Chapter 51: Bloody Battle at Dawn

    Book 6 Chapter 51 - Bloody Battle at Dawn

    On Heavenly Rock Island, the God of Heaven Mountain's sea reinforcements joined forces with the original troops, forming an unit that advanced continuously.

    "Honorable Godly General, Wan Tuyou is at Half Lunar Gorge." Borileimu strode forward powerfully. The leader of the intelligence agency, "Wu Erhan", followed by Borileimu's side as he incessantly explained. At same time, a large number of elite soldiers followed behind Borileimu.

    A dozen units continued advancing forward like trenchant arrows.

    The troop that Borileimu was in was naturally the core of the army.  The army blazed its way forward through all the difficulties and advanced rapidly towards the Half Lunar Gorge.

    "What do you guys want!" A Snow Hawk Hall's watch guard held up the long spear in his hands.

    "Still resisting?"

    An elite guard standing beside Borileimu laughed viciously as he pounced towards the front of this watch guard. With the flash of a  sword, the head of a Snow Hawk Hall's watch guard flew into the air. One was an experienced and outstanding elite guard while the other was just an ordinary watch guard.

    The difference in strength was too great.

    "Tsk tsk." The Elite Guard licked the blood on his saber while viciously laughing once again. He looked at the terrified soldiers that were clustered together and said with a deep voice, "The ones who resist will be mercilessly killed! As for the ones who surrender... They will be spared!"

    The ordinary soldiers became scared upon staring at the army that was emanating a strong killing intent. Each and every one of them placed their weapon down in fright.

    Heavens! Who knew how long it had been since the last time a slaughter occurred at Heavenly Rock Island. The purpose of these ordinary soldiers was to oversee the mining, abusing the miners as they did so. They were ruthless people! However, if you made them battle against elite soldiers, then you might as well have sent them off to hell!

    Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

    The organized army quickly left the mining point with haste. In fact, these ordinary soldiers were of no value in the eyes of the elite soldiers from God of Heaven Mountain.


    Borileimu immediately entered and proceeded ferociously!

    It had been one hour since they entered Heavenly Rock Island.

    "Honorable Godly General, the eastern mineral mine has been seized!" A loud voice said from a distance.

    Borileimu's lips curved into smile as he heard. Wu Erhan, who was by his side, exclaimed with a smile as well: "Honorable Godly General, we have now successfully seized the southern and eastern area. If we keep up this speed, we would be able to completely annihilate the enemy within two hours."




    War cries abruptly resounded in the distance, resonating to the heavens. The war cries were similar to the growls of a crazed pack of wolves. The sounds of blood splattering and bones being chopped apart mixed along with the war cry.

    "Honorable Godly General, it's the Half Moon Gorge!" Wu Erhan said while startled.

    With a cold smile on his face, Borileimu said, "It looks like Snow Hawk Hall is not willing to surrender... That makes sense. After all, it is one of the Eight Supreme Sects in the land of the Nine Prefectures! They think they are so powerful! How could they possibly bow down to us so easily? Issue this order! Dispatch everyone we have and kill them all!

    "All units of the God of Heaven Mountain, attack Half Lunar Gorge!"  This shout echoed through the sky like thunder.


    "Kill those bastards!"

    Each and every unit howled as they charged towards Half Lunar Gorge together.

    "Haha....." Borileimu equipped his personal weapon, the "Heavenly Baton", and his speed instantly increased. He transformed into a blurred image as he charged towards the direction of Half Lunar Gorge. "Bastards of Snow Hawk Hall, wash your necks and let this old man chop it apart!"

    Half Lunar Gorge.

    In the past, this place was where the high ranking members of the Snow Hawk Hall rested after securing it.The exquisite-looking towers were very beautiful.  Today, however...

    Several pavilions were in ruins, and the walls were covered with fresh, crimson blood.

    Severed flesh, broken bones, and shattered armor were visible everywhere on the ground. Even the original river that had been so clear was now completely red.

