Chapter 47: Invitation From the God of Heaven

    Book 6 Chapter 47 Invitation From the God of Heaven

    "It wasn't that I didn't want to attack! It was because my offensive fist arts are a very weak!" Teng Qingshan felt extremely helpless. He had received enlightenment of the 《Earth Element Fist》until the second stage, causing Teng Qingshan's performance of 'Transmutation Unity Law' to increase greatly in power! However, the Heavens and Earth had five elements, and Teng Qingshan had not comprehended the other four elements of the Heavens and Earth.

    The mountain paths on the God of Heaven Mountain were rugged.

    Tent Qingshan and Li Jun rapidly headed towards the Goddess Palace.


    In the Life or Death Cliff, the experts that had been affected and fainted soon regained consciousness.  They personally experienced the power of the 《Descent of Thunder God》 and were amazed. In regards to the Demon Arada who defeated the First Godly General, they viewed him with reverence!

    The big group of people were discussing the fight excitedly. Some people were excited, while others were dissatisfied with the result. The Black Cloaked Messenger of God Wan Tianyang felt even more bitter as he watched Teng Qingshan and Li Jun leave.

    "Huhe, you are so arrogant, but you have no backing. A day will come when someone kills you in cold blood! Definitely!" Wan Tianyang cursed in no heart and silently left. This fight had ruined his mood.

    "Eldest Martial Brother, how did Huhe's back hit defeat you? No matter how much I think about it, I just don't understand." Puzzled by this question, the Fifth Godly General hastily inquired. The other Godly Generals also stared at the First Godly General as they waited for the reply. With a helpless smile on the First Godly General's face, he answered, "I still don't know how he accomplished it!"

    "Eldest Martial Brother, you didn't let him win, did you?" the Eighth Godly General asked with a laugh.

    When Borileimu heard this, he immediately glared at the Eighth Godly General. The Third Godly General hastily intervened. "Eighth Martial Brother, don't spout such nonsense. Is Eldest Martial Brother someone who would do such a thing?"

    "You snotty child! How dare you say I let him win?  why don't you go ahead and try to receive that Huhe's back hit?" Borileimu cursed as he laughed. Although he lost this fight......Borileimu was in a very good mood.

    As the eight people walked, suddenly--

    "Eight Honorable Godly Generals!" Three short-haired young man dressed in grey cloaks stopped their way.

    The inch-long short hair signified them as disciples who cultivated the Tantra. As for the golden embroidery on the edge of their long grey cloaks, it was the symbol of the attendants of the God of Heaven.

    "The God of Heaven summons the eight Honorable Godly Generals to the God of Heaven Tower!" the young man in the lead ordered.

    The eight Godly Generals stared at each other and felt slightly puzzled. However, none of them dared to hesitate and immediately headed towards the God of Heaven Tower, which was located on top of the mountain.

    In the guest house where Teng Qingshan dwelled.

    When Teng Qingshan and Li Jun stepped into the room, Li Jun immediately turned to look at Teng Qingshan as she couldn't suppressed the excitement in her heart and exclaimed, "Big Brother Teng! That was the First Godly General! The one ranked third on the 《Heavenly Ranking》. Big Brother Teng, you are only eighteen years old, but you actually defeated him! Amazing!"

    Even the ones who were ill disposed towards Teng Qingshan would probably be shocked if they knew of this record.

    Teng Qingshan's success had magnified the original affection in Li Jun's heart!

    "If he fled, I wouldn't have been able to catch up," Teng Qingshan said with a smile.

    Li Jun smiled and said, "A powerful one does not need to flee. People flee because they are weaker than you!"

    Hearing this, Teng Qingshan burst into laughter.

    At this moment, Teng Qingshan was in a very good mood. After this fight, he had a better understanding of his own ability. "I have just received enlightenment but haven't yet integrated the concept of the second stage of my 《Earth Element Fist》 into the Transmutation Unity Law. Even so, I was able to defeat the number three expert of the 《Heavenly Ranking》. If I spend some time, my ability will definitely improve! Now, in this great land of the Nine Prefectures, none of the experts ranked in the 《Heavenly Ranking》 can scare me!"

