Chapter 40: The News From Afar

    Book 6 Chapter 40 The News From Afar

    Although Eldest Senior Martial Brother was over 180+ years old and was already reaching the end of his lifespan, the character that made him a martial arts maniac never changed.

    These Godly Generals all knew.... that when the First Godly General fought excitedly, he wouldn't be able to control his own strength and it wouldn't be weird if he killed his opponent during the competition. If his opponent was lucky, he would still be heavily injured. Plus, the God of Heaven had said himself that the First Godly General was absolutely able to rank in the top three of the 《Heavenly Ranking》 .

    In additionally, the First Godly General cultivated in seclusion recently. Although he never reached the Emptiness Realm, his ability did improve. He was ranked top three of the 《Heavenly Ranking》before he cultivated in seclusion, now that he had made progress, how powerful would he be now?

    Plus, since he was approaching the end of his lifespan, it was possible for him to breakthrough while he was fighting with experts of the same level. This caused the First Godly General to be even more obsessed about competing with someone. This obsession wasn't weird at all.

    However, the First Godly General was a psycho! A martial arts maniac! Who would be willing to compete with him?

    "Eriqier, one must not have fear during the cultivation of the Martial Way! Otherwise, how would one make any improvements?" The First Godly General scolded.

    The Fifth Godly General said awkwardly, "Eldest Senior Martial Brother, I competed with you last time and I have suffered from your 《Seven Celestial Thunderbolt》. I am no match for you. When I finally make a breakthrough and know how to fight against your fist art, I will still ask you to fight me even if you didn't ask."


    The eight Godly Generals gathered together to chat for a while, after which they separated and went back to their own residence.

    On the mountain path.

    The Fifth Godly General, dressed in purple cloak, had a serious, expressionless face as he walked towards his own residence. When the patrolling guards on the mountain path saw the Fifth Godly General, they all stood with respect. In front, a person was walking towards the Fifth Godly General; that person was Wan Tianyang.

    "Big Brother Eriqier!" Wan Tianyang shouted enthusiastically.

    "Oh. Brother Wan." Eriqier glanced at Wan Tianyang as he nodded. In regards to Wan Tianyang and Li Jun, the people of the God of Heaven Mountain treated them with respect.

    Wan Tianyang was very surprised to see Eriqier here because he normally stayed in his own residence and rarely came out. Wan Tianyang asked with a smile, "Big Brother Eriqier, it's rare to see you out here."

    "Eldest Senior Martial Brother and teacher came out of seclusion, of course we had to go and welcome them back." Eriqier casually chatted with Wan Tianyang and soon left. However, even after Eriqier left, Wan Tianyang still stood in the same spot and pondered for a long time. His eyes suddenly brightened as he said to himself, "Eh. They all say that the First Godly General is a Martial Art Maniac, if I....."

    "Yes. That's what I should do!" Wan Tianyang had made up his mind.

    The First Godly General's cultivation location was a two storey tower with a round roof. The four windows in the second storey of the tower was opened and the second storey appeared very empty with just a red carpet on the floor.

    Whew! Whew!

    The cold wind blew into the tower. Inside the tower, the First Godly General, Borileimu, was dressed in a yellow cloak and had a goat milk cake in his hand. At this moment, a deep-sounding voice came from downstairs, "Master, the Black Cloaked Messenger of God, Lord Wan, seeks for your presence."

    "Let him in!" Gobbling up the milk cake, Borileimu turned to look at the staircase.

    The staircase that had been built for over a hundred years emitted sounds of reverberation as the black cloaked Wan Tianyang arrived the second floor. Seeing the First Godly General's thick brows and those big eyes that were akin to that of a wild beast, Wan Tianyang bowed. The First Godly General laughed out loud, "Tianyang, you haven't been here for a very long time. You must have something to tell me since you came here today."

    "Who would want to come to this place?" Wan Tianyang thought to himself. Even though that was what he was thinking, his face was still full of smiles as he responded, "Big Brother Borileimu, I actually came to tell you a good news." Although Wan Tianyang himself was a lot younger than the First Godly General, it was right for Wan Tianyang to call Borileimu Big brother because Borileimu was Wan Tianyang's senior.

