Chapter 44: The Life and Death Cliff

    Book 6 Chapter 44: The Life and Death Cliff

    Borileimu was dressed in a simple long yellow cloak today. The silver hair at his temples didn't make him seem old, but rather made him seem even more venerable.

    Borileimu sat cross-legged with his eyes closed.

    "What is going on? What time is it? Didn't that Demon Arada drink the blood water of the warriors and agree to this fight? Why isn't he here yet?" The seven Godly Generals stood shoulder to shoulder. Among the seven Godly Generals, a slightly plump man asked with his brows knitted, dissatisfied.

    The Fifth Godly General Eriqier at the side said with a smile, "Senior Martial Brother, don't worry! Look at Eldest Martial Brother! He's not worried at all!"

    The slightly plump man cast a glance at the First Godly General Borileimu, who was at the center of the area, and laughed softly as he said, "Junior Martial Brother, it might seemed like Eldest Martial Brother is not worried at all! Don't we all know that he is a martial art maniac and has a hot temper?  I bet he must be the most worried one in here! He must be the one who is most afraid that Huhe would flee in fright!"

    "No way!"

    The other Godly Generals were also slightly worried.

    "That Huhe fought with the Eldest Martial Brother once and seemed to have the upper hand." The group of Godly Generals looked forward to the fight between two extremely powerful experts.


    On the Life and Death Cliff, not only were the Godly Generals discussing, the Messengers of God, the disciples, and soldiers were also discussing softly.

    "That Arada is still not here. He must be scared to the point that he didn't dare to fight!"

    "Impossible! Demon Arada is afraid of nothing!:

    There were people who supported Demon Arada and others who didn't.

    On the Great Prairie.

    "Rumble~~~" The atmosphere trembled, and explosive forces of Qi spurted in all directions, causing the ravaged ground to tremble continuously.

    Through the twisted forces of air, the moves and the azure figure that was performing his Fist Arts could be faintly seen!

    "The sun has already hung that high up!" Li Jun, who was hiding beside the Fierce Wind Godly Eagle, looked up at the sky and felt slightly anxious as she said to herself, "Maybe all those people on the Life and Death Cliff think that Big Brother Teng is afraid! Now that Big Brother Teng is receiving enlightenment and is about to make a breakthrough, if he really did fight the First Godly General, his chance of winning will definitely rise!"

    Even though Li Jun was worried, she chose to endure!

    Teng Qingshan could not miss this moment of enlightenment.


    Noon on the Life and Death Cliff of the God of Heaven Mountain!

    The experts of the God of Heaven Mountain had waited since morning, over four hours. Having waited for so long, the experts who were looking forward to this fight were not only worried, but also furious!

    "Demon Arada? Such a joke! He is a coward! A weakling! He doesn't come even after he had agreed to the blood fight between warriors! He is a humiliation to the Great Prairie!" Some people even began cursing softly.

    "Let's go! It's already time for lunch, but he's not even here! He must be doing it on purpose." Among the three rows of observers that encircled inside the area and three rows of observers that encircled outside the area, many already began cursing as they walked away from the Life and Death Cliff.

    Suddenly, a loud sound rang--

    "Everyone, I just went to Demon Arada quarters and asked his maid." The deep-sounding voice caused the crowd on the Life and Death Cliff to look over at the source of the voice. Even the First Godly General Borileimu, who was sitting crosslegged in silence, looked over.

    The one who spoke was a large silver-armored man. He said in an angry tone, "The maid said that Demon Arada and the Goddess left the God of Heaven Mountain yesterday morning! They have not returned to the God of Heaven Mountain!"

    Immediately, an uproar sounded.

    The crowd on the Life and Death Cliff looked at each other with astonished expressions. They couldn't believe it!

    "Hmph." A sneer appeared on the swollen face of the Black Cloaked Messenger of God, Wan Tianyang, who was amidst the crowd. He thought to himself, "Huhe acted so arrogantly three days ago, but he acts like a coward today! He agreed to the blood fight between warriors but doesn't come for the fight.....If this news was spread throughout the prairie, the entire Great Prairie would look down on him!"

    If the challenger challenged but did not come for the fight, some people might look down on him, but it wouldn't cause much effect.

    However, Teng Qingshan accepted the challenge! If he didn't appear for the fight, then he truly was a coward and a weakling.

    "All of you shut up!" A deep roar rang and resonated above the Life and Death Cliff.

    Everyone stared at the First Godly General Borileimu, who was at the center of the spacious area. Borileimu's face looked terrible as he scanned the crowd coldly. He then spoke, "If you guys can't wait, then get lost! This is a fight between Huhe and me. I will wait until the sun falls beneath the horizon. I believe that a powerful expert like Huhe is not a coward!"

    "Fool!" Wan Tianyang cursed secretly.

    However, the crowd in the surrounding didn't dare to offend the First Godly General. They could only communicate through meaningful glances. Some left quietly while others weren't willing to give up after waiting for such a long time.


    The Life and Death Cliff was in complete silence. Occasionally, a few would leave the Life and Death Cliff while the others who weren't willing to give up continued waiting. The disciples of the eight Godly Generals still remained at the same spot. After all, their teachers were here, so the disciples naturally didn't dare to leave.



    Two ear-piercing eagle sounds resonated in the sky. The screech of the eagles came from faraway in the sky. Almost at the same time, everyone on the Life and Death Cliff, including Borileimu who sat cross-legged, turned to look towards the source of the screeching sound--

    Two gigantic black and white Fierce Wind Godly Eagles were flying with their wings stretched out. Within a blink of an eye, they rapidly approached from far away!


