Chapter 49: Northern Sea Battleship

    Book 6 Chapter 49 Northern Sea Battleship

    "Heavenly Rock Island?" Teng Qingshan was slightly surprised and confused.

    Li Jun, who was at the side, whispered, "Heavenly Rock island is a small island in the North Sea. The island has a silver mine as well as a celestial luminous silver mine a hundred times more precious than the silver mine, and the two mines are mined by both Snow Hawk Hall and the God of Heaven Mountain. Sixty percent of whatever is mined belongs to Snow Hawk Hall, while the other forty percent belongs to the God of Heaven Mountain!"

    Teng Qingshan was secretly surprised when he heard this. With the strength of the God of Heaven Mountain, it actually only owned forty percent of the mined products.

    "Teacher! I can't bear the sight of Snow Hawk Hall's men already." Borileimu's tiger-like eyes were filled with rage as he said, "Since the Empress has given the order, we must teach Snow Hawk Hall a lesson. We must let those arrogant people know that it is us, the God of Heaven Mountain, who make the decision in this Great Prairie!"

    "Eldest Martial Brother is right. We must teach them a lesson." With fierce eyes, the Third Godly General said bitterly, "Let them know that the islands in the North Sea are under our control. They will never be involved again! Teacher, regarding the battle at Heavenly Rock Island, let me handle it!"

    "Let me do it!" Even the Fifth Godly General Eriqier opened his mouth.

    All the Godly Generals volunteered. It was obvious that they disliked Snow Hawk Hall.

    Only Snow Hawk Hall dared to go against the God of Heaven Mountain in the Great Prairie.

    "Haha....." The God of Heaven smiled brightly and laughed, " The battle of Heavenly Rock Island is the first battle against Snow Hawk Hall! Since it is our first battle, we must win a remarkable victory! Thus, I will let your Eldest Martial Brother Borileimu be the person in charge. Borileimu, lead five thousand soldiers and head toward Heavenly Rock Island. Also--"The God of Heaven fixed his eyes on Teng Qingshan.

    Teng Qingshan showed a confused expression.

    "Huhe." The God of Heaven said with a smile, "Aren't you sailing the seas? Heavenly Rock Island is on the North Sea. This time, accompany Borileimu to the Heavenly Rock Island, and you can choose any boat at Heavenly Rock Island when this battle ends!"

    Borileimu walked to Teng Qingshan's side and asked, "Brother Huhe, if you depart with me, then Snow Hawk Hall will definitely lose this battle!"

    "Snow Hawk Hall?"

    Struck by a thought, Teng Qingshan recalled that if it hadn't been for Snow Hawk Hall's men riding their Snow Hawks and searching the ground from the sky, he would have already quietly escaped from the Great Yan Mountain. In the end, when he hid himself among the Black Armored Army, it was also the men of Snow Hawk Hall who exposed him.

    If it hadn't been for them, Qing Qing wouldn't have die!

    "Okay, Borileimu. I will accompany you all!" Teng Qingshan immediately answered. "It's the direct route anyway. I will go to Heavenly Rock Island before I sail the seas, and after the problem is solved, I will head northward from Heavenly Rock Island!

    "Haha, fantastic!"Borileimu laughed and patted Teng Qingshan's shoulder.

    Seeing that Teng Qingshan agreed, the God of Heaven nodded slightly and said, "We haven't a moment to lose. Borileimu.....issue this order: We will depart for the North Sea two hours from now. Also, issue this order: Prepare all the great ships so that the army can embark the moment they reach the shore!"

    "Teacher, leave it to me." Borileimu patted his chest.

    "God of Heaven!" Suddenly, a clear sound rang.

    In the great hall, the eight Godly Generals, Teng Qingshan, and the God of Heaven all stared at Li Jun.

    Li Jun spoke, "In this battle at Heavenly Rock Island, soldiers will fight, and many people will die! I think the two Fierce Wind Divine Eagles will be of great help. Once they spurt fire..... the men of Snow Hawk Hall will put down their weapons and surrender! In group fights like this, the Fierce Wind Divine Eagles will be of better help than Golden Dan innate experts."

