tomorrow."

    Teng Qingshan nodded in response.

    Yangzhou was located at the southernmost area of the nine prefectures while the northern region of the Great Prairie was at the northernmost area of the Great Prairie. The two locations were too far away, and just sending a message would take a lot of time. Considering the time used to collect information, a total of two or three days was already quick.

    "Father and Mother! Little Yu......" Teng Qingshan did miss his family who was far away at Yangzhou.

    During Teng Qingshan's stay, Li Jun never left the God of Heaven Mountain. Instead, she went to find Teng Qingshan often. As for Teng Qingshan, he spent most of his time practicing the fist art in his room.

    Morning came the next day.

    At the peak of the God of Heaven Mountain, a red, godly tower stood loftily. This was the dwelling and cultivating location that belonged the most respected God of Heaven-God of Heaven Tower!

    One could easily tell a person's status in the God of Heaven Mountain by looking at the location a person dwelled upon the God of Heaven Mountain. The higher the position, the higher the dwelling location. As such, the God of Heaven naturally dwelled on the peak of the mountain!

    In the third storey of the God of Heaven Tower, light shone in through the window. The spacious third storey of the tower was very empty with no tables and chairs, only two simple-looking cushions. Sitting cross-legged on the cushions were two yellow-cloaked cultivators. The cultivator on the left looked fifty to be sixty years old. He had a rectangular and resolute face with thick brows and big ears; his eyes seemed like that of a tiger. Only the strands of white hair at his temples revealed his age.

    As for the elder at the right, his hair and brows were jet-black. The messy, long hair had already grown to his chest. His two black brows were so long that they drooped below the jaws. He had a healthily flushed round face that seemed like an infant and a smile was always seen on his face. Just looking at his face gave people a sense of happiness. His eyes were small, but they seemed to contain the secrets of the heavens and earth.

    Dressed fully in black, Sun Feng bowed respectfully as he said, "God of Heaven! Honorable First Godly General!"

    The two person that sat cross-legged were the First Godly General and the founder of the God of Heaven Mountain, the God of Heaven!

    "Oh. It's Feng!" The God of Heaven was still smiling. As he stared at Sun Feng, he seemed like a god that was looking down on the people on earth. "I have not seen your teacher for a very long time. Why did your teacher ask you to come here?" Asked the God of Heaven. As the God of Heaven spoke, the man that had a resolute face and white hairs at his temples remained silent.

    Sun Feng replied respectfully, "God of Heaven, it wasn't teacher that ordered me to come here. It was the Empress' order!"

    "Empress?" The God of Heaven, who was originally smiling, stared at Sun Feng as a glint flashed across his eyes.

    The First Godly General beside him was also astonished!

    The Empress ordered?

    "God of Heaven, this is the letter that Empress ordered me to hand to you." Sun Feng took out a letter and respectfully handed it to the God of Heaven.

    The God of Heaven waved his hand, and the letter floated into his palms.

    The God of Heaven quickly opened the letter and casually read it, the smile on his face becoming increasingly brighter. He glanced at the First Godly General beside him as he grinned, "Borileimu, looks like the God of Heaven Mountain can finally take action!" With this, the God of Heaven handed the letter to the First Godly General who was by his side.

    The First Godly General, Borileimu, was the most trusted subordinate of the God of Heaven.

    When Borileimu read the letter, a smile appeared on his face as he said, "Teacher! The Empress had been quiet for so many years, and now she has finally decided to take action! Yes...... Teacher, what do you plan to do?"

    The God of Heaven stood up and walked to the window, gazing at the endless clouds and seas.

    "On the North Sea, there was an island called the Heavenly Rock Island! This island was controlled by both the God of Heaven Mountain and the Snow Hawk Hall. The Snow Hawk Hall controlled sixty percent of the island. Since the Empress said to take action...... we must first eliminate all the men of the Snow Hawk Hall in the Heavenly Rock Island!  Within one year, the God of Heaven Mountain must take control of the northern region of the Great Prairie and the islands on the North Sea." The God of Heaven slowly said with a smile. However, every word he spoke resounded with a killing intent that would arouse fear in the hearts of men!

    Because the God of Heaven Mountain had always been lying low, the Snow Hawk Hall had taken control of most of the Great Prairie, as well as some islands on the North Sea.


    The other seven Godly Generals gathered in the spacious great hall at the first storey of the God of Heaven Mountain. After knowing that the God of Heaven was coming out of seclusion, the Godly Generals naturally came to welcome the God of Heaven and the First Godly General back.

    Thump! Thump! Thump!

    Stepping sounds came from the wooden staircase, and the seven Godly Generals that were originally discussing softly immediately became silent, waiting with solemn expressions.

    A round faced elder dressed in a plain, yellow, and long cloak walked down with a smile on his face. Behind him were the First Godly General and Sun Feng. The moment the God of Heaven arrived, the serious ambience disappeared and happiness seemed to suffuse the entire hall. The seven Godly Generals all felt this unexplainable sense of joy!

    "Teacher is still unfathomably deep!" The Fifth Godly General Eriqier casted a glance at the God of Heaven and waited respectfully with his head lowered. In his heart, he was sighing in awe.

    The God of Heaven was able to influence the Spirit of an Innate Expert easily. Through this, one could imagine how powerful the Spirit of the God of Heaven was.

    "Yes, Borileimu, go chat with your Junior Martial Brothers." The God of Heaven smiled as he spoke. WIth this, he left through the side door.

    Immediately, the formerly quiet Great Hall was filled with discussion.

    "Senior Martial Brother! Have you reached the Emptiness Realm?" Many people surrounded the First General as they asked.

    This time, the God of Heaven himself had aided, so there should be hope.

    The First Godly General stared at the other Godly Generals and shook his head, regretfully, saying "I haven't! This last crucial step to enter the Emptiness Realm is too difficult! Even though teacher has guided me to comprehend the heavens and earth with his Spirit, I only felt it faintly and still didn't manage to make a breakthrough."

    When the others heard this, they couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment!

    Through the use of his own Spirit, the God of Heaven was able to guide his disciple's Spirit to comprehend the heavens and earth. That already led the First Godly General into a remarkable realm! Because of that, the threshold of the Emptiness Realm had already been lowered.

    However, it was still extremely hard to make a breakthrough.

    "Eriqier!" When the First Godly General saw the Fifth Godly General, his eyes brightened as he said hastily, "These days, I have been cultivating in seclusion while you, Junior Martial Brother, have also been cultivating with all your heart. With your aptitude, you must have had a breakthrough! Junior Martial Brother, why don't we compete with each other?" Asked the First Godly General as light beamed out of his eyes.

    Of all the Godly Generals, only the Fifth Godly General could fight the First Godly General.

    "Eldest Senior Brother, don't look for me." The Fifth Godly General seemed to be taken aback as he hastily said, "I haven't had a breakthrough, so I still need to cultivate arduously."
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