Chapter 14: Thank You Senior For Instructing.

    Book 7 Chapter 14  Thank You Senior For Instructing.

    "One thousand purple pearls!" Teng Qingshan immediately said his price.

    One thousand purple pearls is equivalent to one thousand taels of gold, but Teng Qingshan is not Shangguan Quan, a fisherman who was not very knowledgeable. Teng Qingshan knew clearly that... it wouldn't be undue if a treasure that had never existed before was valued a million gold. However, no matter how great the number of purple pearls was, it would would still be useless to Teng Qingshan.

    Since Teng Qingshan and Li Jun would leave after strolling for one round, then one thousand purple pearls were enough for Teng Qingshan and Li Jun to purchase recklessly.

    "Alright. One thousand purple pearls it is!" the elder smilingly responded; he didn't even haggle.

    The elder was secretly smiling as he thought to himself, "Based on the attire of this big-bearded young man, he is obviously not rich and noble, thus, he most likely doesn't know the market price of these treasures." Yet, the elder didn't know that... Teng Qingshan prepared to leave after buying some goods in this Bright Moon Island.

    "This is one thousand purple pearls." The elder held a big bag and handed it to Teng Qingshan.

    Teng Qingshan opened the bag and saw the beautiful purple pearls inside. However, as such purple pearls were able to be used as the currency, thus, it was obvious that... Bright Moon Island has a great number of such purple pearls.

    Teng Qingshan weighed the bag in his hand and guessed that there should be around one thousand purple pearls. He then stood up and said, "Yes, the deal is settled."

    "Can I ask where the two of you obtained this precious green gem?" the Elder quickly asked.

    Teng Qingshan smiled and left immediately with Li Jun. As he left, he left behind a word-"luck."

    Shangguan Quan obediently followed Teng Qingshan and Li Jun. On this town, Teng Qingshan bought a bag of food, some seasoning for cooking, and quite a number of fruits. He also bought some food that would last for a very long time, as well as a great number of clothes, shoes and socks.

    "Now we finally have enough clothes!" At this moment, Teng Qingshan already looked like a new person. He had changed into a clean green sports attire. His long black hair draped on his shoulder, and his face was covered with a stubbly beard.

    When everything was bought, the sun was already hung high up.

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun then decided to eat a good meal in this town, since the food on the sea could not be compared with the food in a restaurant.

    "Noble Hero, this Golden Sword Restaurant is the best restaurant of our Northern Yan Town." Shangguan Quan led Teng Qingshan and Li Jun to the Golden Sword Restaurant after he heard Teng Qingshan order, "Go to the best restaurant; there's no need to save any money for us."

    The second floor of the Golden Sword Restaurant. It wasn't midday yet, thus, there wasn't a lot of people.

    "It seems like there are quite a number of fancy food." Teng Qingshan skimmed through the menu and handed it to Li Jun as he said, "Little Jun, choose whatever you like."

    "You. Sit down too." Teng Qingshan stared at Shangguan Quan and said, "Eat with us. You have ran around with us for one day; we won't treat you unfairly."

    Shangguan Quan sat down with a joyful and surprised expression and hastily said, "Thank you, Noble Hero."

    "Let's see how the food here taste like," Li Jun said with a smile. She and Teng Qingshan ordered a total of eighteen dishes. It is quite luxurious for three people to eat eighteen dishes of food, but Teng Qingshan and his companions did it with the purpose of tasting the local food here.

    After a while-

    Delicious dishes of food spread over the table. As Teng Qingshan ate very quickly with his chopsticks, he remarked, "Yes. Good. Good. The flavor is indeed good!" If anyone that have sailed on the sea for over three months suddenly ate such a luxurious meal, he would certainly be full of praise. Li Jun was a girl, thus, she was more restrained and ate slightly slower, unlike Teng Qingshan who was gobbling his food.

    "Tap! Tap! Tap!"

    Two young men dressed in sports attire and carrying trenchant azure swords were heading up the second floor from the stairs.

    "Noble Hero, look!" Shangguan Quan was slightly excited as he said, "The two that are coming up are the disciples of Sword Tower!"

    Teng Qingshan turned and saw a decorative sword pattern on the left chest area of the two young man's sport attire. "Looking at their eyes and steps, they do seem like experts of sword arts." thought Teng Qingshan. Of course... even though Teng Qingshan praised the two in his heart, he didn't really care about them.