    Everyone nodded in agreement to these words.

    In groups fights, demonic beasts were extremely useful. For example, although Emptiness Realm Experts are powerful, they could only kill the men of the elite troops slowly. It would be impossible for them to kill up to a thousand people with one strike. However, demonic beast that had reached the Emptiness Realm like the Flood Dragon Violet Rain could spurt frozen Qi from the sky and easily kill over ten thousand soldiers!

    The Heavens made the demonic beast unable to reach the Realm of Omnipotent Experts.

    However, the Heavens gave demonic beasts the advantages of a long lifespan and great talent. Demonic beasts like Violet Rain and the Golden Dragon Turtle have been alive since the times of the Emperor Yu. The four Omnipotent Experts that had existed in the great land of the Nine Prefectures had already died, but the Flood Dragon Violet Rain and the Golden Dragon Turtle were still alive!

    The Heavens were just!

    If they let you lose something, they will compensate you with something else.

    "God of Heaven, I prepare to take the Fierce Wind Divine Eagles and go to Heavenly Rock Island with the First Godly General and the others!" said Li Jun.

    The God of Heaven stared at Li Jun and casted a glance at Huhe. He then nodded with a smile, "Since you have the heart, then depart with the two Fierce Wind Divine Eagles." The God of Heaven then scanned the crowds and ordered, "Borileimu, Huhe, Li Jun, prepare for your departure. Now, leave!"

    With this, the God of Heaven turned and left through the side door.

    Teng Qingshan looked to his side at the slender figure dressed in white while complicated emotions filled his heart. He understood that....Li Jun suddenly requested to bring the Fierce Wind Divine Eagles to the Heavenly Rock Island probably because she wanted to stay with him for a few more days!

    "This little girl." Teng Qingshan sighed secretly.

    "Big Brother Huhe." Li Jun stared at Teng Qingshan and smiled, "We must prepare. We will be leaving in two hours!"

    Seeing Li Jun's happy expression, Teng Qingshan wasn't able to say anything. He could only nod in response.    ......

    On the prairie.

    The vigorous army galloped on the prairie like a flood of steel and iron, rapidly charging northward! Two Divine Eagles soared in the sky above the army. Although the war horses were fast, they were a lot slower than the Divine Eagles.

    On the back of the Divine Eagle sat Teng Qingshan, who carried a bundle on his back and held the Dark Blaze Rod. Dressed in light green armor, Li Jun sat on the back of the white female Divine Eagle flying at the side.  "Little Jun, Qing Qing....." Teng Qingshan stared at Li Jun, who had changed into a suit of armor,

    and couldn't help but recall Qing Qing. In the past, Qing Qing had also worn a suit of light green armor! And these two girls both held an affection toward him!

    Qing Qing had been as pure as the snow lotus on the Heavenly Mountain, while Little Jun suffered so much, causing her to be even wiser and more decisive than Qing Qing!

    During his time on the God of Heaven Mountain, Teng Qingshan could feel Li Jun's affection. But it was exactly because of this affection that Teng Qingshan was even more reluctant to get further entangled.

    "If Little Jun wanted to go to Heavenly Rock Island with me, then so be it! At least there won't be any danger. Plus....I will be sailing the seas alone after the battle at Heavenly Rock Island. It will be long before I see her again."

    Actually, Teng Qingshan felt that he owed these ladies a lot.

    "Big Brother Teng." Li Jun smiled and asked, "You will be sailing the seas for dozen of years or even longer, but won't you feel sad if you are on the vast ocean for such a long time?"

    Of course it wouldn't feel good if one sailed the seas for that long.

    However, Teng Qingshan's real purpose was not to sail the seas, but to travel to the end of the North Sea to the distant Northern Sea Continent!

    "It's just for cultivation." Teng Qingshan didn't say anything unnecessary.

