Chapter 42: Dark Blaze Rod

    Book 6 Chapter 42 Dark Blaze Rod

    "How could it be....how could it be....."

    Wan Tianyang's clothes were dirty, and his face was swollen. His mouth had become crooked because of the slap, the corner of Wan Tianyang's mouth covered with blood. At this moment, Wan Tianyang was shocked, terrified, and angry. "Isn't he just a Golden Dan Innate Expert? Wasn't he unable to kill the Red Eyed Snow Lion? This is the First Godly General! The First Godly General!!! He actually struck First Godly General back? How is that possible!"

    Wan Tianyang secretly glanced at the people in the surrounding.

    The guards, soldiers, and disciples of the Godly Generals who had viewed him with respect in the past were now praising the brief fight that just took place. "Demon Arada is too strong. He could actually force the First Godly General back. Look! He even slapped......" At this point,  the volume of the voices immediately decreased.

    The observers would also look at Wan Tianyang.

    To Wan Tianyang, being slapped to the point that he spun like a top in the air under the eyes of the crowds was even worse than dying!

    "Get lost!" Wan Tianyang's face darkened as he roared and strode outside.

    "Get out of my way!"

    Wan Tianyang roared angrily and pushed the people around him to the side as he rapidly headed out of the surrounding crowds. Those people also knew that the status of the Black Cloaked Messenger of God was superior. Thus, although they were laughing secretly, they didn't dare to say anything. All of them dodged and moved to the side while suppressing the laughter in their hearts.

    This time, the most embarrassed one was this Black Cloak Messenger of God, Wan Tianyang.

    "Tianyang, what happened?"

    At this moment, the experts who came late noticed the Black Cloaked Messenger of God. Among the experts that came late was the Third Godly Messenger a lanky purple-cloaked man. "I have something to do!" Wan Tianyan simply responded as he didn't want to tell the Third Godly General any details and left in haste!

    However, this was the God of Heaven Mountain!

    The God of Heaven Mountain only had two mountain paths, both of which had too many people. The ones who knew Wan Tianyang would ask a few questions in surprise, and this caused the face of the miserable-looking Wan Tianyang to look increasingly daunting!

    In the end, Wan Tianyang looked like a maniac. No one dared to provoke him.

    "Huhe and Li Jun, this bitch! I will f*cking--" Wan Tianyang was burning with anger, but he immediately recalled the words of the Demon--"Wan Tianyang, listen to me clearly. If I wanted to kill you, it is as easy as squeezing a mosquito to death! Also, don't annoy Little Jun in the future! You are not qualified!"

    The eyes that made Wan Tianyang seemed like he was an ant! The peerlessly powerful strength!

    Wan Tianyang recalled that Teng Qingshan was the Demon Arada who had killed numerous men! The one who caused the army of one hundred thousand to suffer twenty thousand casualties!

    As Wan Tianyang thought of this, the notion of revenge completely disappeared as he thought to himself, "I am the sect's core disciple. How can I lower my status and bother with this Demon Arada? I will just ignore him in the future!" Wan Tianyang comforted himself as he said these words. Actually, even if he wanted to take revenge, he had no power. Even the First Godly General had no means. Perhaps he should ask the God of Heaven for help?

    The God of Heaven was the Emptiness Realm Expert with the most superior status. With such high status, how was it possible for the God of Heaven to care about him?


    "Eldest Senior Martial Brother, what happened? I heard that you just fought with Huhe and even lost?" At the spacious area in front of the Goddess Palace, two Godly Generals who came because of the news asked in shock as they surrounded the First Godly General.

    Dressed in a yellow cloak, the First Godly General, Borileimu, laughed and said with excitement on his face, "This Huhe is indeed the figure called the Demon Arada! My 《Seven Heavenly Thunderbolts》is also famous for its great power. Although I didn't use full strength......that punch was definitely able to subdue my move. It seemed like beating him will not be easy!"

    The Third Godly General and the Seventh Godly General glanced at each other with shocked expressions.

    "Such an opponent is rare!"