    The entire Bright Moon Island only had a population of ten million people, which meant that this island probably didn't even have a single Emptiness Realm Expert!

    According to Emperor Yu's words, the nine great sources of the spiritual veins of the heavens and earth are on the continent of the nine prefectures, and Emperor Yu himself suppressed the nine sources with the use of the nine cauldrons! The land of the nine prefectures is the core of the entire heavens and earth. The Spiritual Qi of the heavens and earth is the most abundant there! The amount of Spiritual Qi in places like the Northern Sea Continent and other ordinary islands on the North Sea is not as much as the amount of Spiritual Qi in the land of the nine prefectures.

    It's probably even more difficult for places other than the land of the nine prefectures to give birth to an Emptiness Realm Expert!


    When the two disciples of the Sword Tower came up, they immediately attracted many people's attention. The two disciples of the Sword Tower didn't care. They were already used to this!

    "Senior Martial Brother, let's sit there."

    The two disciples of the Sword Tower chose a table beside the window, which wasn't far from Teng Qingshan's table.

    "Eh? Junior Martial Brother, look there. The purple-cloaked girl seemed to be looking at us."

    "The purple-cloaked girl doesn't look like an ordinary villager. She should be someone from the supreme families. Northern Yan Town is only this big. If a pretty lady like her is from Northern Yan Town, we should know her."

    The two disciples of the Sword Tower smiled to Li Jun and held up their cups to express good will.

    "This young lady, our table has only two people. Why don't you join our table? We can drink and talk. Isn't this a good thing?" One of the slightly fairer young man said with a smile.

    The disciples of the Sword Tower were all talented people of the Bright Moon Island, and each one of them was arrogant and proud.

    On Teng Qingshan's table.

    Teng Qingshan and Li Jun glanced at each other and involuntarily laughed.  As Teng Qingshan laughed, he spoke, "You two should just drink your wine. Don't think of hitting on my sister!"

    The faces of the two disciples of the Sword Tower immediately sank.

    There were not many people in the Bright Moon Island who dared to talk to the disciples of the Sword Tower this way.

    "Who are you? Tell me your name!" One of the slightly tanned and skinny young man shouted with his brows knitted.

    "Tell you my name? Little fellow, just drink your wine," Teng Qingshan said as he lifted his head  and drank all the wine in his cup. He clicked his tongue as he enjoyed the aftertaste and said, "The taste of this wine is quite good."


    The two disciples of the Sword Tower stood up and glared at Teng Qingshan with fierce-looking eyes. The skinny and slightly tanned young man coldly said, "This Brother, the words you said... should be considered a provocation to the disciples of the Sword Tower!"

    The entire second floor of the restaurant was engulfed silence as everyone else looked over at Teng Qingshan and the two disciples.


    Teng Qingshan turned his head and stared at the two disciples as he said, "Provoking you two?" He couldn't help but laugh deeply as he continued drinking his wine, refusing to pay any attention to the two.

    "Arrogant!" The skinny and slightly tanned young man humphed angrily and said, "Let's see if you have the ability to be this arrogant!" With a "clang", the skinny disciple pulled out the trenchant sword on his back.

    With one word of disagreement, the swords were drawn towards Teng Qingshan!

    "Watch this!" The skinny young man shouted, and a sharp, quick and cold beam of light instantly slashed across the air, piercing towards Teng Qingshan's throat.

    With his right hand holding the wine cup, Teng Qingshan didn't even look as he swung his left hand forward!


    Teng Qingshan directly grabbed the trenchant sword with his left hand.

    The skinny young man immediately had a change of expression as he tried to pull the sword back, but with Teng Qingshan grabbing the sword, no matter how much strength he exerted, the skinny young man couldn't move the sword by even  an inch.

    "Senior Martial Brother!" The slightly fair young man was astonished as he tried to help pull the sword.

    Teng Qingshan's left hand suddenly jolted and with a "Crack!" sound, causing the skinny young man to feel that his wrist had been split opened due to the jolt. The handle of the sword hit his stomach, and as he felt this great pain, his whole body flew into the air. Simultaneously, he knocked his Junior Martial Brother to the side, and the sounds of tables and chairs being knocked over reverberated. The two disciples also embarrassingly fell to the ground.

    "What power is this?"