    The path that Teng Qingshan was walking on was the path of a cultivator of Internal Martial Arts!

    This path was completely different from the paths of the cultivators in the Daoist Sect and the Buddhist Sect! Although this path was extremely hard, it was destined that he, the founder, would be extremely powerful after he received enlightenment and broke through!

    "Now, even if Gu Yong and Zhao Danchen came, I would be able to beat them until they flee!" Teng Qingshan suddenly recalled the legendary Blind Swordmaster from Qing Hu Island. "The Blind Swordmaster is one of the few figures in the entire land of the Nine Prefectures that have reached the pinnacle. I can't return to the Gui Yuan Sect now!"

    However, Teng Qingshan did not feel discouraged.

    "A cultivator of my Internal Martial Arts will produce Internal Supreme Force. However, the Internal Supreme Force utilized by me is still very weak!"

    "Both the disciples of the Buddhist Sect and the Daoist Sect can perform Qing Qong! Internal Supreme Force could stimulate the meridians and also the bones and muscles. According to my speculation--the Internal Supreme Force can theoretically create a much more powerful Qing Gong!" Teng Qingshan understood this point. The Daoist Sect and the Buddhist Sect each had a great number of secret techniques of Qing Gong.


    Internal Martial Art didn't have even a single secret technique of Qing Gong! Teng Qingshan, the founder, would need to create everything from scratch!

    "Besides that, the 《Earth Element Fist》 contains the Earth Element out of the five elements in the Heavens and Earth. Not only can it be applied on defensive fist arts, spear arts, it can probably be applied on Qing Qong!" Teng Qingshan could faintly feel himself immersed in the realm of enlightenment.

    Teng Qingshan had a feeling--

    Maybe he could leap very far away in one step. However, Teng Qingshan had not yet created this kind of Qing Qong!

    "I already touched upon the Dao! Now, I just need enough time to explore more of the Dao!" Teng Qingshan felt himself burning with ambition. "If I could comprehend five elements of the Heavens and Earth....By that time, I will probably be one of the few powerful experts who have reached the pinnacle in the great land of the Nine Prefectures. By that time, why would I be afraid of the Blind Swordmaster?"

    The thing that Teng Qingshan expected the most was the day when he had achieved his goal and was able to return to Yangzhou of the Nine Prefectures!

    "Yeah. I must not waste any time. After lunch with Li Jun later, I will leave the God of Heaven Mountain during the afternoon!" Teng Qingshan had made up his mind.

    "Little Jun!" Teng Qingshan stared at Li Jun. At this moment, Li Jun was at the hallway on the second floor, giving orders to the maid downstairs.

    Li Jun smiled and walked into the room as she said, "Big Brother Teng, I have asked the maid to prepare lunch. You have not eaten anything for over a day."

    "Little Jun, I plan to leave this afternoon," Teng Qingshan hastily mentioned.

    Hearing this, Li Jun froze.

    "Leaving this afternoon? Today?" Li Jun wasn't prepared for this news.

    She felt that these past few days had been her most happy days!

    To be able to eat and talk with Big Brother Teng, who had always been on her mind

    To be able to quietly watch Big Brother Teng cultivate from afar.

    To be able to help Big Brother Teng by finding a weapon.    ......

    Although Li Jun knew that Teng Qingshan would eventually sail the seas, she subconsciously pushed aside that notion. This was because whenever she thought of Teng Qingshan leaving, she would feel extremely sad.

    He was about to leave!

    He was still leaving in the end! Not to mention that the duration of this voyage would be very long. She wouldn't be able to see Teng Qingshan for dozen of years or maybe an even longer period of time!

    "Yes, this afternoon. Little Jun, there are still many other martial brothers and sisters and demonic beasts to accompany you," Teng Qingshan comforted. Forcing a smile, Li Jun nodded and said, "Yeah. Everyone in the sect is very nice to me. Blacky, White, and the other demonic beasts also listen to me. They're all very obedient."

    Teng Qingshan could sense something wrong with Li Jun's emotion.

    Suddenly, Li Jun gnashed her teeth. Her face reddened as she said with a low voice, "Big Brother Teng....."

