Chapter 43: Unexpected

    Book 6 Chapter 43 Unexpected

    The God of Heaven Mountain was bustling!

    The legendary Demon Arada and their First Godly General of the God of Heaven Mountain actually fought for a moment. They actually made an agreement to fight a 'blood fight between warriors'! This caused many Godly Generals, Messengers of God, and a big group of the disciples and soldiers of the God of Heaven Mountain to discuss fervently.  All of them were extremely excitedly!

    As for the Black Cloaked Messenger of God, Wan Tianyang, he was just a joke that the people of the God of Heaven Mountain secretly discussed.

    Everyone mainly discussed whether the winner would be the Demon Arada or the First Godly General! They would also discuss the relationship between the Demon Arada and the Goddess.

    As for the ones with inside information, they claimed that the Goddess even went to the Heavenly Warrior Tower and took the Dark Blaze Rod! It was said that someone saw the Goddess take the Dark Blaze Rod to the Demon Arada's lodging!

    During early morning of June 27th.

    In the sky above the Great Prairie.

    "Screech~~~" Loud eagle screeches resonated in the sky above. Two black and white eagles with fiery red crowns were flying rapidly. A slender lady dressed in white cloak with a long azure whip around her waist was seen on the back of one of the two Godly Eagles while a young man, dressed in azure cloak, with a face full of beard and long hair was seen on the other.  A dark red long rod was seen in the young man's hand.

    Both the man and the lady were sitting on the Godly Eagles' backs.

    "Little Jun..." Teng Qingshan casted a glance at the young white-cloaked lady sitting on the back of the other Godly Eagle as he sighed and said to himself, "The fight at the Life and Death Cliff is happening tomorrow. I will immediately leave and sail the seas after the fight! Otherwise, if it takes too long, Little Jun and I....."

    These days, Little Jun had been busy doing things for him while Teng Qingshan simply watched.

    As Teng Qingshan looked at Little Jun, he couldn't help but recall the wife of his previous life, Cat, so whenever he looked at Little Jun, he would involuntarily feel slightly embarrassed. This caused the atmosphere to be rather affectionate. Plus, Little Jun liked Teng Qingshan......because of this, she helped Teng Qingshan with enthusiasm!

    "Dark Blaze Rod!" Teng Qingshan looked down at the dark red long rod in his hands. After he said that he wanted a rod Godly Weapon, Little Jun obtained this Godly Weapon during the afternoon."

    The Dark Blaze Rod seemed slightly peculiar. But why is it peculiar?"

    Holding this long rod, Teng Qingshan thought to himself, "The Dark Blaze Rod is eight Chi long and I can feel this warmth when I hold it in my hand! It feels similar to when I am touching a Ten Millennia Coldsteel. However, this Dark Blaze Rod was definitely not forged with the Ten Millennia Coldsteel." Teng Qingshan was very familiar with the Ten Millennia Coldsteel, thus, he could naturally make an assessment very easily.

    "Also, there seemed to be these natural marks on the surface of the Dark Blaze Rod!" Teng Qingshan touched the rod as he felt slightly puzzled and confused.

    Compared to the other weapons, the forging of a rod was not difficult.

    It wasn't weird for the surface of the rod to have patterns. However, Teng Qingshan has never seen such spiderweb-like marks.

    "Peculiar? Maybe the material is special!" Teng Qingshan thought to himself.

    The people of the God of Heaven Mountain and Teng Qingshan himself weren't sure of the material that was used to forge the Dark Blaze Rod.

    Just when Teng Qingshan was thinking of this question, suddenly--Li Jun made a clear-sounding screech!

    "Screech~~~" The snowy white female Fierce Wind Godly Eagle screeched loudly in response, and the male Fierce Wind Godly Eagle screeched in agreement. The two Godly Eagles immediately darted downward. Within only a few moments, the two Godly eagles arrived the ground. The powerful force of wind generated during their descent forced the verdant grass to bow their heads.

