Chapter 8: Fail to Subdue?

    Book 7 Chapter 8 Fail to Subdue?

    Traversing the sea in the company of a Blackgale Divine Condor would be very convenient indeed!

    In a forest on the mountain.

    The Blackgale Divine Condor, with a wound on its left wing, was doing its best to maintain a balance at a high altitude. It was a Golden Dan innate demonic beast after all. It was still able to fly despite its massive body and the hole in its left wing .

    The Condor looked at the human below in astonishment. The human had actually survived its blast of freezing air? This was incredible. The condor refused to believe it!

    "Hu!" the angered Blackgale Divine Condor opened its beak, projecting a black mist that enveloped Teng Qingshan once again.

    "A futile effort!" Teng Qingshan remained standing in the same place, unmoving. Letting out a small shout, a fiery red glow enveloped Teng Qingshan's body, making  him seem like a god of fire. The extreme coldness permeated throughout the glow enveloping Teng Qingshan's body, causing it to break.

    Teng Qingshan became an ice sculpture.

    The Ice statue's face showed a smiling "expression" as the layer of ice on his face cracked within the next second.

    "Blackgale Divine Condor, this technique has no use on me!" Teng Qingshan glanced at the furious condor flapping its wings in mid-air. The injured left wing had already stopped bleeding as the wound had completely frozen over.

    Its furious screeches resounded throughout the sky.

    "Hey!" Teng Qingshan stared at the Blackgale Divine Condor in the air and smiled, "Being angry isn't going to change anything. I'm still going to pluck all of the Iron Leaf Fruits!" He pointed at the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree as he shouted.

    At this moment, the Blackgale Divine Condor landed on a branch at the top of the large tree, glaring furiously at Teng Qingshan as it emitted deep cries of anger.

    Teng Qingshan once again jumped onto the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree.This time, he strapped the Reincarnation Spear onto his waist while using both of his hands to pluck the Iron Leaf Fruits. Each of the beautiful and breathtaking Iron Leaf fruits was dropped from the tree directly into the fishnet.

    The Blackgale Divine Condor could only watch as Teng Qingshan plucked them.

    Not long after, there were no longer any Iron Leaf fruits on the fruit tree. As the Blackgale Divine Eagle watched this, its eyes were filled with rage.

    "There sure is a lot!" Teng Qingshan placed the Iron Leaf Fruits that had scattered on the ground onto the fish net and rolled them into a bundle which he rested on his shoulder. "Hm, it feels like it weighs a few thousand Jin! I reckon there should a few hundred fruits in total."

    With the fish net resting on his shoulders and his hand gripping onto the Reincarnation Spear, Teng Qingshan began to leave.

    "Screech~~ Screech~~" Sharp cries resounded throughout the sky. The Blackgale Divine Condor was in the air, flying in circles as it made screeching sounds crazily. It watched as Teng Qingshan advanced through the mountain forest rapidly, but it had no audacity to provoke Teng Qingshan.

    Li Jun was waiting on the coast of the Iron Leaf Island, while more than thirty thunderwhales and the King of Thunderwhales waited in anticipation.

    Hua hua~~

    The water washed ashore and drew back.

    Li Jun suddenly saw a blurred figure in the distance, and as she pulled closer to take a look, a smile emerged on her face. She happily exclaimed: "Big Brother Teng, Big Brother Teng!" The distant figure also let out a hearty laughter: "Haha, Little Jun, I snatched all of the the Iron Leaf Fruits in one go!"

    The laughter was still echoing when Teng Qingshan walked to the shore. Each of his steps left behind a deep mark on the sand.

    Teng Qingshan lightly threw the fishnet to the side , and a "Peng!" sound was heard as it landed.

    It was impossible for the thunderwhales to be near the coast due to their colossal size. The King of Thunderwhales alone was bigger than the tungsten wood vessel. With a body that big, they could only stay ten Zhang away from the coast. Teng Qingshan threw down the fishnet and sat on it.

    "Little Jun, tell the king that the Iron Leaf Fruits have been plucked." Teng Qingshan laughed, "But we will take a thirty percent share. We'll give the King of Thunderwhales the remaining seventy percent!"

