Chapter 5: Iron Leaf Island

    Book 7 Chapter 5 Iron Leaf Island

    "Gift?" Teng Qingshan curiously looked at the enormous demonic beast amidst the sea, "Alright, after all, the King of Thunderwhales is the ruler of all the thunderwhales. It has been alive for an unknown period of time, so it probably has some treasures. Ask it what the gift is."

    Li Jun blinked and asked, "Big Brother Teng intends to accept the conditions of the King of Thunderwhales?"

    "We'll accept it!" Teng Qingshan rubbed his chin and faintly laughed, "Heading to Northern Sea Continent is a meandering journey. Aside from cultivating, we should give ourselves something interesting to do! A mysterious island in the northwest direction? My interest is piqued. In addition, the King of Thunderwhales will also confer a gift. Why shouldn't we go?"

    Li Jun also laughed.

    She immediately turned around, grabbed the ship's railing and emitted roaring sounds.

    "Hou~~" The enormous King of Thunderwhales let out a heaven-shaking, delighted roar.

    Suddenly, the thunderwhales in the surrounding waters also let out an excited roar, as though each one of them had found a mate; they were absolutely thrilled.

    Seeing this scene, a sliver of doubt appeared in Teng Qingshan's heart as he thought to himself, "Something seems wrong!  Aren't we only helping them do something on that island? Why did it make them so excited?" Teng Qingshan realized that the task most likely wasn't as simple as he originally thought.


    Li Jun and the King of Thunderwhales then continued their discussion.

    "Big Brother Teng!" Li Jun turned her head and looked at Teng Qingshan, "The King of Thunderwhales said that the gift has not been prepared yet. We will first proceed with our journey while it sends a subordinate to fetch the gift. The gift  will most likely arrive halfway during the journey."

    Teng Qingshan nodded his head. The gift not being prepared in advance was within his expectations.

    "This King of Thunderwhales wants us to fasten a rope to a thunderwhale's back so it can drag our boat along," said Li Jun.

    Teng Qingshan immediately grabbed the iron anchor and the iron rope connected to the boat. He then separated the iron anchor from the rope. Afterwards, he lifted a large bundle of rope and proceeded to jump into the sea from the tungsten wood vessel.

    "Hou~~" The King of Thunderwhales let out a subsequent order.

    Immediately, a thunderwhale approached Teng Qingshan, while Teng Qingshan stepped on the water's surface twice and ascended the thunderwhale's back.

    "This thunderwhale's back is truly wide enough. It's about the same size as a boat. Only, it's too slippery! If it were an ordinary person, he or she would slip off with just a careless movement." Teng Qingshan quickly tied the iron rope onto the Thunderwhale's dorsal fin. He even tied it a bit tighter  to prevent it from slipping off.


    With a single stomp, Teng Qingshan leapt almost 20 Zhang from the thunderwhale's back up into the air and directly landed on the tungsten wood vessel.

    "Hou~~" The enormous body of the King of Thunderwhales swam past the tungsten wood vessel, and its pair of gigantic golden eyes glanced at Teng Qingshan with goodwill and excitement. After letting out a few more roars, the thunderwhales, which were originally surrounding the tungsten wood vessel, immediately swam aside.

    "Huahua~~" The thunderwhales simultaneously swept their tails, producing an enormous torrent as they dove into the depths of the ocean.

    In only a short moment--

    Only thirty or so Thunderwhales were still left in the surrounding waters, and as for the rest, all of them had already departed.

    "Big Brother Teng," Li Jun laughed, "This King of Thunderwhales let the other thunderwhales return to their home. At this moment, it is still discussing the journey to the island with the remaining Thunderwhales!"

    "That's right. We're about to go to the island. What's the island called?" asked Teng Qingshan.

    Li Jun hesitated for a while before finally saying, "According to their language, it should be interpreted as 'Iron Leaf Island'!"

    "Iron Leaf Island?" Teng Qingshan also felt curious towards this mysterious island.