    "F**k! Sh**!" A brawny, bald man roared ferociously as he slashed at the soldiers in front of him with the big saber in his hand.

    "Psh!" The war saber pierced deeper through the crack that the armor originally had! He~" The soldier with the helmet let out a roar. He wanted to attack the opponent before he died, but unfortunately, the brawny and bald man viciously kicked the soldier's abdomen. "Bang!", the soldier was sent crashing into the ground with his internal organs spurting out of his body.

    Right at this moment, a saber viciously slammed into the brawny and bald man's head with a "Swish!".


    The head had split open! After the bearded soldier with a helmet chopped the bald man to death, he loudly roared and proceeded to attack other people.

    This was a battlefield, not an one versus one duel.

    This was just one scene on top of the Half Lunar Gorge. Snow Hawk Hall's three thousand elite soldiers were actually able to resist the assault from the God of Heaven Mountain because of their geographical advantage. Furthermore, they were being led by the Golden Dan innate expert, Elder Wan Tuyou.

    "Hu!" The First Godly General, "Borileimu", arrived in Half Lunar Gorge.

    He looked at the scene before him, his face slightly changing.

    "Honorable Godly General." The officer commanding the battle from the rear saw Borileimu and ran over. "We have amassed four thousand soldiers now, while the Snow Hawk Hall has three thousand soldiers. Additionally, they've occupied key points from the beginning, and the worst part is that the Elder stationed in this island, Wan Tuyou, is too ruthless. From my observation, I believe we have lost up to two hundred troops within fifteen minutes of killing."


    Borileimu gripped the Heavenly Baton and immediately strode to the front while shouting, "Brother Huhe, Where are the Divine Eagles? They're still not here?" No matter how powerful a Golden Dan innate expert was, his True Origin was still limited. He would not be as powerful as a demonic beast in group battles.

    "Big Brother Borileimu, don't be impatient...." A clear and hearty laughter came from the sky



    Two high-pitched bird screech resounded through the sky, and soon after, two colossal Divine Eagles suddenly dove from a high altitude.

    During this critical moment, the bleeding Wan Tuyou looked up, and his face changed: "Fierce Wind Divine Eagles! Fierce Wind Divine Eagles that have reached the Golden Dan Innate Realm, and there are even two of them?" Wan Tuyou suddenly felt depressed. "The voice just now said Borileimu? The First Godly General Borileimu?"

    Wan Tuyou was shocked and angry.

    "Hu!" "Hu!"

    The two Fierce Wind Divine Eagles dove down immediately, after which they breathed fire on the soldiers from Snow Hawk Hall that were occupying key points. A white-colored flame swept through as continuous screams reverberated throughout. "Aaa!" Soldiers cried as the flames melted their armors and burned many stones to crisps.

    Hundreds of elite soldiers were killed from just a few breaths of flames.

    If those soldiers were equipped with armor and fought in close combat, then they would be very hard to kill, unless they were either lacking a helmet or were badly injured. However, under the might of the flames, they had no choice but to die.


    Riding on the back of the black Fierce Wind Divine Eagle, Teng Qingshan sighed in sorrow as he looked at the nearly disintegrated soldiers of Snow Hawk Hall being burned by the flames, crying for their fathers and calling for their mothers.

    "Little Jun, can these Fierce Wind Divine Eagle control their flame output?" Teng Qingshan asked.

    The Innate Emptiness Dan level Red Scaled Beast from before had the same power output as what the Fierce Wind Divine Eagles had discharged.

    Li Jun nodded: "Of course! The Fierce Wind Divine Eagle has the strongest kind of Origin Flame. Regarding the Origin Flames that are black, the Fierce Wind Divine Eagles are only able breathe a few mouthfuls. However, these kind of white flames can be used repeatedly and without much consequence for the Fierce Wind Divine Eagles."

    Teng Qingshan nodded and looked below at the Half Lunar Gorge.