    Li Jun jumped down from the Godly Eagle's back excitedly. As she turned to look at Teng Qingshan, she shouted joyfully, "Big Brother Teng, quick come down and look! This is the sea of flowers I told you! The natives of the Great Prairie called this type of flower the 'Blue Icy Flower'."

    "They really are beautiful." Teng Qingshan gazed in front.Blue flowers were seen on the vast prairie in front, dotting the green prairie like blue spots. The scene was very beautiful.

    "Yes, Big Brother Teng, I won't disturb you practicing. I'll go stroll about in other places. It's very quiet here. Because an extremely cold gust of wind blows every night, not many tribes exist within a radius of a hundred Li, so you can cultivate in peace." Li Jun winked at Teng Qingshan and joyfully ran into the distance.

    According to Teng Qingshan's plan, he decided to practice his spear art during these three day to prepare for the fight at the Life and Death Cliff.Also, Li Jun thought that Teng Qingshan might feel slightly bored if he practiced arduously on the God of Heaven Mountain, so she brought Teng Qingshan to the Great Prairie.

    Seeing that Li Jun left joyfully while emitting bird-like screeches, Teng Qingshan couldn't help but smile. "This little girl! Yeah......There are too many people on the God of Heaven Mountain, so I couldn't perform the Transmutation Unity Law with my full strength. It is very empty and spacious here, so I don't have to worry about people watching!"


    Li Jun lied prone on the grassland as she looked through the flowers at Teng Qingshan, who was afar.

    Dressed in an azure cloak, Teng Qingshan held the Dark Blaze Rod in his hand.  The Dark Blaze Rod in Teng Qingshan's hand seemed to weigh a million Jin as Teng Qingshan waved it slowly. However, if one blink their eyes, they would feel that the Dark Blaze Rod was moving extremely fast! Seeing such strong contrast, Li Jun was not surprised at all. Instead, she continued watching with a smile on her face as she lay prone on the grass.

    "If I could watch Big Brother Teng cultivate everyday from a distance, it would be enough." Li Jun said softly.    ......Since dawn when they arrived at this sea of flowers until now, Teng Qingshan had practiced for a total of two hours!


    The shadow of the rod stopped, and Teng Qingshan stood straightly with the rod in hand.

    "The Rod Blaze Rod is not very different from the Reincarnation Spear!" Teng Qingshan was very satisfied with the Dark Blaze Rod in his hand. The turfs of the grassland in the surrounding had been completely ruined, revealing the earthy yellow beneath the grass. There was also an extremely deep ravine.

    During the two hour practice sessions, there were a dozen times Teng Qingshan performed the techniques with his full strength.

    "The Dark Blaze Rod could easily withstand the burst of my full strength!" The thing that worried Teng Qingshan the most was that the weapon in his hand would break when he exerted an explosive strength during the fight at the Life and Death Cliff. "It's just as I expected. Performing the Transmutation Unity Law with a rod is not much different from performing it with a spear."

    The power of the Transmutation Unity Law when performed with the Dark Blaze Rod was almost the same as when performed with the Reincarnation Spear!

    "Big Brother Teng! Big Brother Teng!" A clear, melodious shout rang from afar. Teng Qingshan gazed at the source of the sound.

    Teng Qingshan looked afar.

    In the midst of the vast prairie and the sea of flowers, a slender white-cloaked girl was seen running like a fairy in a flower. Seeing this scene, Teng Qingshan felt refreshed in spirit. "Big Brother Teng! Big Brother Teng!" This appearance that was identical to Little Cat and this figure that was running happily towards him caused Teng Qingshan's mind to fall into a state of confusion.

    It was as if he had returned to his previous life!

    "Whew!" As a gust of wind blew, millions of Blue Icy Flower bowed their heads!

    As the gust of wind blew on Teng Qingshan's face, Teng Qingshan quivered slightly and his eyes suddenly brightened, beaming like the sun!