    Following the King of Thunderwhales's roar, the thunderwhale pulling Teng Qingshan's boat began to swim in the northwest direction. Its movement made Teng Qingshan realize... that the thunderwhale's speed was much faster than the tungsten wood vessel.

    The sails, which originally provided propulsion, ended up becoming the resistance force.

    "I'm going to lower the sails." Teng Qingshan proceeded to lower the two sails. But at this moment, Teng Qingshan had also discovered that the King of Thunderwhales had already swum to the side of the tungsten wood vessel. Its gigantic golden eyes were staring at Teng Qingshan as it produced low roaring sounds.

    Teng Qingshan and the King of Thunderwhales didn't understand each other's language, so they could only rely on Li Jun as the mediator.

    "Big brother Teng, this King of Thunderwhales said... He really appreciates your agreement to his request. Furthermore, he said that you are a truly valiant warrior." Li Jun covered her mouth as she laughed. Teng Qingshan curled his lip and said, "I did say that this King of Thunderwhales isn't stupid; it even knows how to flatter. Ask it exactly what we're going to do on Iron Leaf Island."

    Li Jun turned her head and communicated with the King of Thunderwhales.

    A moment later, Li Jun said, "Big Brother Teng, this King of Thunderwhales said that this matter is not that difficult. However, because it's on an island, the Thunderwhales, which are more suitable for the ocean, can't climb ashore. Once they enter the island they will be at the mercy of the land or air beasts. It also said that if Big Brother Teng does it, it will be extremely easy!"

    "Beasts?" Teng Qingshan's brows creased, "It seems like this matter is not that simple."

    The adjacent King of Thunderwhales also let out a few low roars,

    Li Jun then said, "At the center of Iron Leaf Island is a giant tree. This giant tree is called the 'Iron Leaf Fruit Tree' by the Thunderwhale Clan. The 'Iron Leaf Fruits' that this Iron Leaf Fruit Tree produces are extremely important to the Thunderwhale Clan! They want Big Brother Teng to go and pick 'Iron Leaf Fruits'. This 'Iron Leaf Fruit' is not only important to the Thunderwhale clan, but also to other beasts. Therefore, picking the Iron Leaf Fruit is quite difficult."

    "Iron Leaf Fruit?" Teng Qingshan was rather surprised, "Ask that King of Thunderwhales whether humans can eat that fruit. If there's a lot, then both of us can eat one."

    Li Jun's eyes also lit up. She turned her head and asked the King of Thunderwhales.

    In the middle of the ocean, thirty or so thunderwhales, under the command of the King of Thunderwhales, were protecting the tungsten wood vessel which proceeded in the northwest direction.

    "We can't eat it!" Li Jun turned around and bitterly laughed towards Teng Qingshan, "The King of Thunderwhales said that this Iron Leaf Fruit is extremely tough like iron. Only powerful beasts can chew it and further digest it. If us humans eat it, I'm afraid that--"

    "Like iron?" Teng Qingshan was astonished.

    An iron-like fruit? The beasts were still fighting to eat it?

    This infinite universe was truly filled with extraordinary things!

    Under the thunderwhale's pull, the tungsten wood vessel proceeded at a breakneck speed.

    On the second night.

    "Huhu~~" The ice cold evening breeze blew.

    Teng Qingshan was in the midst of practicing his Three Postures on the deck, while Li Jun had already entered the cabin to sleep. The thirty or so thunderwhales had already stopped in the middle of the ocean and had begun to rest on the rocky sea. Although they were demonic beasts, they were still in need of rest.

    "Hou~~" Suddenly, a resounding roar rang out.

    Teng Qingshan couldn't help but stop and look at the ocean's surface, then he saw the King of Thunderwhales approaching the tungsten wood vessel.

    "Little Jun. Little Jun." Teng QIngshan smacked the cabin door twice.

    Suddenly, the cabin door flew open with a crashing sound as Li Jun, with disheveled hair, walked out. Her left cheek was slightly red, and there was still a pillow mark from sleeping on that side. Clearly, she had been sleeping very soundly, "Big Brother Teng, once I heard the roar, I got up."

    "What does this King of Thunderwhales want to do?" Teng Qingshan didn't understand.