    "Good news? What good news?" The First Godly General Borileimu was slightly surprised.

    With twinkling eyes, Wan Tianyang answered, "I know Big Brother Borileimu loves to compete with powerful experts. I happened to know a power expert now!"

    "I have no interest in the ordinary Golden Dan Innate Experts." Replied Borileimu. However, Borileimu still looked at Wan Tianyang with expectation, hoping that Wan Tianyang could introduce a truly powerful expert.

    Wan Tianyang lowered his voice and purposely spoke in a mysterious tone, "Big Brother Borileimu! After you went into seclusion, a super powerful expert appeared in the center region of the Great Prairie. About a few months ago, he fought alone against one hundred thousand soldiers of the Northern City, which was under the Golden Wolf Kingdom's command. In the end, the Golden Wolf Kingdom suffered twenty thousand casualties and the other soldiers all fled. This person was called the Demon Arada!"

    Borileimu was astonished as he responded, "One against one hundred thousand? Perhaps, he is an Emptiness Realm Expert! Even I wouldn't be able to do that."

    "No." Wan Tianyang hastily replied, "After that, Demon Arada came to the Northern Region of the Prairie and also killed quite a number of people! We then found out that his name is Huhe! Big Brother Borileimu, the Fifth Godly General had also encountered this Huhe, but the Fifth Godly General was not able to take him down!"

    Astonishment and happiness could be seen in Borileimu's eyes as he said, "Oh? Even Eriqier couldn't fight against him?"

    Of the Golden Dan Innate Experts..... only the ones that were ranked top ten of the 《Heavenly Ranking》 would potentially be able to draw Borileimu's interest!

    Even Eriqier couldn't deal with Huhe. Thus, Huhe's ability was strong enough to attract his attention.

    "I don't know. Anyway, Big Brother Eriqier wasn't able to catch Huhe!" Wan Tianyang continued saying, "In the end, it was my Junior Martial Sister that brought that Huhe to our God of Heaven Mountain! Now, this Huhe is living in the guest house nearby the Goddess Palace that belonged to my Junior Martial Sister."

    With beaming eyes, Borileimu seemed like a fierce lion that was about to catch and devour a man!

    "One against one hundred thousand! The Demon Arada?" The First Godly General Borileimu was slightly excited.


    Stretching his hand, Borileimu grabbed Wan Tianyang and and causing Wan Tianyang himself to be slightly taken aback. Borileimu smiled excitedly as his brows twitched and he said to Wan Tianyang, "Let's go. Come with me!  To be able to meet such a powerful expert really arouses an unbearable excitement! Tianyang, you lead the way in front. Let's go find that Arada!"

    God of Heaven Mountain; in the second story of the guesthouse that Teng Qingshan was at.

    Dressed in a white cloak, Li Jun ran up the stairs and dashed into the room that Teng Qingshan was in.

    "Little Jun?" Teng Qingshan stopped practicing his Fist Art and stared at Li Jun. Li Jun flashed a smile towards Teng Qingshan and took out a pile of papers.

    Seeing this, Teng Qingshan felt his heart palpitating.

    "The information is here already? That fast?" Teng Qingshan was slightly surprised. Li Jun nodded proudly as she replied with a smile, "It was sent back at the fastest speed!" With this, Li Jun handed the information to Teng Qingshan and Teng Qingshan took the pile of papers excitedly. Teng Qingshan himself originally thought that the information would only arrive during the evening and had never expected that he could obtain the information in the morning.

    Actually, the intelligence agency had always been gathering information of Gui Yuan Sect.

    Plus, the God of Heaven Mountain was rather interested in Teng Qingshan, therefore they have always been finding informations about him. This was why they could immediately send the information to the God of Heaven Mountain as they received Li Jun's order.

    "Gui Yuan Sect!"

    "Teng Jia Village!"