    "He was grabbing the blade of the sword, while I am grabbing the handle. Yet, he could split open my wrist with the jolt. How is he utilizing the force?"

    The two proud disciples fell to the ground. They were both shocked and dumbstruck.

    Teng Qingshan threw the sword and it fell on the ground, producing a clear "Clang."

    "Two little fellas." Teng Qingshan stood up and stared at the two as he smiled, "Provoke? Both of you said I have provoked you guys? What qualifications do you guys have that I would want to provoke you two?"

    The two disciples of the Sword Tower stared at each other.

    Indeed. Their actions were hilarious in front of this mysterious expert. Provoke them? Do they themselves have the qualifications to make this mysterious expert provoke them?

    "To be able to become the disciples of the Sword Tower, this meant that you two are talented." Teng Qingshan casted a glance at the two and said with a smile, "However, in order to be a truly powerful expert, talent the and good comprehension are not the only requirements. The most important things are the willpower and temperament! Don't always come to the restaurant and act ostentatiously. If you guys have time, then cultivate seriously, silently and assiduously. Otherwise, you two will be like the boats going against the flow of water, falling behind instead of improving."

    As Teng Qingshan spoke, the facial expressions of the two disciples of Sword Tower continually changed.

    Shame? Unable to endure?

    "Thank you senior for instructing!" One of the two stood up and said respectfully, while the other also stood up and thank respectfully.

    "Little Jun, let's go." Teng Qingshan had drank enough wine and ate enough food.

    "Yes," Li Jun said with a smile and walked beside Teng Qingshan, while Shangguan Quan immediately followed. When Shangguan Quan noticed that the people on the second floor of the restaurant were looking at Teng Qingshan as if they were looking at some unearthly powerful expert, Shangguan Quan immediately sticked out his chest and made great strides as he followed Teng Qingshan and Li Jun downstairs.

    At this moment, Shangguan Quan felt very proud!

    During noon, on the seashore at the southern area of the Bright Moon Island.

    A great number of soldiers carrying trenchant swords and wearing simple armors stood on the shore around a high-ranking officer. At this moment, in the violently surging sea, a swift sailboat was linked with the tungsten wood vessel.

    "Lord, an iron anchor is stuck between the reefs and rocks. It is very hard to get it out." A loud shout came from afar, "Our brothers aren't able to get the anchor out."

    Teng Qingshan didn't simply threw the anchor, he dived to the bottom of the sea and stuck the iron anchor within the reefs and rocks. No matter how others try, they wouldn't be able to weigh the anchor.

    "Hack the iron anchor off. Hack it!" The high-ranking officer on the shore shouted.

    "Yes, Lord!" Sounds came from afar.

    "F*ck!" The high-ranking officer cursed and said, "The owner of this boat actually parked the boat at such a far place! We exerted great effort and finally managed to make it here, but the iron anchor is stuck between the rocks and reefs!" The high-ranking officer had a belly full of anger. He been working on this since morning, yet he still didn't have any progress; four hours had already passed.

    Actually, the high-ranking officer was not the one to be blamed. Although the Nine Rhythm

    Treacherous Currents was the number one treacherous currents nearest to the shore, it did not cause the soldiers to be at a loss for what to do. Still, it was very troublesome.

    After a while-

    The iron anchor was dismantled, and the tungsten wood vessel went along with the seawater and flowed towards the shore. It soon stopped on the shore.

    "Lord, this is a good boat. There are many indents on the base of the boat, but it's not broken! It must have bumped against the submerged reefs quite a number of times, but it's not broken at all. The soldiers that came down the boat were very excited as they said, "It's definitely a good boat. Even our army doesn't have a boat this good."

    "Lord, we have never seen the wood that was used to make this boat. It's not the wood on our island."

    "Lord, there are many precious treasures in the cabin. They are all fist-sized gems that have never been seen before."

    On the entire seashore, the few hundred soldiers immediately became astir.

    On the deck of the tungsten wood vessel.

    "Wow, such a big gem!" The high-ranking officer held the fist-sized Iron Leaf Fruit, and under the beam of the sun, it seemed semitransparent. The light of the gem seemed to have flashed into his eyes. The high-ranking officer's face showed great excitement as he shouted, "Haha. Brothers, we are rich! Rich!"

    "Screech~~" A loud bird cry suddenly rang.
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