    With his eyes beaming, Borileimu patted the shoulders of the other two Godly Generals as he said, "My two Junior Martial Brothers, it will be the 28th of June two days from now! I will be engaging a blood fight with that Huhe on the Life Or Death Cliff of the God of Heaven Mountain! By that time, you all have to go watch and see if it's me that is stronger or that Demon Arada!"

    "Definitely!" The two Godly Generals moved their shoulders as they frowned and thought to themselves, "This Eldest Senior Brother really doesn't know how to control his strength." Even though that was what they thought, they still responded in agreement.

    "Senior Martial Brother, what happened to Tianyang? Why was his face swollen?" the Third Godly General asked.

    "That fellow?" The corner of Borileimu's mouth curved into a smile as he replied, "He might have some conflicts with Huhe! Although he was going against Huhe to help me in the beginning, I felt his words were going too far! So I stopped him and challenged Huhe to a 'blood fight between warriors'! However, who would have thought that Wan Tianyang was already in a frenzied state and still persisted!"

    Borileimu glanced at the two in front and smacked his lips as he said, "Who is that Huhe? He dared to slaughter one hundred thousand soldiers of the Northern City, which was under command of the Golden Wolf Kingdom. He is the Demon Arada who defeated the Great Army and caused it to suffer a casualty of twenty thousand! It was already good that Huhe endured the annoyance the first time. Yet, this Tianyang still wouldn't stop spouting nonsense, thus, Huhe naturally made his move!"

    "Fortunately!" Borileimu sighed in awe, "This Huhe gave me some face and gave the God of Heaven Mountain some face. He only slapped Wan Tianyang and did not kill him!  Wan Tianyang's temperament... In the past, his teacher also asked me to punish him, but I was lazy. This experience should have taught him a lesson. I hope his temperament will change through this experience."

    It was obvious that Borileimu was in a good mood.

    "My two Junior Martial Brothers, I will return first to prepare myself! A chance to fight such an opponent is worth even more than ten million gold!" Borileimu sighed in awe as he said excitedly, "I think the last time I was this excited was probably fifty years ago!" With this, Borileimu immediately turned and left his subordinate  with a face full of smiles!

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun were the only two in the second floor of the guesthouse.

    "Big Brother Teng, I was afraid that you would really kill that Senior Martial Brother of mine." Li Jun placed one hand on her chest as she let out a huge sigh of relief. With her waist strapped, her chest seemed even bigger as she exhaled. "Although that Senior Martial Brother of mine seemed ordinary, he is still the Black Cloaked Messenger of God. If it had gone out of control, it would have been troublesome!"

    Teng Qingshan smiled in response.

    In regards to the situation just now, of course he knew how to deal with it. If he had continued enduring and tolerating, he would be looked down by the others, and people would even talk behind Li Jun's back!

    So he reacted this way!

    He agreed to the 'blood fight between warriors' and slapped Wan Tianyang into the air. The natives of the Great Prairie admired peerless warriors the most, therefore, who would dare to say any nonsense? As for the punishment he gave Wan Tianyang, it wasn't big enough to cause the God of Heaven Mountain to make a move.

    "Big Brother Teng, you are only four years older than me! Yet, you could actually force the First Godly General of the God of Heaven Mountain back! He's an expert ranked within the top three of the 《Heavenly Ranking》." Li Jun felt incredible as she said, "This has never happened before in the history of the land of the Nine Prefectures! This is an unprecedented achievement!"

    Teng Qingshan glanced at Li Jun with a smile and responded, "Little Jun, I am not as powerful as you think! I was lucky!"

    If Teng Qingshan hadn't absorbed the energy of the world within the Splitting Mountain Axe, his body wouldn't be that powerful, and he wouldn't be able to generate Internal Supreme Force at such a shockingly fast speed!

    "Who isn't lucky? Since the ancient times, how many heroes appeared in the land of the Nine Prefectures? However, none of those heroes could match with your speed of improvement!" Li Jun stared at Teng Qingshan with twinkling eyes as she said, "In my eyes, you are the most powerful hero in the land of the Nine Prefectures!"

    "Alright, stop flattering me," Teng Qingshan yawned.

    "Big Brother Teng, what are the chances of you winning this fight? Ten percent? Eighty percent?" Li Jun hastily asked.