    Teng Qingshan scrutinized the information written in the papers. According to what was stated, Gui Yuan Sect had regained its calmness without much disturbances after Teng Qingshan declared to have betrayed and left the Gui Yuan Sect. As for the people of the Teng Jia Village, they were all living in the Jiangning County City and opened two weapon stores in the county city.

    Many men of the Teng Jia Village began forging weapons.

    The only big thing that happened-

    Teng Qingyu and Zhuge Yun had gotten married on May of this year.

    "Little Yu finally got married!" Teng Qingshan felt a sense of relief. He had cared for this sister since she had been young. If the sister was able to marry a good man, the brother would naturally be very happy.  "According to the information, a troop of the Black Armored Army is stationed in the Second Encampment!"

    Teng Qingshan felt very grateful to his teacher Zhuge Yuanhong!

    In the past, the Black Armored Army only had one main encampment, and the so-called Second Encampment was actually the location that the Teng Jia Village resided in the past.

    "Big Brother Teng?" At the side, Li Jun stared at Teng Qingshan.

    "Thanks, Little Jun. Taking a deep breath, a happy smile crept up from the bottom of his heart appeared on Teng Qingshan's face. Throughout half a year of being on the run, Teng Quingshan had never been worried about himself, but had instead been afraid that Qing Hu Island would become crazy and turn against his relatives. However, everything seemed fine now.

    Li Jun smiled, "Big Brother Teng, the Island Lord of Qing Hu Island is Tie Fan, not Gu Yong! Qing Hu Island is one of the eight Supreme Sects. Since they couldn't catch you, making the problem bigger would only bring themselves embarrassment! Now, only a few people in the world are still talking about you."

    "Experts of the world are as many as clouds. The famous heroes in the different areas of the world change like the surging wind and clouds! Yesterday, I, Teng Qingshan, was famous. Today, it might be another person! How could the world always talk about just one person. Plus, I have been in the Great Prairie for a half a year. As time passed, the public announcement and the news about the pursue might have already faded away."

    Teng Qingshan knew this point clearly.

    Since Teng Qingshan had received information of his hometown and finally felt worry-free, he decided that it was time to sail the seas.

    "Little Jun--" Teng Qingshan was just about to speak.


    Noises came from outside. Teng Qingshan and Li Jun casted a glance at each other with confused expressions.

    "Let's go down and take a look." Teng Qingshan held the informations in his arm and went downstairs with Li Jun. When they arrived downstairs, Teng Qingshan saw a dozen men on the spacious area in front of the tower. Of the two people leading the dozen men, Teng Qingshan knew one: Li Jun's Senior Martial Brother Wan.

    The second one had a rectangular face with thick brows, eyes of a tiger, and white hair on the temples. Dressed in a yellow cloak, the man's face brightened when he saw Teng Qingshan coming out.

    Seeing the man, Li Jun's facial expression changed slightly as she whispered to Teng Qingshan, "Big Brother Huhe, that is the First Godly General!"

    "Oh?" Teng Qingshan felt his heart moved as he asked, "The First Godly General that went into seclusion with the God of Heaven?"

    The First Godly General stared at Teng Qingshan with beaming eyes. He then laughed and said, "Big Brother Huhe! I heard about you after I came out of seclusion. I heard that you alone fought against one hundred thousand men. Even I, Borileimu, admired such supreme martial force! I, Borileimu, loved to compete with powerful experts. Thus, I was wondering if Brother Huhe is willing to compete with me?"

    Hearing this, Li Jun was astonished.

    "Big Brother Huhe, this First Godly General is a Martial Art Maniac, and he doesn't know how to control his strength when he fights. Even the Fifth Godly General became heavily injured and had to be bedridden for several months after his fight with the First Godly General." Li Jun whispered, "You mustn't agree!" Li Jun had already heard of the legends of Borileimu.

    Borileimu stared at Teng Qingshan with his brows knitted, "Brother Huhe! You are such a strong man. Could it be that you are afraid of fighting me, Borileimu?"
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