    From Teng Qingshan's view, since the Iron Leaf Fruits could gather the attention from so many demonic beasts and the Iron Leaf Island was able to give birth to more than ten demonic beasts. It could only mean that the island held a high amount of Spiritual Qi.

    In an island like this, there was only one Iron Leaf Fruit Tree!

    The Iron Leaf Fruits are probably extraordinary. Although I haven't understood the effects of the Iron Leaf Fruit, it's still better if I left some for myself!

    "Hou~~" The King of Thunderwhales couldn't help but emit an excited roar when he saw the large stack of Iron Leaf Fruits that Teng Qingshan was sitting on. The thunderwhales by its side also started roar in excitement.

    Li Jun promptly emitted a roar toward the King of Thunderwhales to let it know what Teng Qingshan said.

    The King of Thunderwhales looked at Teng Qingshan with dismay and emitted a deep growl.

    "Big Brother Teng, the King of Thunderwhales said that the Iron Leaf Fruits are of no use for us. Besides, we've already received its gift, the 'Water Repelling Green Pearl', so it wants us to give them all of the Iron Leaf Fruits." Li Jun looked towards Teng Qingshan.

    Teng Qingshan's face sank. He pulled Li Jun to his side and fixed his eyes on the King of Thunderwhales: "Little Jun, tell it that a single Water Repelling Green Pearl is nothing! I have travelled ten thousands Li to get here, therefore, I should take some of the Iron Leaf Fruits. You just need to tell him that....If they don't do as I say, they won't even obtain a single fruit!" Since the beginning, the whole situation had been under the control of the King of Thunderwhales, which gave Teng Qingshan a bad mood!

    Just a single green pearl was enough to for the service of a Golden Dan innate expert?

    If the King of Thunderwhale acted too arrogantly, the arrangement would be cancelled, which was no big deal for Teng Qingshan!

    With the Reincarnation Spear in his hands, Teng Qingshan was confident in his ability to kill the King of Thunderwhales! As for the tungsten wood vessel... since Li Jun was on the island, it was fine if the tungsten wood vessel got destroyed. He could just use the materials on the island to build a simple vessel.

    Teng Qingshan clutched onto the fishnet as he dragged Li Jun farther up the shore!

    "Hou~~ hou~~" While Li Jun went farther up the shore, she emitted deep-sounding roars toward the King of Thunderwhales.

    "Bang!" Teng Qingshan threw the fishnet slightly farther, and with the Reincarnation Spear in his hands, he dashed to the coast and fixed his eyes on the King of Thunderwhales. The meaning behind Teng Qingshan's action was clear-King of Thunderwhales, don't take advantage of us. Otherwise, we'll fight!

    The King of Thunderwhales looked at Teng Qingshan and seemed to recall the fight under the sea. It had been beaten until it dejectedly ran away, and now Teng Qingshan was even using his Reincarnation Spear!

    "Hou~~~" The King of Thunderwhales finally let out a roar.

    "Big Brother Teng, it agreed to seventy percent being his and thirty percent being ours." Li Jun said. Teng Qingshan laughed:"This King of Thunderwhales dared to act this arrogant towards me because it could threaten your safety and the safety of the tungsten wood vessel! Now that we are on shore, as long as you stay away from it, it wouldn't dare to act too arrogantly."

    Teng Qingshan was not surprised at all.

    "Mhm." Li Jun also smiled and nodded, "Actually, without our help, the King of Thunderwhales wouldn't be able to obtain any fruits due to the existence of the Blackgale Divine Condor and the other demonic beasts on the island. To be able to obtain this amount this time is already good enough."

    Right at this moment-

    "Big Brother Teng, look, that's the Blackgale Divine Condor above us, right?" Li Jun looked up at the sky.

    Teng Qingshan looked up and saw the pair of conspicuous golden pupils in the dark sky. Its colossal body was circulating in the high altitude while its gold-colored eyes fixated on Teng Qingshan.

    "Little Jun, do you think we could somehow subdue this Blackgale Divine Condor?" Teng Qingshan asked.

    "Subdue?" Li Jun was startled when she heard this.