    "Yea?" Teng Qingshan stared at Li Jun and asked, "What is it? Tell me."

    Li Jun said softly, "You will be sailing the seas, so if I...."

    Before she could finish her words.

    "Your highness, the God of Heaven wants you to bring Lord Huhe to the God of Heaven Tower!" A loud voice rang from below.

    "God of Heaven Tower?" Teng Qingshan was slightly surprised as he asked, "The God of Heaven wants to meet me?"

    Li Jun's face was still red. This interruption had stopped her from finishing her words. She hesitated slightly and said, "Big Brother Teng, the God of Heaven wants to see you. Come follow me to meet the God of Heaven! You are on the God of Heaven Mountain, so you won't be able to escape even if you wanted to!"

    Teng Qingshan also agreed with what Li Jun said.

    If an Emptiness Realm Expert wanted to kill him, it would just be as easy as lifting a finger! The fact that the God of Heaven had politely requested his presence did not foreshadow ill omens.

    "Let's go!" Teng Qingshan immediately headed out the of house while Li Jun followed behind.

    At the peak of the God of Heaven Mountain stood a lofty red tower--The God of Heaven Tower.

    The first floor, the great hall.

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun headed into the great hall together.

    "Eh?'" Teng Qingshan realized that except for the nearby maids, it was just the eight Godly Generals in the spacious, great hall.

    "Brother Huhe!" When the eight Godly General saw Teng Qingshan, they stood up simultaneously! They didn't greet Li Jun, but instead fixed their eyes on Teng Qingshan! To the Godly Generals....Li Jun 's status was high indeed, but she was only a Postliminary Realm Expert. In the bottom of their hearts, these Godly Generals still valued strength!

    Because Teng Qingshan defeated the First Godly General, the Godly Generals all viewed the man who was known as the Demon Arada with great respect.

    "Brother Borileimu." Teng Qingshan smiled and said, "This should be the Fifth Godly General, Brother Eriqier. As for the others.....I have just come to this God of Heaven Mountain not too long ago, so I still don't know you all."

    "The First Godly General Borileimu patted Teng Qingshan's shoulder and said with a smile, "Let me introduce for you. This is my Second Junior Martial Brother, the Second Godly General Hairigute! This is my Third Junior Martial Brother......" Before Borileimu could finish his words, the sound of footstep came from above.

    "Teacher is coming down." Borileimu immediately stood respectfully.

    "The God of Heaven is here." Li Jun whispered in Teng Qingshan's ear.

    The eight Godly Generals, Teng Qingshan, and Li Jun, a total of ten people, all waited respectfully in the great hall. No one dared to make any sounds.

    As the footsteps drew closer, Teng Qingshan also saw the elder who was walking down from the staircase in the tower.

    Dressed in a loose white cloak, he had a round, rosy face that seemed as tender as the face of an infant. A smile was seen on his face. He also had a pair of small eyes that seemed to be always smiling.....Just when Teng Qingshan saw the face of the God of Heaven, he involuntarily felt happy. Simultaneously, he felt very well disposed towards the God of Heaven!

    "What is going on?" Teng Qingshan immediately regained his recalm.

    In his previous life, Teng Qingshan had gone through all sorts of training against psychedelic drugs, thus, he immediately sensed that something was wrong.

    "Incredible. It was just a smile, but it could affect my mentality!" Teng Qingshan couldn't believe it.

    The God of Heaven smiled and scanned each Godly General. In the end, his eyes fell upon Teng Qingshan. He asked, "Your name is Huhe?"

    "Yes, God of Heaven." Teng Qingshan answered respectfully.

    "You are the Demon Arada, the one who killed two hundred thousand soldiers from the Golden Wolf Kingdom?"  The God of Heaven spoke again.

    "Yes," Teng Qingshan answered without hesitation.

    "Which sect do you belong to? What sect could teach a disciple like you?" The God of Heaven continued asking.

    "I belong to no sect," Teng Qingshan answered.

    With a bright smile, the God of Heaven nodded slightly and said, "Good. The God of Heaven Mountain currently has eight Godly Generals. Do you agree to be the Ninth Godly General of the God of Heaven Mountain?"
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