    "If....." Li Jun stared at Teng Qingshan with a smile and asked, "Big Brother Teng, would you feel better if someone sailed the seas with you?"

    Hearing this, Teng Qingshan was shocked.

    "Perhaps Li Jun wanted to go with me? No way! I mustn't let her have such thoughts," Teng Qingshan thought to himself.

    "I will just be cultivating. Why would I need company?" Teng Qingshan frowned and said, "Plus, I will occasionally dive into the depths of the great sea to cultivate. It would be very troublesome if a nuisance sailed with me!"

    When Li Jun heard, she nodded gently and kept quiet.


    Waves of the sea repeatedly crshed against the port of the North Sea. Numerous great black ships stopped at the port, and a great number of soldiers rapidly entered the ships like ants. As for Teng Qingshan and Borileimu, they all stood at the port and watched the soldiers board the ships.

    "Five thousand soldiers and ten great ships!" Teng Qingshan stared at one of the great ships and couldn't help but sigh in awe.

    At the side, Borileimu smiled and said, "This big ship is the Battleship of the God of Heaven Mountain. It is forty Zhang long and sixteen Zhang wide! There are twenty-six rooms, and the entire body of the ship is build of ironwood. This ironwood is even harder than iron but a lot lighter. It is the most suitable material to build a ship!"

    "This is the really big ship!" Teng Qingshan sighed in awe!

    Ten battleships. Converting the length and width into meters, each ship would be over a hundred meters long and forty meters wide. In Teng Qingshan's previous life, such great ships were very rare in the history of china and could only be compared with the legendary Treasure Ship that Zheng He used to sail to the western regions.

    However, the materials on the land of the Nine Prefectures were a lot better.

    At the side, Li Jun was also shocked and in awe of the sight before her eyes as she said, "When I was in Yangzhou, the merchant boats in the Yuyang Grand Canal were a lot smaller than these ships. All these ships are like small islands." The hundred meters long great ship was indeed such an astonishing sight.

    "This is a seagoing ship, while those are boats in the rivers. How can they be comparable? Alright, let's board the ship," Borileimu said with a smile.

    Immediately, Teng Qingshan, Li Jun, Borileimu, and the two Fierce Wind Divine Eagles all boarded the same battleship.

    As the sounds resonated in the Heavens, the sails of the ten ships were raised, and many soldiers began rowing the long, thick and big oars according to the command. With the sails raised, the ten great ships embarked on their voyage. It was obvious that the five thousand soldiers chosen for this battle were experienced in sailing.    ......

    The endless North Sea.  This was the second evening of their voyage.

    "Walla~~" The sea waters were dark and gloomy with a bloody scent

    Teng Qingshan stood at the deck and gazed afar while Borileimu and Li Jun stood beside him.

    Li Jun sighed softly as she made an emotional remark, "The ocean is really endless....Does anyone know if the North Sea has an end?"

    "The end of the North Sea?" At the side, Borileimu shook his head and smiled, "I have never heard that the North Sea has an end. Many merchants and warriors have ventured the North Sea, but most of them died and never made it back alive. Even the ones who came back alive said that even after they sailed for twenty thousand Li, all they saw was the vast ocean."

    Teng Qingshan opened his mouth and asked, "How far away is Heavenly Rock Island?"

    "It's summer now, so the wind is on our side and our ships are going very fast. If we continue to sail at this speed, we would arrive Heavenly Rock Island before tomorrow morning!"

    Seeing the gloomy seas in front, Teng Qingshan suddenly realized that.....there was a completely azure and grey monster beneath the sea surface in the distance. Even with his night vision, Teng Qingshan could barely see through the ocean surface as he asked himself, "Is that....a shark?"

    The monster did indeed look like a shark, but it was a lot longer.

    "Walla~~" The monster in the distance started swimming towards the battleship. Its pronounced dorsal fin broke through the water surface.

    As Borileimu was also a very powerful expert, he naturally noticed the monster at this moment. His facial expression changed as he shouted, "Oh no! It's a Thunderwhale! A Northern Sea Thunderwhale!"
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