    Teng Qingshan frowned as he heard, "The chance of winning is zero, but there's a fifty percent chance of the fight ending as a draw!"

    Li Jun froze for a second.

    Because she had seen the power of Teng Qingshan's punch, she originally thought that there's a high possibility of Teng Qingshan winning, but Teng Qingshan himself knew clearly that since the First Godly General was able to eliminate air resistance,his attack and speed would be even swifter. Teng Qingshan's own advantage was his defensive technique and his great strength.  However, his attack speed and agility were at a disadvantage!

    Therefore, the chance of winning was zero!

    Teng Qingshan only had a fifty percent chance that he would be able to defend against the moves of the First Godly His opponent was the First Godly General of the God of Heaven Mountain! The one who was ranked in the top three of the 《Heavenly Ranking》! Whose ability was still improving! Such strength and power were as strong as that of Teng Qingshan's teacher, Zhuge Yuanhong!

    "Can I beat my teacher?" As Teng Qingshan thought of these points, he immediately understood that there were still a lot of things he had to learn.

    His chances of winning this fight were small!

    "Zero chances of winning?" Li Jun couldn't believe it as she stared at Teng Qingshan and asked, "Big Brother Teng, are you lying?"

    "It's true. I really have no confidence at all." Teng Qingshan nodded.

    Looking at Teng Qingshan's facial expression, Li Jun understood that Teng Qingshan did not deceive her. She couldn't help but worry as she asked anxiously, "Then why did you accept the challenge?"

    "In a situation like that, do you expect me to cower?" Teng Qingshan asked back.  Li Jun immediately replied with an anxious expression, "Still, you can't risk your life--" Seeing this, Teng Qingshan immediately interjected with a smile on his face, "Don't worry. There are three reasons to why I accepted this challenge. Firstly, I was forced by the situation. Secondly, I wanted to use this chance to see how powerful the defensive spear technique I created is! Thirdly, even if I really lost to the First Godly General, I won't be humiliated considering his strength."

    Li Jun hastily added, "But when that First Godly General fights excitedly and you don't manage to defend against his moves, then--" Li Jun was mostly worried that Teng Qingshan might be heavily injured or even lose his own life because of this fight!

    "I have full confidence that I can keep my life safe!" Teng Qingshan smiled.

    Hearing this, Li Jun felt slightly surprised and dubious.

    "Just don't worry. All you need to do is to help me find a long spear as a weapon. No. A long rod! Find me a good long rod." Teng Qingshan said, "The God of Heaven Mountain should have many long rods.  Just find a good one. One that can allow me to perform at my best!"

    Of the Five Elements Spear Arts, the defensive spear art, Transmutation Unity Law, doesn't have much difference when it is performed with a rod.

    Compared to the rod, the spear just has an extra spearhead. It was easy to find a connection between the spear and the rod. Many natives of the Great Prairie were adept at wielding the long rod. Now, since Teng Qingshan's Transmutation Unity Law had already evolved, who would be able to recognize it?


    Li Jun hastily nodded. If she could help Teng Qingshan become even stronger during the fight, of course she would do it gladly. Suddenly, Li Jun's eyes brightened, and she hastily said, "Big Brother Teng.....you said rod. I heard that a long time ago, the God of Heaven had a powerful opponent, and the God of Heaven fought a fierce battle with that super powerful expert. In the end, the God of Heaven killed his opponent and brought his opponent's weapon back to the God of Heaven Mountain. I was told that the weapon's name is 'Dark Blaze Rod'! It is a very peculiar Godly Weapon!"

    "Dark Blaze Rod? The weapon that belonged to the God of Heaven's opponent?"

    Hearing this, Teng Qingshan was also slightly interested.

    "It's just rumor, so I didn't care at that time. I don't know if that Dark Blaze Rod is still in the God of Heaven Mountain! Big Brother Teng, stay here first. I will go search for it." As soon as Li Jun finished her words, she immediately began moving. Teng Qingshan had just opened his mouth and said, "Let's eat lunch together first and--" Before Teng Qingshan could finish his words, Li Jun left like a gust of wind
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