    "Borileimu!" A furious roar was heard, "For what reason is your God of Heaven Mountain slaughtering the people of my Snow Hawk Hall? Are you perhaps trying to instigate a war between our sides?"

    "Haha, Wan Tuyou, this old man is indeed killing your people! So what if I'm instigating a war? You think our God of Heaven Mountain is scared of your Snow Hawk Hall? Borileimu's savage laugh resonated in the skies above Half Lunar Gorge.

    Teng Qingshans' eyes instantly locked onto the bloodstained, hawk-nosed elder below him.

    "It's him!" Teng Qingshan's thoughts couldn't help but drift back to the past. This was the Elder Wan of Snow Hawk Hall who had searched for him from the sky as he had been trying to escape from the Great Yan Mountain. This Elder Wan joined forces with Zhao Danchen, Gu Yong, and the others to try and kill him, but was stopped and heavily injured by his teacher, Zhuge Yuanhong.

    "Let's get this settled!" Teng Qingshan's gaze froze. While holding onto his Dark Blaze Rod, he leaped down from the back of the eagle!


    As if an accelerated meteorite was crashing down, Teng Qingshan landed with one foot on the chest of a Snow Hawk Hall's soldier, pushing him into the stone pits. The soldier's heavy armor caved in, blood seeping out of it!

    "Big Brother Borileimu!"  Teng Qingshan roared, "Let me handle this Wan Tuyou!"

    "Haha, Brother Huhe, you want to teach him a lesson?  Ah, whatever. I'll let you handle this Wan Tuyou!" Borileimu laughed from a distance.

    Teng Qingshan's location was actually the camp of Snow Hawk Hall, and surrounding him were Snow Hawk Hall's soldiers.

    "Who are you to kill me?" Wan Tuyou snorted. Battling against Borileimu may have caused fear in his heart, but he felt confident against this unknown man called "Huhe". He didn't think it would be easy to find a Golden Dan innate expert stronger than him.

    "Wan Tuyou" Teng Qingshan held up the Dark Blaze Rod and pointed at Wan Tuyou, "Next year, this day shall be your memorial day!"

    "Kill him!" Wan Tuyou bellowed.

    "How arrogant!" The surrounding soldiers of Snow Hawk Hall howled as they charged towards Teng Qingshan with killing intent. Even an innate Eexpert would die if he had to face the encirclement of numerous, heavy armored soldiers.

    Holding his Dark Blaze Rod, Teng Qingshan swung ferociously.


    A dozen soldiers were sent flying while spurting out blood.

    "Pew!" As Teng Qingshan waved again, another group of soldiers was sent flying. Even if they didn't die, they would still become crippled!

    A swing to the left, a swing to the right!

    Teng Qingshan seemed as if he were sweeping the floor as he walked towards Wan Tuyou like a primordial demonic god. To Teng Qingshan, these soldiers were ants. "Bang!" "Bang!" Sounds of heavy smash and mournful screams could be heard. Eventually, these soldiers from Snow Hawk Hall, who had been slaughtered by the Fierce Wind Divine Eagles' flames earlier, mentally collapsed.

    All of the soldiers immediately gave way to this demonic god.

    Teng Qingshan strode towards Wan Tuyou, and the so-called elite soldiers were of no use in fending him off.

    "When did such a fierce powerhouse appear in the God of Heaven Mountain? Perhaps it is the Demon Arada that slaughtered twenty thousand soldiers of the Golden Wolf Kingdom. No, this isn't right. Demon Arada is not a member of the God of Heaven Mountain. The God of Heaven Mountain only has a total of eight Godly Generals."  Wan Tuyou rapidly drew closer as he stared at Teng Qingshan... His facial expression involuntarily changed as he pointed as Teng Qingshan in the distance and yelled, "Who are you?"

    Teng Qingshan grinned, his Dark Blaze Rod covered in blood pointed at Wan Tuyou.

    "Someone who wants your life!"
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