    "Wind, sea of flowers, prairie......Teng Qingshan closed his eyes and released his grip on the Dark Blaze Rod. He involuntarily began practicing every move of the 《Earth Element Fist》. Teng Qingshan had only created the first stage of the 《Earth Element Fist》,but this time, he continued practicing even after he finished practicing the first stage.

    As he practiced each move, the moves changed repeatedly!

    "What happened to Big Brother Teng?" When Li Jun, who originally ran over excitedly because she saw that Teng Qingshan stopped practicing his Rod Art, saw this scene, she felt slightly surprised.

    Since Li Jun was also an inner strength expert, she soon realized what had happened. "Perhaps Big Brother Teng obtained enlightenment?" Immediately, Li Jun smiled happily as she thought to herself, "Big Brother Teng said that he has zero chance of winning, but if Big Brother Teng has a breakthrough right now, he'll probably be a lot stronger!"

    Li Jun didn't dare to disturb Teng Qingshan. She just waited quietly by the side.


    As time passed, evening arrived.  Teng Qingshan had been practicing the Fist Art with his eyes closed from morning until evening.

    Late at night in the prairie.

    "Whew!" "Whee!" A gust of cold wind howled past. Li Jun shrank back and hid beside the white Fierce Wind Godly Eagle as she watched Teng Qingshan quietly.

    At this moment, an earthy glow was seen flowing throughout Teng Qingshan's body.

    Each move was as slow as a snail! However, the weird thing was that there were numerous blurred earthy yellow afterimages! The blurred images were all afterimages of Teng Qingshan's moving arms!

    Slow as a snail!

    Numerous afterimages!

    "Rumble~~~" Each move had a terrifying power! The air exploded repeatedly, emitting rumbling sounds. The surrounding grassland had been overturned and the Blue Icy Flowers blasted into pieces.

    However, Teng Qingshan continued practicing with his eyes closed.


    June 28th, the day of the fight!

    Teng Qingshan was still at the same spot, however.T

    The sun had risen and the radiance shone upon the great earth. However, Teng Qingshan was still practicing his Fist Art. Every punch caused the Heavens and Earth around him to tremble and the air in the surrounding to explode. Li Jun, who was standing afar, could only see a blurred azure figure through the exploding air..

    "Today is the day of the fight! But Big Brother Teng seems to still be immersed in the moment of enlightenment. What should I do?" Li Jun was slightly anxious.

    Since it was a blood fight between warriors, if Teng Qingshan did not appear, he would be looked down by the others.

    "However, Big Brother Teng wouldn't close his eyes to cultivate without any reason. He should be receiving enlightenment! Such opportunities are rare, and this chance definitely cannot be destroyed!" Li Jun understood this point. She gnashed her teeth and said to herself, "I hope Big Brother Teng can wake up as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will have to give up on this fight!"

    Li Jun also understood that.....compared to a fight, a moment of enlightenment was a lot more important!

    "Give up on this fight..." Li Jun said helplessly.

    If one wanted to receive enlightenment, it was necessary to have the ability, chance, and inspiration. This enlightenment was a very beneficial experience. However, this unexpected moment of enlightenment might cause Teng Qingshan to.....miss the blood fight between warriors!

    The Life and Death Cliff of the God of Heaven Mountain!

    The Life and Death Cliff was located halfway up the God of Heaven Mountain. Near the cliff was a spacious and flat area. If one stood at the side of this area, one would be able to see the immeasurably deep base of the cliff! The cliff was over thousand Zhang high. Even if it was an innate expert who fell off the cliff, the innate expert would die!  Therefore, the cliff was named the Life and Death Cliff!

    If two people fought at the Life and Death Cliff, it meant that they had set aside their lives.     ......

    At this moment, a great number of the experts of the God of Heaven Mountain had gathered around the Life and Death Cliff while the other Godly Generals all came one after the other. As for the First Godly General Borileimu, he sat cross-legged at the center of the spacious area on the Life and Death Cliff. With his eyes closed, he awaited the arrival of his opponent!
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