    The powerful force of wind brought up by the rapid flaps of the Fierce Wind Godly Eagle's wings caused many broken rocks on the Life and Death Cliff to fly up into the air and tumble down. The force of the wind even lifted up the clothes of many people that were watching in the surrounding.

    "Brother Borileimu, sorry to keep you waiting for so long!" A refreshing laugh sounded!

    While the black Fierce Wind Godly Eagle was still high up in the sky, a figure jumped down and descended on the ground, making a "Bang" sound. With long untied hair, he wore an azure cloak and sported a full beard. It was Huhe, the extremely powerful expert known as Demon Arada! The moment Teng Qingshan descended onto the ground, he scanned the surrounding with sharp eyes that seemed to gleam like knives. The people who were originally bitter immediately felt their hearts quiver in fear.

    Wan Tianyang, who had the intention of watching with amusement, didn't even dare to move!

    This was Demon Arada!

    The truly peerless expert!

    "Haha......" Borileimu immediately stood up and stared at Teng Qingshan with eyes like that of a tiger. He then laughed, "I knew that a warrior like Brother Huhe definitely won't escape like a coward!"

    With the Dark Blaze Rod in hand, Teng Qingshan laughed and responded, "Brother Borileimu, I am the one at fault this time! Something I didn't expect happened, but I hastily headed over here after I finished dealing with that matter of mine. Thank the Heavens for the Fierce Wind Godly Eagles; if it hadn't been for their speed, we wouldn't have made it in time!"

    At this moment, Li Jun had already came down from the Godly Eagle's back and stood amidst the crowd as she looked at the two powerful experts with a smile on her face. Her eyes focused more on Teng Qingshan as she thought to herself, "Big Brother Teng said in the beginning that he didn't have any chance of winning, but since he had a breakthrough, he should be able to win!"

    Teng Qingshan held the Dark Blaze Rod in his hand. He also felt very confident!

    "I didn't expect that I could actually get the chance to receive enlightenment at such a moment. This time was different from last time. Last time, I was interrupted by someone halfway, but I wasn't this time! I finally finished practicing the second stage of the 《Earth Element Fist》." Teng Qingshan felt this agitation and excitement as he said to himself. "Although I wasn't able to assimilate the second stage of this 《Earth Element Fist》into my spear art, Transmutation Unity Law, even so- the chance of winning is still at least seventy percent!"

    If the Teng Qingshan who had comprehended the first stage of the 《Earth Element Fist》, could be considered a Golden Dan innate expert, then the Teng Qingshan who had comprehended the second stage of the 《Earth Element Fist》 would be able to fight the number one figure on the  《Heavenly Ranking》 if he had enough preparation!

    "Brother Huhe, are you ready?" Borileimu asked with expectation.

    Teng Qingshan scanned the surrounding and said loudly, "Everyone here, please back away twenty Zhang! My weapon has no eyes! It wouldn't be good if I accidentally hurt you all!" Such words were arrogant and domineering, but the few hundred people in the surrounding didn't dare to speak a word as they backed away twenty Zhang!

    Beside the spacious area was the thousand Zhang high cliff!

    Teng Qingshan and Borileimu stood opposite each other!

    "I heard that Brother Borileimu is extremely adept in palm arts! How about you and I fight with bare hands?" Teng Qingshan suggested loudly.

    When Borileimu heard this, he was astonished.

    His most powerful technique, the  《Seven Heavenly Thunderbolts》 was originally a palm art! However, he would be at an disadvantage if he used his bare hands and the others used weapons. Therefore, he also brandished a weapon, a Heavenly Baton weighing over a hundred Jin, that he assimilated into the moves of the 《Seven Heavenly Thunderbolts》.

    Speaking comparatively, if both of them fought with bare hands, this would give Borileimu an advantage!

    Borileimu only felt the blood in his veins boiling excitedly as he said, "Haha.....Brother Huhe, such bravery! Then I, Borileimu, will fight with all my strength! This palm art consists of seven moves that I have created after cultivating arduously for over a hundred years. You must watch out!"

    "I have heard of this 《Seven Heavenly Thunderbolts》!"

    Teng Qingshan stared at Borileimu with a smile as he replied, "I will use my fists to fight the peerless palm art created by the First Godly General of the God of Heaven Mountain!"

    The words that the two spoke silenced everyone in the surrounding as they focused on the center of the area.

    Borileimu  threw the Heavenly Baton, which shot towards the walls of the cliff at the side like a shooting star.

    "Pu!" The Heavenly Baton pierced into the walls of the cliff like a trenchant arrow.

    Teng Qingshan also waved his hand, and the Dark Blaze Rod in his hand transformed into an afterimage as it pierced into the cliff's rock face.

    "Be careful." Borileimu warned solemnly

    Immediately, an azure glow flowed throughout Borileime's body. The earthy yellow long cloak bulged up, and his green veins popped. The crushed mountain rocks around him seemed to tremble, and at this moment, Borileimu resembled a peerless thunder god!

    Teng Qingshan took a deep breath. The opponent before his eyes was the super powerful expert ranked third on the 《Heavenly Ranking》. In addition, Borileimu cultivated in seclusion with the God of Heaven, so even though he hadn't reach the Emptiness Realm, he had reached the limit of his realm. Borileimu was probably on par with Teng Qingshan's teacher, Zhuge Yuanhong. In fact, it was possible that he might be even stronger than Zhuge Yuanhong.

    "Let's begin!" With this, Teng Qingshan had his eyes locked on his opponent.
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