    Teng Qingshan nodded: "That's right, subdue! Once we've subdued this Blackgale Divine Condor.....then if we were to encounter something similar to the pod of thunderwhales in the future, you could just get on the Blackgale Divine Condor's back and hide in the air. That way, I'd have nothing to worry about! Your safety was the only reason why I was coerced into this plan."

    "Also, the two Fierce Wind Divine Eagles at the God of Heaven Mountain were subdued, weren't they?" Teng Qingshan looked at Li Jun.

    Li Jun frowned: "I'm not confident, but let's give it a try!"

    Immediately, Li Jun raised her head and emitted vibrant screeches. Fortunately, she had consumed a spiritual treasure of the Heavens and Earth that allowed her to reach the pinnacle of the Postliminary Realm. Thus, the screeches sounded exceedingly vibrant.

    The golden pupils of the Blackgale Divine Condor drifting through the air flashed a trace of astonishment, and in the next second it also let out a screech.

    The two communicated for a while-

    "You~~" The golden-eyed Divine Condor emitted an angry resounding screech and even flapped its wings, creating a large gale. The originally wounded left wing was already covered by a layer of ice. Although, its agility and speed was weakened, creating gales was not a problem.

    "What is it?" Teng Qingshan also sensed that something was wrong.

    Li Jun helplessly said: "I tried to persuade him by saying we'd take him on a journey through the North Sea, but it said it knew more about the North Sea than I did! I then said that I can let it it taste human delicacies and also some Iron Leaf Fruits."

    "That's right, the Iron Leaf fruit." Teng Qingshan also agreed with the conditions,"There are no more Iron Leaf fruits on that tree since they are all with me now."

    "It's useless." Li Jun shook her head,"It said that it could always eat the Iron Leaf fruits next year. However, it's impossible for it to become the subordinate of a human and comply to a human's command."

    Teng Qingshan raised his head while the Blackgale Divine Condor also looked down at Teng Qingshan from high above.

    There was a distance of 50 to 60 Zhang between the two, but they could still see each other's eyes!

    "It sure is arrogant!" Teng Qingshan got excited and laughed, "Little Jun, didn't it say that it could eat the Iron Leaf Fruits next year? I see that the Iron Leaf fruits are quite important to him. You just tell it-I, your big brother have a fiery temper. if I'm provoked, then I'll chop down the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree! Little Jun, you just need to make me sound like an irritable, but make sure that you use some nice words! After all, if it comes with us in the future, its job would be to take care of you. I don't need it at all!"

    One side acting as the black face, the other side acting as the white face.1

    Li Jun laughed when she heard and replied,  "This approach might be effective! Let's see how important the Iron Leaf Fruit Tree is in the eyes of the Blackgale Divine Condor. Once the fruit tree is destroyed, then it'd be no longer possible for it to bear fruit." With this, she immediately faced towards the Blackgale Divine Condor in the air and let out screeching sounds.

    A while later-

    "Screech~~screech~~" The Blackgale Divine Condor also emitted screeching sounds, apparently quite proud of itself.

    When Li Jun heard this, her face sank.

    "What's wrong?" Teng Qingshan hesitated. This approach didn't work?

    Laughing bitterly, Li Jun stared at Teng Qingshan, "Big Brother Teng, the Blackgale Divine Condor said that it enjoyed eating the fruits from the Iron Leaf fruit tree, but the fruit doesn't increase its strength. Even if it wouldn't be able to eat the fruit anymore and it it felt bitter, it would still be impossible for it to follow us submissively. It also said that..... The ones who truly needed the Iron Leaf Fruits were the pod of thunderwhales! If we were to destroy the the fruit tree, then it might cause the pod of thunderwhales to attack us in madness!"

    "Hm? Hearing this, Teng Qingshan felt slightly dubious.

    Teng Qingshan turned around and looked at the distant pod of thunderwhales. What the Blackgale Divine Condor said might be true! Otherwise, why would the pod of thunderwhales become so agitated and excited when he agreed to gather the Iron Leaf Fruits?

    "It seems like this subjugation is about to fail." Teng Qingshan felt a headache.

    TLN: One acting as the good cop and the other acting as the bad cop.1
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