    On the evening of the first night, the King of Thunderwhales had slept the entire time; it didn't disturb them in the slightest. But why had it done so on the second night? Even if it was shouting at its subordinates, it didn't need to be so loud.

    "Hou~~" The King of Thunderwhales's enormous golden eyes stared at the tungsten wood vessel.

    An excited expression appeared on Li Jun's face: "Big Brother Teng, this King of Thunderwhales said that its subordinate has just delivered the present. It wants us to receive it!" After hearing this, Teng Qingshan also got curious as he looked down at the King of Thunderwhales underwater.


    The King of Thunderwhales opened its mouth, then a stream of air shot above the tungsten wood vessel.

    Teng Qingshan immediately saw a green pearl within the stream of air. He instantly jumped into the air, extended his hand and grabbed the green pearl. "Peng!" Teng Qingshan landed back on the tungsten wood vessel's deck.

    "What pearl is this?" Teng Qingshan carefully examined it.

    This pearl was approximately the size of a pigeon egg; it was entirely emerald green, and its vividness was enough to move the hearts of men. While inspecting the pearl, Teng Qingshan seemed to have sensed a powerful and mysterious force contained within.

    "Hou~~" "Hou~~" to the side, Li Jun communicated with the King of Thunderwhales.

    "Big Brother Teng, the King of Thunderwhales said that this pearl is the ocean's treasure. After being crushed, consuming it can save a person's life. Aside from this, as long as one wears it on their body, the surrounding water will not be able to approach more than half a meter close to their body. In simpler words, it has the ability to dispel water." Li Jun was somewhat excited as she spoke.

    Teng Qingshan looked at the green pearl. It could save a life, and it could also dispel water; it was indeed pretty good.

    He then gave it to Li Jun: "Little Jun, why don't you carry this water-repelling green pearl on your body in case you encounter danger in the ocean? With this water-repelling pearl, at least you won't drown in the ocean."

    "Drown?" Li Jun didn't refuse and happily accepted it.

    "Little Jun!" Teng Qingshan inquisitively asked, "What's with this language? Why do I feel that... you understand various Languages of Beasts? Could it be that you learned them all within a short span of half a year"

    Li Jun feigned a mysterious smile and laughed, "Big Brother Teng, you are wrong about this! Trying to create a language isn't an easy task. For instance, some beasts are extremely rare. Under the entire heavens, there are only two or three. These two or three may not even come across one another. Do you think that they will create a unique Language of Beasts?"

    Teng Qingshan suddenly understood.

    "Although there are a few classifications of Languages of Beasts, they are not as complicated as you think, Big Brother Teng." Li Jun laughed, "For instance, the languages of the wolf and the panther are fairly similar. There are also a few particular beasts with common languages."

    "Therefore, it's enough to understand a few principal Languages of Beasts. As for whether a certain remote beast language appears, one must use diligence to experience and understand it."

    "When learning Languages of Beasts one must rely on talent."

    "Even if it's a certain remote beast language, if I stay with the beast for three to five months, I will understand 80-90% of its language." Li Jun's words contained a bit of confidence. Her confidence was not arrogance, but rather strength in Languages of Beasts. The King of Beasts Wu Hou only accepted two disciples; her achievements in half a year were more impressive than those of Senior Martial Brother Wan, who had been training for over ten years.

    Even God of Heaven Palace placed emphasis on cultivating Li Jun.

    "Little Jun, you left on your own this time. Someone like you with such a talent for the Language of Beasts disappearing, I reckon that God of Heaven Palace is searching everywhere for you." Teng Qingshan laughed.

    "Big Brother Teng, you're making fun of me again."

    Li Jun lowered her head and looked at the green pearl in her hand. Once she realized that Teng Qingshan had gifted this to her, she was extremely happy. Suddenly, her heart shook and she said, "Big Brother Teng, this grinding this green pearl and eating it can save a life. Then, that Iron Leaf Island's 'Iron Leaf Fruit', although it is as hard as iron, if it can be ground, won't it also have particular effects after being eaten?"
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